Copyright March 2001

"No Winston, darling. The sign needs to go more toward the right. The right. Your left, my right."

Ray smiled up at his handsome lover and wickedly patted him on the butt. Turning, he looked over at the table of presents and noticed Egon quietly sneaking up behind Peter.


"Kindly remove your fingers from the icing."

Peter jumped backwards, bumping into Winston's ladder and nearly toppling the black Ghostbuster from his perch. Winston managed to maintain a hold on his hammer while throwing a warning look at Peter. Ray hid his smile behind a collection of balloons and put out a hand to steady the ladder.

Ignoring a grumbling Winston, the misbehaving psychologist grabbed Egon around the waist and tousled his hair.

"Hey! Official birthday cake taster here. Watch who you're slapping."

The physicist's words of admonition were lost under the assault of Peter's wicked mouth. Breathless, Egon straightened his glasses and readjusted his pants.

"You will be the death of me yet, Dr. Venkman."

Peter slid his hand across his lover's ass and squeezed lightly.

"But Spengs . . . what a way to go!"

A warning noise interrupted the two lovers playful banter. Instantly everyone scrambled, the ladder hastily shoved in the corner.

"Shit! Egon! The candles!"

The blonde physicist dove for the matches and hastily performed his assigned task.

"Winston! Kill the lights!"

Ray tripped and fell to the floor, a muffled grunt of pain greeting the darkness.

"Peter! Move your darn foot."


The door slowly creaked open, allowing a sliver of light inside. Winston threw the lights on and the four men stepped forward, their voices booming loudly.

"Happy Birthday, Janine!!!!"

Janine stood there in complete amazement. Peter moved towards her. He winked, pressed a kiss to her cheek and tenderly closed her mouth shut.

"It's okay, sweetheart. We have that affect on everyone. Now . . . let's eat!"

Janine shook her head and rushed to the table, ready to wrestle the four men for her piece of confectionery delight.

"Hey! That's my cake! I get the first slice!"

the end