Gentleman, Start Your Engines

By Juli


It had to be some sort of record, even for Derek Rayne. He and Nick had only been lovers for a couple weeks and Derek had already lost him. The Precept of the San Francisco House put his hands on his hips and blew a wayward curl out of his face in sheer frustration.

Well, maybe he hadn't *lost* his lover, but he'd certainly misplaced him.

Derek was very fond of Alex and Rachel, his other Legacy colleagues. In fact, he loved them both like sisters. But they were always *there.* At the House, working together, being their normal, friendly, helpful selves. More like family than friends--not to mention lovely people to work with-- but their constant presence made this beginning stage of his relationship with Nick Boyle a little awkward. Which was why Derek was so excited when it turned out that the two ladies would be gone for the night. He and Nick could have the whole house to themselves; the possibilities were mind-boggling and more than a little exciting. Only one problem: no Nick.

The Precept knew that he couldn't let his new romantic status with Nick interfere with his responsibility as head of the San Francisco House. Being Nick's lover didn't mean that he could give Nick special consideration (not that the young man would let him, even if he wanted to!)-- it just wouldn't be fair to the Legacy or to Alex and Rachel.

Still, even with Derek's highly tuned sense of duty, he had to struggle not to be overprotective and found he needed to force himself not to keep too close of tabs on his lover.

So, when Alex had backed out of their research session to go on a sudden date with Jeffrey Starr, Derek found that he didn't exactly know where his chief of security was. They didn't have any pending mysteries to solve, so it wasn't like Nick was being derelict of duty, but Derek had looked through the whole house to no avail. It simply wasn't like the young man to leave the premises without notifying someone.

Just when frustration began to give way to worry, it occurred to Derek that Nick might be working on his car. Again. The Dutchman smiled in affection at the thought of his lover's dedication to his vehicle and made his way down the stairs and outside. As he approached the modified stable that served the Legacy House as a garage, Derek heard a radio playing and realized that he'd made the right guess. But even the advanced notice that Nick was in the garage didn't prepare him for the sight that met his eyes as he entered the building.

Nick was dancing.

Or, rather, the part of Nick that was protruding from under the hood of his Mustang was swaying in time to the music. Derek could hear the young man singing along with the radio in a soft voice, "My baby does the hanky panky." The ex-SEAL usually wore his jeans quite baggy, but bent over in this position, the denim was enticingly stretched taut over his firm buttocks. Buttocks that were currently wiggling suggestively to the beat. Derek found his lips suddenly dry.

Still singing along with the song, Nick extracted himself from the car and danced his way over to the workbench. Derek was mesmerized. Nick was a surprisingly shy lover and had never let the older man see him this uninhibited. The Precept had yet to figure out if this unexpected shyness was due to the physical and emotional abuse Nick had endured as a child or the sexual abuse he'd survived during his Navy years. Under his breath, Derek damned both Jonathan Boyle and John Wesley Richter for the scars they'd left on Nick's soul.

Nick turned back to the car and caught sight of his lover watching him. All grace suddenly gone in his surprise, the young man dropped the screwdriver he'd been holding. "D-Derek! Jeez, you scared five years off me! Give a guy some warning, why don't ya?" The ex-SEAL had turned the most adorable shade of pink....

Reclining his lean form against the doorway, Derek continued to watch Nick through half-lidded eyes. "Don't stop the show on my account."

At hearing the frank appreciation in his lover's voice, Nick went from embarrassed pink to flushed red. The young man let the tool remain forgotten on the floor where it had fallen and sauntered over to Derek until they were inches apart, no trace of shyness in his current actions. Matching Derek's lust-filled look with a smoldering gaze of his own, Nick tipped his head back in order to look into the older man's face. "See something you like?"

"Oh, yes," Derek answered as he wrapped his arms around Nick's athletic body. The bigger man gave a slight grunt of surprise as his lover abruptly tugged him forward. The sudden move made him slightly off-balance, allowing Nick to pull Derek away from the door and into his arms. To his delight, the Dutchman found himself guided in a slow dance across the garage floor.

He nuzzled his face into Nick's hair before asking, "What brings this on?"

"Takes two to tango."

