Sentinel Storytime



December  2001

"Itís beginning to look a lot like Christmas." Blair sang as he stepped off the elevator.

"Tell that to your partner, Hairboy. Mr. Humbug is bringing everybody down with his Grinch attitude." Henri grabbed hold of Blairís arm. "Why donít you take him out and help him find his Christmas spirit."

The anthropologist stood in the doorway to the bullpen and gazed at his stern faced lover. He nodded to Henri as the black detective slipped past him. Squaring his shoulders, Blair walked over to the desk he shared with Jim. The Sentinel acknowledged his arrival with a grunt, his eyes never leaving the file in front of him.

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!" Blair jingled the small collection of bells he had strung around his neck.

A deadly glare was fired at him. "Chief, if you donít stop ringing those damn bellsÖ"

Blair stuck his tongue out at the grumpy detective. "I know just what you need. Be right back." He disappeared into Simonís office for several seconds. Upon his return, he collected his loverís coat. "Time to go." The anthropologist held up a hand, stalling all protests. "You are officially off duty for the rest of the afternoon. Which means you belong entirely to me."

"Chief, Iíve got a ton of reports to fill out and several old cases I need toÖ"

Blair reached over, removed the file folder from Jimís hand and placed it back on the precarious pile hugging the far corner of his partnerís desk. Gripping the back of Jimís neck, he lowered his face to within inches of his loverís. "Listen to me, Big Guy. Itís not often I ask you for a favor. But today, Iím calling in all markers. You owe me bigtime and this afternoon, Iím giving you the opportunity to wipe out all debts."

Jim thought for a few moments, his blue eyes examining the anthropologistís face. "And just what is the favor?"

Blair released the breath he was totally unaware of holding. He pulled the larger man from his chair and handed over his coat. "Come with me and youíll find out."

Shaking his head, the Sentinel shouldered into his coat. "Why do I get the feeling Iím about to become the sacrificial lamb about to be led to the altar?"

Blair laughed and slung his arm around his loverís waist. "Donít worry. Iíll make it as painless as possible."

Jim rolled his eyes. "Yeah, right. And just where is that bridge you wanna sell me?"

Sentinel and Guide exited the bullpen, an echo of their laughter bringing relieved smiles to their coworkersí faces.


"Tell me again, why I have to wear this penguin suit?" Jim pulled on the stiff collar of his dress shirt.

"Itís a formal affair, dude." Blair straightened his vest and turned to examine his partner.

"Damn, Jim!" The young man stepped closer and ran his hands appreciatively over Jimís broad chest. Allowing them to wander lower, Blair rested them on the detectiveís crotch. "Your ass is so going to get nailed when we get home."

The Sentinel covered his Guideís hand with his own and pressed it more firmly against his cock. "My ass? I think that since Iím the one fulfilling your wish, I should be the one filling your ass."

Blair lifted up on his tiptoes and captured Jimís bottom lip, bringing it into his mouth. Sucking hungrily, he freed his fingers and played them over his loverís firming erection. "Be a good Sentinel and weíll both have the privilege of playing bottom boy slut!"

Jim gasped as his hips helplessly bucked forward. "Iíll be good. Promise. Scoutís honÖ SHIT!"

Blair stepped back and admired the growing bulge between his loverís legs. "Timeís a wasting, Big Guy! Get a move on!" Heading toward the stairs, the anthropologist chuckled. "Are you coming?"


Blair grinned. "I hope so."


"Blair, I canít do this." Jim backpedaled, his tall frame colliding with his loverís.

The cowardly Sentinelís hand was gripped. "Theyíre only children. How hard can this be?"

Jim gulped and stared at the collection of elegantly dressed toddlers. "I didnít know tuxedos came in that size."

Blair smiled and hugged his lover. "I suggested having a special party and all the children decided they wanted to dress fancy."

A petite, future femme fatale ran toward the two men. "Blair! Blair!"

The anthropologist scooped the pint size princess up in his arms. "I think they look absolutely precious." He turned his attention to his wiggling burden. "You look mighty pretty, Miss Corrine."

The blonde fluffed her curls and straightened her tiny tiara. "Will you be my pwince, Blair?" Her voice lowered into a conspiratorial whisper. "I neeeeed a pwince to kiss me."

Blair cupped his hand around Corrineís ear and whispered, "Iíd be most honored to kiss such a beautiful princess." The blonde toddler giggled. She pointed her scepter at Jim. "Whoís that?"

Blair wrapped his free arm around his partnerís waist. "This is Jim. He was a real handsome frog once but this wicked witch, named Megan, made me kiss him and look what he turned into."

