This will be a page for stories that cannot find a home elsewhere on my website.

Sacred Petition   King Arthur 2004

A brooding Arthur seeks comfort. Pre-movie.

Affirmation   Rat Patrol

We stand facing each other, separated by more than just a prison wall of iron bars. We’re separated by a brutal war, an impending victory, an uncertain future that neither one of us has any control over.

Secrets   Witchblade

Ian Nottingham’s voice violently disturbed the restraints Jake had placed upon himself. It snaked right under the barriers and coiled deep inside, daring his hunger to break loose.

Cultural Exchange   Numb3rs

Splayed open jeans caught the attention of his hands, and for a moment he warmed his fingers in a haven of masculine heat.

Reflections   StarTrek, The Original Series

In the darkness I am no longer the captain. No longer the man who makes the life or death decisions.

Truth Lost   Andromeda

The fear and hopelessness that lingers in his beautiful eyes -- they color the world he loves so much.

I'll Be Watching You   Smallville

I'm a fucking, horny teenager, for God's sake. Okay, okay. A teenager from outer space with super powers, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm walking around Smallville with hormones that could set the world on fire… literally.