Introductions 10





Teal'c held Tony immobile while guiding O'Neill’s head to his chest. His friend wisely took the hint and attacked his tits, biting and sucking until the pain became almost but not quite unbearable.

“That is enough, O'Neill.” Teal'c forced the words through gritted teeth.

O'Neill gave one last swipe then transferred his talented mouth to that of his waiting lover’s. The two men rolled back to their side of the bed and were soon sucking off each other. Teal'c attempted to finger-fuck O'Neill’s ass but found his way blocked by a hand that refused to budge. “As you wish,” he conceded.

Transferring his gaze to the body writhing beneath him, Teal'c noted that Tony was plucking at his own tits with one hand while jerking on his shaft with the other. He allowed the noncompliant behavior to continue for a full thirty seconds before speaking. “Have you forgotten I forbid you to touch yourself?” he reminded his mate.

An unrepentant smile was his only answer.

Shaking his head in exasperation, Teal'c pinned Tony’s hands above his head. His lover obediently grabbed hold of the headboard and jerked his knees to his chest. Teal'c heeded his mate’s request.

Once seated firmly inside Tony’s ass, Teal'c began marking his nearly incoherent mate. Every time he thrust forward he bit Tony on the chest or neck. Every time he withdrew, he anointed the bite mark with a kiss. It was an activity both he and his young lover enjoyed and indulged in frequently.

Several minutes passed before Teal'c was satisfied with the markings he’d placed upon his mate. Cradling the back of Tony’s head, he instructed, “It is your turn.”

Tony surged off the mattress and slammed into him so hard that it nearly knocked the two of them off the bed. Teal'c gripped the lean hips frantically riding his manhood while taking pleasure in the sharp teeth measuring the entire span of his wide shoulders.

“Love ya, Handsome,” Tony mumbled between licks and bites. “Love you so much, gonna eat you alive.”

Teal'c endorsed the proposed plan with a single nod of his head. He thoroughly welcomed Tony’s insatiable need to taste every inch of his body. It often led to other, more pleasurable, activities.

Taking hold of his mate’s weeping organ, Teal'c purposefully stroked it hard. It had the desired effect. Muscles tightened around his own shaft, and the strong contraction caused him to lose control of the rhythm he had set for this specific union.

“It is time,” he announced to whomever was listening.

Tony grasped his head and frantically kneaded its smooth contours before zeroing in on his mouth. “Oh God, Teal'c, yeah, yeah, it’s time. Gonna, gonna, oh fuck, just kiss me, please.”

Teal'c complied in such a manner that brought immediate reward. His abdomen and chest were coated with an explosive release of semen. One particularly thick strand landed on Tony’s cheek, and Teal'c wasted no time in licking it off.

The abrasive swipe of his tongue, along with the pinching of swollen tits, produced another spastic tightening of muscles. It proved to be his downfall.

Claiming his mate’s open mouth again, Teal'c gave into his body’s demands. He pounded Tony into the mattress, his thrusts hard and deep and forceful enough to dislodge the two men on the opposite side of the bed. He answered their exclamations of surprise and complaints with a warning growl. By the time O'Neill and Gibbs had reclaimed their position on the mattress, Teal'c was too far gone and did not bother to observe their coupling as he normally would.

Copious amounts of semen seeped from his mate’s sphincter once he withdrew. Gently turning Tony over on his stomach, he spread apart the pale globes of flesh and examined the wetly gleaming area. The need to savor the evidence of their union was strong, but Teal'c refused to heed its call. This was the third time he had claimed his mate in the last eight hours. He knew from past encounters that Tony would not welcome the touch of his mouth.

He did, however, carefully insert one finger inside the swollen portal and collect a sample. The flavor was strong, powerful, that of a warrior. It promptly aroused within him the need to fuck.

Teal'c eased Tony back over and straddled the younger man’s lower torso. He knew his mate’s ass would not tolerate another invasion, but as Tony constantly reminded him, there were others ways to satisfy his voracious hunger.

“I wish you to suck me off,” he informed his mate.

