The Protection of Cotton



“Damn it! I know I had that file when I got in the truck this morning. Where the hell is it?” Jim opened the passenger door to his Ford and saw that the missing item was nowhere in sight. Bending over, he searched under the seat, hoping the elusive report had somehow found its way down below.

“Shit!” A horn blared directly behind the Sentinel. Jerking back, the older man slammed his head against the dashboard, the sudden impact causing the glove compartment lid to fall open.

“What the fuck?”

Rubbing his bruised skull, Jim picked up the scrap of dark blue material that had fallen to the floor. Making a positive identification, Jim grinned widely before glancing around the parking garage and lifting his discovery to his nose.

“So this is where you disappeared to.” Jim took another investigative sniff of his partner’s lost boxers. “Chief, I can’t believe you tossed these babies in the glove compartment.”

Jim laughed at the memory of Blair scrambling for decency when they had been caught being naughty in Simon’s driveway the night of last week’s poker game. Having arrived hard and horny, the two men had engaged in a little hanky panky and somehow Blair’s boxers had gone missing in the dark.

“Blair must have hid them when Simon turned the flashlight on us,” Jim mused.


Snapping his head up, Jim cursed, “Speak of the devil.” He quickly shoved his lover’s underwear into the front pocket of his jeans before turning to greet his captain. “Simon. What time are we due in court tomorrow?” Slamming the truck door shut, Jim directed the large man to the elevator and promptly forgot the secret snuggled in his pocket.


“Damn it, Blair. Of all days to be gone to a seminar, you had to pick this one.” Jim dodged around a pile of rotting garbage, mimicking his partner’s voice. “Don’t worry, Jim. I conferred with my spirit guide last night and he assured me today would be smooth sailing for you.”

A bullet slammed into the brick wall above the detective’s head. “Smooth sailing, my ass.”

Ducking down, Jim dropped to his knees and crawled along the filth-strewn ground. After peering around a halfway demolished wall, he called out. “Give it up, Taft. Backup’s on the way and you sure as hell know there’s only one way in and out of this rat hole. Through me.”

Jim caught a blur of movement and silently cursed the loss of his weapon. Bluffing to the max, he yelled out, “Surrender like the good boy your momma thinks you are, Taft, and I’ll make sure you get a sexy cellmate.”

“Fuck you, Ellison.”

A knife stabbed the dirt mere inches from Jim’s right thigh. Sunlight bounced off the blade, catching the Sentinel’s gaze and his sight instantly focused on the splatter of crimson that stained the steel, his vision zeroing in on the individual drops of blood. Time slowed as the droplets became single cells of human evidence.

The soft grip of cotton snatched Jim away from the precarious edge of zoning. Looking quickly down at his hand, he was astounded to find his lover’s underwear in his grip, its softness wound around his fingers. “What the….”

“Jim!” Rafe’s hand descended on the detective’s shoulder. Shaking his head, Jim glanced to his side and discovered H and his partner crouched next to him. Unable to spare the time to contemplate the appearance of Blair’s underwear, Jim shoved them back in his pocket and whispered the specifics of the situation to his fellow cops.


Jim leaned back in his chair and grinned up at Simon. “You should have been there, Simon. H brings the perp down like a pro. Unfortunately, the bastard falls against this huge pile of garbage.” The detective glanced over at H and tried to choke back his laughter. “All of a sudden it was like watching a slow motion picture. That mountain of shit swayed back and forth with Rafe directly in its path and the guy just stood there.”

H took up the story. “It was as if our Mr. GQ was daring the garbage to touch his brand new suit.” He slapped Jim on the back. “Which, of course, it did!”

Jim winked at Simon. “You really missed it, Cap. The look on Rafe’s face was so fucking hilarious. He kept staring at his suit and talking to himself. He kept saying….” Jim paused, allowing H to join in as he repeated Rafe’s words. “I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. I CAN’T fucking believe it.” The two men laughed so hard tears sprung to their eyes.

Jim wiped his face. “I wish I’d had a video camera. We woulda won big bucks for that moment.”

Simon shook his head. “Poor Rafe.” The black man looked around the bullpen. “Where is he, by the way?”

H slid off of Jim’s desk. “I better go check on him. After we booked the perp, he made a beeline to the locker room.

Still chuckling, Jim waved as H walked away.

“Wanna do lunch?”

Jim looked up and found Simon checking his watch. “Sounds good to me. Where would you like to go?”

Simon thought for a few seconds. “Since your natural food guru is missing, how ‘bout you and I go to Wonderburger? My mouth’s been watering for one of them triple patty monsters.”

Jim grinned at his friend. “Sounds like heaven to me.”

