Recreating the Moment



Jim paused, his shirt dangling from his fingers, his pants half unzipped. Once again, he found his gaze drawn to the poster his lover had brought home last week. A moment from his past, captured on film for all eternity, now hung on their bedroom wall.

Jim rubbed a hand over his face as the memory of that day slid back into focus. He had been all of twenty years old, fresh out of boot camp, needing a little extra cash to supplement his meager Army pay. His friend, Alan, had hauled his ass to an out of state modeling agency, claiming he knew a photographer that was hot for the military types.

At that time, Alan and he were a little more than just fuck buddies and Jim had no problem stripping to the bare essentials and posing with his friend to make a few bucks. He did insist on one stipulation… their faces had to remain hidden. He refused to risk his military career, hell, his life, for a measly five hundred dollars. The photographer had agreed to total anonymity for the two men.

Jim looked at the image on the poster. “So much for anonymity.” He shook his head. “I should have known better.”

The detective felt a tightening in his groin as his body easily remembered the photo shoot. Alan had obviously shared the nature of their relationship with the photographer and the open-minded gentleman had capitalized on their closeness. He instantly dismissed the female models and called for his assistant to bring out the most daring of underwear.

Jim grinned, his eyes tracing over the area Alan had his mouth pressed against. “You asshole,” he said to the photographed image of his friend. “You deliberately picked out those matching g-strings.”

A pair of arms circled his waist and Jim looked down into the startling blue eyes of his freshly showered lover. “Hey, babe.”

Blair smiled at the older man. “Reminiscing?”

“Yeah.” Jim pulled Blair around and embraced him, running his hands over the damp flesh of his back and arms.

Blair twisted around to face the poster. “I like the hint of devilment in your smile.” He nodded his head at the image. “Makes you look real sexy.”

Jim chuckled. “Sexy, huh?” He played with the loosely wrapped towel hugging his lover’s hips. “What you can’t see is Alan finger fucking my ass. He was determined to provide the photographer with the best shot possible… if you get my drift.”

Blair laughed and slapped his partner’s hand away from the precarious tuck in his towel. “Well?”

“Well what?” Changing tactics, Jim slid his hand away from his lover’s waist and reached lower, slipping underneath the towel to stroke the muscular thighs below.

Blair leaned his head back against Jim’s chest and moaned softly. “Did Alan get to enjoy some Ellison cream?”

The detective teased his fingers along the inside of his lover’s thighs. “He did. And if I remember right, he went back for seconds.” Jim lowered his head and nuzzled Blair’s jaw. “You’re not bothered by this, are ya? Cause if you are….”

“Are you kidding? I love that poster. Only….” Blair turned his head and kissed the older man tenderly before returning his gaze to the poster. After several seconds, he whispered, “I wish.…”

Jim hugged him close. “Blair?”

The anthropologist tilted his head forward, allowing his hair to cover his face. “I wish that had been me.” His words were barely audible, even to a Sentinel.

“Me, too.” Jim released Blair and took a step back as he tossed his shirt on the bed and toed off his shoes. Smiling at the confused look on his lover’s face, he continued to strip, pausing only to kiss the tip of Blair’s nose. “Close your eyes, babe. And no peeking.”

Blair obeyed and closed his eyes. He listened to a drawer being opened and shut. “Jim?” A moment later he felt his lover flick off the towel he wore and briefly stroke his genitals.

“Okay, Chief. Tell me again what you just said.”

Blair moaned hoarsely as a single finger traced the length of his cock. “I wish… oh goddess, Jim.” The anthropologist thrust his hips forward, seeking more from his lover. “I wish that was me in the photo,” he finally managed to whisper.

“Open your eyes.”

Blair did as he was bid and found himself staring at his lover… his g-string clad lover. He gasped. Jim stood before him, wearing the recently purchased jungle print g-string. The sight of his handsome mate brought Blair to an instant state of hardness. “Damn!”

Jim grinned at his stunned lover. “Like what you see?” He reached down and rubbed a finger across the head of Blair’s leaking cock. Lifting the semen-coated finger to his mouth, Jim sucked the digit suggestively. “I take that as a yes?”