The dance continued, their bodies pressed close together and swaying in time to the music. The pressure and friction between the two men brought the inevitable response. At feeling Nick's erection brushing his thigh through the denim of their jeans, Derek moaned in appreciation and grabbed the ex-SEAL firmly by the ass in order to press the younger man closer still. Nick's arms came up around Derek's neck to pull the taller man's face down for a kiss. Soon their tongues were dancing in a rhythm more compelling than that of the music.

Pulling away, Nick rested his head against Derek's chest. "Where's Rachel?"

"Staying in the city with Kat."

"What about Alex?"

"On a date."


"I sent him home."

The younger man grinned up at Derek. "That leaves just little ol' us. Whatever are we going to do?"

Matching Nick's silly mood, Derek swung him around in a dip and brushed Nick's lips softly with his own before moving down to lick the younger man's neck. "I'm sure we'll think of something..."

Reassurance given, Derek continued devouring his lover, gently nipping the sensitive juncture between Nick's neck and shoulder.


"Hmmmm..." The Dutchman suddenly decided that Nick's ear looked delectable.

"Oh, man!" It was a moment before Nick could continue. "D-D-Derek, don't you think that it's time to move this party inside?"

Derek looked down at his lover. Nick was flushed, lips swollen from their kisses, love bites visible on his collarbone. The older man knew that there was no way in Hell he'd be able to make it in the house before finishing what they'd started. Looking around the garage, he spied Nick's beloved car and grinned.

"Why, Nick, I thought you Americans had a real love for your automobiles..."

Glancing over at what had caught the Precept's attention, Nick gasped. "No freakin' way, Derek! The Mustang has leather upholstery!" Derek gently laved Nick's ear and then softly blew on it. The ex-SEAL closed his eyes and moaned. "On the other hand, upholstery can always be replaced."

"I knew you'd see it my way," his smug lover replied, guiding the now limp young man over to the car. Derek thanked whatever deity that had inspired Nick to leave the top down; what he hoped to do with Nick in this car probably would have been physically impossible otherwise. Nick sank into the soft seats in the back, holding tightly onto Derek's hand and causing the Dutchman to follow. Not that Derek needed any encouragement, not with a hot and sweaty Nick waiting for him.

Once Derek climbed in, Nick launched himself into his arms. This time it was the Dutchman's turn to receive a tongue bath. Nick eschewed his lips and started at Derek's jaw, moving his way down to his lover's chest. Growling in frustration at the offending garment in his way, Nick took the shirt in two hands and pulled. Buttons popped off, the pinging sounds of the tiny missiles landing on the floor sounding loud in the silent garage. Derek looked down to meet hazel eyes that were now dilated with desire. "You owe me a new shirt."

"Oh, it was worth it," Nick licked his lips as he possessively stroked his hands over Derek's now-bare chest. The Precept was remarkably built for such a scholarly man. Nick bent to pay attention to Derek's nipples, causing the Dutchman to moan in pleasure. As the young man suckled first one little nub and then the other, Derek's hands were busy removing Nick's own shirt. The ex-SEAL didn't seem to notice, moving his arms obediently whenever the older man nudged him. At the moment, Derek truly appreciated his lover's focus on his task (did he ever!), but knew that if he wanted this session to last, that he'd have to slow it down a bit.

"Come up here, love," he murmured as he grasped Nick's chin in his hand. The other arm went under Nick's to give him leverage to pull his love up. "I need to taste you."

The furious mating of tongues resumed. Derek was now kneeling on the seat, with Nick pressed close against him, straddling the bigger man's thigh. Their positions offered the Dutchman the opportunity to slip his hands down his Nick's pants, causing a groan from the young man. Derek took that as a positive sign and worked his hand around to the front of Nick's jeans, deftly undoing the belt and zipper. Dipping inside, he eagerly grasped the throbbing cock.

"Oh, God, Derek!" Nick broke off their kiss to bite his lip. Face hidden in Derek's shoulder, Nick started to thrust into his lover's hand. "So good!"

"Wait a moment, love, it gets better." With that, Derek gently shifted Nick until his lover was reclining against the seat with Derek over him. The ex-SEAL lifted his hips and Derek slipped the young man's jeans and briefs off. The Precept bent in for another kiss, working off his own remaining garments. Nick tried to help, but his hands did more to inflame the Dutchman's desire than help him remove his clothes. The brush of the fabric against his engorged skin excited him further.

