Halloween Angel



Copyright October 2001

Most people associate Halloween with ghosts and goblins. Me? I think of angels. Specifically, my sweet Jesse.

Iím not crazy about holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving are okay. But the rest of them? Iím usually working and donít really have the opportunity to do any sort of celebrating.

That all changed the moment Jesse entered my life. My lover is wild about holidays and he goes all out for each and every one. And itís obvious, he loves Halloween.

You should see our home. The way he has it decorated, you would think we were living in a haunted house. Jesse has every Halloween decoration known to man. And somehow he has found room for each one of them. I have bats and witches hanging from my ceiling. Skeletons on every door; cobwebs on every window. Not to mention several black iron caldrons, strategically placed so that my toes are constantly coming in contact with them. <ouch!>

And for some reason, Jesse is really into the "talking" decorationÖ which I might add, is slowly driving me insane. If I hear that midget Dracula doll sing Monster Mash one more time, Iím going to take out my gun and shoot it.

Donít even get me started on the obscene amount of candy Jesse has stashed all over the house. He knows I have a weakness for sweets. Does my lover really think I can walk past a bowl of M&Ms and NOT grab a handful? Iíll have to double up on my workouts cause thereís no way in hell Iím gonna stay slim and trim during this holiday season. And if he makes one comment about my love handles, Iíll whip his sexy ass. <chuckle>

Of course, since Iím totally in love with my pumpkin patootie, you can only imagine the lengths Iíve gone to in order to make him happy. Iíve burnt nearly every one of my fingers making candied caramel apples. And the ones that arenít burnt have been sliced and diced due to my pitiful attempts at being the next Picasso of Pumpkins. Jesse has wisely refused to comment on the carved Jack O Lanterns I gifted him with. But donít think for one minute I havenít seen that twinkle in his eyes each time he walks by one of my creations. Hey! Iím a detective not a sculptor.

And you better believe Iím gonna make Jesse pay big time for making me wear all those costumes. He has dragged my sorry butt to several Halloween parties and each time he insisted I go as one of his favorite comic book characters. If I see another pair of tights, it will be way too soon. I donít care if Superman and Batman and Spiderman were "totally cool dudes." Them damn pantyhose make me itch.

I guess I sound like the Scrooge of Spookyville. But to tell the truth, Iíve actually had a pretty good time celebrating this yearís Halloween. And tonight has been the best time of all. Tonight Iíve watched my wicked lover transform himself into the angel of hugs and kisses.

We spent Halloween at the hospital, volunteering. Our first stop was Radiology, helping x-ray the childrenís candy. Jesse had the kids howling with laughter---his skeleton costume for that department was a big hit. He had it rigged so that every time the x-ray machine came on, his suit glowed. One little boy wanted to know if Jesse would come home with him and be his night light. <laugh>

My lover then changed into his dashing Robin Hood costume and proceeded to rob the richómeaning the candy bowls at the nursesí station. He took his loot up to the childrens' wing and with the help of his trusted friend, Little John (damn tights, again!) shared his bounty with the little ones.

Iíve never seen this side of my lover. Jesse walked into that place and sad frowns instantly transformed into happy smiles. One of the nurses whispered in my ear the reason for the kidsí reaction. It seems Jesse is a frequent visitor to the childrenís wing--almost every day, Sarah said.

Somehow my lover finds time in his busy schedule to check in on each of the little ones. And he promised to take them trick or treating tonight. With the help of the nurses and aides, we rounded up our ten tiny tots and brought them to the doctorís lounge. Jesse had arranged for several of his colleagues to decorate the large room as a mini haunted house.

Dad and Amanda were among the group passing out goodies to the children. Imagine my surprise to find them decked out as Shrek and the Princess Fiona. Iím pretty sure my mouth was hanging open cause Jesse had to close it with a laughing kiss. At least Iím not the only one suffering the indignity of crazy costumes!

The children had a blast. And each one of them had to share their findings with Jesse. My lover was pulled from one place to the next, every girl and boy determined to have fun with their favorite doc.

Things started to wind down around ten and I found myself separated from Jesse during the process of returning the children to their rooms. Sarah discovered me wandering the halls and pointed me in the right direction. What I found melted this big ole heart of mine.

Jesse was curled up in bed with little Miss Alyssa, a petite redheaded angel. The two were snuggled under the covers, munching on licorice sticks and my lover was regaling the small child with an outlandish tale from Sherwood Forest. From the look on Alyssaís face, she was completely mesmerized.

I found myself sliding down to sit on the floor, listening to Jesse spin his web of magic. And itís going to sound crazy but at that very moment I was imagining that Jesse and I werenít in a hospital but at home. And little Miss Alyssa wasnít a cancer patient but instead, our healthy daughter.

Jesse and I have never discussed children. I realize it would probably be a monumental task to adopt, us being a gay couple. But watching him with Alyssa just did something to my heart and I think Iíd like for us to at least consider the possibility.

I must have fallen asleep, for the next thing I remember was Jesseís sweet mouth teasing me awake. His loving smile made me feel warm all over and I hauled him down into my arms for a major hug session. I donít know how long we sat there, on the floor, watching Alyssa sleep but it was my dad who finally found us and shooed us home.

Itís midnight and Iím lying here in the dark, Jesse sprawled across me---my human blanket of love. I kiss his tangled curls and thank God for sending me this naughty angel.

Maybe holidays arenít so bad, after all. Just lose those damn tights! <happy laughter>

The end

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