“Let me go tell Rhonda I’m leaving and I’ll meet you at the elevator.” Simon turned and walked back to his office.

“Better check and make sure I’ve got some money.” Jim pushed back his chair and stood up, slipping his hand in his rear pocket for his wallet. A dumbfounded look spread across his face as his hand came back holding Blair’s boxers. Jim stared at the blue fabric for several seconds before shaking his head in disbelief.

Stuffing them back in his front pocket, the detective called out to his captain. “Uh… Simon? Maybe we should skip Wonderburger. I hear there’s a great salad buffet round the corner.”

Simon’s deep voice yelled back at him.

“SALAD? Have you lost your mind?”


“… 23, 24, 25.” Jim allowed the weights to slam back into place as he shook the tension out of his arms. Stripping off his t-shirt, the detective used the cotton garment to wipe the sweat from his face and chest, dropping the makeshift towel inside his gym bag when he grabbed for his water bottle.

“Looking good, Ellison.”

Jim took several swallows of water before glancing up. Richard Kern stood in front of him, his dark green eyes appraising the detective’s half-naked physique.

“Need someone to spot for you?”

Jim poured the remainder of his water over his head, the liquid cooling his overheated body. “Sure, Rich. I was just getting ready to add another 50 pounds on.” Sliding off the bench, Jim reached for the additional weights but a long arm slid around him before he could pick up the first disc.

“Let me get that for you.”

Twisting his head around, the detective found the Vice cop right behind him, the smallest of space separating their bodies. “Uh…thanks.” Jim slipped away and resumed his place on the bench, pausing a second to search the gym for any familiar faces. He didn’t particularly like or dislike Kern but something about the man’s eyes made him wary.

With the task of adding the additional weights completed, the tall westerner smiled suggestively as he incorrectly straddled Jim’s lower body, his position placing his very noticeable erection in perfect alignment with Jim’s groin.

“Go for it, Ellison.”

Jim sensed the surge of heat in the Vice cop’s body as the blatant offer was thrown out. Ready to issue a warning protest, his mouth fell open in shock when the dark-haired man lightly skimmed his fingers over his nipples. A feeling of revulsion crawled over his skin and Jim immediately growled a quiet rebuke. “I’m taken.”

Kern smiled and brushed his arousal closer to the detective’s groin. “I know.” Leaning down, he whispered, “Maybe your nerdy partner would like to join us. Experience the fun of a threesome?”

Jim shoved the Vice cop off and sat up, reaching for his gym bag. Searching for his t-shirt, he instead found Blair’s boxers. He shook his head in amusement at the mysterious appearance of the dark blue fabric. Holding the soft cotton for just a second, Jim allowed his lover’s stand-in to calm his irate emotions.

Once his control had re-asserted itself, he grabbed his damp shirt and slipped it on, a feral grin spreading across his face as he moved into the Kern’s personal space. “I don’t do threesomes. Sandburg is all I need.”

Jim zipped his gym bag closed before shouldering his way past the younger man. With one last glance over his shoulder, he issued a solemn warning. “Make a pass at me again and you’ll be wearing those weights around your neck, Kern. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be heading on home.

Jim smiled and waved at Simon, who was just coming out of the showers. “See ya tomorrow.”


Humming to himself, Jim slowed his truck to a stop at the red light. A brand new Dodge Dakota pulled along the driver’s side and the detective spent several seconds admiring the handsome vehicle. Whistling with appreciation, Jim turned his head to flip on the radio but a shadowy shape on the floorboard caught his eye and, after throwing his truck into park, he reached down to investigate.

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

The detective stared at the pair of boxers in his hand. “I know I just saw you in my gym bag. How the hell did you get down there?”

A loud honk distracted Jim, making him aware the light had changed to green. Tucking Blair’s underwear in his jeans’ front pocket, he watched as the truck beside him pulled away. Shifting his own vehicle into drive, Jim slowly eased off the clutch, only to slam his foot back on the brake a second later.

Running the red light, a bright blue Corvette flew through the intersection and slammed into the Dodge truck’s passenger side, the force of the impact totally crushing the front end of the small sports car. Staring in stunned amazement at the accident in front of him, Jim pulled out his lover’s underwear and rubbed them over his heart.

“Shit! That coulda been my truck.” Looking down at the boxers, the Sentinel could only shake his head in disbelief. “If I didn’t know better….”

Sirens in the distance reminded Jim of the immediate problem at hand. Cramming the cotton garment back in his pocket, the detective slid out of his truck and ran to check on the accident victims.


The door to the loft slammed open.


