Introductions 9




Tony clutched at Teal'cís broad shoulders and arched backwards, rubbing his erection against the strange scars that crisscrossed his loverís abdomen. "Teal'c, I canít, I canít! Not again, oh fuck, not again."

His silent lover ignored his bogus protests. Teal'c knew exactly how much he could take and how insatiable a slut he was. They had been at it for three hours, both coming at least that many times; and even though his balls were completely depleted, his body still attempted to expel what it didnít posses.

"Teal'c. The tankís empt --- oh shit!"

Teeth attacked his tits, then his shoulders and lastly his throat. Tony struggled to escape the nearly unbearable torture while at the same time begging Teal'c to continue. "Yeah, thatís it. Bite me. Bite me hard."

His dutiful companion obliged him and was soon feasting on the blood that welled up from a wound inflicted upon his left shoulder. Tony screamed out in pain while convulsing with pleasure. Teal'cís roar assaulted his ears an instant later, followed by a gush of liquid heat searing a path deep inside his ass. ĎFucking glorious,í Tony thought as he slumped forward.

"Turn over."

Barely able to lift his arm, Tony slapped at Teal'cís bald head. "Later, Handsome. Gotta snatch a few zís."

"You will turn over now."

Tony tried unsuccessfully to move his legs, but they refused to cooperate. He aimed a lopsided grin at Teal'c. "Guess youíll have to do the honors," he informed his impatient lover.

Teal'c wasted no time in doing so. He flipped Tony over on his stomach as if he weighed nothing. Once properly positioned, Tony spread his legs wide and groaned when voracious lips attacked his semen-oozing hole. For a brief moment Tony felt a major dose of discomfort. Teal'c had nipped him with his teeth but even that soreness was soon lost in the drowsy haze descending upon him.

It was nearly two in the morning when Tony woke. Forcing open his sleep-crusted eyes, he found himself face to face with Teal'cís monster rod. He shook his head in amazement. Even in its relaxed state, his loverís tool was still larger than any heíd seen before.

"Good thing my ass likes Ďem big," Tony whispered. Blowing a kiss to his favorite sex toy, he untangled his arms and legs and slid off the bed. His nose immediately wrinkled in disgust once he got a whiff of his manly odor.

"Shower. Definitely time for a shower."

Thirty minutes later Tony stepped out of the bathroom and went in search of the pizza theyíd ordered earlier for supper. He finished off three pieces before liberating a beer from the fridge. "Wonder what our two compadres are up to?" he asked the industrial-sized appliance.

Finishing off his beer in four swallows, Tony tossed the bottle in the recycle bin, turned off all the lights and made his way down the hallway. It was a short trip to Jackís bedroom. Once there, he pressed an ear to the door and shamelessly listened to the two men inside. What he heard had him grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Somebody is getting his ass fisted to the max."

Finding the door unlocked, Tony peeked in. The vision before him was like taking an overdose of Viagara; it had his dick saluting in seconds flat. "Talk about the dead have risen." Dismissing his insatiable erection, he stepped further into the room and hunkered down for the show.

"Tell me you want it, Jethro," he heard Jack demand. "Tell me how much you want my fist up your ass."

Gibbs was lying flat on his back with his legs pulled to his chest. He glared up at Jack. "You fucking bastard. Youíve got your fingers wrapped around my guts. Do you really need me to say it?"

Jack reached out and gripped Jethroís cock. He tugged hard on it several times. "Yeah, you need to say it. I need to hear the words."

Suddenly Gibbsí features softened. He lifted a hand and palmed the side of Jackís face. "I want it. Dammit, Jack, you know I want it."

Closing his eyes, Jack shifted his grip and snagged Jethroís balls. He crushed them against the towering shaft and groaned with delight when a hot flood of semen showered his face. Pistoning his fist faster in and out, he eagerly lapped up the evidence of his loverís release. It wasnít long before he was treated to another healthy dose of salty goodness.

"Jack, stop," Gibbs pleaded. "Iím whipped. Please, babe, itís too much."

"Okay." Jack nipped the bony knees that limply flopped down beside him. "Hang on. Gonna pull out."

Tony heard somebody hiss with pain. He craned his neck and saw Jethro clutching Jackís free hand. Having been on the receiving end of that vise-like grip, he empathized with Jack and the sore knuckles he would no doubt be nursing come tomorrow.

