300 Words for One Smile



Copyright January 2001

(A RGB Challenge story)

These events must happen in this order: Peter gets slime on someone else. Ray talks the guys into all wearing matching T-shirts. Someone has to go potty very badly. Someone says, 'From your lips to Ra's ears'

Must include two of these: candy corn, a clown, a tube of toothpaste, handcuffs without sex thoughts, superglue *with* sex thoughts, a goat. And last but not least: it can only be 300 words!

"Hey! It's not my fault I'm a babe magnet even in the ghostly realm."

Peter shook his head, scattering drops of slime around the room.

"Watch it! Darn! Now look what you've done."

Ray grabbed a towel and started wiping the slithering mess off the brand new t-shirts he held in his hand. His frown turned into a smile when his lover bent to the task of assisting him.

"Thanks Winston. You're the best."

The young Ghostbuster blew a kiss at Winston before turning around. He handed a shirt to each man, the soft cotton garment emblazoned with a graphic depicting the four friends lounged against their beloved Ecto.

"Hey guys! Check out what I designed. Cool, huh? And remember, all of you promised to wear them the next time we go out on a job."

Egon pushed his glasses up his nose, giving serious consideration to Ray's shirt.

"You most eloquently talked us into this project and I would never go back on my promise. Hmmm. I see you've captured our images perfectly, especially Peter's look of lazy impudence.

Peter snatched a piece of candy corn from the desert bowl and hooked an arm around his bespeckled lover.

"Watch it, Spengs. Or you're going to find out how your lazy impudent lover can keep you up all night with a little superglue."

Egon blushed crimson and stumbled off to the bathroom, his hands sheltering his groin.

"Excuse me, gentlemen. I very badly need to . . ."

Peter followed his lover.

"What? Potty? Come? From your lips to Ra's ears."

Ray collapsed into his lover's arms, laughing. A gasp of surprise fell from his lips, his eyes widening with puzzlement.

"Ahhh Winston? Do you happen to know who let a goat inside and why is he eating our t'shirts?"

The end


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