Copyright September 1999

Sequel to One Loss of Heart and Fate's Temptation

Pain. Excruciating pain. Deep burning aching pain. Sorrow and misery were crushing down on him, disintegrating the fragile hold he had on his emotions. His heart wept bitterly; each beat a constant torment of agony. His mind screamed at the unforgiving betrayal of his love and friendship. The answering silence mocked him. 

Cold. Disheartened and cold. Wounded emotions buried by a glacial snowfall in the burning desert of hopelessness. The icy fingers of desolation seized his soul, stealing away the intense heat of anger, leaving in its place, the numbing chill of solitude. The Highlander was adrift in the emptiness that surrounded his bruised and battered heart. 

Duncan stood motionless at the water's edge, staring blindly at the waves as they fell against the sand, washing away all evidence of his retreating footprints. If only the hurt and the anguish he felt could be that easily cleansed from his spirit. The noon sun burned brightly, its heat beating down on the lonely Highlander. Yet no warmth penetrated the frozen grip of pain that was shattering his heart. Duncan's body was buffeted with uncontrollable tremors as the shock from his outburst of rage and anger overwhelmed him. As quickly as it arrived, it left-the wrath that had consumed him upon coming face to face with the evidence of his lover's infidelity. 

Methos and Megan. The image of their bodies embracing each other as they slept was forever burnt in his memory. Even now, his mind's eye could still see the bruises and bites that marked Megan's upper body, proof of Methos' passion, vivid against the paleness of her ivory nightgown. 

Duncan shut his eyes tightly, desperately trying not to remember how tenderly the two were entwined, their arms and legs tangled around each other. Their hands . . . he could still see their hands. Methos had one buried in Megan's hair, clasping her head close to his naked body, while his other hand gently cradled her breasts. Megan guarded the Ancient Immortal's heart with one small hand and sheltered his sleeping erection with the other. 

Duncan shielded his ears with his hands, trying to quench, trying to drive out the treasonous voices that cruelly assaulted his mind. Their protests of innocence, their denials of infidelity, their refusal of betrayal---all were rejected by the heartbroken Warrior. He had witnessed the unconscious truth of their love for one another, so vividly portrayed by the melding of their bodies. 

A tortured cry from the Highlander broke the silence as tears fell unheeded down his face. Duncan backed away from the sunlit shore and sought the soothing shelter and shadows of the wooded area that surrounded the lake. A massive tree, felled by the fury of a past hurricane, became his refuge, his resting place. He lowered his weary body to the ground, exhaustion weighing heavily down on him. 

Head bent, he stared at his hands. A solitary teardrop trickled down his cheek, landing on his left hand. A whisper of moist sadness, staining the finger that was no longer encircled by the ring of love and commitment. That simple gold band had been left behind, abandoned with his sword, forsakened along with his faith and trust in Methos. 

Methos. Duncan closed his eyes as memories of his lover washed over him, showering his heart with such a sweet aching pain. Resting his head back against the tree, he abandoned himself to memories of happier times. 


A quiet autumn afternoon, the air crisp with the hint of coming winter. The two immortals walking hand in hand, through the park. No words spoken as they strolled together companionably, kicking at the fallen leaves. Eyes, meeting, still darkened with the passion of their recent lovemaking. Hands clasping tightly, gentle pressures, reminding each other of the deep emotions shared. A quiet kiss bestowed as the Ancient Immortal reaffirmed his love for the Highlander. A tender embrace as Duncan returned the kiss, tasting his lover's unique flavor, inhaling his scent, infusing his soul with the ancient's essence. 


A warm summer night, a midnight picnic on the island. A sharing of souls on holy ground. A full moon, its reflection painted across the dark waters. The night's soft radiance caressed the naked bodies of the two immortals as they sat together, resting against the large boulders. Duncan wrapped securely in the arms of his lover; his head leaning back against the solid chest, listening to the strong, steady heartbeat of the man he loved. Long slender hands brushed over his bare arms, trailing whispers of touch. Teeth nipped at his neck, only to be replaced with the soothing stroke of a warm, moist tongue. The silence of the darkness shattered by husky passionate moans as the two men surrendered to the desire and love that devastatingly consumed them. 


