Gifts of Lust



Copyright December 2000

(RGB Challenge story)

Must contain: P/E/R/W

Whipped cream, Cock ring, Butt plug, Ball gag, Leather pants, Whip

Ray sat near the Christmas tree, the designated giver of gifts. Placing his desert plate aside, he licked a smear of whip cream from his lips and got busy doing his job. Reaching for a particular box, the young man's face flushed with a tinge of embarrassment, his gift to Winston about to be opened by his large lover.

The tall black man tore the wrapping paper off, scattering it across the floor. His dark eyes grew wide with surprise as the present came into view.

"Oh wow! I'm . . . Wow. Ray, you little devil."

The younger man ducked his head, his blush deepening in color.

"I thought . . . I imagined . . . Oh heck! It just made me so hot thinking of you in them."

Winston shook free the black leather pants, slowly rubbing his hands over the supple fabric. He moved to sit behind his lover, wrapping his arms around the smaller man. Leaning close, he whispered wickedly in Ray's ear.

"Hot's not the word for what I'm feeling, baby. Prepare yourself. I plan a private showing for you later tonight."

Ray grinned, his embarrassment overcome by his desire for the man holding him. His words were so soft, only Winston could hear them

"Can we use the small cock whip tonight?"

Winston pressed the growing bulge in his groin against Ray's ass.

"Oh god baby. Yes. It will feel so good against these leather pants. When can we sneak away?"

Peter's yell startled the two lusty lovers.

"Hey you guys! Nookie comes later. Hand out the gifts!"

Peter smiled at his two friends, delighted with their new found love for one another.

Ray slipped Winston a wet sizzling kiss before reaching for another brightly wrapped box. The next present was handed to Egon.

The physicist took the gift and smiled at the off center, slightly scraggly bow.

"I do believe this comes from you Peter. The wrapping is definitely your handiwork."

"Hey! It was wrapped with love. And just wait to you see what's inside. That bow's not the only thing that's gonna be knocked offside!"

Peter reached over and ran his hand along his lover's thigh, brushing ever so softly across the slender blonde's groin. He chuckled at the light stain of red that drifted across Egon's cheeks. His lover was so easy to tease.

Egon carefully removed the tape, preventing any harm to the wrapping paper. The room suddenly became too small, too hot and too public.

Grabbing Peter, the tall physicist pulled him to his feet and pushed him out of the room.

"Ummm . . . time for bed guys. See you in the morning."

Ray and Winston looked at each other, wicked grins on their faces. Grabbing the leather pants, they too ran for the privacy of their room.

Peter laughingly protested his lover's rough handling.

"Hey! Spengs. Slow down. You're gonna have a heart attack."

The physicist slammed the bedroom door closed and began to systematically rip his lover's clothes off. Before Peter could utter another word, he was naked and lying spread eagle on the bed.

"Oh man! If Santa was this good to you, I can't wait to see what he brought me."

Egon growled and began the task of enjoying his gift.

"It pays to be a nice boy, wouldn't you agree, Peter?"

The psychologist nodded silently, his mind focused on the mouth devouring his erection, the cold grip of a new shiny gold cock ring strangling his orgasm.

"Nice. Right. Gonna be nice from now on. Oh God! Oh God!"

A puckered entranceway was slicked and stretched and gifted with the joy of a bright red and green butt plug.

"Spengs! Ohhhhhhhhhhh! FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!"

An evil whisper teased the darkness, a ball gag played across babbling lips.

"I've reconsidered lover. Naughty is most definitely the way to go."

The end