A Shower of Lust and Love



Copyright March 2000

I stepped into the shower and surrendered to the steaming hot water that lovingly cascaded over my tired body. The day had been hell and I was stressed to the max. The muscles of my neck and shoulders were so tight and tense, it was almost painful. Taking a long hot shower was my only hope of relaxing.

The fragrance of my aromatherapy candles began to calm and soothe my frayed nerves. Their soft illumination was the only light in the bathroom. My overworked eyes begged for darkness. I leaned my head against the shower's tiled wall, allowing the streams of hot water to saturate my long hair.

The shower curtain opened and he stepped in. My breath jammed as his large body captured mine, pulling it into a fierce embrace. His hard muscular chest was imprinted on my back, it's warmth infusing my weary body with renewed life. His fully erect cock nestled against my buttock, branding my flesh with his erotic intentions.

I moaned, my knees weakening as his mouth slid across my neck and shoulders, blazing a path of silken heat. Tiny bites trailed down my spine as his hands gently massaged my trembling thighs and buttocks. He turned my body around and knelt before me, exploring my lower body with his kisses. A sharp nip on my belly button ignited a slow burning fire of passion.

Remaining on his knees, his hand reached for my loufa sponge. Erotic caresses of soapy suds whispered over my chest and abdomen. Each nipple was treated to a thorough cleansing by the liquid heat of his mouth.

The fresh scent of my herbal shampoo mingled with the moisture laden air. Another groan spilled into the thick layer of steam as my pagan shower god stood and tangled his fingers in my hair, gently massaging my scalp. Each strand was gifted with a sensual cleansing. His gentle hands eased me under the shower's spray as he rinsed away all traces of soap from my curls.

His mouth covered mine and I could no longer resist. I slipped my tongue into the enveloping heat of his mouth. I lost myself as we feasted on each other, tasting the warm drowsy flavor of our love.

His fingers tormented each nipple, pinching and tugging on the hard little nubs, each stab of pain escalated my desire. The velvet steel of his cock brushed against my abdomen, tempting me to explore the differing textures of flesh and muscle. A gentle pressure eased my legs apart and his hands wandered into the cradle of my wanton masculinity.

A steady stroking of my manhood had me on the edge of insanity. But my lover refused to allow me to take the step that would send me into a sensual meltdown. Instead he released me and coaxed me to turn around, facing away from his masculine beauty.

Hands wandered down to the heavy sac that lay sheltered between my legs. Fingers massaged the damp flesh, teasing each oval with a gentle squeeze.

Again I was ready to fall into the fire of release but was snatched back. My scream of frustration must have touched his heart for he settled against me, his voice, dark with passion, igniting the silence.

"Welcome home, my beloved Blairheart."

A single finger ripped away my fragile composure as it slid deep, teasing my ass into an instantaneous convulsion. My knees nearly buckled as the single digit was joined by two of its mates.

I choked on my scream of hunger, my body thrusting back, impaling itself on the torturous trio.

"More, more." I begged.

My Blessed Protector answered my plea, slowly sliding his magnificent erection inside my body. The heat, the friction, the fullness was enough to release the violence of my orgasm.

Incoherent sounds clawed their way out of my throat as my body succumbed. I watched in dazed fascination as the seed of my body danced wildly amongst the droplets of cascading water.

A sudden infusion of living heat and my attention was returned to the man embracing my soul. Teeth scored their mark upon my throat, gutteral moans announcing his claim on me. I accepted my role and submitted to the power of the one who owns the very air that I breathe.

Words were whispered as the shower of heat diminshes into a cool awakening.

"I love . . ."

I captured his words on my tongue and returned them with my own.

"As I. Always."

the end

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