Tony nodded his head. “Yep, you got it. Ooookey dokey. Blow the Big Guy. No problemo. Done deal. You bet’chum, Red Ryder. My mouth, your dick. Sure thing, Mr. Cleaver. Way to go, Daddy-O.”

Teal'c rolled his eyes. His mate was babbling as incoherently as his friend lying next to him. O'Neill’s mutterings were just as disjointed, and the look of frustration on Gibbs’ face no doubt matched his own.

“Jack, come on, wake up. I’m hurting here,” Gibbs insisted, pointing to his erection.

Jack patted his mate on the stomach before burying his face in his pillow and mumbling, “Roger. Affirmative. Mission confirmed. Target in sight.”

Admitting defeat, Teal'c removed himself from the bed. It was obvious both Tony and O'Neill were not up to the task at this moment. Thankfully his mate would recover after a short rest. The same could not be said for his friend.

Teal'c collected the silk robe Tony had given him their last visit and slipped it on. He would soak for an hour or so in O'Neill’s large tub and return once his mate was sufficiently recovered.

“You may sleep,” he told Tony.

His eyes firmly closed, Tony instinctively sought the nearest warm body. It happened to be O'Neill’s and Teal'c smiled at the way his mate draped himself across his friend’s lax body.

“Excellent choice.”

Teal’c stood silently, examining the two sleeping men. The sight of his mate and his closest friend provoked feelings of possessiveness and protectiveness. It also incited his jealousy, a trait his wife never appreciated.

Jack O'Neill was his friend, his leader. He owed the man his loyalty, not to mention his life, and would willingly sacrifice the latter if need be. He would honor any request made by O'Neill, any request that did not involve the possession of his chosen mate. Tony was his, and the urge to completely claim the young Tauri’s body and soul grew stronger and stronger as time passed.

Frowning, Teal'c glanced at O'Neill, then Gibbs. He had no objection to the oral aspect of their sexual encounters or to what his friend labeled as ‘jerking off.’ He was, however, opposed to his mate being claimed by either of the two men, and more often than not, deliberately manipulated their couplings. He would frequently shift position so that no one except himself could access his mate’s hidden channel. Total possession was his right only, and the sooner he could place a permanent mark of ownership on Tony, the better.


Fingers brushing against his manhood shifted his focus, and Teal'c turned his gaze from Tony to the pair of glittering eyes blatantly examining his body.


Like himself, Gibbs was a warrior with an immense appetite for sex. Regrettably O'Neill was years older than Tony and physically unable to satisfy his mate’s hunger. The blue-eyed Tauri frequently turned to the youngest member of their group for satisfaction, and Teal'c was extremely proud of Tony’s ability to fulfill those needs, using just his mouth and hands. His mate’s sexual prowess would soon be as legendary as his own.

The fingers touching his manhood grew more daring, and Teal'c spread his legs to accommodate an exploration of his scrotum.

“Your touch is most welcome,” Teal'c informed his companion. The words he spoke were the truth. Rarely did Gibbs approach him in bed. It was an omission that did not trouble him. He knew Gibbs preferred bedding O'Neill just as he preferred bedding Tony.

“Once again we have exhausted our mates. Do you wish for me to fuck you?” Teal'c indicated his hardening member. “I am willing, if you want me to do so.”

While he was talking Gibbs had moved to his side of the bed and was in the process of adding his own mark to those scattered across Teal'c’s inner right thigh. The offer to fuck obviously caught Gibbs by surprise, and Teal'c sucked in a sharp breath when the man’s teeth grazed his sac.

Maintaining his silence, Gibbs turned to look back at O'Neill, and his stress-lined features softened. It provided Teal'c with his answer even before Gibbs spoke the actual words.

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

“I understand your refusal, Jethro Gibbs.” Teal'c waved a hand in O'Neill’s direction. “He is your mate, and your ass belongs to him.”

“Teal'c, it’s not li---”

“There is no need to make amends. I am more than willing to jerk you off instead of fuck you.” Teal'c stepped closer to the bed. Reaching down, he gripped the Tauri’s weeping erection. “When I am finished, you will be able to sleep.”