Speechless, Blair nodded his head. He moved closer, his eyes completely focused on the larger man’s scantily covered manhood. “I have died and gone to heaven.”

Jim smiled and placed his hand on Blair’s shoulder. “Not quite yet.” He exerted a slight pressure and gently pushed him to his knees. Sinking his hands in the thick soft curls that framed Blair’s face, he tilted his head. “Be that man, Blair. Put your mouth on me… on my dick. Let’s make a new memory with just us. Just you and me.”

Blair closed his eyes and savored the thought of what he was about to do. “Make new memories. Yeah. I can do that.” He sighed softly. “I want to do that.”

Jim gasped as his lover’s pliant lips closed over his erection. “Yessssss.” He abandoned the curls that tangled around his fingers and caught the back of Blair’s neck, pressing him closer. A tongue brushed across his encased shaft and Jim struggled to control his sense of touch.

Blair smoothed his hands down Jim’s muscular legs, distracting him from zoning on the pleasure in his groin. He lazily slid a fingernail over Jim’s left calf muscle, hesitating at the knee. Leaning forward, he licked the rough terrain covering the detective’s knee, taking time to trace a wet trail across scars of past injuries. Minute tremors shook Jim’s tall frame and Blair smiled, thoroughly proud of the effect he was having on his lover.

“You ready to take this higher?” Blair placed his open mouth on the detective’s left thigh.


Throwing back his head, Jim groaned as Blair’s callused fingers moved up his thighs and slid ever so lightly over his ballsac, exploring their shape, testing their weight through the thin fabric of the g-string. Wanting a different kind of touch, he gently removed his lover’s hand, directing it to another part of his body. Blair let out a sound that closely resembled a purr and shifted his attention to the detective’s rock hard ass, pulling the g-string to the side, stroking gently between the man’s buttocks, playfully teasing the hidden entrance by slipping in the tip of one finger.

“More,” Jim hoarsely begged.

Sucking hard, Blair marked the pale skin on his lover’s upper thigh. “You’re mine.” The anthropologist carefully turned Jim around and began to fulfill the older man’s wish. Parting the globes of Jim’s ass, Blair leaned forward and kissed the rosebud pucker, his mouth moistening the ringed muscle, his teeth nipping playfully on the sensitive flesh.

Blowing a stream of warm air over Jim’s hole, Blair asked, “How’s that?”

Jim’s knees nearly buckled in answer. Panting hard, he slowly pulled away. “Unless you’re prepared to scrape me off the floor, I suggest we take this somewhere comfortable.” Helping Blair to his feet, Jim steered the younger man to their bed and tucked him under the covers.

Blair laid his head on Jim’s chest and stared at the poster for a few seconds. “Do something for me, Jim.”

With his breathing finally under control, Jim turned his head and pressed a kiss to his Guide’s forehead. “Anything. You name it.”

Blair traced the g-string’s miniscule waistband. “Tell me the story again. But this time… this time make it me instead of Alan. Okay?”

Jim smiled and pulled his lover closer. “No problem, Chief.” The detective glanced over at the poster. “We got to the studio about two in the afternoon. Alan… I mean… you went in search of the photographer while I was shown to the dressing room. It was probably about five, ten minutes before you showed back up.”


“Hey, man. Max just got rid of the girls. Says it’ll only be you and me.” Blair yanked off his shirt.

“And just why did he do that?” Jim watched his friend strip.

Turning away, Blair mumbled a reply.

Jim tugged on a strand of the smaller man’s curly hair. “I didn’t hear that, Chief.”

“I told Max we were lovers.”

“Why the hell did you go and do that?”

“Cause we are.” Blair tossed the last of his clothes on a nearby chair. “Besides, I didn’t want no damn female handling the goods. Only my hands touch these babies.” Blair reached out and cupped a hand over his lover’s crotch, squeezing lightly and smiling when the denim-covered flesh started to swell.

Jim groaned and thrust against Blair’s hand. “I wish we didn’t have to do this photo shoot.” He brushed his fingers over his lover’s sensitive nipples. “I’d rather spend the day fucking you into a screaming meltdown.”

