Truth Lost



Copyright October 2001


I stand alone in the dark, gazing at my two loves, the men who own my heart. I watch, ignoring the tears that fall down my face. The pain is almost overwhelming. But it is nothing compared to the suffering I see etched on Tyr and Harper’s face.


My warrior has faced death countless times, his soul surviving intact. But the Magog have destroyed that. The moment they infested our young lover with their eggs, his stoic soul shattered. I helplessly watch as he struggles to rebuild the wall that protects his emotions. He reaches out to Harper only to pull his hand back, the horror of his failure shredding the threads that bind the two of them together.


My brave Harper has faced his demons and fallen under their onslaught of evilness. The fear and hopelessness that lingers in his beautiful eyes...  they color the world he loves so much. The lopsided smile that warms my heart is gone and I feel its loss deeply. How do I restore the innocence stolen?


I hold each one, claiming their hands with mine. I failed to protect them once. I will not do so again. The Divine may have to look elsewhere for one who believes in forgiveness. I now believe in revenge.


The end