First Touch, First Taste



"Budman! You decent?"

Blaine looked up and found Trent's smiling face peeking around the corner of his door. Shoving the magazine he had been reading under the covers, he waved his best friend inside. "It's about time you got your sorry ass over here. Did practice run late?"

"Yeah. Coach wanted me to stay and work a bit with Keith." Trent plopped down in the chair next to Blaine's bed. "I have to say, Budman, he is nowhere as good a pitcher as you are." The teen stabbed his hand through his hair, leaving several tufts standing straight up. "Shit! What a time for both you and Jordy to be on the injured list. Catholic High is gonna clobber us on Friday."

Blaine rubbed his injured shoulder, the lingering ache a constant reminder of his recent attack. Despite the pain, he was thankful the idiots that had jumped him hadn't done any real damage to his shoulder. He couldn't afford to lose the baseball scholarship he was up for.  "It's not like I planned to be out the rest of the season," he told Trent.

"Yeah, I know." Trent leaned forward and tapped the older boy on the knee. "Sorry about that. Didn't mean to dig up bad memories." When Blaine didn't say anything else, Trent heaved his backpack on the bed and dumped a pile of books and papers in his friend's lap. "There's the homework your Mom asked me to get for you." Feeling like a fool, Trent slouched back in his chair and ran his hands through his sweat damp hair. "If you want, I can keep picking up your homework until you're ready to come back to school."

"Thanks. The doc says I can start back on Monday." Blaine pushed everything to the side. He was more interested in watching Trent strip off his baseball jersey and wipe the sweat from his face and chest.

"Hotter than hell out there today," Trent groused, changing the subject. "Thought I wasn't gonna finish those twenty extra laps Coach threw at us at the end of practice."

Mumbling a vague reply, Blaine bent his legs up, tenting the sheet covering his lower body, hoping it would keep Trent from seeing the boner he was getting from staring at him.

"You ogling the merchandise, Blaine Matthews?" Trent grinned at the blush that spread across his friend's face. He puffed out his chest and flexed his arms a couple of times. "Mighty fine merchandise, wouldn't you say?"

"Damn fine." Blaine waggled his eyebrows at Trent. "But then again… maybe I should inspect the merchandise before making such a judgment?"

Now it was Trent's turn to blush as he got to his feet and took a seat on the bed next to Blaine. He played with the folds of the sheet for several seconds before shyly meeting the older teen's gaze. "Do you really like the way I look? I been working out like a maniac so you'd…."

"So I'd what?" Blaine lifted his hand to Trent's bare chest and dragged his thumb over a nipple, smiling at the gasp that Trent couldn't hold back.

"So you'd like me and want to fuck me." Trent ducked his head. He so wanted Blaine to fuck him. Ever since his friend had confessed feelings for him, Trent had been having dreams that left his sheets and his underwear soaked. It's a wonder his dad hadn't started complaining about all the time Trent spent washing clothes. "I just wanted to…."

Silencing his friend with his touch, Blaine slid his hand across Trent's chest and down his right arm, feeling the younger boy's muscles ripple in response to his light caress. "You did this for me?"

Capturing the hand that landed next to his, Trent lifted his head and looked Blaine straight in the eye. "I'm your boyfriend now. Gotta look good for you."

"You're definitely looking good. So good, I might have to start working out more myself," Blaine grinned at the look of confusion on Trent's face. "Gotta be in shape to fight off all your admirers."

Trent's blush worsened and his eyes grew wide with amazement as he watched Blaine slowly lean toward him. "Uh… Budman?"

A warm feeling had come over Blaine when Trent had declared he was his boyfriend and suddenly all the sixteen year old could think about was kissing him. "Yes?"

"You… you gon… you gonna kiss me?" Trent closed his eyes when Blaine's hand circled the back of his neck and gently tugged on the ends of his hair.

"Seems to be on this afternoon's agenda."

"Oh… okay." Trent had wanted to kiss Blaine the moment he had entered the boy's room but had hung back because he was unsure of how to go about doing it. Not unsure of how to kiss. Hell, he had kissed quite a few girls in his time. No, he was unsure about kissing Blaine, about kissing a guy. Hadn't ever done that before and he sure as hell didn't want to act the scared virgin and screw up what he now had with his best friend. So when Blaine took matters into his own hands, Trent couldn't help but give a huge sigh of relief. The sound was barely out of his mouth before Blaine's was closing over it. "Ummm…."

