A New Rendition



Copyright January 1, 2002

Fireworks exploded outside the condo as the year 2002 was uniquely welcomed in by Detective Steve Sloan and Doctor Jesse Travis.

"Should all great asses be forgotÖ." 

Jesse sang out as he wiggled his bare butt at Steve. 

"And never rimmed or fuckedÖ"

The blonde giggled and ineffectively pushed against his large lover. When Steve refused to budge from his position on the bed, Jesse stuck his bottom lip out and presented the patented JT pout.

"Heaven help me." Steve shook his head and sighed. Rolling his eyes, he turned over on his stomach and gave in to Jesseís musical request.

The young doctor let out a shout of victory and scrambled to his knees, running his hands over the detectiveís rock hard ass. "Sure ainít forgetting this fine specimen of buttdom."

Jesse leaned down and skimmed his lips over the curve of Steveís bottom. He nipped the pale flesh and sat back quickly when the older man swatted at him. Nearly falling off the bed, Jesse grabbed onto his loverís ankles. Laughing, he proclaimed, "Youíve got the best honeybuns Iíve eeeeever tasted."

Jesse scooted forward and licked his tongue over Steveís hole. "And knowing my sweet tooth, Iím never gonna get enough of you, babe."

Steve moaned, his large hand clawing the sheets. "Where the hell did honeybuns come from?" he whispered hoarsely.

The doctor ignored his loverís mumbling and took another taste. A second later he resumed his singing.

"For your sweet ass, Iíll kiss and lick.

For your sweet ass, Iíll beg.

Iíll take another taste, dear Steve.

For your sweet ass is great!"

Steve flipped over and grabbed his slightly intoxicated lover. Hauling him under the covers, he tucked Jesse against his side and nuzzled his neck.

"Thatís the last time I let you spike the punch, Sunshine."

The end

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