This is written in response to The First Annual 'Get Don Eppes Laid' challenge by raeyashi on LiveJournal.

Cultural Exchange      


FBI Agent Don Eppes grasped Lieutenant Raul Macario by the hand and pulled him away from the haciendaís second floor window. He would have gladly joined Raul at the window so that he could enjoy the spectacular sunrise, fill his lungs with crisp cool air and do whatever else lovers do the morning after. The only thing stopping him was the fact that he was butt-naked at the moment and didnít think the neighbors would appreciate such a blatant display of his family jewels.

He wrapped his arms around Raulís trim waist and rubbed his early morning erection against the denim-covered ass that perfectly fit the contours of his groin. Splayed open jeans caught the attention of his hands and for a moment he warmed his fingers in a haven of masculine heat.

"Senor Eppes, we cannot . . ."

Don negated Raulís protest with a move that, had the manís jeans not been undone, would have endangered future generations of Macarioís.

"Now, what were you saying?"

Raul held his silence and the hand that had him firmly by the balls.

Don grinned.

He and the good lieutenant, along with their respective teams, had just brought down one of the largest slavery rings in North America. It had been a grueling four month investigation, and Don couldnít even begin to count the number of air miles heíd racked up flying back and forth from LA to Mexico. Luckily for him the last few days of his final trip had been spent as Raulís guest.

The invitation had come as no surprise. He and Raul had been dancing around each other for the past two months, but the sheer magnitude of work had kept them too busy to act upon their desires.

"Itís still early. Come back to bed," Don quietly instructed before applying his mouth to the hickey already gracing Raulís lower neck.

The last felon had been booked less than 24 hours ago, and the two of them had celebrated late into the evening, swapping outrageous lies while guzzling down tequila and playing poker. Raul had proven to be an expert card player and could not only bluff with the best of them but somehow had plied Don with just the right amount of alcohol. It had loosened his tongue and his control and had led to a night of torn bedsheets and discarded condoms.

It had been a night Don would not soon forget.

Raul carefully eased himself free and turned back towards the window. "I should finish dressing," he said but made no move to do so.

Don took Raulís hand and squeezed hard. "I hope your mother has a speedy recovery," he offered his silent companion. Raulís elderly mother had taken sick during the early hours of the morning and had been rushed to the hospital. It had effectively ended their romp between the sheets.

He reluctantly released Raulís hand but not before brushing his thumb over the purplish discoloration that circled the manís right wrist. He didnít have to look down at his own to know he wore a matching bruise. Handcuffs were a bitch -- sometimes.

"I will convey your wishes, Senor Eppes," Raul replied with a tight smile. "It is unfortunate that my motherís appendix has chosen this exact moment to act up. I was looking forward to cooking you breakfast, amongst other things."

Don knew exactly what Raul meant by Ďother things.í They had confessed many secrets to each other during the night and discovered they shared quite a few kinks. Some of which they intended to investigate to the fullest during their week-end fuck fest.

Don moved a step closer and slid his hand inside Raulís unbuttoned shirt. He tangled his fingers in the dense forest covering his companionís chest. Closing his eyes, he recalled how exquisitely abrasive that hair had been against his bare butt. Talk about a case of brush burn.

"Iím still full from the delicious fare you fed me last night," Don replied. He palmed a nipple that still bore the evidence of the torture it had endured hours earlier. One corner of his mouth tilted upward when Raul groaned in response.

"Of course," Don purred, "liquid nourishment can only hold a man for so long."

Shifting his hand upward, he shoved starched cotton out of the way and savored the bite marks scattered across Raulís broad shoulders. His host had Ďresistedí his attentions at first, thus the need for handcuffs.

"Should I . . ." The now shirtless Latin stopped mid-sentence.

Don couldnít hide the smug grin that took shape when Raul widened his stance in order to accommodate the hand fondling his balls. "You were saying?"

"Ah, senor, should I . . . is there anything you need for me to purchase on my way home from the hospital?"

Don expertly removed the last remaining barrier of clothing. He briefly considered a gentle approach. Last night their loving had been rough and furious, and he found himself hard pressed to remember exactly how many times heíd brought Raul off. Hands, mouth, ass -- all had made nice with Raulís monster rod quite a few times. The man had to be as sensitive as hell right now.

"More lube and condoms. Weíre running low," Don answered. "And depending on where you stop, maybe you could purchase . . . .?" Leaning in, he whispered his request and chuckled when he saw the flush of embarrassment chase across Raulís high cheekbones. "Thatís if youíre still willing."

Don pulled back and looked Raul straight in the eyes. He saw the brief flash of hunger in the manís chocolate-colored eyes and knew his partner was more than willing. Giving a brief nod of acknowledgement, Don tightened his hold on the tower of flesh riding his fist.

"Madre de Dios!" Raul yelled out. The younger man dropped one hand, intertwined it with Donís and thrust frantically back and forth.

Don watched with hooded eyes, his body responding to the obscene sight with an erection that demanded the same satisfaction its counterpart was receiving. Raul took one look at his face and recognized his need immediately.

Turning around, he braced his hands on the wall and shoved his ass back against Don. "Hurry, mi amigo. My sister will soon be here to accompany me to the hospital. I must not keep her waiting."

Don wasted no time, not with words and not with preparation. He slapped on a ribbed condom and claimed Raul where he stood. One shove was all it took for him to be balls deep inside the ass of one of Mexicoís finest detectives.

Talk about cultural exchange, he mused. If he had his way, heíd be Ďexchangingí bodily fluids with Raul on a routine basis. God, the manís ass was so fucking tight, heíd cross the border on foot, if he had to.

The blast of a car horn obscured their yells of completion. Raul splattered the wall in front of him with his seed in the same instant Don surrendered his. Neither man gave thought to the woman waiting impatiently downstairs.

Holding the edges of the condom, Don pulled out with the utmost care. Raul was still clinging to the wall by the time heíd discarded the protective sheath, and that alone had him thinking it was time for a little tenderness.

He gathered Raul in his arms, kissing him over and over while carefully guiding him back to bed. He took a moment to thoroughly tour the manís mouth before moving lower to tongue away the remnants of his orgasm. It took Raulís sister screaming for him to come downstairs before he allowed his loverís flaccid tool to slip free.

"Your sister has a powerful set of lungs on her," Don noted with a wry grin. He followed Raul into the bathroom and watched as the man took care of business. His grin widened when Raul, upon returning to the bedroom, ignored the briefs he had laid out on the bed earlier. Seemed his handsome lieutenant was just a tad bit too sensitive for underwear.

"My sister takes after our mother," Raul muttered. His frown of exasperation transformed into a smile of amusement. "Unless you wish to risk further damage to your ears, you best remove your hand from its current position, Senor Eppes."

Rolling his eyes, Don did as he was told but not before probing the loose ring of muscle that would hopefully be embracing his dick before nightfall. "I donít care how you do it, but I want you lubed and ready to go the second you get back home. Hear me, Raul? Lubed and ready."

The uncontrolled shudder that swept through Raulís body was all the answer Don needed. He gave the manís butt a swift smack before moving over to the bed. Stretching out on the mattress, he watched Raul finish dressing. It was a total turn-on, and he couldnít help but chuckle when his Latin lover turned and caught him furiously working his manhood.

"What?" he asked his stunned host. "Youíre fucking gorgeous and Iím horny. Arrest me."

Raul did just that.

Like Don said, handcuffs were a bitch . . . sometimes.






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