Thinking his friend was still shy about the two of them, Blaine decided to keep the kiss simple. Unfortunately, the message did not quite reach his hands and it wasn't until he heard Trent moan that he discovered he was twisting and pulling on the younger boy's nipples.

"Shit, Trent. Sorry!" Blaine snatched his hands away and hid them in his lap.

"Don't stop." Trent grabbed Blaine's left hand and placed it back on his chest. "Do it some more," he huskily requested. "Felt good." Felt so good Trent thought he would come in his pants. Nobody had ever touched him like that. He knew girls liked having their tits touched but he didn't think the same applied to guys. Man, was he wrong. "Come on, Blaine. Do it again."

Blaine looked at the swollen peaks jutting out from Trent's pecs and couldn't help thinking about how much he wanted to taste them with his mouth. He shifted his hand to Trent's back and guided him forward, maintaining eye contact as he lowered his head, feeling a small measure of delight upon seeing the dazed look of passion on his best friend's face. "God, I love you, Trent," he whispered a second before his tongue hesitantly brushed across warm flesh.

"Fellas." A gruff voice called out, followed by an exaggerated throat clearing

The two teens reacted as if ice cold water had been thrown at them, both of them snapping back so hard Trent fell off the bed and Blaine hit his head on the wall behind him.

Sean walked into his son's room and held out a hand to Trent, assisting him to his feet. He smiled at the sight of the boy's flushed features and slightly swollen lips. Turning to his son, he gave Blaine a look of disapproval, the mock reprimand totally ruined when he chuckled at the way Blaine was desperately trying to hide the erection he was sporting.

Taking pity on his son, Sean grabbed one of those fancy pillows his wife insisted on decorating each bed in the house with and dropped it on Blaine's lap. He then ruffled his son's hair as he took a seat beside him and quietly admonished, "Fellas, if you're gonna fool around, I ask you obey two rules." He looked over at Trent. "Keep it private, which means…." Sean pointed his finger first at Trent, then at Blaine. "… keep the door locked."

Blaine clapped his hand over his mouth. "Oops."

Sean smiled lovingly at his son. "Oops ain't gonna cut it if your sisters or Mom walk in and catches you sucking Trent's tonsils out of his throat."

Trent started to offer an apology but his words were waved aside.

"No need to apologize. I know exactly how it feels to be so horny you forget about such mundane things like closing doors when you're making out with your best bud." Sean clasped both boys on the arm. "Keep the door locked, okay?"

Trent and Blaine blushed as they mumbled their agreement.

"My second request is that you come to me when you've decided you're ready to get truly intimate with each other. I'd just like to discuss a few things with you before you do the deed, so to say." Sean looked first at his son and then at Trent. "Do I have your promise on this?"

Trent threw a bewildered look at his friend but kept his questions to himself as he nodded his head. "Okay, Mr. Matthews. No problem."

"Sure, Dad," Blaine added. "But I wouldn't worry about that talk just yet. Me and Trent are in no way ready to take it that far."

"All right then, gentlemen." Sharing a smile with his son, Sean stood and headed for the door. "You might want to watch out for your sisters, Blaine. Last time I saw them, they were in the kitchen reading the directions for the new digital camera." Laughing, Sean left his son's room, making sure he locked the door on his way out.

Absentmindedly rubbing his hand over his nipples, Trent resumed his place next to Blaine. He captured his friend's hand and began to play with it, interlacing their fingers in different patterns. "Can I ask you a question about your dad?"

"Sure. Ask away." Finding his erection had finally subsided, Blaine threw the pillow on the floor and kicked off the covers. "Whatcha want to know?"

"Your dad said he knew what it was like to make out with his best bud. What exactly did he mean by that?" Trent ducked his head just in case Blaine wanted to haul off and hit him for asking such a personal question.

Blaine glanced at the locked door before making eye contact with Trent. "You gotta promise you won't say anything to Angel or Susana. They don't know about this at all but… back in college, Dad was bi… I mean, I guess he still is, he just prefers women right now."

"Huh?" Trent just stared at his friend. He was having a hard enough time understanding two guys loving each other. He didn't even want to think about the kind of loving that involved both guys and girls. "You mean your dad likes both?"

Blaine pointed to a family picture on his wall. "You know my uncle Dan?"

"Isn't he the one who comes to visit every summer?"

"Yeah, that's him. He's not really my uncle. He and Dad used to be lovers back when they were both in college."