Ignoring the hoarse groan that welcomed his touch, Teal'c went to work on the granite-hard organ jutting straight out from Gibbs’ groin. He thumbed the wide, mushroom-shaped head, easily spreading the moisture present until it thoroughly coated the pale flesh. Another groan and sharp snap of slim hips assured him his technique was acceptable.

Shifting his hand, Teal'c began to stroke from root to tip, pausing every second pass to squeeze the man’s balls. “Your sac is heavy with seed. Shall I suck you, also?”

His question went unanswered. Instead, unsteady fingers attempted to capture his manhood but kept losing their grip. Gibbs finally gave up the attempt at reciprocation and moved his hands higher. Teal'c grunted when nails dug into a bite mark that Tony had given him on the way home from the airport. The minor discomfort caused Teal'c to tighten his grip, and Gibbs responded with curses.

“Shit!” he exclaimed hoarsely. “Damn it, Teal'c, you’re . . . Fuck!”

The last expletive came as a result of Teal'c removing his hand and replacing it with his mouth. He swallowed the large shaft to the root and was somewhat startled when its head quickly nudged the back of his throat, causing him to choke. Rarely had he encountered a fellow warrior with an organ that matched his own enormous member.

He lifted his gaze to Gibbs’ face and growled when he saw the light of challenge in the man’s eyes. ‘I have pleasured men of his size before,’ he reminded himself. ‘This Tauri shall yield his seed just as those before him have.’

Allowing a confident smile to stretch his lips, Teal'c swallowed even more of the thickening organ. His air supply was effectively cut off, but it did not worry him. Gibbs was thrashing wildly and would, no doubt, soon lose control.

The Tauri proved to be a worthy opponent, but Teal'c remained undaunted, sucking hard and fast. He even went as far as to tease the hefty organ with his teeth. It wasn’t long before a loud bark of pleasure escaped Gibbs’ tightly compressed lips, followed immediately by a flood of hot semen. The salty taste of the man’s surrender filled his mouth and his nose, forcing him to swallow rapidly or else choke.

The convulsive action of his throat muscles was too much stimulation for his companion. Gibbs jerked violently, and it was all Teal'c could do to keep the man from sliding off the bed and hitting the floor below.

“O'Neill would be most unhappy if I allowed you to injure yourself. Come here.”

Teal'c easily caught Gibbs by his hair and levered him back on the mattress. For some reason, the man could not control his arms and legs and struggled unsuccessfully to locate his mate. Teal'c finally took pity on the exhausted Tauri and positioned him next to O'Neill’s body. O'Neill unconsciously registered Gibbs’ presence and turned in his direction. This dislodged Tony, leaving him alone and shivering.

“Unacceptable,” Teal'c decided.

Dismissing his previous decision to spend an hour soaking in O'Neill’s tub, he removed his robe and climbed back in bed, humming with extreme satisfaction when Tony blanketed him with his body. He was getting very used to having his own human blanket and could not help but wonder if O'Neill felt the same way about Gibbs.

“This is a matter that requires meditation.”

Tony chose that exact moment to nuzzle him behind the ear. The oral nudge was followed by a leisurely lick of the tongue and playful nip of the teeth. Close behind that was a sharp twist of a nipple, and Teal'c suddenly decided the need to meditate could wait until the following day or maybe even the day after.

Fucking first, meditation later.

Much later.



Teal'c surveyed the wide path that led from the base of the mountain to the village above. He and O'Neill were returning from sending a message to General Hammond while Captain Carter and Jonas Quinn had gone ahead to meet with the community elders. It would take them approximately one hour to make it back to the village. Now was the time to speak to O'Neill regarding their mates.

“O'Neill,” he announced, “I have decided you can no longer fuck Tony.”

Teal'c knew his statement came without warning but in no way did it explain his friend’s sudden loss of coordination.


Lightening reflexes had him grabbing the collar of his friend’s jacket, and he easily prevented the man from falling flat on his face. “Are you unharmed, O'Neill?” Teal'c handed over his friend’s dislodged cap and waited patiently for an answer.

His cap placed back on his head, O'Neill re-shouldered his weapon then demanded grouchily, “Are you trying to kill me?”

