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Poltergeist: The Legacy

 Disclaimer: "Poltergeist: The Legacy" and its characters are the property of MGM and the Sci-Fi Channel. These stories were written purely for entertainment; no money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.

Stand Alone

Nick has a strange encounter.  (Derek/Nick, N/m/m)  Challenge story

Someone has a crush on Nick Boyle.  (Nick/?)

Halloween brings an unexpected visitor to the castle.  (Nick/Derek)

Missing Scene/Epilogue to “The Mephisto Strain."  Derek comforts his recovering lover.  (Derek/Nick)

One of the boys is still sick and has been watching w-a-a-a-y too much television. (Derek/Nick/Philip)

The San Francisco House deals with the aftermath of Derek's "death."   Spoilers for "The Beast Within."  (Derek/Nick)

Think demons are scary?  How about a woman whose chocolate Easter bunny has been tampered with?  (Derek/Nick)

Nick.  Derek.  A pool table.  All we’re missing is a plot.  (Derek/Nick)

Missing Scenes for "New Guard"  - Frank Sloan decides that Mr. Boyle needs a firmer hand. (Nick/m)

While on a Caribbean vacation with Nick, Derek learns the valuable lesson of practicing what you preach.  (Derek/Nick)

To get back at Derek Rayne, the Dark Side makes a subtle strike at someone close to him.  (Derek/Nick)

                Part 1

                Part 2


"Soul Mates" Series

Sometimes, certain people are just destined to be together.   (Derek/Nick)

My first slash story.

               Part 1

              Part 2

Ever notice how small the backseat of a Mustang is?  (Derek/Nick)

My first explicit slash story.

When Nick accompanies Derek to Scotland, the ex-SEAL attracts a formidable admirer.  Can Derek save his lover from the same fate as Tam Lin?  (Derek/Nick)

                Part 1

                Part 2

                Part 3


Crossovers: The Sentinel

While on vacation, Jim and Blair meet a troubled young man.  (Jim/Blair, Jim/Blair/Nick)

                    Part 1

                Part 2

                 Part 3



I have a fiction list for those who don't want to wait until I manage to get a story posted here. I also post stories to my list that I'm not comfortable putting on a public website, such as my Supernatural work. If you'd care to join, it's located at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JuliSlashFiction/


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