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I' ve been doing a lot of writing in the Supernatural fandom, but it's mostly been Wincest.  For those of you not familiar with Supernatural, Wincest means an incestuous relationship between the Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean.  Due to the sensitive nature of the issue, I'm not comfortable housing the fic here, but it is all archived on the Sam/Dean Slash Archive. The link and descriptions of the stories are listed below.


Here is the link to the Sam/Dean Slash Archive
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Baby Steps    PG-13    MPREG
Glimpses into the life of Dean and Sam as they cope with Dean’s pregnancy  (this series is ongoing and has 90+ chapters)

Belling the Tiger    PG-13
Dean just isn't himself lately . . . .

Belling the Tiger    PG-13
A gen version of this story exists and is located here.

Better Late Than Never    PG    
A tag scene to “Born Under a Bad Sign”

Bruised Sky    PG-13    New
With all the time they spend on the road, especially in the Midwest , it stands to reason that the Winchesters might come across a spot of bad weather.

Caretaker    PG    
With Sam gone to college, John and Dean have to learn a whole new dynamic.

Christmas Past  PG-13  
Sam had really thought, now that they were lovers, that Dean would see him more as an equal and not just the pesky little brother that had to be protected. It stung to be wrong.

Clothes Make the Man    PG-13   
Dean and Sam prepare to go undercover.

Coming Clean     PG
He didn’t have time for this chore.

Courage    PG-13  
After an encounter with a vindictive spirit, Dean loses an important part of his personality.

Dean's Truth  PG    
He was ashamed to admit it, even to himself, but Dean had kind of liked it.

Double Onions    PG-13   
Dean likes onions - a lot. Sammy doesn’t. He really doesn’t.  (Minor spoiler for All Hell Break's Loose)

Final Grace    R    New
Lucifer has risen and all the hosts of Heaven won’t be enough to put him back down again.

First Mistake    PG   
Tag scene to Season 1 finale

He's a Doll  PG   
Tag scene for “Playthings”

Kicked    PG  
Sharing a bad with Samzilla isn't always easy

Love Endures    R   
“I have to admit, I kind of like taking care of you for a change.”

No Deal    PG    New
What might have happened if John Winchester hadn’t made the deal that saved Dean’s life?

Not a Cruel Man    PG-13   
Gordon Walker is a hunter.  (Spoilers for "The Hunted)

Mary’s Son     PG
Dean was Mary’s son

Possessive Play  R   
He was the hottest thing in the bar and he damn well knew it.

Protective Instinct     PG
After the events of "Nightmare," Dean's worried about his brother. Sam/Dean (unrequited)

Slut      NC-17
When Dean picked a man, the guy had to be tall. Had to be rough. (Dean/OC, unrequited Sam/Dean)

Shell Game    PG    New
Sam hopes he knows his brother as well as he thinks he does.

Speechless  PG  
Sam Winchester had never learned to be careful of what he wished for.

Strong Enough  PG-13  
What happened between being electrocuted during the fight with the rawhead and arriving in Nebraska.

The First Mistake   PG
A post-"Devil's Trap" story.

Travel Insurance    PG
Dean still doesn’t like to fly.

Under the Nails    PG   
A tag scene to “Born Under a Bad Sign”

Unwanted Passengers    PG-13     New
When you travel as much as Dean and Sam do, you’re bound to pick up an unwanted passenger once in a while.

What He Needs    PG    New
Sam's a little overprotective.


I have a fiction list for those who don't want to wait until I manage to get a story posted here. I also post stories to my list that I'm not comfortable putting on a public website, such as my Supernatural work. If you'd care to join, it's located at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JuliSlashFiction/


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