Chapter Five



Copyright December 2001

{ denotes sign language }

Captain Henri Brown of Major Crimes grinned as Rafe walked towards him. "Well, well. Look what the cat drug in." He tapped the FBI agentís neck. "I take it you got lucky last night. Was he hot?"

Rafe rubbed the bite mark Jakob had blessed him with. "You have no idea." He followed his friend into his office. "You got a few minutes, H? I need to talk to you about something."

Henri motioned Rafe to take a seat. "Sure. But could it wait for just a sec? Collins uncovered some info on the Winfield case and Iíd like for you to look at it."

Rafe pulled out a chair and sat down, scanning the papers that had been laid out for him on the table. "Damn, H! How did this scumbag get his hands on so much cash?"

Henri searched the cluttered mess on his desk. "Thatís what we need to find out. Whereís that file Rhonda gave me? Hang on, Rafe. Iíve got something else to show you." The black man walked out of the office to speak to his secretary.

"Delivery for Brian Rafe," a gruff voice announced.

Henri waved the young man over. "Hey, Rafe! Somebody must love your sorry ass; youíve got a present." He pointed toward the open door of his office. "Heís in there."

Placing the papers he was studying on the table, Rafe looked up. A huge candy balloon bouquet was placed before him. "Well, damn."

Henri walked up behind the delivery boy and poked an oddly shaped balloon. He frowned as he examined the display of sweets. "Uh, Rafe?"

The FBI agent signed his name and handed the clipboard back to the waiting boy. "Whatís wrong, H?"

Henriís eyes twinkled as he plucked free a cherry red lollipop. "Correct me if Iím wrong but arenít those balloons condoms?" He waved the sucker in front of Rafeís face. "And doesnít this look a lot like a manís dick and balls?"

Rafe blushed ten shades of red as he stared at the blatantly suggestive bouquet. His embarrassment increased when his friend peeled the cellophane off one of the cookies. The pastry looked suspiciously like a personís butt.

Henri took a big bite and munched noisily. "I guess someone really does love your ass."

An aborted snicker caught Rafeís attention. Realizing the delivery boy was still present, the liaison officer took a closer look at his face. Immediately, Rafe stood up, nearly dislodging the bouquet from its resting place on the table. "H, Iíll be right back. I need to give this young man a tip."

Rafe took the youth by the arm and dragged him from the office. A second later, he popped his head back inside and discovered his friend devouring another cookie. Grabbing a sucker, he smacked the black manís hand. "Try and leave me at least one of those to taste."

H snatched Rafeís sucker away. "Party pooper."

Rafe shook his head and grinned. Closing the door, he frowned at the delivery boyís nonchalant pose as he leaned against Rhondaís desk, suggestively sucking on one of the bouquetís lollipops.

Rafe motioned to him, "Come with me." When the youth hesitated, Rafe grabbed hold of his hand and hauled him into the closest conference room.

Locking the door, he twirled around. { You are absolutely crazy! }

Removing the sucker from his mouth, Jakob smiled and wrapped his arms around the older manís waist. "Donít you like your gift?" His hands wandered south and squeezed Rafeís ass. "I had it made especially with you in mind."

Rafe snorted inelegantly and rolled his eyes. { You will be the death of me yet. }

Jakobís grin widened, his fingers teasing the cleft between Rafeís buttocks, pushing against the material of his loverís trousers. "What a way to go!" Tipping his head to the side, the college sophomore pouted slightly. "I think you owe me a tip."

Rafe groaned and shook his head. { I want you to promise that youíll visit my grave after I die at the hands of your fathers. }

Jakob patted the FBI agentís lips with his lollipop. "Stop worrying. Iíll take care of my dads." Twirling his tongue around the cock portion of the purple sucker, the young man grinned wickedly. "NowÖ whereís my tip?"

"This is a place of business. You need to beÖ"

Rafe avoided his loverís ass groping hands by moving his hips forward. Unfortunately, his evasive maneuver placed his groin in direct contact with Jakobís denim covered erection. The youth took full advantage of the flustered manís error and pushed back, grinding their groins against each other.

Rafe opened his mouth to protest and found it filled with a lollipop. Jakob waggled his eyebrows and whispered noisily. "Lick me."

Rafe closed his eyes in defeat and sucked on the sweet. His breathing quickened at the touch of Jakobís tongue circling his mouth. Rafe opened his eyes when the lollipop was removed. His gaze grew dark with lust when Jakob lifted his oversized jersey and covered a nipple with the hard candy.

"Lick me."

Rafe shook his head, denying the sensual hold the college student had on him. "JakobÖ"

A hand slid around his neck and pulled him down, guiding his mouth to the youthís bare chest. His loverís voice grew rough with hunger. "Lick me, Brian."

Fingers threaded through his hair before trailing down his neck and over his shoulders. Rafe shuddered at the simple touch, his body betraying him.

Jakob stroked a single finger over the older manís mouth and pleaded hoarsely, "Please, Brian. Please."

Rafe finally succumbed and opened his mouth over the candy-covered nipple. He sucked hard on the lollipop, catching hold of the tender flesh underneath. Jakob bucked wildly and Rafe quickly gripped the sophomoreís hips, preventing him from falling to the floor. Inhaling deeply, he brushed his tongue over the candy, making sure his licking was tortuously slow.

Time for a little payback, babe.

Rafe pushed Jakob backwards, maneuvering the youth until he rested his ass against the roomís conference table. Grabbing a chair with his foot, he swung it into place and sat down, his mouth never loosing contact with his loverís flesh. Rafe moved closer, pushing Jakobís legs open wide. Once in position, he smeared the sticky residue from the melting lollipop over both of his loverís nipples. Smiling, he leaned forward and enthusiastically sucked and licked, wandering back and forth between the two sensitive nubs.

