Chapter Eight



Copyright June 2002

{ denotes sign language }

"Since this may be my last day on this earth, I might as well go out looking good." Rafe adjusted the collar of his dark blue Polo shirt. Tucking the hem into the waistband of his Dockers, he stepped into his deck shoes and surveyed his appearance in the mirror. Pulling on the hair that was starting to curl along the nape of his neck, he asked, "What does Jakob see in an old guy like me?" The FBI agent examined his face closely, noting the signs of aging around his eyes. "I just donít understand why he wouldnít want to be dating someone his own age."

Rafe sat down on the edge of his bed and contemplated the easel that held the unfinished portrait of the college sophomore. He stared at Jakobís lean form, his eyes captured by the knowing smile on his face. "Why do I have the feeling that you knew, even then, that we were going to end up together? Rafe ran his hand through his hair, disturbing his carefully brushed style. "I didnít stand a chance, did I?"

Leaning forward, he touched a finger to Jakobís etched smile. "Us being togetherÖ it wouldnít be so bad if you only had one father. That would mean Iíd only have one father to answer to. But no, Wildcat! You had to have three. Three men who know way too much about me and my past."

That could be a good thing, a voice whispered in his ear.

"Yeah but it could also be a bad thing," Rafe answered himself, the memory of his active social life coming back to haunt him. "I canít even remember the number of double dates I went on with Jim and Blair." He shook his head. "How much you want to bet they remember, especially Jim."

Rafe reached for the small notepad and pencil he had lying on his bedside table. After scribbling a few words on the pad, he ripped the page free and tucked it in his shirt pocket. "Just in case."

Before he could wallow any deeper in his depression, the doorbell rang. Jumping to his feet, Rafe hurried through his spacious condo and threw open the door.

"JaaaÖ OH MY GOD!" A vision of leather and lust leaning casually against the doorframe greeted him.

{ Like what you see? } Jakob pushed away from his resting place, his black leather jacket sliding open to reveal his bare chest. A wicked smile spread across his face as he flicked a strand of his hair over his shoulder, the action drawing attention to his recently pierced ear. Pointing to the two gemstone studs, he explained, { Amethyst for me, emerald for you. }

Rafe brushed his finger over his loverís bejeweled earlobe. "You did this for me?"

Jakob caught the older manís hand and brought it to his mouth. He slowly slid his tongue over the finger that wore the ring he had given Rafe, the ring that made a statement about their relationship. Clearing his throat, he said, "For us. To show my fathers Iím serious about you."

Rafe groaned as an unquenchable fire settled in his groin. "At least it was just your ear that got pierced."

Jakob brushed Rafeís finger over his left nipple, working the small nub until it was hard. "ActuallyÖ."

Rafe stared at his loverís naked flesh. A simple touch to the back of his neck by Jakob and he lowered his head, closing his mouth over the tempting nipple. He clawed Jakobís leather jacked as he sucked hungrily, his tongue and mouth torturing the small nub. It wasnít until he became aware of Jakobís breathless moans that Rafe released the nipple.

Straightening, he smiled and signed. { Tit for tat. }

Jakob gripped the doorframe as he struggled to catch his breath. "You will pay for that, Brian Rafe," he whispered hoarsely.

Rafe quickly pinched Jakobís tender, swollen nipple and jumped back. "I look forward to my punishment." The sound of his cellphoneís shrill ring sobered him instantly. Taking Jakobís hand, he pulled him inside and closed the door before digging out his phone.

"Hello?" He watched Jakob wander around the first floor of his condo. "He just arrived. Is there anything you need me to bring? You sure? Okay. See you soon."

"That was Simon. He was wondering where we are." Rafe replaced his phone in his pocket before walking over to where Jakob was standing. "Those are my parents," he said, indicating the solitary picture frame sitting on the fireplace mantle. "My dad died of lung cancer ten years agoÖ that was shortly after I left Cascade. My MomÖ" Rafe paused for a second, the grief of his motherís recent death still weighing heavily on his heart. "Mom died a little over two months ago. She just fell asleep one night and didnít wake up."

Rafe took comfort in Jakobís embrace, seeking the warmth of his love and understanding. Pulling back, he smiled. "I think she just got tired of living without Dad by her side. They had been married forty years when he passed away." He swiped at the tears that were threatening to fall. "I miss them both. Itís hard being all alone with no family."

Jakob kissed Rafe gently on the lips. "Iíll share mine with you," he said softly.

Rafe returned Jakobís kiss, taking several seconds to savor his mouth. Pulling away, he turned and stared at the photo on the mantle, whispering to himself, "Yours might not want me." Rafe looked over his shoulder at his young lover. "I havenít received the seal of approval yet."

Jakob rolled his eyes and shook his head. { My approval is the only one you need, } he signed, punctuating the last word with a forceful thrust of his hand.

Rafe caught Jakobís hands and held them. "I know that. But itís important to me that they do approve." He pulled the slender youth closer. "I want them to support our relationship, not be against it. Do you understand?"

Jakob nipped Rafeís chin. "Okay, okay. Letís go get some parental approval." He pulled Rafe to the door and waited patiently while the condoís security system was set. Following him outside, he slapped Rafeís ass and laughed when he jumped in surprise.

Rafe made a playful grab for Jakob and nearly fell on his face when he caught sight of their mode of transportation.


Jakob grinned wickedly as he swung himself onto his Harley. He crooked his finger at Rafe. "Come take a ride on the wild side with me, Bri."

"You couldnít own a car or truck like everybody else," Rafe muttered as he took his place behind Jakob. A squeak of surprise escaped him when the nineteen year old reached back and grabbed his ass, pulling him forward. The move caused Rafe to hiss loudly when his groin collided with Jakobís behind. But before he could scoot back and place a safe distance between the two of them, his hands were caught and pulled forward to rest between Jakobís legs.

"You need to hold onto something solid, Bri." Jakob moved his loverís hands so that they covered his cock. "Solid enough for you?" He laughed when Rafe squeezed his hardness. "I take it thatís a yes."

Rafe added his laughter to the moment as he slowly removed his hands and took the helmet Jakob handed him. Catching his gaze, he signed, { You remember what happened the last time we were on a cycle? }

Jakob licked his lips. { I plan on reliving that memory tonight, after I bring you home. }

Rafe grinned. { Thatís if your fathers donít kill me. }

Jakob gripped Rafeís chin and kissed him hard and fast. "Donít worry, Bri," he whispered. "I plan to bring you back alive."

End of chapter 8