"Slow. Go slow," Gibbs hoarsely instructed. "Want to feel every inch as you pull out."

The minutes ticked by but finally Jack had both his hands free again. He quickly removed the plastic sleeve he wore when fisting and tossed it aside. Grabbing a wet washcloth, he carefully bathed Jethroís red and swollen sphincter. Quiet whimpers and exhausted sighs welcomed his ministrations.

As soon as that was done, Jack turned Jethro over on his stomach and made him comfortable on the bed. He fussed over the man for a few minutes, situating pillows under his head and next to his chest so that he could hug them close. Satisfied with his handiwork, he then grabbed what looked like a bottle of aloe vera gel. If it was the same stuff Teal'c used on him after a hard nightís loving, Tony knew Jethroís ass would soon be nice and numb. Not only that, but if Jack ran true to form, both he and his lover would be easing their aches in the hot tub tomorrow morning.

"Love you, you stubborn Jarhead," Tony heard Jack whisper. He smiled as he watched his friend press his lips to the bare rump in front of him. His grin grew in size when he heard the sound of soft snoring that greeted Jackís rare display of tenderness.

Another minute or two passed before Tony thought it was safe enough to speak. Clearing his throat, he said, "That was the darndest thing Iíve ever seen."

Jack twisted around and pinned him with a disapproving glare. "What the hell are you doing here? The door was closed, you bozo."

Tony rose to his feet and walked toward the bed. "Closed but not locked." He carded his fingers through Jackís short hair. "The rule is, and I quote, ĎIf itís locked, donít knock.í" He took a step closer and brushed the head of his dick against the older manís frowning mouth. "Watching you fist Jethro has got me all hot and bothered. Suck me, Jack. Please?"

Jack glanced over his shoulder, and Tony followed his gaze. He was somewhat surprised to find a pair of heavy-lidded eyes watching them. An almost imperceptible nod was directed at Jack. It was obviously all the permission he needed.

Sliding off the bed, Jack grunted when his arthritic knees hit the floor. "Whereís Teal'c?" he asked, taking possession of Tonyís hips.


Conversation was derailed when, without warning, a startling inferno swallowed his erection. Tony grabbed hold of his companionís ears and threw back his head. "Jack," he choked past the scream his throat was attempting to smother.

"Hush," Jack cautioned. Tilting his head to the side, he indicated the man in the bed. "Sleeping Beauty there needs his rest."

Wide-eyed, Tony stuffed a fist in his mouth and nodded his understanding.

Jack patted his ass. "Good boy."

Tony cut off the joking retort that rose to his lips. The hungry lips attacking his shaft were effectively negating all thoughts, which wasnít bad, considering how damn good the brain below his waist was feeling.

"How Ďbout a little deep throat action, Junior?"

Nodding his head, Tony sank his teeth into the heel of one hand and held on for dear life. Jack was an expert at giving head and had brought him off more times than he could remember.

It was shortly after theyíd agreed to become a foursome that Jack had caught him in the kitchen making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Tony had offered to share his food but Jack declined. Sitting him on the counter, the older man had then proceeded to show him exactly what kind of late night snack he craved. By the time his spent dick had slipped free of Jackís talented mouth, Tony was a puddle of brainless goo.

From that moment on all he had to do was ask for a blowjob, and Jack was on him in a flash. More often than not, Jethro was present while Jack was sucking his brains out. The second Tony shot his load Jethro would step forward and nail his loverís ass to the floor or bed or wherever they happened to be. If Teal'c was nearby Tony simply surrendered his mouth to his manís massive rod. It was a win-win situation, no matter who was involved.

Tony forgot what he was thinking when, one by one, three fingers invaded his ass. They probed incessantly, searching for his prostate. One forceful nudge located the spongy gland, and Tony shuddered uncontrollably when his dick dry-heaved. Clumsily, he stroked Jackís face and head while incoherently mumbling his apologies. Jack didnít seem to mind that he was robbed of his reward. He guided Tony to the floor and folded him into his arms while sucking the air from his lungs.

Tony again fell asleep and next when he woke he found himself tucked between one snoring Jethro Gibbs and one awake but drowsy Jack OíNeill. Easing over on his side so that he faced Jack, he rubbed his cheek against that of his loverís. "Hey," he whispered, "has anyone ever told you what a killer mouth youíve got?"

Jack yawned. "Itís a known fact. Donít need to be told."

