BEHIND DOOR NUMBER SEVEN   NEW R Steve's shipping out in the morning. Why spend his last night alone? (AU)
TASTY CLEANUP R BBQ is so messy.
A LIST OF LUST NC-17 A grocery list inspires Jesse.
HALLOWEEN ANGEL PG Steve changes his mind about the holidays.
CHRISTMAS THIEF PG Jesse misbehaves on Xmas eve.
A NEW RENDITION  NC-17 Never drink and sing on New Year's Eve.
VALENTINE'S DAY PG Steve reflects on Jesse and the holiday.
AN INJURY TO THE HEART R Does a kiss really make it all better?
THE KISS OF ENLIGHTENMENT R Sequel to above--When does a kiss mean more than a kiss?
DON'T FORGET  NC-17 Steve takes a moment to remember.  NOT A DEATH STORY!
SLIPPERY WHEN WET  R One last ride loses it for Steve.
A THANKFUL REVELATION  R Steve surprises everyone with a well guarded secret.
WHAT'S IN A NAME? NC-17 How hard can it be to pick out a name for a puppy?
CAN'T BUY ME LOVE           R Does Jesse have enough to buy Steve's love?