Underwear Remains Optional



(Interrogation room door opens and closes, ominous silence ensues as intensely blue eyes intimidate)

"I'm Detective James Ellison and I see from your file that you were booked for theft of personal property."

(hands slap down hard on table)

"Specifically... my man's underwear."

(a hot breath teases over an ear)

"I want them back."

(wicked smile, dangerous voice)

"Assume the position. I have to frisk you for concealed evidence."

(Sentinel hands wander over legs, hips, belly, chest)

"What's this? Hand them over."

(steely voice drops an octave lower)

"Don't make me come get 'em."

(chuckles at the frantic toss of underwear onto the table)

"Thank you for your cooperation."

(sits down in chair and leans back, callused fingers playing with the soft cotton boxers)

“I certainly hope this teaches you a lesson. Nobody touches my Guide's underwear but me. They're my personal property."

(shorts are lifted to highly sensitive nose, appreciative sniff taken)

"Ummm... heaven."

(naughty wink)

"I'm sure you'll agree when I say... Blair has quite a collection of colorful underwear."

(points at the Starsky and Hutch print)

"And it sure is fucking hot seeing Starsky’s smiling face on his fine ass."

(tips back in chair, legs wide open, heavy lidded gaze watching)

"Do you like what you see?"

(underwear strokes over well-defined hardness)

"Blair does this to me. One wiggle of his butt and my damn dick is leaking all over the place. Haven't you ever wondered why I wear long sweaters?"

(a zipper slides open followed by a sigh of relief)

"Have any objections? Sentinel flesh doesn't like solitary confinement."

(watches lazily)

"You seem to be having a little difficulty breathing. No? Okay. But just in case, I want you to know I'm certified in CPR. I can do mouth-to-mouth with the best of them."

(a questioning eyebrow lifts)

"You know this? How? Ahhh... my Guide has been spilling the beans. What else did he tell you?"

(listens carefully and nods head)

"He's right... I do love his dick. And he's got the sweetest tasting cum I've ever had the privilege to swallow."

(licks lips)

"My man is definitely one tasty morsel. That day in the garage…if we hadn't been interrupted I was going to flip Blair over and do a little rim feasting."

(lifts files and fans offender briskly)

"You're looking quite red in the face. Are you sure you're okay? Maybe you should loosen a couple of buttons on your shirt. Want me to help? No? You can handle it? Okay."

(waits patiently)

"Better? Good. Back to my young stud muffin. He just loves to be rimmed. Loves to have me nibble on his little pucker. Some nights I can make my lover cum repeatedly just by licking his hole. Not that I mind it whatsoever. It makes me so damn hot when I'm fucking his ass with my tongue."

"And sometimes when I'm feeling very wicked, I make a real feast out of rimming Blair's ass. I've got some blueberry jam you would just die to taste. I'll usually grab it and a few other scrumptious items I like licking off my man's pucker."

"This kink of mine is one of Blair's favorites. He starts squirming the moment I smear a little jam into his hole. I love to torture him with just quick thrusts of my tongue. Not enough to go too far in, but just enough so that he can feel me penetrate his tight hole. And when I finally get busy with some serious tongue fucking, Blair goes absolutely wild and it's all I can do to hold him still."

"Of course, my little Guppy has to wear a cockring when we do this, otherwise I would have Blaircream to go with my blueberry jam. Hmmm... maybe that's not a bad thing."

(smile of pure devilment)

"You know what I like best when I'm satisfying my hunger for Blair's ass? The sexy noises he makes. I'm sure I could cum just listening to his moans and whimpers. Damn! Just thinking about it…."

(zipper slides down another inch)

"Ummm... that's better. You know something? I wish there was a way I could fuck and rim Blair at the same time. Too bad I can’t."

(smile dissolves into concerned frown)

"You don't look so good. Want some water?"

(shoves glass over)

"Drink this. I don't want to have to pick you up off the floor."

(slides fingers over underwear)

"I have to confess a certain thought that keeps running through my mind. Blair is considering going commando because of the missing underwear. If you girls stop pilfering his shorts, that will be a moot point. Now personally, I like the idea of Blair doing the commando wiggle under his jeans."

(dancing blue eyes turn wicked)

"It would be so easy to slide my hands inside and tease his cute ass. Not to mention how much quicker I could get my mouth wrapped around his tasty dick. All I'd have to do is unbuckle, unzip and... VIOLA! Junior Guide would be instantly accessible and ready for sucking and licking and.…"

(tears gaze away from underwear and glances up)

"I see by the look on your face you understand."

(leans forward and scoops up file)

"Here's the deal. You and your cohorts continue to snatch Blair's underwear and I'll make sure these charges against you disappear. Agreed? Great."

(shakes hands)

"Now if you don't mind, I'm a little thirsty for some Blairjuice. My man is in the basement’s file room and today he's got these cool NCIS shorts on. Gibbs and DiNozzo. If you follow me downstairs, I’ll have them in your hot little hands in no time at all.”

(a harmony of laughter fills the room)

“Who says crime doesn’t pay?”


The end of the zine!


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