There wasn't enough room in the car for much movement, but Derek still managed to get Nick legs over his shoulders allowing his face to be positioned over Nick's swollen penis. The two lovers locked eyes before the older man engulfed the member with his mouth. Nick arched wildly, only his shoulders remaining in contact with the seat. Derek smiled around the organ in his mouth. The Dutchman sucked until he felt Nick shudder, the tell-tale sign that the young man was about to orgasm. Derek replaced his mouth with his hand, cupping his fingers to catch every drop of fluid pumped out of Nick's cock. The young man's shout rang out in the stillness of the evening.

Afterwards, the only sound in the garage was the two men's harsh breathing. Ecstasy was hard work! Still managing to keep hold of most of the precious fluid, Derek wrapped his arm around Nick's waist and managed to leverage his pliant lover up until the young man was straddling his lap. A trembling Nick still had not recovered from his orgasm and had his face hidden in Derek's chest. The older man smiled, it was nice to know that he could love the vibrant young man so skillfully that Nick turned into a shivering pile of goo.

Derek coated his fingers with Nick's essence, using Nick's own seed to prepare for the next step of their loving. At the beloved sensation of Derek's first finger breaching his ass, Nick roused a little. Wiggling in appreciation, Nick felt the unsubtle brush of Derek's erection against his stomach. Smiling up at his lover, Nick gently grasped the older man's penis. Derek groaned and momentarily stopped his ministrations.

"You got a problem, babe?" The ex-SEAL asked mischievously, facetiously misinterpreting the groan.

Derek kissed him. "You know very well what the 'problem' is, you imp!"

Nick took firmer hold of Derek's cock before replying, spreading the pre-cum over the head. "I'm no mechanic, but it looks like you've got a leaky drive shaft here to me."

It was Nick's turn to groan as a second finger joined the first one in his anus. His orgasm had left him relaxed enough that two fingers prepared him thoroughly. The Precept used the remaining semen to lubricate his organ and kissed Nick deeply before grasping the younger man's hips in his hands. Derek lifted Nick over his straining erection, the slighter man guiding the Dutchman's cock as his lover slowly lowered him down. Both men gasped as first contact was made, Derek relinquishing control to Nick so the young man wouldn't get more cock than he could handle. After the initial penetration, the whole world seemed to stop as the two men reveled in the ultimate feeling of connection. After Nick's anal muscles relaxed, he caught Derek's gaze with his own and lowered himself the rest of the way.

Derek was content at first to rest balls-deep in his beloved Nick. The younger man tilted his head towards Derek until their foreheads touched. Soon, the Dutchman's hands came around to cup Nick's face lovingly. "I love you." Bracing himself against Derek's shoulders, Nick let his body answer for him by slowly undulating on his lover's cock. The Dutchman supported the young man by grasping him by the buttocks and gasped at the hot pressure of the silken cavity enveloping his penis. Neither lover could keep to the gentle pace for long and Derek soon began thrusting with more force. Nick matched his tempo and the two thrusted and counter-thrusted in harmony. Nick lost control first, shuddering as a second orgasm ripped from him. As his lover's anus clamped around him like a vice, Derek roared, thrusting so powerfully that Nick was lifted up and against the seat behind him. With Nick still impaled on his cock, Derek followed and both men ended up sprawled over the back of the seat, which fell forward to hit the steering wheel. Their combined weight pressed the seat into the car's horn, which blared loudly, drowning out both men's cries of completion.

Afterwards, Derek lay down across the Mustang's back seat with Nick on top of him. The Dutchman had taken his already ruined shirt and did some minor cleanup. He figured that now that he was satiated, Nick might not be quite so sanguine about the upholstery. Derek resisted sleep to replay in his mind the wonderful experience his love just given him. It was almost perfect, except for.....

The Precept brought his hand up and smacked Nick on the ass, waking up the drowsing young man.

"Hey, what was that for?" Nick asked as he rubbed his stinging cheeks.

"I have 'a leaky drive shaft'?" Derek pretended to be offended at his lover's choice of pillow talk.

Nick just smiled as he put his head back down on Derek's chest. "Could have been worse."

Derek raised one eyebrow in a classic expression of disbelief. "Oh really?"

"Yeah. Coulda told ya that your dipstick was limp."

~the end~


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