(Betrayal Part 18)



Copyright March 2001

A glass of champagne is raised, another toast offered.

I smile at my friends and family. They have come from far and near to celebrate with me. With us.

The room is crowded but my heart knows where he is.

Shauwn. My friend, my lover, my husband.

I look across the sea of happy faces and his is the one I focus on. His blue eyes hold secrets only I know. And his smile is the one that gives light to my universe.

It's been five years. Five years of total commitment to one another.

My heart melts as I look at him, at the gift he holds in his arms.

Our son. Our beloved Nicholas.

I close my eyes and give a simple thanks to the wonder of modern genetics. Our wonderful son is a miracle, a blending of both myself and Shauwn. The living proof of our union.

My life is complete now, my heart filled with their love.

A happy tear slips down my cheek and my mate is there to catch it with his understanding smile. Two pair of hands tangle in my hair, pulling me down to share a kiss.

A giggle and a quiet moan welcome my lips.

The press of my lover's slender body reminds me of unspoken needs. I acknowledge the sensual prompting by running my hands across his back and down to his ass.

I watch as Shauwn bites his lower lip before hiding his face in Nicholas' curls. I can't resist and I allow my fingers to tease over his groin.

A blur of movement and I find myself swept behind closed doors and naked on our bed.

A ravenous mouth inhales my cock and I howl into the pillow my mate has so politely smashed over my face. An invading finger pushes inside my ass at the same time teeth scrape across my ballsac. My hoarse scream defeats the feather restraint and echoes throughout the room.

A concern tugs at my mind and I rip away the pillow.

"Nic . . . Nicholas?"

Blue eyes burn me with their hunger.

"Your sister."

I nod my head and give up all control to my husband.

His smaller body flows over me, touching, kissing every sensitive spot.

A cold caress of metal nudges between my legs and I open myself.

He kneels before me, fondling his heavy balls, stroking his pierced cock. My eyes cloud over with tears as I behold the twin to the hoop in my own cock.

Circles of gold. Of love. A wedding band for our bodies, you told me the day we got them. Yours is engraved with my name. Mine with yours.

The memory incinerates as you claim me, your cock sliding effortlessly inside my ass. You laugh, your subtle strength pulling at me, guiding me into a sitting position on your thighs.

I thread my fingers through your hair and capture your lips, letting them feast on the love I have for you.

The wild taking gentles into a slow mating and our bodies surrender their seed together in the same moment.

We tumble on our sides, panting and still hungry for each other's touch.

I soothe your shudders with my mouth, cleaning away the evidence of our release from your body. I smile as you lazily stretch, your happy sigh drifting into the silence.

You crawl across my long body, nipping at my nipples, proud of the ring that graces the left nub. You snuggle against me, your mouth teasing the adorned flesh.

I close my eyes, your love sheltering my heart, my soul, my world.

I am complete.

The end???