Copyright January 2001

"Let me see."

"No. It's okay."

A frustrated sigh whispered out.

"Come on, Ray. Let me take a look."

Cheekbones glowed red, an embarrassed grimace coming into view.

"Ouch! And don't you say a word! Not one word!"

Winston gathered Ray close, his arms wrapping around the smaller man's body, offering body heat and comfort.

"Now honeybear, you know I would never do that. Let me look."


A tear trickled down Ray's chilled cheek.

"It hurts, Winston. Stings real bad."

The tall black Ghostbuster captured the tiny tear with a kiss. His lips traveled across Ray's cheek before offering a breathless sigh to his lover's mouth. Large hands gathered smaller ones in a gentle grip, a whisper of warm air drifting over the trembling digits.

"Winston, I couldn't resist. I just couldn't. "

Ray nuzzled the strong column of the older man's throat. The vibrations of a chuckle earned a lazy lick over a dark skinned earlobe.

"I know, Ray. Just remember, dear heart, I never want you to suffer any pain."

Winston reached for a nearby container of aloe vera, smoothing the cool gel over Ray's fingertips.

"So sweetness? Next New Year's eve when I say please leave the firecrackers alone, you'll listen to me?"

An impish grin and nibbling kiss teased the tall black man.

"Maybe yes. Maybe no."

The end


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