A peaceful evening at home, an old black and white movie playing on the VCR. The two immortals snuggled together on the couch, watching Humphrey Bogart make the ultimate sacrifice for love. Hands clasped together, guarding a warrior's heart. Legs tangled together, feet brushing gentle tickles of touch. Words of love whispered softly as mouths reached out to capture and taste, lips of warm velvet clinging. Bodies tightly drawn, trembling with sparks of sensation as the fire of passion ignited and began to burn. 


Reality gently returned, touching the Highlander's mind, unlocking the door of memories, allowing the present to reenter. Duncan's eyes remained closed, his lashes still moist with tears, as he cried out softly, his lover's name a tormented mantra on his lips. Methos, Methos. His spirit wept for the love and friendship that was slowly unraveling before him. The enduring threads that bound the two immortals together had been seriously frayed by the return of Megan. Duncan's heart reached out to Methos, struggling to understand and yes, to somehow forgive. 

How could he not forgive his friend and lover? The Ancient Immortal was too precious to sacrifice to Fate and her endless temptations. Duncan had allowed Methos to gently invade the empty places of his Warrior soul, yielding his bleeding heart to the healing warmth of the Ancient's love. His immortal lover had become the protective shelter for his tattered spirit. He needed Methos, this immortal of antiquity to share his life, his love, his future. 

Yet . . . a ruthless unforgiving past of ancient times stood between the two immortals. Centuries of loneliness, self-preservation and isolation from the caring warmth of love pulled incessantly at Methos. Insecurities, doubts and fears were his demons, challenging him daily, daring the immortal to denounce them. Through sheer perseverance and stubborn tenacity his lover had fought to survive 5000 years, his true nature shrouded in dark layers of secrecy.

Duncan realized he would probably never know all of Methos, never see the real man, never touch the very depth of his soul. The young immortal doubted that Methos, himself, after five centuries, could even remember his true self. So many identities assumed, so many faces hidden behind, so many past lives surrendered to the passage of time. 

Duncan's body tensed, as he became aware of his lover's immortal signature. Eyes, darkened with heartache, beheld Methos standing alone in the shadows, untouched by the sunlight that danced in and out of the trees. He stood there silently, one hand protectively hugging the katana close to his heart. The other hand was reaching out to his warrior lover, offering peace, asking mercy, begging forgiveness. 

No words were spoken by the Ancient Immortal as he came before Duncan and knelt at his feet. Head bowed with humility, he offered the sword to the Highlander. Duncan removed the weapon from the slender hands that reverently held it and placed it on the ground. Returning his gaze to Methos, he saw that the immortal remained on his knees before him, his head bent, his face hidden from view. 

His voice, low and husky, choked with emotions, whispered in the silence of the moment, 'I, Methos, ancient of all immortals, come before you, Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod, begging for your merciful forgiveness. I humbly apologize for all the hurt and suffering I have inflicted upon you.' Methos paused, taking a deep breath. 'I was wrong. I should never have allowed Megan to come between us. She is of the past; you, Duncan, are my present, my future.' 

His head still bent before the Highlander, Methos reached for Duncan's hands, lightly stroking the fingers, a caressing touch that asked permission to give love, to share love and . . . to be loved. Duncan stared long and hard at his lover, searching his heart and his soul, seeking that connection that had bonded him to this ancient of lost spirits. The essence of his Quickening yielded, uniting with the energy, the life force that was Methos. A ghostly blue mist enveloped the two immortals as their Quickenings arose into the air, entangling, melding, linking. Individual thoughts merged, emotions coalesced as shattered hearts began the healing process, mending the broken shards of trust and faith. 

Strong hands clenched with passionate intensity the long elegant fingers that mutely begged for compassionate understanding. Methos sobbed as he brought Duncan's hands to his lips, tenderly brushing kisses across their joined handclasp. 

'I'm so sorry, my beloved. Please forgive me. I beg you. Please. Please do not allow my stupid selfishness to destroy our love.' 

Methos slowly unbuttoned Duncan's shirt, easing it off, allowing it to slide carelessly to the ground. 'I love you Duncan.' 

