Rack 'Em Up

By Juli

March 2000

Navy SEALs, even ex-SEALs, didn't pout.

At least, Derek Rayne supposed, that's what his lover would claim. Stew and brood? Yes. Grump? Oh, they were good at that. But, pout? Never. In fact, Nick would probably say that pouting was an activity best reserved for the sissy boys enlisted in the Marines.

The Precept leaned back against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest, smile playing around his lips. He'd come down from his office so quietly that the other man hadn't heard his approach. It was a rare opportunity to watch his younger lover unobserved and Derek wasn't about to let the chance to pass him by. Even if Nick was pouting sulking due to a failed seduction attempt earlier in the evening.

Derek watched as Nick circled the billiard table, the Security Chief's forehead wrinkled in concentration as he studied the three remaining balls. The ex-SEAL grabbed his handy can of beer, and took a swig, eyes never leaving the game table. Nick's focus might have been riveted to the game, but Derek's gaze was quickly diverted to the sight of his lover's throat and the rippling of the muscles there as the young man swallowed his beverage. The Precept dug his fingernails into his hand, determined to remain Nick's unseen audience for the nonce, no matter how tempting that bobbing adam's apple was at the moment.

Meanwhile, back at the table, Nick seemed to finally come to a decision. Moving decisively, the young man picked up his pool cue and reached for the small square of chalk placed unobtrusively on the rim of the table. Moving his hand in a rhythmic circular action, the ex-SEAL coated the tip of his cue with chalk, eyes half-mast in preoccupation. Derek stifled a moan, trying to repress the thought that, if he hadn't been so diligent to his Legacy duties earlier in the evening, it would have been an entirely different rod receiving such attention from Nick. The moan became a nearly inaudible gasp as Nick's lips suddenly pursed and the young man blew the excess chalk from the tip of the cue.

No, he wasn't even going to *think* about what else Nick's lips could have been doing, if he hadn't been so insistent on finishing his work.

Derek readjusted his pants as Nick stalked around the table, silent in his bare feet, still unaware that he had a spectator for his current sport. The younger man finally seemed satisfied with the angle of his shot and leaned forward, his rod held steady between slim, capable fingers. The Precept wasn't terribly familiar with pool or billiards, but Nick's stance seemed a bit awkward to him. The ex-SEAL was bent very far over the table, the angle canting his ass high in the air. While it looked uncomfortable for Nick, Derek was quite pleased with the position. It was his opinion that his lover wore his clothing much too baggy, but the way Nick's body was currently contorted caused the denim in the younger man's jeans to stretch tight across his buttocks, clearly outlining the crevice between the two firm and beloved cheeks.

So intent was he upon his lover's ass, that Derek almost missed the shot. A decisive thrust from the cue, a soft click as two balls slapped together, and then, suddenly, there were only one ball on the table.

"Gonna stand there all night or you gonna come in and play?" Nick turned around as he asked the question.


Derek chuckled ruefully as he fully entered the room. "I didn't want to interrupt your concentration, love." A quick kiss, tasting of beer and Nick. "What gave me away?"

Nick gave a quick jab of his head towards the ceiling. "Mirror's mounted above the table."

"Ah, I had forgotten that."

The Precept watched as his lover stalked to the other side of the table. Making his mind up much more quickly this time, Nick lined his pool cue up for another shot, looking up at Derek to make full eye contact. Keeping his gaze locked on the older man, Nick thrust the pool cue back and forth between his fingers several times before finally letting it connect with the ball.

The ex-SEAL watched with satisfaction as the ball disappeared into a pocket. Looking back up at Derek, he reminded him, "I'm not the one with a focus problem, remember?"

It was Derek's turn to circle the table and he quickly came up behind the smaller man. Wrapping his arms around Nick, Derek leaned in until his chin was resting on his lover's shoulder. "I'm sorry about that. But I *am* the Precept and there are things I must do... whether I like it or not."

Nick snorted. "If you tell me, paperwork's the real evil the Legacy should be fighting."

Derek nuzzled the side of the Security Chief's neck. "You'll get no argument from me there." The men stayed wrapped up in one another a few moments, relishing the comfort of the body contact.

"So, you all done workin' for tonight?"

"Yes," Derek tried hard not to smile at the nonchalant tone of voice his younger lover was feigning.

"Good. 'Cause all work and no play makes Nick a very unhappy boy."

Derek's arms tightened around the American. "Well, we can't have that, can we?" Deciding to tease his younger lover, the Precept abruptly dropped his arms and moved across the room towards the wooden rack that held the rest of the pool cues. "If it's playing you want, why don't you teach me how to shoot pool?"

Nick growled. "Derek...."