Resuming their exploration of the area, Teal'c followed after his friend. “I did not realize my statement would cause you to misstep. Please accept my apologies, O'Neill.”

Teal'c ignored the sarcastic snort aimed in his direction and focused his attention on the landscape. Even though P2X-438 was a planet allied with the Tauri, it would not do for them to be caught off guard. Several minutes passed before O'Neill stopped and turned to face him.

“What do you mean I can’t fuck Tony?” he asked. “We’re a foursome, for heaven’s sake. Four men fucking each other. Did I miss something? Did you guys have a meeting and vote me out of the club?”

“No, there has not been a meeting.” Teal'c rubbed the spot on his chest O'Neill was intent on indenting with his finger. “I have decided to follow the example of Jethro Gibbs.”

O'Neill ripped off his cap and shoved it inside his jacket. “Huh? What’s Jethro got to do with this?”

Teal'c captured the hand that was carding its fingers through hair that was growing increasingly gray. He turned back the cuff on the glove O'Neill wore and indicated the flat strip of gold encircling his wrist. “Jethro Gibbs has placed his mark upon you, proclaiming you as his mate. I will do the same with Tony as soon as we return home.”

Gibbs had given O'Neill the wristband in celebration of their six month anniversary. O'Neill had protested the gift in his normal gruff, cantankerous manner, but Gibbs had ignored the protests and placed the simple piece of jewelry on his wrist.

Teal'c pursed his lips. If he remembered correctly, the minute the wristband had been placed on his friend’s wrist, the two men had disappeared from sight. Neither one was seen again until the weekend was over. Tony had snickered about the strange way his boss was walking, and once that comment was explained, Teal'c himself had delivered the mandatory slap of correction to the back of his mate’s head.

“This is what I have chosen for Tony to wear.” Teal'c removed a curved strip of silver from the inside of his jacket and presented it for O'Neill’s approval. “There was a master craftsman,” he explained, “on the world we visited during our last mission. He fashioned this armband according to my specifications.”

Teal'c took a step away from his friend and stood with his hands clasped behind his back. “I will formally announce my intentions the next time our mates return for a visit. I hope you and Jethro Gibbs will witness our union.”

“Mate? Intentions? Witness your union?” O'Neill held the armband up for a closer inspection. “Teal'c, you are so not making any sense.”

Teal'c reclaimed his prized possession and tucked it safely away. He then advanced upon his friend, forcing him out of the path of the wagon traveling toward them. “I am speaking plain English, O'Neill. It is you who does not understand.” He nodded to the three youths on horseback accompanying the wagon. “When was the last time your ass was fucked by someone other than Jethro Gibbs?”

Teal'c prided himself on his use of Earth idioms, and he endeavored to draw upon them as often as possible. “The only dick that has been up your ass has been that of Jethro Gibbs. The same holds true for your mate. During the past two visits you and Jethro Gibbs have only fucked each other.”

“That’s not true,” O'Neill loudly insisted. An interesting shade of red flooded the man’s cheeks when one of the youths reined in his horse and stared over his shoulder at them. O'Neill waved him on.

Lowering his voice, he moved closer and gruffly reminded Teal'c of their last weekend together. “I seem to remember getting showered with your spunk last week, Mr. ‘I’m speaking plain English.’ ”

Teal'c dismissed O'Neill’s retort with the lift of one eyebrow. “That is because you and I were . . . I believe the term is . . . six to nine? There was no fucking.”

“It’s sixty nine’ing, not six to nine.” O'Neill scrambled over a giant fallen tree that blocked the way to the road. “Sucking, fucking. What’s the difference?”

Teal'c snagged his friend by the scruff of his neck and turned him around. “There is a difference which I am certain you are quite aware of.” Lowering his head until he was close enough to smell O'Neill’s breath, he firmly stated, “You shall not fuck Tony again. Do you understand me, O'Neill?”

O'Neill frowned at him for a full fifteen seconds then let loose with a grin that Tony swore could melt a human’s footwear off.

“Hell, Teal'c, admit it. You’ve been hot for Tony since day one,” O'Neill said. “Me and Jethro were beginning to wonder if and when you’d ever get a clue.”