Feather light kisses whispered across the warm skin of the Highlander's strong, muscular arms. His lips then wandered sensuously across Duncan's collarbone, his tongue bathing the juncture of shoulder and neck. Hands joined in the exploration, stroking the firm chest, pulling at the dark crisp curls of hair that dusted across the firm muscles. 

'Your love is a constant reminder for me, affirming that I will never be alone.' Fingers drifted across sensitive nipples, teasing until the aching nubs were hard and erect. A soft moan escaped the younger immortal as a warm breeze washed across his naked upper body. 

Fingertips traced idle patterns over his ribs before trailing down to his abdomen, causing muscles to spasm and clench at the soft touch. Methos lowered his head, tasting the warmth of the Highlander's skin, nipping gently at the hardened nipples. 'I humbly give you my hand and my heart as a promise of eternal friendship and devotion.' 

Trembling fingers grazed lightly over Duncan's growing erection. The zipper of his pants was slowly pulled down, releasing, parting the material that had become an excruciating confinement imprisoning his hardness. 'I promise to shelter you from the rain. I promise to protect you from the storms when the dark clouds of my past hide the face of the sun.' 

For the first time since his arrival, Methos looked up into the face of his lover, his hazel eyes glowing with passion, desire and love. He moved closer, capturing Duncan's mouth, inhaling his breath, drowning in his scent, his wondrous taste. The Highlander answered by parting his lips, drawing the Ancient Immortal's tongue inside to gently feed on it. The kiss deepened as their mouths ravenously consumed each other. 

Methos broke away first, drawing in a ragged breath, his hands reaching out, removing the last vestiges of clothing from the younger man. Methos gazed in awed appreciation at the perfection of his lover's body, drowning in the sight of his beauty. 'My heart is so filled with you. Without your love, I would die a death worse than that of an immortal beheading.' 

Duncan moved, trying to bring Methos closer, trying to draw him into a loving embrace. 'No my love. This moment is for you only. This pleasure is yours alone.' Methos' hands returned to their gentling caresses of the Highlander's body, sliding downward to enfold Duncan's erection in the warm cradle of his grasp. Slow maddening strokes up and down caused the weeping cock to grow even harder. Fingers gripped firmly at the base before tracing the thick vein up toward the engorged head, sliding into the moisture that had pooled there. Duncan moaned softly, deep in his throat, as he gave himself up to the pure rapture created by Methos' touch. 

Methos locked eyes with his lover, watching him intently as a single glistening drop of precious liquid was caught from the tip of the Highlander's cock, brought to his ancient lips and tasted. 'Duncan, you breathe life into my very soul.' 

The younger immortal groaned, devastated by the exploring kiss that moved over his mouth, his face, his eyes. Methos' scalding tongue danced over the Highlander's neck, across his shoulder and down to his chest, spreading a fire of touch and taste with each kiss. 

With incredible swiftness of strength, Methos lifted Duncan and sat him solidly on the wide base of the fallen tree, which had been covered by discarded clothing. Kneeling between outspread legs, Methos put his arms around the Highlander and pulled him close before resting his head against the warm hard muscles of Duncan's chest, savoring the tremors of desire that shook his lover's body. 

'Your love keeps my world from splintering into a million lost pieces.' Methos touched his mouth to a hardened nipple, grazing it lightly with his teeth before allowing his tongue to bathe it with moisture. Little moans and fragments of words drifted out from Duncan as he moved his hands over Methos' head, his fingers raking through the soft velvet strands. 

Warm breaths whispered over the nest of dark brown curls that surrounded the base of the Highlander's erection. A whisker stubbled cheek brushing a ghost of sensation across the head of his cock was the only warning Duncan had before being consumed by Methos' hungry mouth. Powerful hands held the Highlander, preventing his writhing body from arching off the tree. A cry escaped Duncan as Methos' tongue swirled moist heat around the engorged head before moving up and down the length, tasting every inch of hot, sweat slicked skin. 

The Ancient Immortal continued to sip at the salty juices that escaped from his lover's trembling cock as his hands moved to cup, support and massage the heavy sac below, sensing the overwhelming pressure building as it tightened in his grasp. A gentle kiss was pressed against the sensitized flesh before being engulfed by the warm wet haven of Methos' mouth. Duncan sobbed wildly as cool air bathed the areas that had just been warmed by the liquid heat of his lover's tongue. 