Blair moaned, his breathing slightly ragged. Replacing his hand with his erection, he rubbed against his lover’s groin. “Private Dick is saluting your plan big time. Unfortunately, I need the bucks this job is gonna pay.” Blair grinned up at the tall man. “Do this for me and I’ll volunteer to play bottom boy slut for you all weekend.”

Jim shook hands with his lover’s leaking erection. “You got a deal, Private Dick. My Soldier has been hungry for a taste of your sweet ass for several days now.”

Blair danced away and wiggled his butt at his friend. “I can see right now I’ll be walking funny when we get back to base.”

“And loving every minute of it, you insatiable rogue.”

“Oooh! Big words! I’m impressed.” Blair stuck his tongue out at Jim before looking around the room. “Where’s the clothes we’re suppose to change into?”

Jim shook his head to clear away the haze of lust clouding his mind. “The guy that showed me in here said we could go over to wardrobe and pick out whatever we like.”

“Cool.” Blair walked toward the door.

“Whatever you do, don’t bring back any of those damn thong things. Remember we had to wear them for the last job you got us? I spent the whole time digging it out of my ass.” Jim tugged off his t-shirt and threw it at his lover.

Grinning, Blair caught the garment and tossed it right back. “No thongs. Gotcha.” He reached out to open door when Jim’s voice stopped him.

“Uh, Chief?”

Blair looked back over his shoulder. “Yeah?”

Jim grinned and pointed at his friend’s naked body. “You forgetting something?”

Blair looked down at his erection. Lifting his head, he winked at Jim. “Probably need to cover up, right? Don’t want nobody fainting when they see Private Dick at full attention.”

“Maybe I should put your soldier at ease.” Jim stepped forward and wrapped his hand around his lover’s noticeable erection, stroking the hard flesh fast and hard. Leaning down, he tongue-fucked Blair’s mouth, mimicking the rhythm of his hand. A tensing of the younger man’s body warned Jim a second before his lover’s seed splashed all over his belly and chest.

Licking his tongue over Blair’s swollen lips, Jim grinned. “Remember. No thongs.” He grabbed a nearby mini robe and slipped it around his lover’s waist before pushing him toward the door.

“Thongs?” Blair stared blankly for several seconds at the tall man. Finally his brain kicked back into gear and he disappeared out the door.

As he pulled his belt free from his jeans, Jim watched his buddy stumble down the hallway, returning Blair’s wave before closing the door. “Need something to clean up this mess. Don’t think Max would appreciate a model parading around in front of him with spunk all over his abs.”

Slipping inside the attached bathroom, Jim collected a handful of paper towels and washed off his torso. As he walked back into the changing room, a spot of cum on his left upper pec caught his attention. Lowering his head to the side, Jim swiped the area clean with his tongue. The taste of his lover’s release made the large man groan and reach for his crotch. Before he could take himself in hand, Blair came barreling back inside, a huge grin on his face.

“You are not going to believe what I found.” Blair waved small pieces of fabric in the air.

Jim shook his head. “No. Absolutely no.”

Placing the chosen underwear on a chair, Blair sidled up to his lover and wrapped an arm around his waist, his free hand playing with the zipper on Jim’s jeans. “Come on, Big Guy. I bet you’ll look fucking hot in it.”

“Weren’t you listening? I said no thongs.” Jim batted at his friend’s hand.

Blair pouted and unzipped his lover’s jeans. “These aren’t thongs. They’re g-strings. Something totally different.”

Jim grunted as Blair divested him of his jeans and briefs. “Totally different? I don’t think so.”

Blair ignored his lover and throwing off his robe, slipped on his own g-string. “There’s a bit more material involved with thongs.”

“Still gonna have something riding my crack,” Jim grouched. He obediently lifted each foot, allowing his lover to slide the camouflage print g-string into place.

Blair slid his hand over Jim’s scantily covered genitals. “You’ll live.” He grabbed his friend’s arm and tugged him toward the door. “Come on. Max is waiting.”

With a long-suffering sigh, Jim followed his lover down the hall and into another room. The photographer nodded his head in agreement with Blair’s choice of underwear.

“Nice. Very nice.”

A few minutes went by as the men were given their instructions. Jim took his place and watched as Blair sank to his knees in front of him. Ignoring the photographer, he reached behind and fiddled with his ass. “Fucking thing is gonna irritate the hell out of me.”