Trent scooted closer to Blaine. "When he comes to visit, does your dad and he… uh… you know."

A shocked look came over Blaine's face. "No! I mean… not that I know of. And I sure as hell don't plan on asking him. But if I had to guess, I'd seriously doubt it. Dad's totally in love with Mom and I'm pretty sure he hasn't looked at or fucked another guy since he met her. He's always saying she's everything he's ever wanted and they're gonna be together forever."

"Does your Mom mind that he used to fuck guys?" Trent discovered the magazine Blaine had been looking at earlier and began playing nervously with the edges of the pages.

"I don't think she does. She seems okay with Uncle Dan when he comes to visit." Blaine scratched at the stitches holding his busted chin together. "Why the sudden interest in my Dad?"

"I don't know. Guess I'm just trying to get a handle on this guy thing. You've got your… Holy shit, Budman! What the hell is this?" Trent pulled the magazine away from where it was partially hidden beneath Blaine's leg and his mouth fell open in pure shock when he got a better look at the cover. He pointed to the image of the naked man with piercings all over his body. "You getting kinky on me?" Tearing his gaze away from the metal pins and rings that pierced the man's dick, he looked over at Blaine and discovered his friend now sported a blush that would probably glow in the dark it was so bright red.

Blaine ran his hand through his hair and took refuge in the long bangs that fell over his eyes. With a lopsided grin on his face, he confessed, "I was thinking of getting my…."

Trent dropped the magazine as if it was a hot potato and squeezed the daylights out of Blaine's hand. "Tell me you're not thinking of sticking something like that…" he pointed to the picture of the naked man, "in your dick."

"HELL NO!" Blaine grabbed the magazine and quickly thumbed to the page he been looking at earlier. "Nobody's messing with my big boy." The teen held out the magazine to his friend. "I was actually thinking about…."

Trent released Blaine's hand and, inch by inch, slowly slid his own along the older boy's thigh. "Big boy, huh?" Slipping a finger under the edge of Blaine's boxers, he grinned slyly, "Care to prove that fact?"

"You keep heading in that direction and you'll find out for yourself." Blaine chewed nervously on his bottom lip. He was torn between the need to take things slow with Trent and the need to feel his friend's callused hand wrapped around his shaft. Common sense won out and he forced his body to ignore the heat of Trent's touch, his laughter just a tad bit breathless as he said, "Of course, I'm gonna demand you reciprocate and show me what's hiding 'neath your jeans."

Choking slightly, Trent snatched back the magazine and pretended profound interest in the page Blaine had turned to. "So you were thinking about this? Getting your tits pierced?" Watching Blaine finger his nipples, Trent could suddenly see himself stretched out on top of his friend, sucking and teasing the pierced nubs of flesh. Clearing his throat, he asked, "What's got you interested in doing something like this?"

"You, actually."


Blaine grinned at his friend as he leaned forward and stole a quick kiss. "Dad's got both of his pierced and he says they're a major source of pleasure for him and Mom. Swears they get you all hot and bothered the second they're tugged on or sucked on. I thought maybe it could be something we could try."

"Try?" Trent couldn't resist and reached out to touch the body parts in question.

"Yeah. Mr. Samuels said if I don't like them, I can just remove 'em and the holes will close up after a time." Blaine closed his hand over Trent's and moved it back and forth between both of his nipples.

"Mr. Samuels, huh? Will I get to come with you when you have it done?" Trent crawled on the bed and straddled Blaine's legs. "You're gonna need me to hold your hand, right?"

Blaine tilted his head back and closed his eyes, moaning softly when Trent palmed his pecs. "I think I'll need you for more than just hand holding. The article suggests you bring your lover along so that they can stimulate your nipples, make 'em so hard they stand up real high. That way it makes it easy for the tech to pierce them."

Surrendering to the hunger that suddenly overwhelmed his shyness, Trent lowered his head and licked one of the nipples in question. "You mean stimulate them like this? Or maybe like this?" He tugged on the nipple with his teeth and laughed when he felt Blaine grip his arms and grind against him. Looking up, Trent couldn't help but moan at the sight of his friend's flushed features, the way Blaine gnawed on his bottom lip as he thrashed his head from side to side.

Blaine lifted one hand and tangled his fingers in Trent's hair, his voice breaking as he whispered to the young boy. "Ye… yeah, like that."