Jim threw his keys in the basket and tossed his jacket toward the coat rack, not caring if it caught or fell to the floor.

“Blair! You are not gonna believe this day I’ve had.”

The Sentinel closed his eyes and searched for the familiar heartbeat of his lover, smiling when he found his off-key angel serenading the bathroom. Unbuttoning his shirt, the older man climbed the stairs that led to the bedroom and, after a few seconds, was naked and sprawled across the bed.


One soggy Guide threw himself into the arms of his Sentinel. “I so totally missed you today.” Blair rose to his knees and stroked his hands over his cock, grinning wickedly. “Not to mention, I’ve been horny as hell.” The young grad student scooted back on the mattress and lay down between Jim’s legs. Smacking his lips, he stared appreciatively at his lover’s erection. ”You have no idea how hungry I’ve been for a taste of that.” Blair licked the entire length of Jim’s manhood, pausing only to press a slurpy kiss to its leaking head.

Shifting his position, he folded his partner’s legs back against his chest. “Just thinking of the fucking I was going to offer your pretty ass tonight had me practically cuming in my jeans.”

Jim shuddered at the touch of his lover’s fingers circling his hole and he opened his legs wider, encouraging a deeper investigation. The feel of saliva-slick fingers invading his body was almost enough to trigger his climax. “Goddamn it, Blair. Quit your teasing and fuck me already.”

The anthropologist sucked hard on the head of his lover’s cock and then released it abruptly. Smiling at the sharp sound of protest, Blair reached for the container of lube under the pillow and quickly coated his erection. “Your wish is my command, oh Great One.”

Jim reached up and pinched his lover’s nipples at the same moment he felt Blair slam inside him. “Yeah, babe. Hard. Do me hard.”

Blair pistoned in and out of Jim’s body, alternating rhythm and depth. He moved back, forcing Jim to follow. And then, without batting an eyelash, plunged forward, driving the larger man into the mattress.

The harsh coupling had Jim ripping the sheets from the bed as he fought toward release. A growl escaped his throat as Blair leaned forward and pinned his hands against the iron headboard.

The grad student smiled, his grin warning the older man of the rough ride ahead. “I’m gonna fuck you into next week.”

Jim had no time to acknowledge his lover’s promise. His mouth was instantly filled with Blair’s tongue as it attempted to explore every dark and wet surface on the way down his throat. Refusing to fight for domination, Jim opened his mouth wider and groaned as Blair sucked frantically on his tongue.

Incoherent hunger drove the Sentinel to give over all control to his ravenous Guide. Bucking wildly, Jim sprayed a large load of semen all over Blair and himself – so much so, it dribbled off his body and onto the sheets. The sight of his bountiful release triggered a desperate wildness in the grad student and Jim found his ass treated to a pounding he would remember for days.

Blair soon abandoned Jim’s mouth and, tearing his hands free, fell backwards, driving his cock even deeper inside the older man’s body. A convulsive tightening of muscles swept the grad student over the edge, his body stilling momentarily before trembling uncontrollably as he filled his lover with the liquid warmth of his love.

Jim caught his partner as he collapsed, totally exhausted. Tangling his legs and arm around Blair, he reached blindly for the covers, settling the bedspread over their naked bodies. “Love you, Blair.” Jim pressed gentle kisses against his breathless lover’s forehead.

Yawning, Blair nuzzled Jim’s neck. “Love, yeah, back at you, Big Guy.”

A stray moonbeam highlighted the discarded clothing on the floor and a certain item snagged the drowsy detective’s attention. He instantly came awake, his eyes widening in disbelief. “How in the hell did they get there? Weren’t they in my….”

Carefully reaching over the side of the bed, Jim pulled the bamboozling boxers from beneath his lover’s jeans and held them in front of Blair’s face. “Chief? Got a minute?”


“I found your missing boxers this morning in my glovebox and I swear they’ve been following me around all day. Got any insight on why, every time I looked up, your boxers were right there with me?”

Blair pushed sweat damp curls out of his eyes and glanced at the item his lover held in his hand. “Jim? Duh! Look at ‘em! It is so obvious, man.” Assured his mate would understand, he settled back on his human pillow and drifted off to sleep.

Shaking his head, Jim raised an eyebrow and stared at the mystifying underwear. “What the….” He chuckled. “I shoulda known.”

Printed on the dark blue cotton was row after row of one specific image… a wolf standing guard over a panther.

Jim tucked the pair of underwear under his head and hugged his snoring mate. “Maybe I should carry these around with me all the time.”

A distinct scent wafted up from the pillow and the Sentinel wrinkled his nose slightly. “Maybe I should wash them first?”


The end




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