The Complete Workout



"Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen."

The weights slammed back in the rack, causing the exercise bench to shudder slightly.

Jim took several deep breaths and relaxed his arms, enjoying the burning sensation rippling through his muscles. Skimming the sweat out of his eyes, he wiped his hand on his damp, tattered t-shirt and glanced at the young grad student straddling his hips, providing a counter-balance for him.

With wire-rimmed glasses sliding down his nose, Blair appeared lost in the heroic adventures of The Three Musketeers, his imagination captured by the Dumas legend. Smiling, Jim watched Blair as he concentrated on a certain passage in the book, his teeth worrying his bottom lip. The Sentinel felt his fingers start to itch with the need to trace that shiny wet flesh, to feel the heat and the softness. With a sigh, the older man shook his head and aborted a premature zoneout.

Patting his partner's leg, Jim called out, "Hey, Chief? How 'bout giving me a hand? Let's rack on some extra weight and really give this bod a workout."

Blair glanced over the top of his book, offering his Blessed Protector a shy smile. Pushing his glasses back up on his nose, he lowered his book to the floor. "Sure, Jim! How much more?" Blair scooted off the detective's body and reached for the weights on the floor.

Jim thought for a second before answering and, while he hesitated, Blair bent down to examine the various weights. Jim immediately focused on the tight pull of fabric over his lover's butt and a shiver of desire began journeying southward at the sight of the grad student's rounded ass. The knowledge that Blair had deliberately worn his holey ‘est pair of briefs did not help matters any. Pushing his sight up a notch, the Sentinel could easily trace the outline of each and every hole.

Letting loose a breath of frustration, Jim bit down hard on his bottom lip and pinched the bridge of his nose, valiantly fighting to calm his overactive libido. With a prayer of deliverance offered to the angels that looked out for Sentinels with naughty Guides, Jim opened his eyes and gazed at Blair. "How 'bout an extra fifty? Twenty-five on each side, Chief."

Blair struggled momentarily with the weights before lifting and fitting them into place. Securing them tightly to the barbell, he moved back to his position on Jim's lower body, shifting until he was comfortably straddling his large mate. A quiet laugh escaped him as he listened to the husky moan Jim could not contain and his blue eyes blazed with wickedness as he purposefully wiggled his butt closer to the Sentinel's groin.

Bending down, Blair kissed Jim, his tongue teasing the detective’s mouth with lightening-quick forays. A subtle sucking of Jim's bruised lower lip left the older man hungry for more and Blair laughed when Jim lifted his head in search of the talented mouth that had just tempted him.

Straightening, Blair patted his partner’s t-shirt-covered abs. "Time's a wasting, Big Guy. Let's see some sweat!"

The loft's silence was punctuated with grunts and groans as Jim labored through several repetitions with the extra weight. The muscles in his arms, abdomen and thighs strained to maintain control as he slowly pressed the barbell up and down. Radiating heat and slick with sweat, he challenged his body to endure the extra burden of weight.

A half hour passed before a weary sigh signaled the completion of the workout and Jim lifted Blair off his body before sliding down to the mat below. He reached for a towel but found his hand stalled by a firm grip. Looking up, he found Blair staring at him.

For several seconds, Blair gazed at the pagan god lying at his feet before gathering up the towel and kneeling beside Jim. Tenderly, he wiped the rivulets of sweat from the detective’s face, hesitating briefly to scatter loving kisses over his features. Blair’s eyes grew large as he beheld the skin-tight t-shirt that encased Jim's upper torso, the cotton fabric molded by sweat to his well-defined physique.

A single salty droplet snagged Blair's attention and he watched it slide slowly down Jim’s throat, lingering on the knoll of his Adam’s apple before continuing on its descent. Fascinated, Blair gave in to temptation and, upon bending down, captured the fragile sphere of moisture with his tongue. A second later, he pulled on the t-shirt's neckband with his teeth, exposing the hollow at the base of Jim's throat so that he could suck on the damp skin and trace the indentation with his tongue.

The taste of Jim’s sweat stirred Blair’s hunger and, straightening, he traced the silhouettes of Jim's nipples with his fingers, raking his nails over the sheltered nubs and teasing them into hardened peaks. He then smoothed the cotton fabric over each sensitive nipple, the simple move garnering throaty growls of need from his virile lover.

With his groin pressing against Jim’s erection, Blair eased down and enveloped the right nipple with the moist heat of his mouth. He sucked greedily on the rigid peak, tormenting the Sentinel with the slide of fabric and teeth across the rigid flesh. Smiling proudly at the new wet spot on Jim's t-shirt, Blair then turned his attention to the left nipple, applying his skills to that neglected piece of anatomy. His talented mouth was merciless and nearly drove his partner to the very edge of his control.

A mischievous glint entered his eyes when he discovered a rip in the aged garment, the tear revealing the solid brawn of Jim’s abs. Blair glided his fingers lightly over the exposed skin before wandering beneath the soft cotton material. His hand traveled over Jim’s trembling abdomen, tracing the perfect definition of muscle and flesh. Blair stroked Jim deliberately, his thumb probing the shallow recess of his navel. The detective's abdomen caved in as an agonized breath was inhaled and Blair took heed of the warning sign, his hands abandoning the bare skin and scrambling to unfasten Jim’s clothing, pushing hindering layers aside as fast as possible. He groaned as Jim’s erect cock, on the verge of convulsing, sprang free, its ruddy head wet with pre-cum.

Pulling on the t-shirt, Blair wrapped Jim's erection in a prison of soft cotton and quickly it became a test of youthful enthusiasm versus the patience of age as Guide pushed Sentinel beyond the boundary of coherent thought and self-control. Restraint was soon abandoned to the delicious frenzy of hands stroking hardened flesh.

Jim fought against the protesting denim of Blair's shorts, frantic to touch his partner’s cock, and, once liberated, his fingers moved over the rigid shaft, mapping its length and solidity.

Blair screamed, his whole world reduced to the pair of hands cradling his weeping erection, his mind searching for an anchor in the whirlwind of lust and passion as he tangled his fingers in the fabric of Jim's t-shirt. Blair struggled to stay afloat but his lover refused to allow a reprieve. The grad student groaned again as Jim’s teasing fingers discovered his balls and rolled them in their sac before shifting further down to lightly probe his hole.

Soon both men were moving with desperate urgency, kindling a fire that quickly roared out of control. Hot semen showered Blair’s face, neck and chest, pulling him down into his own orgasmic abyss. He refused to relinquish his hold on Jim's T-shirt, the frayed fabric ripping as he bucked wildly, his fisted hands tearing the cotton garment from the older man’s sweat-covered chest.

Blair collapsed on top of Jim's large frame, the remnants of the soaked t-shirt still clenched in his fingers. He rubbed the damp cloth over his face, inhaling the fragrance of their blended release. The tattered garment was tossed on the floor as he hugged Jim tight, the vibrations of his laughter a gentle comfort to the exhausted Sentinel.

Pushing himself upright, Blair chuckled as he stroked his hands over his partner’s well-built torso. "Man! I gotta start working out with you more often."

Jim groaned when he looked up and saw Blair’s cock hardening once more. “I do believe I’m going to regret buying this exercise equipment.”


The end




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