Tony canted his hips forward and grinned when his dick cuddled up with its neighbor. Tucking his head beneath Jackís chin, he glanced over the manís shoulder and spied the framed photos sitting on the nearby nightstand. He immediately identified the first picture as that of Jackís dead son. Having been cautioned by Jethro to never broach the subject of Charlie, Tony shifted his attention to the second photograph.

Unable to contain his curiosity, he asked, "Whoís that?"

"Whoís who?" Jack mumbled in reply.

Tony liberated an arm and slid his hand down Jackís flank. "That man in the picture. The blond with the glasses." Tony frowned when his lover turned to stone. Jack was barely breathing he was holding himself so still. "Jack? You okay?" he anxiously inquired.

"Heís a, I mean, he was a friend," Jack finally answered. "His name was Daniel."

"He looks sexy as hell. Was he an old lover?" Tony looked closer at the picture. "Damn, I bet his kisses were a fucking delight. Were they, Jack? Did they set your heart on fire and your dick on alert?"

Jack rolled away. He remained motionless for a moment before leaving the bed.

Confused as hell, Tony watched him go. He was on the verge of following when Jethro slung an arm around his waist.

"Give it a rest, DiNozzo," his new boss ordered.

Tony turned to face Jethro. Before he could utter a sound, his mouth was taken prisoner and held hostage until he forgot exactly what heíd been doing. He struggled to get closer so that he could offer Jethro more than his lips and found himself offering his passion to empty air. "Hello?"

Gibbs stopped at the door. "Go back to Teal'c," he said without turning around. "Jack and Iíll see you guys in the morning."

Tony waited for all of five seconds before following. "Go back to Teal'c? I donít think so."

He hid from sight when he found Jethro embracing Jack in the living room. Their conversation was hushed, and the only thing Tony could hear was Jack repeating over and over ĎI saw him. I saw Daniel.í

Tony frowned. What was it that Jack had seen that had him so upset?

Jethro moved slightly to the side, allowing Tony a clear look at Jackís face. Suddenly he felt his heart twist with sorrow when the light from a nearby lamp illuminated the emotional agony on Jackís face. Sweet Jesus, who in the hell was this Daniel?

Returning his attention to the two men before him, he watched as Jethro claimed Jackís mouth. Normally their kissing was an aggressive competition for dominance, a prelude to fucking. Not this time. This time the kiss was tender, hell, almost gentle. It was as if Jethro was trying to exorcise whatever demons were haunting Jack.

Soon the need to join them was overwhelming, and Tony was actually taking a step in their direction when a meaty hand took possession of his neck. He yelped with surprise. "Hey, canít you see Iím---" Before he could finish his sentence, he was jerked off his feet and into the arms of his growling lover.

"Come to bed, Tony DiNozzo," Teal'c demanded. "I have recovered sufficiently from our previous encounter and am ready to fuck again."

"So soon?" Tony yelped again when he was unceremoniously thrown over a broad shoulder. Sharp teeth branded his left buttcheek the second he was in place. Tony squirmed, not because he was trying to escape his loverís tortuous mouth but because he wanted to catch one last glimpse of Jack and Jethro.

Jack had obviously had enough of kissing. He had hold of Jethroís head and was forcing it downward. Jethro didnít seem to have a problem with it; he was busy marking every inch of the naked chest before him. Shifting his attention away from the erotic act, Tony was caught by surprise when he glanced back at Jack. The earlier look of anguish on the manís face had been replaced by what could only be described as love. Tony immediately checked to see if the same held true with Jethro and was relieved to discover the exact same emotion reflected on his face.

ĎGod, to be loved like that,í Tony whispered just as he lost sight of the two men.

Grabbing hold of Teal'cís chiseled buns, he squeezed hard. It wasnít that he didnít care for his dark-skinned lover but unlike Jack and Jethro, his man had yet to utter those three special words to him.

Not that he was expecting Teal'c to start whispering sweet nothings in his ear any time soon. Men wanted him for his ass, pure and simple. He hated it, but what could he do? He knew he wasnít the type of guy to inspire feelings of deep, abiding love, the kind that lasted for all eternity. The feelings he, or to be more specific, his body inspired had nothing to do with the heart, and the failure of his last three relationships had driven home that truth in more ways than one. Fucking didnít equate loving, no way, no how.