The older man turned around to face him, eyes wide open in a mimicry of innocence. "What? If we're going to play, I need a pole, don't I?"

The ex-SEAL's eyes flashed dangerously. "Rayne, get your skinny European butt over here!"

Derek was pleased at the proprietary nature of Nick's scrutiny, satisfied that he was able to inspire such heat in the younger man. Giving up the charade of wanting to play billiards, he dropped his hand from the wooden cue and sauntered back over to his waiting lover.

As soon as he got within reach, Nick bunched his fist in Derek's shirt and yanked the taller man to him. Lips met with crushing force and the ex-SEAL used the distraction of the kiss to bring his own pool cue up behind Derek and grab it in his other hand, using it to leverage the bigger man closer until he was pressed tightly against him.

Feeling Derek's erection pressing against his own through the fabric of their pants, Nick's wide grin disrupted the kiss. He pulled his face back from the Precept's for a moment, even while he humped his groin against his lover's. "And you said you didn't have a 'pole,'" he teased, even as he dropped the cue.

It was Derek's turn to growl. "I'll show you a pole, young man..." He impatiently pulled Nick's t-shirt off, roughly kissing each inch of skin as it was exposed. "I want to be inside you. Filling you...."

"God," Nick moaned, turning his head to give the older man more exposure to his throat. "That sounds like a plan I can live with."

By the time the shirt was off, the ex-SEAL's nipples were already taut with desire. That didn't stop Derek, though, from rubbing them between his fingers until they were even more stiff and sensitive. Crouching down, he suckled first one and then the other, biting down lightly to make Nick moan. One last puff of moist breath across his favorite little nub and the Precept looked back up into his lover's face. Nick had his eyes half-closed and his hands were gently stroking the back of Derek's head, looking for all the world like a cat that's just finished a bowl of cream...

"Nice," Nick all but purred, completely the image of a languid feline.

"Just you wait," Derek promised, "it's going to get better."

Dropping to his knees, the Precept started unbuttoning his lover's jeans. As soon as he had sufficient buttons loosened, Derek slipped his hands inside the waistband, dipping his fingers not only under the jeans, but under the briefs as well. Pausing for a moment to relish the warm feel of Nick's skin against his own, he slowly eased the garments off the ex-SEAL's slender hips.

As the first curl of pubic hair became visible, Derek nuzzled his face into it, inhaling the rich, musky scent that was Nick at his sexiest. By the time the jeans and briefs were puddled at the ex-SEAL's ankles, the nuzzling had evolved into gentle kisses, the older man's lips dancing reverently up and down the exposed shaft of his lover's penis.

"Derek," Nick moaned breathlessly, "I don't think I'm gonna last long if you keep doin' that..."

The Precept withdrew for a moment, watching with gratification as the loss of contact made the younger man bite his lip, hips instinctively thrusting towards the direction of the moist heat of Derek's mouth. Feeling the ex-SEAL's legs start to shake, Derek quickly stood and wrapped one large hand around each of Nick's hips. With a little grunt of strain, he lifted the smaller man until Nick was perched on the edge of the pool table. This time, when Derek knelt between Nick's spread legs, the position was more comfortable for both of them.

Suddenly, it seemed to the ex-SEAL as though his talented lover had five mouths. One moment, Derek would be sweeping his tongue up and down Nick's hard and veined shaft. The next, the tip of his engorged penis would be engulfed in juicy warmth as Derek swallowed it, rimming his tongue underneath the ridge at the head of Nicks cock. The younger man's testicles weren't forgotten either, as first one and then the other was lovingly taken into Derek's mouth and bathed.

"D-D-Derek," Nick stuttered, "I c-c-can't hold back..."

"Then don't," Derek reassured him between licks, making sure he lapped up every drop of pearly pre-cum. "I made you wait too long already tonight. Let go, love, it's all right."

Finally, the Precept swallowed Nick's sex whole, one hand on a hip, pinning the writhing young man in place, the other reaching in to lightly scratch the sensitive skin of Nick's perenium. Howling his lover's name, Nick finally couldn't hold back his orgasm any longer, the world fading to bright white as waves of pleasure overcame him.

A few moments later, the ex-SEAL regained awareness to the sensation of being held in his lover's warm embrace. "Wow," he murmured, "there's something to be said for delayed gratification."

Derek chuckled tenderly. "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

Nick could only nod, too spent for discussion. He leaned forward, still seated on the edge of the table, but wanting to get even closer to the older man. As he did, he couldn't help but notice two things. First, Derek still had his clothes on and, second, he could feel the Precept's erection drilling him through fabric of the other man's pants.

"Hey," he asked quietly, "what about you?"