A keening wail and frantic fingers tugging on his hair warned Rafe of his loverís impending orgasm. The FBI agent quickly unbuttoned Jakobís jeans and after sparing a second to delight in the youthís commando state, swallowed his swollen erection. Within minutes, Rafe felt the swelling of Jakobís cock. He expertly worked the muscles of his throat and was instantly rewarded with an explosion of cum.

Forcing his eyes to remain open, Rafe watched his lover grip the table as he thrust his hips forward. Jakobís long strands of mahogany whipped back and forth, incoherent pleas choking the young man.

Rafe forgot everything at the sight of his climaxing loverÖ forgot he was a law enforcement agent, forgot he was at work, forget he was in a room that was secured with only a simple lock. The one part of his brain that was still functioning alerted him to the needs of his own body. Reaching down, Rafe tightly gripped the base of his erection, refusing to lose control.

A whispered sigh of contentment accompanied Jakobís collapse into Rafeís arms. The youthís head lolled around on the agentís shoulder, his lips pressing kisses to Rafeís jaw every time his mouth came into contact with the warm skin.

It was a few seconds before Jakob found the strength to right himself and wrap his arms around Rafeís neck. A lazy smile spread across the sophomoreís face as he stared at his older lover. "You give good tips."

Rafe nodded, afraid the sound of his voice would unlock the precarious hold he had on his control. With the utmost tenderness, he tucked Jakob back into his jeans and buttoned the well-worn fabric. Once the battered lollipop was discarded in a nearby trashcan, Rafe smoothed his loverís jersey back in place, taking a second to map the youthís slender build with his hands.

A moment of weakness overwhelmed Rafe and he buried his face against Jakobís flat abdomen, uttering words he was not ready for his lover to know. A finger lifted his chin and Rafe found himself gazing into understanding eyes.

{ Me too. }

Jakob brushed a wayward lock of Rafeís hair back into place. Leaning forward, he nuzzled the manís neck, kissing the hickey he had given to Rafe last night. "You make me fly, Brian."

Slipping from his loverís embrace, Jakob stood and brushed his long hair back into place. With a wicked smile aimed at the FBI agent, he adjusted himself and thrust his hips forward slightly.

"I could make another delivery, if you want."

Rafe groaned and pointed toward the door. ĎOut! Leave now or I wonít be responsible for my actions."

Jakob laughed and swooped in for one last kiss. Grabbing Rafeís hand, he pulled a pen from the manís shirt pocket and scribbled his phone number on his palm. "Call me."

Rafe nodded. Standing up, he pulled Jakob into a fierce hug. With a smile, he slapped his naughty lover on the ass and pushed him toward the door. { Iíll call you later tonight. Until thenÖ behave! }

Jakob pursed his lips and blew a kiss at the older man. "Never!"

Rafe shook his head as he watched Jakob saunter out of the room. A forced cough caught his attention and he saw Henri slide into view.

"I take it thatís the something you wanted to talk to me about."

"Yeah." Rafe sank back down on the chair he had just vacated. Rubbing his neck, he glanced up at his friend. "Am I fucked or what?"

The black police captain stepped into the room and shut the door. Moving to stand beside Rafe, he gripped the confused manís shoulder. "How long has this been going on?"

"Less than a week." Rafe shook his head. "Has it only been a week? Damn. It feels like Iíve been with him forever."

Henri smiled slightly. "Do the guys know about you and him?"

Rafe groaned and hung his head. "No. I meanÖ they know we met at the college where Iím taking art classes."

His friend raised an eyebrow in question and Rafe rushed forth with an explanation. "Jakob was one of the models volunteering to pose for our class."

Rafe sighed heavily. "Damn it, H. I had no idea who he was. He fucking came on to me and I just couldnít keep my hands off of him." The slender man jumped up and began to pace the small room. "Heís so damn irresistible. Not to mention lusty as hell."

Rafe paused to look out the roomís solitary window. "Jakobís fucked me into total incoherency and I still want more."

Henri watched his friend resume his pacing. "Is it just sex, Brian?"

Rafe twirled around, nearly loosing his balance. "Hell no, H!"

The police captain indicated Rafe should sit back down. "So youíre serious about Jakob?"

The dark haired liaison officer nodded his head. "Yeah. Heís definitely got a hold on my heart."

Tapping his chin, Henri looked up at the ceiling. "You realize Simon, Jim and Blair are going to go ballistic when they find out youíre fucking their son."

Another sigh invaded the silence. "I know. H?" Rafe looked at his friend. "What should I do?"

"Make sure your affairs are in order?"

Rafe chuckled. "Seriously, H? I really like Jakob. And you know how protective Simon, Blair and Jim were of him when he was a kid. What if they tell me I canít see him again?"

Henri stood and stretched. "Last time I checked, Jakob was an adult and thus, able to make his own decisions regarding who he dates." The police captain moved toward the door. "I wouldnít worry about it, Rafe. Sure the guys are gonna bellow and roar about an older man taking advantage of their son but I think once they see how serious you are about Jakob, theyíll calm down and accept your relationship."

Glancing back at his friend, Henri smiled. "Quit worrying, bro. Everythingís gonna be just fine."

"From your lips to Godís ears." Rafe stood up and followed the black man out the room.

"Hey, H? Theyíve invited me and Jakob to dinner this weekend. Wanna come?"

A laugh echoed back to the slender man. "As much as Iíd like to see you sweat, Iíll have to pass on that invitation."

Henri waited for Rafe to catch up with him. "I tell you what, Rafe. Next time you get the hots for a youngun, you might want to check in with me and let me find out who his parents are. I guarantee itíll keep you alive and in one piece."

Rafe rolled his eyes and followed his friend down the hall. "Smartass."

End of chapter 5