Hell, heíd bet this weekís paycheck that Teal'c was on the verge of kicking his sorry ass to the curb. Their weekends together used to be all about sex. From the moment he stepped off the plane to the moment he boarded it for the return flight home. Teal'c was undeniably the most enthusiastic, not to mention, inventive lover heíd ever been with. It didnít matter where they were. Nook, cranny, closet, bathroom, office, or car -- if the space afforded them a measure of privacy, Teal'c was on him in a flash. Tony couldnít even begin to count how many places theyíd anointed with their manly seed.

Lately though, Teal'cís interest in his ass had waned somewhat. Instead of dancing under the sheets the entire weekend, they now hung out with the old guys -- grilling steaks outside on the patio, playing poker until the wee hours of the morning or god forbid, watching mind-numbing games of Canadian hockey.

Oh yeah, the bloom was definitely off the rose.

Tony let out a wistful sigh. He really did like Teal'c, and not because of the manís obvious assets. Teal'c was gentle with him, well as gentle as Bigfoot could be with a feisty squirrel. Not to mention, his man had post-coital cuddles down to a science, which was a good thing considering how hard and how often they fucked. Teal'c listened to him or better yet, patiently suffered his non-stop chatter. He never belittled him like his dad. He never complained about his addiction to old movies nor made fun of his bizarre ability to compare nearly every event of the day to some film heíd seen in the past.

Of course, his new boss didnít exactly appreciate this unique talent, and the sore spot on the back of his head was proof of that fact.

Tony couldnít help but grin. He could still see the look of shock on Jethroís face when Teal'c had taken the older man to task for slapping him on the head. It had been about two months after heíd gone to work for NCIS. The four of them had been soaking in Jackís hot tub discussing politics, and as usual heíd made some asinine comment about something someone had said. Before the words were out of his mouth, Jethro let him have it.

The slap on the head was over and done with in seconds and, without missing a beat, the heated conversation had resumed. Jethro was arguing with Jack about the pros and cons of Desert Storm when Teal'c came up behind him and shoved his head beneath the surface of the water.

Fascinated by the two arguing men, Tony had missed seeing his lover leave the hot tub. He was just as surprised as the others when Tealíc suddenly appeared behind Jethro and, without warning, dunked him. Jethro came up sputtering and was dunked three more times before he yielded to Teal'cís demands and apologized to Tony.

Tony had thought his heart would burst with happiness. His man had come to his defense. Needless to say, heíd spent the remainder of that particular weekend expressing his gratitude in the only way he knew how, with his ass and with his mouth. Teal'c was one happy and exhausted camper by the time he left for home.

Familiar blunt fingers probed the opening of his ass, and the swift rush of pain reminded him of his previous thoughts.

Teal'c. Love. Forever.

Maybe it was time to take the bull by the horns or . . . maybe, the dick? Tony closed his eyes and concentrated. Yep, dick it was. There was no mistaking the steel girder knocking against his leg.

"Uh, Teal'c?" he nervously ventured. "Can I ask you a question?"

Tossed across the room, Tony landed squarely on the bed. He bounced several times before being nailed to the mattress by an unmovable weight. Thick lips immediately attached themselves to his left tit. The suction was so strong he thought for sure the nub would soon detach itself from his chest.

"Teal'c. Teal'c. Ease up, Big Boy."

His plea was answered but then ignored when Teal'c shifted his mouth to his right nipple. The explosion of pain and pleasure that followed drove all thoughts from his mind. The majority of his brain cells were still lost in a haze of bliss when the heat of Teal'cís whisper seared his lips.

"I am waiting."

Forcing his eyes open, Tony lifted his head off the pillow and stared in confusion at the naked giant hovering over him. "Huh?"

Teal'c took hold of Tonyís legs and pinned them to his chest. An intense look of ownership took shape on his face when the object of his hunger came into view. "Have you forgotten the question you wished to ask me?"

Tony groaned at the sight of Teal'c licking his lips. He knew what was about to take place and frankly, he wasnít sure he could survive another marathon round of rimming. His ass was beyond sore and screaming for major downtime.

"Please, Teal'c. No rimming. I know you love it, but my ass is whipped, hurting big time actually. Maybe a blowjob? You blowing me. Me blowing you? Is that okay? You can tie me to the bed, if you want. Or you can handcuff me and Iíll blow you on my knees. Just no more ri---"

His mouth was thoroughly shut down by an insatiable tongue intent on driving him insane. Oxygen deprivation was a chief consideration by the time Teal'c released him.