A kiss was dropped on top of his head, the soft lips caressing his hair. "This was about you, love. To make up for having to put up with my dedication to the Legacy." Another kiss, this one to the shell of an exposed ear. "I put work before you tonight, Nick. That shouldn't happen, not when there's no emergency. I'm sorry." He didn't promise that it wouldn't happen again. Both men knew better. Such was the lot of those affiliated with the Legacy.

"Hey," Nick said again, hoping to break the suddenly melancholy mood. "You still serious about wanting to learn how to shoot pool?"

Derek smiled at his mercurial lover. "Something tells me I better say yes. So, yes."

Nick grinned at him. "Okay, listen carefully. First move you gotta learn is this: Eight ball to the center pocket." As he spoke, the young man grabbed the Precept's hand and moved towards his anus, making no doubt about just which opening the "center pocket" was intended to be.

"Center pocket, huh?" Derek said, cock filling impossibly more at seeing his lover spread himself for him. "Shouldn't we move this upstairs, Nick? I mean, my eight ball is feeling cooperative, not to mention my pool cue, but we need to make some preparations..."

"Oh no," Nick said with a throaty chuckle. He guided Derek's fingers to his opening, making sure the older man was able to put at least one digit inside. "Why do you think I was so frustrated before? Here I got all ready and you went all Employee of the Month on me."

The Precept's breath caught in his chest as a finger slipped into the already slick channel. Evidently, Nick's earlier seduction attempt had been more planned out than he'd dreamed. The thought that his young lover had been whiling away the time until they could make love, oiled and prepared for him, ignited something deep within Derek. Surging up against Nick's athletic body, he eagerly devoured the American's mouth, all but knocking the other man over with the force of his embrace.

Nick laughed breathlessly into the kiss, waiting until the first wave of Derek's desire had run its course. Bracing his hands against the taller man's shoulders, Nick pulled back until he had room to talk. "Wait just a minute, big guy. Aren't you forgetting something?"

Derek shook his head in vigorous denial, bending his head again for another taste of his lover's mouth. Nick stopped him with a hand on his chest. "Clothes, Derek. Aren't you a little overdressed?"

The Precept looked down at himself, still fully clothed. Hmmm, that would be a problem. Quickly unfastening the fly of his trousers, he moved to embrace his lover again.

"No way, boss man. Those are wool pants." At Derek's confused look, he clarified, "They itch. Off with them. Besides," the teasing manner left Nick's voice and his words got softer, "I want to feel your skin against mine."

Derek quickly began to comply, rarely able to deny Nick when he used that tone of voice. As the older man stripped, Nick laid back on the table, one hand lazily playing with his nipples while the other stroked up and down his hardening cock.

The sight of his lover pleasuring himself gave wings to Derek's fingers and soon, he was clambering up beside him. He gave a fleeting thought that he should be thankful of the sturdy construction of the game table, but soon all coherent thought was stripped away by the sensation of Nick's nude body stretched out under his. Tenderly, Derek leaned in for another kiss, bringing both hands up to cup Nick's face. When their mouths parted, the taller man replaced his lips with his thumbs, gently stroking over the ex-SEAL's mouth. The younger man turned his head, placing kiss after kiss in the palm of Derek's hand.

It was only knowing that even greater pleasure was to come that gave Derek the strength of will to break off the kisses and lift himself off Nick's lithe body. Trailing his hands down the length of his lover's shoulders, tracing a path between the rosy and erect nipples, dawdling momentarily to caress a smooth stomach, the Precept's wandering fingers finally made their way to Nick's groin. By this time, the ex-SEAL's cock was once again fully erect and Derek made sure to pump it a time or two. His action caused Nick to cry out with desire, hips lifting off the table.

Knowing that his own release was drawing ever closer, Derek left off the wanton strokes and allowed his hands to drift down to cup Nick's firm buttocks. Bending down for a quick, hard kiss, the Precept lifted Nick's calves until they were on his shoulders and then he parted the ripe cheeks, fingers questing for the small opening he knew was hidden in the cleft. Nick's cries were growing ever louder and when Derek's fingers breached his most private place, the young man mewled in pleasure, beyond even articulating his lover's name.

"Gonna do it, Nick," Derek promised, his words almost guttural in the effort to get them out past his desire. "Going to fill you. Won't be room for anything else. Any*one* else. Just me and you and the way our bodies join..."

Putting action to his words, the Precept lined the blunt tip of his penis to the impossibly small- seeming opening, pushing steadily until he was fully sheathed inside his lover. He waited for a moment, in awe, as always, at the welcome embrace of Nick's body.

"Oh, Derek," Nick breathed. "Love you. Feels good, you in me."

"Going to feel better, love," Derek promised again, and then began to thrust.

