A Royal Scamp



January 2002

Authorís Note: When in residence at the palace in Versailles, the Kingís public bedchamber was the very heart of the French court. Louis publicly rose and retired here, met with nobles and commoners alike, from the comfort of the large ornate bed that was situated in the very center of the room.

I visited Versailles several years ago and I cannot even begin to describe how magnificent this room--this palace is. It absolutely defies description. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Paris, make sure you go to Versailles. You will never forget the awesome splendor of the palace and its surrounding grounds.

This link will take you to a website that shows you a picture of the King's Bedchamber.  If you click on the image, you can enjoy a panoramic view of this room.  It's a little hard to see the actual bed behind the draperies but it's in the very middle of the room with a row of chairs on each side. 

The Consort sat behind the King, watching his Majesty conduct the kingdom's daily affairs. He rearranged the numerous pillows on the bed and settled into a comfortable position, his long coltish legs wrapping around the lower portion of the King's body.

A simple tap to his knee was a signal from Louis to behave. Phillipe smiled and hid his face in the velvety softness of his lover's hair. Brushing aside the ebony strands, he tickled the back of Louis' neck with his tongue. His teasing nibbles resulted in a firmer tap on his knee.

Determined to behave most wickedly, the young Consort slipped his hand beneath the King's robes. Cautiously, he danced his fingers around his lover's narrow waist, allowing them to rest against Louis' flat abdomen and absorb his body's heat.

Nestling his face in the thick tresses that fell between the King's shoulders, Phillipe waited, waited for the right moment. Touching his lips to the side of Louisí throat, he listened as his lover admonished the Cardinal. After several minutes, Phillipe pressed his cheek firmly against the man's slender back and detected the vibrations of an agitated heart.

Peeking over the King's shoulder, he caught the Cardinal's eye and . . . winked! Quickly, he ducked back down, hiding behind the larger form of his Majesty. Phillipe chuckled. He may be only a boy but that didnít mean he wasnít old enough to recognize the lust in the holy manís gaze.

"Holy my ass," the youth mouthed. The Cardinal's carnal ego needed a little deflating and Phillipe was quite ready to volunteer for the task. He just prayed that Louis wouldn't kill him for this act of disobedience.

Sneaking another glance, he noted the older man was on his knees, paying respect to his King. Phillipe's hazel eyes sparkled with mischief. Now was the time to make his move. The bedchamber was empty of all nobles, only the Cardinal remaining.

Phillipe licked a wet path across the side of Louis' neck and then blew a stream of warm air over the moisture. Mere seconds later, his mouth latched onto the flesh, sucking hard. The young King leaned his head back, giving Phillipe better access.

The mischievous Consort used his talented mouth to distract the King from his true target. Hearing the hitched intake of breath that accompanied his loverís capitulation, he slid his hands down over his lover's abdomen, tangling his fingers in the coarse curls that surrounded his subject of torture. Phillipe nipped Louisí neck before gripping the Royalís swiftly awakening erection.

His slender fingers glided over the satiny hardness, blindly tracing each drop of moisture that escaped. One errant bead hastened toward the heavy velvet sac below and Phillipe followed it with his hand, testing the weight and the feel of the encased ovals.

Another smile ghosted across Phillipe's features as he detected the minute spreading of Louis' legs. He continued to feed on the pale flesh of his lover's shoulder and neck as his hand explored further, stroking across the softness of Louis' perineum. With some extra effort, the tip of his index finger was able to tease the hidden portal of his lover's behind.

Phillipe spent precious seconds pleasuring his King before lifting his head to stare at the Cardinal, daring the old man with his taunting gaze. Phillipe knew that every move of his hand caused the King's robe to flutter, parting and closing swiftly, tempting the Cardinal with tiny glimpses of the majestic steel shaft. He also knew from Louis' response that his King had joined in on the game and was willing to push the older man to the edge.

Phillipe brazenly pulled open the upper portion of his lover's robe, exposing his chest. He captured a dark rosy nipple with his fingers and tortured the small nub into a pointy hardness. He pulled and tugged on the wrinkled peak, a task that elicited rumbling groans from the King, the deep vibrations teasing the Consortís sensitive fingertips. Phillip resumed his task beneath the silken cover of his King's robes and slid his finger into the leaking slit of Louis' cock and then lifted it to his lover's mouth, allowing him to taste his own seed.

A sudden movement distracted Phillipe. He turned his attention to the Cardinal and his eyes widened with delight as he observed the man's discomfort. The evidence of the holy man's suffering was a widening stain on the front of his red robes. A nudge on Louis' neck directed the King's attention to the man still kneeling on the floor.

Louis turned his head, his mouth stealing a hungry wet kiss. "Finish it, my love," he whispered.

Phillipe needed no further encouragement. His hand embraced his lover's cock and began a familiar rhythm of stroking. Gracefully, his fingers orchestrated a dance over the straining shaft. The tempo began slow and sensual then increased to a rapid friction of heat, an exquisite attack of varying cadences. Hot and damp flesh pulsed and throbbed, releasing molten streams of liquid silk.

Phillipe caught his King as the young royal collapsed in his arms, gasping for breath, his eyes closed momentarily as if he was gathering his strength and his sanity. The young consort eased his lover down onto the bed, covering him with a plush comforter. He then climbed off the bed and moved to stand before the paralyzed Cardinal. He stood there, naked, his erection proud, the candlelight from the multiple crystal chandeliers caressing his slender body.

Phillipe's husky voice echoed throughout the stately chamber. "Remember what you have seen today, Cardinal. And know that you will never taste of such a love."

The youth turned his back on the older man and joined his drowsy lover on the bed. He spared a last glance at the motionless Cardinal and announced. "You are dismissed."

The bedroom doors opened and closed as the royal guard escorted the Cardinal out. Phillipe smiled and snuggled into the King's embrace. Louisí long elegant fingers traced over his bottom before soundly smacking the firm flesh.

"You are an evil scamp."

Phillipe swallowed Louis' smile, his mouth feasting hungrily on the warmth of his lover's kiss. "But I am your scamp, your Majesty. Yours to love forever."

Louis picked Phillipe up in his arm and slid from the bed, making his way toward their private apartment. He touched his nose to that of his consortís. "Thank God for wicked scamps."

The end

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