Copyright March 2001

"Okay, it's Janine's first year anniversary of working with us. Who's going to make the cake?" Egon pushed his glasses back up on his nose and scrutinized the three men sprawled across the couch beside him.

Ray laughed. "Don't look at me!"

Winston hugged his lover and and bravely raised his hand. "I'll do it. I've got mom's recipe for her famous fudge brownie cake. Janine will think she's gone to heaven when she tastes it."

Egon looked at his list. "Who's up for decorations?"

Ray bounced up and down, his hand waving enthusiastically in the air. "Me! Me! I've got it all planned out. And I've even designed the perfect T-shirts for us all to wear."

Peter groaned and covered his eyes. "Heaven help us!" He lifted his hand and winked at his young friend.

Egon nudged his lover. "Behave!"

The tall blonde was rewarded with a naughty, breath stealing kiss. Straightening his glasses once more, Egon shook his head and smiled indulgently at his grinning lover.

"You are incorigible."

Peter licked his lips and patted Egon's thigh, one wicked finger stroking over the man's crotch.

"100% incorigible . . . that's me. And you love it."

Egon snorted. Ignoring his lover, he took another glance at the small notebook in his hand and grimaced slightly. Peter caught the look and leaned over to check out the party list of jobs.

"Let's see. What's left? Present. Nah. You do that, Spengs. You've got good taste."

Egon tried to hide the list with his hand but Peter tugged it free. Smoothing out the crumpled piece of paper, Peter read over the remaining job.

"Entertainment! Now that's my specialty!"

Peter rubbed his chin, a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

"Hey Spengs! You think I can still fit into that Tarzan thong you bought me last year? I bet Janine would just looooooovvvve to watch me dance in that little number."

Peter was swiftly wrestled to the floor by his three friends.

"Hey! It was only a suggestion! I can wear the Superman G-string if ya think she'd like that better."

the end