"You talk too much," his lover rumbled disapprovingly. "Remember not to do so in the future."

Tony held his silence for all of sixty seconds. It would have been less but he was distracted by the tender kisses measuring the length of his trembling thighs. "God, I love it when you do that. Melts me like butter on hot toast."

"I do not understand the concept of a human melting. Please explain."

Tony did better than that. By the time he was finished blowing his man, Teal'c was a large puddle of growling incoherency. Beyond exhausted and feeling like a limp noodle, Tony had no qualms in taking advantage of Teal'cís weakened condition. He crawled on top of his favorite pillow and fell dead asleep.

When he woke, he was floating in a tub of glorious heat and only the strong arms circling his chest kept him from sinking below the waterís surface.

"Uh, Teal'c? Why are we in Jackís tub?"

Tony wouldnít admit it, but the moment heíd seen Jackís deep, oversize tub, heíd gone out and bought a gallon of his favorite bubble bath. It was unmistakably built to accommodate two people, specifically two grown men as Tony had been delighted to discover. He loved bubble baths, and it didnít bother him one iota when Jack stomped around the house grousing about how often he and Jethro had to make do with the small tub in the guest bathroom. First come, first serve was Tonyís motto and happily Teal'c agreed with him.

"Teal'c? You with me?" Tony asked.

Teal'c nipped his throat before answering. "Your behavior has angered me greatly, Tony DiNozzo," the man announced without warning.

Tony bit off the groan of dismay that rose in his throat. ĎGreat, another relationship bites the dust,í he thought morosely. ĎMen love me for my ass. Deny them the pleasure, and itís . . . Adios, Amigo. Donít let the door hit you on the way out.í

Mumbling one apology after another, Tony struggled against the arms holding him tight. "Iím sorry. Really, Big Guy, Iím sorry. Didnít mean to be such a pussy. If you still want, you can feast on my hole. I wonít stop you."

Teal'cís silence deflated all of his hopes, and finally Tony gave up trying to escape. He sat motionless, staring at the bubbles bumping up against his soon-to-be ex-loverís arms. God, he was so going to miss those brawny arms and the hugs they treated him to a regular basis. Maybe next time heíd learn to keep his whiney mouth shut and take it like a man.

"You donít have to worry. Iíll think of something to tell the guys. It might be a little difficult convincing Jethro. Iíve been talking his ear off on a regular basis about you. Heís been real pa---"

"Stop talking," Teal'c demanded.

The hand, more so than the harshly spoken words, stopped the nonsense flowing from his unchecked mouth. Tony nodded his understanding and breathed a sigh of relief when his loverís hand moved back to its original position. From the sound of it, Teal'c was madder than hell. Tony had no trouble imagining the hand that had been at his mouth taking hold of his throat and throttling him into a permanent silence.

"I do not know who irritates me the most," Teal'c insisted, "you or Daniel Jackson. You both talk too much. You both--"

"Daniel? You know Daniel?" Tony asked, his curiosity greatly outweighing his fear.

"We are not discussing Daniel Jackson," his lover firmly stated. "We are discussing you, Tony DiNozzo."

Using his foot, Teal'c flipped the lever that allowed water to empty from the tub. When a sufficient amount had drained, he moved his foot to the hot water tap and refilled the tub with much warmer water. Tony both appreciated and dreaded the replenished heat. Yes, it was soothing his abused rear-end, but it also meant, believe it or not, that Teal'c was in a chatty mood and had no plans on moving any time soon.

Not a good thing in his book.

"I already apologized," Tony reminded his lover. "And I said you could rim me if you wanted. Just take it easy, okay? I know you like it rough and so do I, but it kinda takes a toll on my ass after a while and---"

Tony had no idea Teal'c could move so fast. One minute his lover was behind him, the next he was looming over him with an extremely fierce look on his face. Tony seriously considered asking for a time out. Maybe see how long he could hold his breath while hiding beneath a blanket of bubbles.

Teal'c had other ideas.

"I have no patience for those who withhold the truth from me," the man stated. "If you are to be my mate, you must be honest and forthright. I will accept no less."

Tony hissed with pain when Teal'c gently stroked his anus. His reaction caused the look on Teal'cís face to harden into stone.