“I’ll take care of it, babe.”

With a wicked grin on his face, Blair leaned forward and pressed his face against Jim’s crotch, opening his mouth and sealing it around the older man’s dick. Before Jim could protest the bold move, Blair lifted one hand to his lover’s ass and located the aggravating string. Catching it with his finger, he slowly pushed it inside Jim’s hole.

“Fuck!” Jim groaned and grabbed Blair’s head, tangling his fingers in the man’s curls.

Blair pressed his finger deeper inside his lover’s body. “Your wish…,”he whispered against Jim’s hardening shaft. Closing his eyes, Blair sucked on the head on his lover’s cock while finger fucking his ass. A bright flash of light came seconds before Jim shot his load and soaked the g-string’s fabric.


“The minute you put your finger and that string in my ass, I lost all control. Next thing I knew I was shooting my wad and it didn’t matter who was watching or taking pictures. All I could concentrate on was the wild fucking my ass was being treated to.”

A snore interrupted the story and Jim turned his head to the side, surprised to find his present day lover sound asleep. Hugging Blair tight, he reached over and turned off the bedside lamp. Taking advantage of his heightened sense of sight, Jim spent several hours staring at the poster, his eyes traveling back and forth between his lover and the framed photograph of him and Alan. Finally a decision was reached and, with a nod to the poster, Jim closed his eyes and went to sleep.


Blair trudged up the stairs. “Man, was this a day from hell, or what? And if I have to grade one more test or go to one more faculty luncheon, I’m gonna drown myself in the tub.”

Jim’s voice floated down to him. “Just make sure you scrub it out afterwards.”

“Ha, ha. You are sooo funny. Hey! Why’s it so dark?” Blair stumbled when he reached the top step but strong arms circled his waist and prevented him from falling.

“Come take a look.” Jim pulled his lover into the room and showed him the reason for the darkness. It had taken the detective almost a month to finalize the project that had sprung to mind the moment Blair had wistfully whispered his request about the underwear ad poster. Quite a large sum of money had exchanged hands to make his partner’s wish come true and Jim didn’t even bat an eyelash when the final tally was figured up. Blair was his true soulmate and Jim would do anything within his power to demonstrate that fact to him.

“How’s this for an ending to a rough week?” the older man asked.

Blair sighed at the scattering of candles around the room, the muted scent of lavender instantly melting away the day’s tension. Allowing his head to fall back on the chest behind him, he smiled up at Jim. “I can’t believe you went to this much trouble for little ole me. What’s the special occasion?”

“You are and doing nice things for you is never any trouble, Blair.” Jim guided the younger man to the bed and pulled him down onto the mattress. Slipping in behind him, he wrapped his arms around Blair’s shoulders and nuzzled his earrings. “Remember how you wanted to be the man in the poster?”

“Yeah, I remember.” Blair turned his head and brushed a soft kiss across Jim’s mouth.

The detective pulled a small remote control out of his shirt pocket and aimed it at the opposite wall. “Well… now you are.”

A light came on and Blair lost his breath. Hanging on the wall was… not the poster… but an artist’s rendition of it… with one slight alteration. It was no longer Alan in the photograph. The artist had replaced the past with the present.

Blair felt the threat of tears in his eyes. “Jim. Jim.” He pointed at the painting. “You… you….”

Jim captured Blair’s mouth, silencing him with a tender kiss. “I love you, Blair Sandburg. You are my heart and there will never be anyone else in my life as special as you are.”

The detective grinned suddenly and nipped the end of Blair’s nose. “Besides, if anyone is going to be kissing my underwear, it’s going to be you.”

“You old softy. Blair laughed and threw his arms around his partner. “I can’t believe you did this for me. Jim! You’re the best!”

Jim pulled Blair down on the bed beside him. “Just don’t be getting no ideas about me wearing a g-string all the time. I hate those damn things.”

Blair nibbled on the detective’s bottom lip. “How ‘bout we just forget underwear all together?”

Jim shook his head. “What have I gotten myself into?”

Blair slipped his hand inside his lover’s pants. “Nothing, if you go commando.”



The end




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