Nick was overwhelmed with sensation. His lover's body over him. His lover's cock filling him. His lover's voice soothing him. Heedless of the joyful tears running down his face, the young man gazed up at the mirror mounted above the table. Mesmerized, the ex-SEAL watched their reflection, admiring how Derek's muscles rippled as the older man repeatedly thrust into him in the age-old dance of mating.

Then, just when he thought it couldn't get any better, it did.

The talented Dr. Rayne shifted so that his body was balanced on one arm and reached the other around to grab Nick's erection, his rhythmic lunges never faltering. Derek pumped the fluid- weeping penis in time with his thrusts and it was only a few heartbeats before Nick gave in to his second orgasm of the evening. Giving a wordless cry, the young man's body arched until his only contact with table was his shoulders. Still firmly impaled on Derek's cock, the muscles of the ex-SEAL's anus contracted, squeezing the older man's penis and sending him over the edge into his own release. Giving two more final, and deeply penetrating, thrusts, the big man stiffened as he released his seed into his lover. Then, deeply tired, he sank down onto the sweaty body underneath him.

Half-dazed, it Derek a moment or two to realize that Nick was trembling. Violently. Propping himself back up on his elbows, he looked at the younger man with concern.

"Nick, what's wrong? I didn't.... hurt you... did I?"

"Oh, no! No, no, no," Nick denied, reaching up to wrap his arms tightly around the Precept's neck. "Good, Derek. So good. Love you. Lovelovelovelovelove...."

Despite Nick's denials, Derek was still worried. He'd never seen this reaction out of his lover before. Deciding that the top of a pool table wasn't the best place for post-coital cuddles, he forced his weary body to get up. Nick's arms automatically reached out for him and Derek quickly gathered the smaller man up in his arms, staggering the few feet to a nearby easy chair.

Sinking down with his burden, Derek settled them both into the comfortable piece of furniture. Immediately, the Precept started to do a quick visual check of his lover. It was difficult, because Nick had taken their movement as an opportunity to bury his head into Derek's neck. Still, the older man persevered. To his relief, he couldn't see any blood or any physical marks on Nick. He would just have to be patient and wait until the younger man explained. Content to simply sit with his love, Derek stroked the young man, murmuring indistinct words of comfort to him. Eventually, Nick's trembling stopped and he shifted his head until it lay directly over the Precept's heart.

Derek bestowed one last kiss to the top of Nick's head. "Do you want to tell me what that was all about?"

Nick shrugged. "I'm sorry."

"Sorry?" Derek put one hand underneath Nick's chin, tilting the other man's face until he could see into his eyes. "Whatever for? That was one of the most beautiful lovings I've ever had.."

"Didn't mean to cry. It was just.... too much..."

"'Too much?' Did I hurt you?"

"No," Nick hastened to explain. "You were right, it was beautiful. You know, how I sometimes play when we're in bed...." The younger man's sentence trailed off as a hint of shame crept into his voice.

"If you ask me," Derek said firmly, "bed is the best place for laughter. I can't think of a more joyful sound to accompany a joyful act."

A fleeting grin ghosted over Nick's face, then his features scrunched up as he struggled to express himself. "I mean, it started out fun and sexy, but then it turned into something.... I dunno... almost sacred." Even after what their two bodies had just shared, the ex-SEAL could still blush. "Man, Philip would kill me for that. Calling sex sacred." Overcome with the physical and emotional sensations of the evening, the young man's jaw popped in a big yawn.

Derek shifted, pulling Nick's head down to rest on his shoulder. "Oh, I don't know about that. I don't think that God would have given us a sex drive if he hadn't meant for us to take pleasure in our bodies." The European reached one arm out past his lover's prone body, snagging a afghan from a nearby sofa. "Especially if you're sharing that pleasure with someone you love."

Nick grinned as his lover spread the coverlet out to cover them both. "You're just a big ol' softie, you know that?"

Derek tapped him on the nose before wrapping the young man securely in his arms. "Not quite right. I'm *your* big ol' softie."

"Yeah, and don't you ever forget it," Nick's threat was undermined by the fact that he could barely keep his eyes open.

"After tonight, I don't think you have to worry about it." Reaching up, Derek flicked the lamp off, so that the room was only lit by the light coming in from the hallway. It wouldn't be prudent to spend the whole night there, not with the chance that Dominic might wander in sometime in the morning, but they could steal an hour or two.

Just before sleep claimed them both, the ever-irrepressible Nick made a comment. "Man, we gotta take you bowlin'."

Derek's nose wrinkled with distaste. Bowling meant bowling alleys and he failed to see the charm in that particular kind of establishment. "Bowling? Why?"

"You're so good at pool, can't wait to see what you can do with bigger balls."

~the end~


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