The man waved a hand in the air, cutting off any response Teal'c might have expressed. “Yeah, yeah, you don’t have to remind me. ALL of us have been hot for Tony since day one. He’s so damn cute. Who could resist?”

Teal'c stared at his friend in utter bewilderment. Before he could give voice to his confusion, O'Neill was speaking again.

“I guess you could say Jethro’s as possessive as you are, Big Guy. He laid the same demands on me, only he did it much earlier. In fact,” O'Neill tapped a finger to the wristband he wore, “that’s why he gave me this shiny gold trinket. As a reminder.” The gray-haired Tauri’s smile turned to one of extreme fondness as he glanced off into the distance. “As if I could forget who my ass belongs to.”

Teal'c released his friend. “Does this mean we are no longer a foursome?”

O'Neill slapped Teal'c on the back. “Hell, no! We’re still a foursome. A foursome made up of two committed couples. And if we happen to enjoy wrestling under the covers with each other on a routine basis, who’s to complain? As long as we know who belongs to who.”

O'Neill scratched his head. “Or is that whom belongs to whom?” He threw his hands up in the air before making a distinct turn back toward the path. “Whatever. It’s me and Jethro, and you and Tony. A perfect combo, if you ask me.”

Striding after his companion, Teal'c contemplated the information O'Neill had shared with him. His friend had not professed his love for Gibbs, but the evidence of his feelings was plain to see. He had observed the way O'Neill was with Daniel Jackson, and even though the two men never consummated their relationship, the feelings they had for each other had been apparent. O'Neill was now exhibiting the same behavior with Gibbs; therefore it only stood to reason his friend was, once again, in love.

Teal'c made visual contact with what appeared to be a unique hybrid of wolf and lion hiding in the bushes. He bared his teeth and allowed a small smile of superiority to slip free when the animal bolted. “If we are, as you claim,” he said aside to O'Neill, “committed couples, then I feel it is our duty to inform our mates of our off-world activities.”


Teal'c examined the dense undergrowth for additional wildlife. “I shall quote you, O'Neill . . . ‘Shit happens.’ I believe it is only a matter of time before you incur another serious injury, and we are for---”

“Me?” O'Neill stopped and turned to face Teal'c. “Why me? Are you inferring I’m a trouble magnet? I believe that honor belonged to Daniel, thank you very much.”

Teal'c nodded. “I agree, but that does not change the fact that you have visited the infirmary on more than one occasion, more so than I. Also, as I have discovered during these past few months, you are no longer as agile as you once were. Your joints, your stamina during sex---”

“Just one damn minute. Now you’re saying I’m old?” O'Neill pinned Teal'c with a look that could have melted the naquada. “I’ll have you know I passed my yearly physical with flying colors. In fact, just last week, when we all went to the gym together, *I* was the victor when it came to hand-to-hand combat in the ring. Me, not Jethro, not you and sure as hell, not Tony. So there.”

Rubbing the spot on his chest O'Neill was determined to permanently dent, Teal'c conceded the smugly-spoken boast. He also ignored the fact that the only reason he, himself, had not been the victor was Tony’s unconventional method of wrestling.

His man did not fight fair, and it had been extremely hard to coordinate offensive moves with an inquisitive hand exploring the crack in his ass. Consequently, it came as no surprise when he hit the mat sixty seconds after the match began.

The reason for his quick defeat was debated at length during the shower his mate insisted they share the second they got home. By the time Tony finished ‘dropping the soap’, Teal'c had been more than willing to forgive each and every devious move used during the match.

Smiling slightly at the memory, Teal'c expounded on the day in question to his friend. “I remember that day precisely, O'Neill. Correct me if I am wrong, but did you not require an extensive soak in your heated tub, followed by a thorough massage and several doses of the medicine, Aleve?”

Invading his friend’s personal space, Teal'c tenderly cupped the back of O'Neill’s head and carded his fingers through the thinning strands of gray hair. “Like my mentor, Brata’c, you are a seasoned warrior,” he firmly stated. “And as with Brata’c, the years, along with the countless missions you have embarked upon, have taken their toll on your health.”

