An Angelic Intervention

(The Sentinel visits Charlie's Angels)



Copyright November 2001

Written for the Tales of Many Fandoms 2

Jim takes on the role of Bosley and Blair is Charlie

"Good work, Angels."

A trio of feminine voices answered. "Thank you, Charlie."

"I am so proud of you. Now… get out of here and enjoy your two week vacation."

"Bye-bye, Charlie."

A tornado of hair, silk and lipstick swarmed around James Bosley for several seconds as the three Angels offered their good-byes. The older man wiped his mouth and laughed as he watched his female associates fly out of the room.

Thinking the conversation with Charlie was over, Bosley reached out a hand to disconnect the speakerbox and hang up the phone. A familiar voice stopped him.


"Yes, Charlie?"

The voice took on a tone of uncertainty. "Are you busy, Bosley? Can you talk a few minutes?"

Bosley cocked his head to the side and stared at the speakerbox. "Is there something you need, Charlie? Something you want me to take care of?"

An almost imperceptible moan whispered back to Bosley. His eyes widened with surprise.


The voice shook itself before replying. "Ummm… I… I wanted to thank you for the gift you sent me."

Bosley blushed and hung his head. The Angels had picked up on his affection for their unseen boss and had encouraged him to express his feelings. The perfect start, they assured him, was to send Charlie a gift.

Unfortunately, Bosley had never shopped for a man… well, never shopped for a man he wanted to get serious with. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes, whispering to himself.

"And yes, I definitely want to get serious with Charlie. Like all the way, fuck me crazy, serious with Charlie."

"Bosley? Did you say something?"

Bosley jerked forward in surprise and knocked several files off the desk. "Uh… Uh… no, Charlie. Must have been interference you heard."

The man gathered together the scattered files. Straightening up, he hit his head on the edge of his desk. "Shit!"

"Bosley? Is something wrong?"

"No, no. Got a little clumsy and knocked some files on the floor." Bosley rubbed his head and grimaced as his fingers found the small lump that was forming.

"What were you saying, Charlie?"

The voice turned husky. "I wanted to thank you."

Bosley shook his head and regretted the impulsive move a second later as pain assaulted his sore noggin. "What did you think of the gift?"

The older man leaned back in his chair and frowned. He had no earthly idea what the gift was he had sent Charlie. Realizing he was totally clueless in the romance department, the Angels had decided to lend their assistance. They bought the gift, wrapped it and had it delivered to Charlie, never once disclosing its identity to Bosley.

Charlie’s voice interrupted Bosley’s thoughts. The unseen man chuckled. "I didn’t realize you knew about my fetish for designer boxers."

Bosley fell out of his chair.

Boxers? He mouthed silently.

I gave my boss boxers?

Bosley blushed again as his body reacted to the naughty images crowding his brain. Looking down, he admonished his disobedient cock. This is not funny. Behave.

"Uhh… I hope you liked them, Charlie." Bosley shook his head in disbelief and plotted the early demise of three meddling Angels.

"They’re my favorite pair," Charlie answered. "The cupids and hearts are quite cute."

Bosley turned a sickening shade of green. Cupids? Hearts? Dear God, I’m a dead man.

"Bosley?" Charlie’s voice softened. "Do you really…?" The man hesitated. "Did you mean what it says on the boxers?"

Bosley knew instantly what three little words were parading across the boxers his boss had been gifted with. Chewing on his lower lip, he prayed to as many gods as he could remember from his studies in college, begging for divine protection.

Help me!

Breathing deeply, Bosley took his heart in hand and bravely entered into the lion’s den. "Of course, I meant it."

A clattering noise came across the phoneline. Several seconds later, Charlie’s breathless voice whispered. "Bosley? Can you hang on for a minute? I have to take care of something. I promise I won’t leave you hanging for long."

Bosley scrambled to his feet and resumed his seat in his chair. "Sure thing, Charlie. I’ll wait right here."

"That’s what I’m counting on," Charlie’s voice spoke softly.

Bosley closed his eyes and allowed himself to drift away on one of his frequent fantasies. Unzipping his trousers, he eased out his shaft and began to stroke the sensitive flesh, imagining it was his boss’ hand fisting his cock.

The older man then tugged open his shirt with his free hand and dragged his fingernails across his nipples. "Yeah, Charlie," he barely whispered. "Suck my tits."

"My pleasure," Charlie’s voice answered.

Bosley jerked again in surprise. This time, unfortunately, he jerked backwards and toppled his chair over. With his legs dangling over the arms of the chair and his stiff cock jutting straight up, Bosley looked into the smiling face of…


"In the flesh."

Unable to deny the recognizable voice, Bosley nodded his head mutely. His employer was indeed standing before him in the flesh. Bosley licked his lips.

Charlie was definitely in the flesh. The smaller man, clothed only in his boxers, moved to straddle his fallen associate.

"Hello, Bosley. Surprised to see me, I take it."

Bosley stared at his boss in stunned disbelief. Charlie was magnificent. Somewhat shorter than himself but muscularly compact. The man’s broad chest was covered in wiry curls, his nipples peaking out of the dark forest of hair. A glint of silver caught Bosley’s eyes and he sucked in a breath as he recognized the circular shape of a nipple ring.

Bosley’s gaze wandered over his boss’ physique, cataloging the man’s attributes. His heart altered its rhythm as he glimpsed the tenting boxers, the fabric barely containing Charlie’s erection. Bosley moaned at the sight, his own cock twitching in sympathy.

Tearing his gaze away from the man’s impressive manhood, Bosley glanced at the long tresses of mahogany curls that cascaded down Charlie’s back. His fingers itched to touch the tangled strands.

"Are you enjoying the view?" Charlie reached out and tapped a finger to the tip of Bosley’s cock.

Bosley totally embarrassed himself by prematurely shooting his load all over his boss’ new boxers. "Oh… oh… FUCK!"

Charlie shimmied out of his wet underwear and sopped up the creamy mess on Bosley’s stomach. "Don’t worry, old friend. We’re going to get to that particular exercise very shortly."

Charlie lowered himself very carefully to the floor. Leaning down, he pressed his lips against Bosley’s and kissed the man deeply. After several minutes, Charlie freed his associate’s mouth and smiled tenderly.

"Shall we hang up the phone and get down to the business at hand." Charlie wrapped his fingers around his burgeoning erection.

Bosley’s happy voice rang out.

"Thank you, Angels!"

The end