A Journey of the Heart

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Spliced Universe


Genetic engineering began as a beneficent tool, allowing scientists to develop better crops and eliminate genetic diseases that had plagued humanity since history began. As the years passed, the scientists' techniques became more refined and so did their creations. Eventually the populace realized that the Engineered Life Forms, known as ELFs, being created by genetic engineers  were designed to be slaves, often intended for sex or to be used as soldiers. Humanity found its conscience, with a resulting war that lasted a generation. Birthed humans finally won, driving 'splicers' into the criminal underground. Unfortunately, their work thrived there, as there were always people rich enough to pay for having a slave grown to their specifications.  Birthed humans continued to search for splicers and destroy them, but battling an enemy capable of growing its own army was challenging. As for the ELFs themselves, birthed humans never forgot that it was their inattention that allowed them to be enslaved and so most humans feel a deep sense of responsibility towards them.


More background


Warning: Technically, this is not underage, but it’s close. In a similar vein, there’s no issue of non-consent, but it could be argued that one participant doesn’t really know what’s going on. That might make it dubious consent? In any case, if you’re sensitive to either issue, I would recommend not reading

Captain Mac Taylor finds more than he expects when his team captures a crèche station.




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