Here you will find the story of Blaine and Trent. A best bud friendship that develops into a deep abiding love.

This is a Work in Progress!!


NEW  Damage Assessment Trent-17, Blaine-18 The storm has passed. Time to assess the damages.





The Comfort of Youth

Trent-6, Blaine-7 Blaine comforts Trent after a run-in with the local bully.

The Present

Trent-6, Blaine-7 Christmas Day

The Heart Grieves

Trent-11, Blaine-12 Death visit's Trent's family.


Trent-15, Blaine-16 The boys get identical tattoos or so Trent thinks.


Trent-15, Blaine-16 Trent finally acknowledges his feelings for Blaine and the two agree to meet and discuss their future.


Trent-15, Blaine-16 A violent act brings the two boys together.
First Touch, First Taste Trent-15, Blaine-16 Trent brings Blaine his homework and things get interesting for the two boys.
Decisions Made Trent-16, Blaine-17 Both Trent and Blaine make decisions that will affect their relationship.
All the Way Trent-16, Blaine-17 Trent decides tonight's the night -- the night to go all the way with the one he loves.
Confession Trent-16, Blaine-17 Trent tells the truth, knowing it could possibly end his relationship with Blaine. (Warning--angst)
Forgiveness Trent-16, Blaine-17 Trent finds forgiveness in the arms of his boyfriend.
Ring of Promise Trent-16, Blaine-17 Blaine offers a special token of his love.
Graduation Present Trent-16, Blaine-17 Trent delivers on his promise.
Sacrifice Trent-16, Blaine-17 Trent knows Blaine belongs to him but how does he prove that fact to the world?
Seeing is ... Fucking Unbelievable! Trent-16, Blaine-17 The boys get an eyeful of something absolutely shocking and definitely arousing.

Relocating the Heart

Trent-16, Blaine-17 Time for Blaine to go to college and time for a father/son discussion.

I'll be Home for Xmas

Trent-16, Blaine-17 Blaine's home for Xmas but it's not the holiday he had in mind.
Time Trent-17, Blaine-18 Trent has specific plans for his senior prom.
The Price of Love Trent-17, Blaine-18 Blaine would do anything to make Trent happy.
Damage Control Trent-17, Blaine-18 Blaine comes home to face an uncertain future.
Disclosure Trent-17, Blaine-18 Trent is witness to the fallout.
Unforeseen Consequences Trent-17, Blaine-18 Individual decisions wreak havoc for the two boys.
Storm Approaching Trent-17, Blaine-18 Storm clouds on the horizon for both boys.



These characters belong to their creator, Angelise