Dividing his attention between Blaine's nipples, Trent sucked hard on the tit in his mouth while making sure he pleasured the neglected one with his fingers, pinching and scraping it with his fingernails. "You sure this is the kinda stimulation you're gonna need?"

"Fuck, yeah." Blaine shoved his hand inside his boxers and grabbed the base of his dick. He sure as hell wasn't about to embarrass himself in front of Trent by shooting his load just because he loved having his tits played with. "Shit! Trent, I…."

"Do it." Trent covered Blaine's hand with his own and dragged them both back and forth, rubbing his friend's dick as he tongued his tits. "The door's locked. It's just me and you." The younger teen slipped his hand inside Blaine's underwear and brushed his thumb over the leaking head of his dick. "Let it rip, Budman. Show me how bad this big boy can get."

His mind sliding into a major meltdown, Blaine grabbed Trent by the back of his neck and hauled him up for a bruising kiss. The second he felt his friend's hand replace his own on his dick and squeeze the hard column of flesh, his body convulsed and he climaxed, thick strands of spunk shooting out and saturating his boxers.

"Fuck! Trent! Fuck!" Arching off the bed, Blaine was sure his spine would break in two from the pleasure ripping through his body. He howled his friend's name again before collapsing back down on the sheets, his hands fisting the pillows as his hips bucked helplessly. When the last drops of his release spurted out of his dick, he opened his eyes and, in dazed amazement, watched Trent lick his hand clean.

"Tastes kinda… ummm… I don't know… sour, salty. Definitely an acquired taste." Trent looked up and saw a frown chase across his friend's face. Scooting closer to the older boy, he leaned down and kissed Blaine's busted chin as he quickly added, "It's definitely a taste I plan on acquiring again and again and again." He reached back and patted the older boy's crotch, grinning at the weak groan of protest voiced and the trembling hand that pushed his away. "Maybe I'll wait 'til tomorrow before I acquire another taste?"

Seeing the distress his friend was in, Trent swiftly moved off the bed and resumed his seat in the chair by it. He wanted nothing more than to touch Blaine's dick again-stroke it, hold it - maybe this time suck it until hot semen erupted from its head. Not to mention, he wanted Blaine to do the same to him - jerk him off, let him shoot his load so that Blaine could find out what he tasted like. Lightly stroking his own erection, Trent watched silently as his friend struggled to regain control of himself. Finally Blaine straightened up in bed and turned his gaze in Trent's direction.

"Dammit, Trent, that was fucking incredible. Shit! I think I saw stars." Blaine crawled to the side of the bed and reached out to grip Trent's knee. With a nod of his head, he indicated his friend's obvious boner. "You… you want me to return the favor?"

Trent caught sight of the clock on Blaine's wall and cursed. "Crap. I'd like nothing better, Budman, than to have you take care of my problem, but I gotta get home. Dad wants to go visit Mom's grave and he asked me to come with him." Trent stood up and groaned when Blaine pressed a kiss to his denim-covered erection.

"I still miss her," Blaine whispered. He wrapped his arms around Trent's slender waist and hugged him tight, using his chin to nuzzle the arrow of downy soft hair that disappeared beneath Trent's low-riding jeans.

For a brief second, the second in which Blaine licked his belly, Trent thought about canceling out on his dad. He quickly shoved that thought out of his mind as he pulled away from Blaine and forcibly removed himself from temptation. "Huh?"

"Your mom. I still miss her." Blaine stood and followed Trent to the door. "Can't believe it's been five years since she died."

"Five years tomorrow, to be exact." Trent still, on occasion, found it difficult to talk about his mother and he hastily changed the subject. "Let me know when you want to go have your tits pierced."

"You'll come with me?"

"Somebody's gotta keep an eye on you." A wicked grin appeared on Trent's face. "Besides, maybe I'll get mine done, too. Can't let you have all the fun."

The image of Trent naked on his bed, begging him to suck his pierced tits had Blaine instantly hard and he groaned in frustration. Throwing his friend a dirty look, he muttered softly, "You are such an asshole."

Trent laughed as he threw open the door. "Like I said a while back, I'm your asshole."

Blaine grabbed his friend for one last kiss. "You got that right!"

Trent slipped free and took off down the hall. "Love ya, Budman," he called over his shoulder.

"Back at ya, Trent."

Blaine closed the door to his room and looked down at his damp underwear. "I think I better get to the store and buy me some more boxers. For some reason, I have the feeling I'll be changing them more than just once a day."

To be continued...