Corrine tapped the tall detectiveís slightly balding head with her scepter. She stared at her wand in confusion and shook it several times before looking at Blair. "Iís not working. That witch must be weal powerful. I was gonna turn him back into a fwog for you."

Blair gripped Jimís ass, thwarting the manís indignant protest. "I thank you, Miss Corrine, for trying. But you know what? Iíve kinda got use him like this." The anthropologist tilted his head and sighed longingly. "AlthoughÖ he was a mighty fine looking frog."

Corrine patted Blair on his head sympathetically. "Iíll get my bwother to get you another fwog. ĎKay?"

Blair lowered the blonde princess to the floor. "I would be most beholden to you, Miss Corrine. NowÖ donít you think you should go find your seat? I believe your teacher is ready for us to begin."

The little girl stared up at the Sentinel for several seconds. "We donít got no bugs for you to eat, Mr. Jimfwog. But my mommy made some deeewiscious peanut butter cookies and you can have some if youíre good."

Jim crossed his heart and smiled at the blonde beauty. "I promise to be good, Miss Corrine. Frogís honor."

Corrine nodded her satisfaction and scampered away, her blonde curls streaming behind her.

"A frog, Chief? I couldnít have been a mighty dragon or courageous steed?" Jim turned to his grinning mate.

Blair stroked his hand over Jimís chest, allowing his fingers to slip underneath the manís vest, his nails scratching a cloth-covered nipple. "Canít kiss dragons, they spit fire. And horsesÖ Yuck! Pony drool."

Jim laughed and pulled his lover in for a quick liplock. "Howís that for a froggy kiss?"

Blair licked his lips and sighed happily. "The best, man. The best!"

"Mr. Sandburg?" A thin, elderly lady tapped Blair on the shoulder. "The children are ready for you."

The anthropologist turned and shook hands with the older woman. "Mrs. MacAdams, I would like to introduce my life partner to you, Jim Ellison. Heís going to read tonightís story instead of me."

Jim held his hand out to the preschool teacher, his blue eyes pleading with his lover. "Very nice to meet you, Mrs. MacAdams."

A large book was placed in the Sentinelís hands. "The children are so thrilled about this party your partner has planned. Itís all theyĎve been talking about for the last week." Mrs. MacAdams glanced down at her watch. "Are we ready to begin?"

"Be right there!" Blair chuckled at the stricken look on Jimís face. "Itís just a story, babe. You can do it."

Jim stared at the book for several minutes. He then made the mistake of glancing at the row of expectant faces surrounding a huge elaborately carved rocking chair. "Please donít make me do this, Blair. Please."

Pushing the tall detective forward, Blair ignored his loverís plea. "You need a little holiday spirit, Big Guy. And what better way to get into the mood." Blair tapped the book Jim was holding. "Letís go. Our fans await!"

Jim allowed himself to be guided toward the group of children. With one last desperate glance at his grinning lover, he sat down in the chair and opened the book. Clearing his throat, he began to read. 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

One young boy clamored over his companions and made his way to Jim. He wrapped his arms around the Sentinelís left leg and rested his chin on the manís knee. Jim paused in his recitation, slightly overwhelmed by the look of expectation on the small childís face. Blairís hand on his shoulder reminded him of his task and he resumed reading.

The detectiveís voice rose and fell in volume as he finally got caught up in the magical story of Santaís arrival. "Now, DASHER! Now, DANCER! Now, PRANCER and VIXEN! On, COMET! On CUPID! On, DONDER and BLITZEN!" The children joined in and shouted each reindeerís name, their participation bringing a smile to Jimís face.

A few minutes later, the detective found himself juggling the large book and one princess by the name of Miss Corrine. He ruffled her curls as he read, "The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth, and the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath. He had a broad face and a little round belly, that shook when he laughed, like a bowlful of jelly."

A small hand patted his stomach as Miss Corrine declared. "No jelly here."

As Jim began to read the last stanza, he glanced up at Blair, the light of love shining brightly in his eyes. "He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, and away they all flew like the down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sightÖ"

The children joined in once again. "MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD-NIGHT!"

As their audience scrambled for the table of goodies, Jim claimed his loverís hand and brought it to his mouth, bestowing a tender to kiss to it. "I love you, Blair."

Blair leaned down and offered his mouth to the Sentinel. "Ya know? I really donít care about you being a frog. I love you, warts and all."

Amidst the chatter and chaos of happy children, one very wicked, enchanted frog kissed one very naughty, handsome prince into a total meltdown.

"Merry Christmas, Blair!"

The end