Teal'c stroked his thumb across a graze on O'Neill’s left cheek. The minor injury was the result of a tree branch hitting him in the face. “I mean no disrespect, O'Neill, but in truth it is only a matter of time before you are gravely wounded. How will I explain your injuries to our mates? Tony and Gibbs are both intelligent men and will, no doubt, discern any falsehood I tell them.”

O'Neill reached up and gripped Teal'c’s arm. He stared hard at him for nearly a minute before turning his head and gently kissing the inner aspect of his wrist. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, okay?”

Not waiting for an answer, he lightly slapped Teal'c on the shoulder, then took a step back. “This discussion, as enlightening as it may be, is entirely pointless. Hammond’s not gonna let us spill the beans; our boys don’t have the proper security clearance.”

Teal'c remained where he was even though his friend had resumed their walk. “I believe you are in error, O'Neill. Both our men work for your government. I am sure if they do not posses the proper clearance, General Hammond would be able to acquire it for them.”

O'Neill stopped dead in his tracks and pounded the butt of his weapon with his fist. “Damn it, Teal'c. Can’t we leave things the way they are? It’s working just fine, if you ask me. Yeah, I realize Jethro’s getting somewhat pissed about all the traveling back and forth. Which means, Big Guy, the two of us need to make an effort to fly to D.C. every now and then. Hey, how ‘bout next weekend? Don’t know about you, but I’d really like to see that boat Jethro’s building, not to mention, take a ride on that Harley Tony just bought.”

O'Neill glanced over his shoulder. “Just think, the sun on your face, the wind in your ha---”

Teal'c raised an eyebrow.

Turning, O'Neill had the decency to wipe the smirk from his face. “Uh, the sun on your face, the wind on your skull, your rod riding close to your man’s ass. Shit, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.” He rubbed his crotch. “Definitely got to go see our boys as soon as we get back home.”

Teal'c eyed the anatomy in question and saw no evidence of O'Neill’s claim. “We are discussing our mates, not your dick. Focus, O'Neill.”

His friend appeared to survey the forest to their right. Teal'c did not miss the slump of shoulders, nor the almost inaudible sigh. “It’s gonna complicate things. You know that, right?”

Teal'c understood a great deal more than O'Neill suspected. He shared the same concerns. What if his request was denied? Would he follow through with his decision to inform Tony of his true identity? And if he did, could he deal with the consequences? What if he was imprisoned or worse, forced to leave the homeworld of his adopted family and mate? Would Tony understand? Would his young mate go through the Stargate with him if the Tauri demanded he leave and never return?

Withdrawing the silver cuff from his jacket, Teal'c examined the vow he’d had engraved in the metal. The words spoke of allegiance, honor and love. If Tony accepted his proposal, the two of them would forever be bonded as mates.

Teal'c replaced the cuff. His decision was made. Tony was his future, and, as O'Neill would say, ‘damn worth the risk.’

He walked toward his friend and stopped just short of joining him on the well-traveled road. “My decision is final. I refuse to lie to my mate, especially now that I desire to formalize our relationship. You may continue to lie to yours, but I will no longer do so. Tony deserves the truth, regardless of the consequences.”

Teal'c ignored the stomped feet and mulish glare turned in his direction. “I shall request a private meeting with General Hammond following the mission debriefing. Is that agreeable with you?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” O'Neill pulled out his cap and slammed it back on his head. “Okay, we’ll talk to Hammond, but don’t you dare come crying to me when he turns down your request. I’m telling you here and now, you’re suffering major delusions if you think he’s gonna . . . .”

Teal'c followed after his companion. He turned a deaf ear to O'Neill’s grumbling until they reached the next curve in the road. A brief detour into a nearby stand of saplings, followed by a firm, no nonsense kiss and an even firmer grasp of manhood silenced O'Neill for all of one hour. By the time the two of them reached the village an hour later, Teal'c was sporting a pair of swollen lips and a passion mark on his neck that peaked Jonas Quinn’s curiosity to the extreme. Teal'c ignored the man’s countless inquiries until the last day of the mission. He then ignored Captain Carter’s inquiries regarding Jonas Quinn’s black eye and cut lip.

Certain appearances spoke for themselves.


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