Sentinel Delights 



Visions of the Heart*--R--The spirits assist Incacha with a decision that changes his life forever.



A Chance Meeting*--R--Someone from Jim’s past brings a major change to the life he shares with Blair.

A Change of Heart*--G--Jim reneges on a decision he’s made with Blair.  (PWP)

A Foreign Exchange--NC-17--Chatting on the internet with friends. 

A Midnight Delight--R--Someone’s in the kitchen late at night.  (PWP)

A Sentinel’s Seduction--NC-17--A simple scene of seduction.  (PWP)

A Visit to Another Universe*--R--AU PWP—Jim and Blair travel across time and space.

An Angelic Intervention*--R--AU PWP—Jim and Blair as Bosely and Charlie from Charlie’s Angels.

Another Time, Another Face**--PG--Jim must decide which reality he wants for himself.

Christmas Grumbles*--G--An artwork inspired PWP.

Christmas Prayer*--G--All I want for Christmas is my Sentinel.

Denying Mother*--PG--An alternate ending to the episode, Spare Parts.

Hard to Wrap This*--PG-13--Jim and Blair are given something or should I say someone unique for Christmas.

Leather, Lust and Love**--NC-17--A simple photo shoot develops into so much more.

Love Comes to the Mountain**--R--AU story—Mountain Jim finds love at last. 

Love’s Fragrance*--PG--An alternate ending to a scene from Vendetta.

Lust at the Keyboard--NC-17--Jim discovers what Blair’s been doing at the computer.  (PWP)

Marked for Love*--R--Rafe and Jim decide to give Blair something special for Valentine’s Day.  (J/B/R)

Mission Accepted*--R--AU PWP—Nothing is impossible for M.I. agent, James Ellison. 

Newborn Love**--NC-17--Blair is called to a murder scene to help Jim deal with the death of a kidnapped child.

Sentinel Senility--G--Blair adopts a kitten and tests his Sentinel's sanity.

Sentinel Storytime--G--Jim is wrangled into helping Blair at Christmas.

Sentinel Surrender--NC-17--Jim surrenders himself to Blair.  (PWP)

Shower of Lust and Love--NC-17--Showering was never this much fun!  (PWP)

Tease and Torture--R--Blair gives Jim a lesson he won’t soon forget.

The Faint of Heart**--NC-17--Blair discovers the real truth when Sentinel inhibitions come tumbling down.

The Short of Things**--NC-17--Blair’s new hairdo drives Jim insane.

 The Sweet Nectar of Love**--NC-17--Blair offers Jim a taste of love and so much more. (M-Preg)

Time to Relax--NC-17--Blair seeks a special form of stress reduction. (AU Blair/Jim)

TLC*--PG-13--Calling Nurse Ellison! 

Wishes--G--Jim makes a wish at Thanksgiving.  (MAJOR ANGST BUT NOT A DEATH STORY!)

* Previously published in a My Mongoose Ezine

** Previously published in a zine.


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