"I am the one who should offer words of apology," Teal'c gravely acknowledged. "In my haste to claim you as my own, I forgot how fragile the members of your race are. I am a seasoned warrior, Tony DiNozzo. My stamina is legendary amongst the men and women of my people."

Tony stared in disbelief at his lover. So surprised by Teal'cís apology, he thought nothing of the suds-covered hand cupping his cheek, nor the strange phrasing his lover spouted with ease.

"It disturbs me greatly that I have caused you such pain."

Teal'c concluded his confession with a kiss that decimated all thoughts of discomfort. Tony was more than willing to remain in lip-lock heaven with his lover for the rest of his stay. Unfortunately it seemed Teal'c was not quite through with him.

"From this day forward," Teal'c continued, "you will remember you are my mate and as such, my equal. You will not bow to my needs if it causes you pain."

Their positions were suddenly reversed, and this time it was Tony towering over Teal'c while straddling the larger manís thighs. His lover wore the same fierce look on his face, and its meaning dawned on Tony like a blinding explosion of light.

Teal'c loved him, and the look on his face attested to the fact. It didnít matter that those special three words hadnít been whispered in his ear. The look was there, for all to see. It was the same look heíd seen earlier on Jackís face and then on Jethroís.

The look of love.

Holy shit!

His brain was so busy doing its own happy dance that Tony nearly missed what Teal'c said next.

"You have the right to say no," his lover informed him. "Do you hear me, Tony DiNozzo?"

Tony threw his arms around Teal'c and hugged him for all he was worth. "How can I say no to you, Big Guy? Youíre exactly what I want, what I need. Whatís a little pain between mates?"

A threatening growl greeted his answer, and Tony rushed to reassure his exasperated lover. "Okay, okay. I hear ya. Just say no."

"I am serious, Tony DiNozzo," Teal'c warned. "Do not act in this manner again."

Keeping one hand anchored to Teal'cís neck, Tony leaned away from his lover. Minutes passed as he examined his manís features, using his eyes, his fingers, his lips. When he reached Teal'cís mouth, he halted his tactile exploration in order to whisper huskily, "Thank you. Thank you for not forcing me."

One nod of his loverís beautiful bald head acknowledged his gratitude. It was enough.

Scooting forward, Tony rubbed his dick against the growing shaft poking him in the stomach. He knew there was no way in hell he was going to get it up again but that didnít mean the rest of him was down for the count.

"As your official mate, I say we retire to the boudoir and test that legendary stamina of yours. My ass may be complaininí but my mouth sure ainít." Tony lifted a finger to his mouth and began to suggestively suck on it. "How Ďbout it, Tealíc? Wanna stick that rod of yours in Ďthisí hole?"

Tony jumped out of the tub and quickly dried off. His gums never stopped flapping the entire time, but he didnít care. He was happy, delirious happy.

"Oh yeah. Fuck my mouth. Fuck it hard, fuck it deep. Fill it with your manly juices." Tony opened the door and danced down the hallway. "And when youíre finished, Iím gonna blow your dick. Hell, Iím gonna blow your mind. Gonna blow that giant redwood until you scream for mercy."

Tony dropped his towel in the hallway before entering their bedroom butt-naked. "And scream you will, oh mate of mine. Youíre going to scream so loud, I bet they hear you in outer space. Oh yeah, you are so in for it toni---"


Stumbling toward the bed, Tony took a seat on the mattress and rubbed the back of his head. "What was that for?"

A formidable glare pinned him in place. Tony was pretty sure he should be somewhat worried but then he saw the unmistakable twinkle in Teal'cís eyes, not to mention the drool-worthy physique that was as naked as a jaybird and erect as the Washington Monument. Nope, he was so not worried.

"I have warned you about talking too much," Teal'c announced. Moving to the side of the bed, he opened the plain metal case Tony had discovered in the nether regions of Jackís closet.

As hard as he tried, Tony couldnít see what particular item had hold of Teal'cís interest. What he did see, specifically the evil smile on his loverís face, caused the hairs on the back of his neck to stand straight up. Maybe it was time to start worrying.

Keeping one hand behind his back, Teal'c held out a familiar set of handcuffs. "The time has come for you to learn the art of silence," he told his wide-eyed mate.

Tony failed his first lesson miserably, but it didnít seem to bother Teal'c. He was too busy yelling his own head off.

That was, of course, until a chewed-up ball gag was shoved inside his mouth.


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