The embers of desire flared roaringly to life as Methos' teeth gently assaulted the Highlander's erection before swallowing its entire length deep within his throat. Duncan's body twisted and thrashed madly as his cock thrust in a frenzied rhythm, plunging into the smothering heat of Methos' mouth and throat. His voice raw and hoarse, Duncan begged his lover for completion, broken Gaelic spilling from his lips. 

Methos lifted his eyes and watched the myriad of emotions that cascaded across Duncan's face as he continued to feed his hunger, tasting the elixir of life that erupted from his lover's body in shuddering streams. Blue sparks of white-hot electricity exploded from the two immortals as waves of pleasure and urgency ripped through them. The fire burned hotter as Methos sank his teeth into the tender skin of the Highlander's thigh, relishing in Duncan's scream as it tore through the dark silence of the forest. 

Overwhelmed with trembling, Duncan hauled Methos up so that he could mate his mouth with that of his ancient lover. Stormy dark brown eyes fused with the untamed shadow of hazel as the two struggled, fighting to become a part of each other, immersing their individual selves into one glorious spirit. 

Methos cried as violent tremors shook his own body, signaling his fall from control, plummeting him into the orgasmic abyss of climax. 'Duncan!' The Ancient Immortal gripped the Highlander with savage passion, claiming Duncan's mouth again, searing the tender flesh with the wild tasting of his own. Tongues harmonized in a violent rhapsody of touch, drowning in the sensual aria of love resonating in their bodies, in their hearts. 

Duncan maintained his desperate hold on Methos as his lover continued his devastating attack on his body, his emotions and his mind. The Highlander was hopelessly lost, surrounded by Methos' ancient power, overwhelmed by their shared need and desire. Endless broken moans vibrated deep within his chest as another convulsive spasm tormented his body, liquid heat bathing the warm callused hands of his lover as they continued in their maddening torture of his softening erection. Ecstasy entangled the two immortals as the shroud of blue mist anointed their united quickenings. 

The exhausting freedom of release toppled the Highlander over into momentary unconsciousness. The soft murmurings of comfort and the tender stroking of his lover's hands slowly crept through the sensual haze that blanketed his mind. Duncan kept his eyes closed as he focused on the loving endearments Methos whispered into the quiet stillness. 

'Duncan, my beloved, my lifemate.' Methos feathered drowsy kisses across his face, calming the sexual intensity that continued in its torment of the Highlander's body. Ragged breathing and thundering heart battled for control as Duncan surrendered to the gentle embrace of his lover. Tender but firm hands began the process of clothing the warrior's naked form. When all was put back right, Methos indulged himself for several moments just nuzzling noses and nibbling lips with his Highlander. 'Oh Duncan, I love you so much.' 

Duncan tugged Methos into the circle of his arms, locking his hands around his slender form. His eyes drifted closed as the deep husky silken voice of the Ancient Immortal drifted over him. 'You are my heart, the eternal rhythm of love in my life.' 

Methos freed himself from his lover's embrace, as a gentle hand touched the Highlander's face. 'Duncan, look at me.' 

Duncan opened his eyes and gazed at the sight before him. A very somber, solemn Methos now knelt before him, quietly proposing the return of his ring. The rich timbre of his low pitched voice wrapped around the Highlander, sheathing him with its passionate warmth. Taking Duncan's left hand in his, Methos pledged his life, his love, his heart to his Highland Warrior. 

'This ring is given as a token and promise of the bond between my spirit and yours. This ring symbolizes a union that will never be defeated by the darkness of my past.' 

Methos slipped the ring on Duncan's finger, sanctifying the union of their joined hands with the whisper of a kiss across the simple gold band. 'Our love is the clasping of these hands.' He placed his left hand against the Highlander's chest, 'the blending of our hearts and the uniting of our two lives as one.' 

Duncan dropped to his knees before the Ancient Immortal, gathering his lover to him, cherishing the tears that spilled from Methos' dark radiant eyes. Clouds parted as a shaft of sunlight broke through, banishing the darkness, illuminating the immortals with its gentle radiance and nurturing them with its warmth. 

'Forever Methos.' 

Forever eternal, Highlander.' 

The end