Shore Leave

by Juli

March 2004

“Hey, sailor, lookin’ for a good time?”

Gibbs stopped walking and turned towards the sound of the voice that had hailed him. The street wasn’t well-lit but, like the Cheshire Cat, he could see the stranger’s smile long before he could discern his face.

“I’m not a sailor,” Gibbs corrected tersely. He licked his lips as the man’s long, lean form became more visible as he emerged into the light. “I’m a marine.”

“My mistake,” the other man all but purred. He leaned up against a nearby building and undressed Gibbs with his eyes. “I wasn’t exactly looking at your insignia, soldier.”

Gibbs felt his pants tighten in response and the stranger gave a throaty laugh.

“You never did answer my question,” he reminded Gibbs. “Lookin’ for a good time?”

As though on an invisible leash, Gibbs felt himself drawn to the stranger and, after automatically checking that the street was clear, he walked closer. The other man was taller than him, but had a more slender build. Brown hair was brushed back, revealing a handsome face and skin that looked perpetually tan. The white t-shirt he wore clung, outlining his sculpted build, while his worn and faded blue jeans were so tight that they left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Looking at the bulge straining the soft fabric, Gibbs licked his lips again.

“Looks like I found a good time,” he finally responded, belatedly lifting his eyes from the stranger’s crotch to look him in the face. He reached for that tempting form but his hands were batted away.

The other man laughed. “Wait a minute there, big guy. The best things in life might be free but some good times, well, they’re a little more pricey - know what I mean?”

Gibbs smirked. Never breaking eye contact, he fumbled in his pocket and grabbed his wallet. His fingers found a couple of bills and he thrust them at the stranger. “That enough?”

Looking at them, the younger man’s eyes grew wide for a moment. It was only a fleeting instant, however, before he recovered and shoved the currency into his back pocket. “That’s more than enough.” He grabbed Gibbs by the necktie and started leading him towards the alley.

Gibbs followed eagerly, only regretting that he was too close to the other man to see his denim-clad ass. Unfortunately, he was so intent on getting a glimpse that he didn’t notice when the stranger stopped abruptly. His surprise gave the other man the opportunity that he needed and, before he could react, Gibbs found himself backed against a brick wall, the stranger’s body pressed closed to him as he kneed Gibbs legs apart.

“You, soldier,” the stranger breathed into Gibbs ear, “Just bought yourself a *very* good time.”

“So I see,” Gibbs gulped. Not one to be long off-guard, he grabbed the other man by the back of the neck and pulled him in for a kiss. As his mouth covered the stranger’s almost savagely, Gibbs reached with his hands and cupped that enticing ass, kneading the firm flesh hard. He moaned as the action ground their crotches together - a good time was being had by both parties, if the stiffness in the younger man’s pants could be believed.

Out of breath, the stranger pulled himself off Gibbs’ mouth. “Hey, big guy, if you keep that up, we won’t get to the main event.”

Before Gibbs had a chance to respond, the stranger was sliding down his body, mouthing the gunnery sergeant’s uniform as he went. He made short work of Gibbs’ zipper, hands sliding the older man’s pants and underwear off his hips as his crouched next to him. As Gibbs’ erect cock was freed, it sprung to attention, giving the stranger an eyeful.

“You really are a big guy, aren’t you?” He purred. Again not giving Gibbs a chance to answer, he leaned forward and engulfed the marine’s penis with his mouth.

Gibbs gave a low moan as he felt the moist heat surround him. He braced himself against the wall, giving himself over to the sensations the kneeling man was giving him. Every inch of Gibbs’ cock was explored. As the stranger sucked on the tip, his agile tongue explored the enlarged head, even delicately tracing the sensitive slit. When Gibbs moans became louder, he turned his attention to the rest of the paying man’s cock, licking and nibbling the shaft all the way down to its furry base. When the stranger’s talented mouth began lapping at his balls, though, Gibbs put an end to the treatment.

“Get up here, beautiful,” he ground out past his desire. Tugging on the other man’s t-shirt, he encouraged him to rise to his feet.

“Beautiful?” The stranger repeated, laughing in disbelief.

“My money, I can call you what I want,” Gibbs said, voice rough with restraint. He clasped the man’s lithe form to him, hands once again going unerringly to his firm ass. “My money, my good time.”

His companion bit his lip and nodded, his own breathing quickening. Stepping back, he fished into his front pocket, pulling out several colorful, square-shaped packets. “What’s your preference?”

Gibbs just shot him a look and “beautiful” hastened to explain.

“I’ve got ribbed, I’ve got lubricated, I’ve got ribbed *and* lubricated,” he said quickly and then he smirked. “And my personal favorite, banana-flavored.”

The marine growled and just grabbed one. He began to open it, but the small package was pulled out of his fingers.

“Nuh-huh,” his companion chided. “I am a *full* service good time. I’ll take care of it.”

The stranger made a show of opening the condom package with his teeth. Then, popping it into his mouth, he knelt again. Gibbs’ self control was put to the test as the younger man took his time putting the prophylactic on him using his mouth. Finally, though, he was done and standing in front of Gibbs.

“How do you want me?” he asked, arms wide as he addressed the marine.

Gibbs growled. Pushing off from the wall, he grabbed his beautiful stranger, kissed him soundly, and then shoved him gently towards the wall. As the younger man braced himself, Gibbs pressed himself against his companion’s back, humping against the firm ass that had been driving him crazy during the entire encounter.

“Um, it’s your money, soldier,” the other man teased, “but I think you’ll need to take my pants off for that to work the way it’s supposed to.”

That prompted another growl and Gibbs reached around and to work the other man’s fly. It was just his luck that his “good time” was wearing button-front jeans instead of a pair with a zipper. He all but tore the damn things off and, not nearly soon enough the strangers pants were being yanked down.

Once he could see the exposed flesh of the stranger’s ass, Gibbs calmed down. Stroking it almost reverently, he watched with glee as goosebumps dotted his companion’s flesh.

“C’mon, big guy,” the other man whined, thrusting his ass out at the marine. “Do it.”

“My money,” Gibbs reminded him. He wrapped one arm around the lean waist to keep “beautiful” in place and used his free hand to quest between his partner’s cheeks. His experienced fingers found the opening he was looking for, causing the man beneath him to gasp. Slipping one inside, he found the passage already slick and loosened.

Smiling, Gibbs moved so that both hands were spreading the delectable ass in front of him wide open and, after lining himself up into the right position, he plunged his entire cock inside in one long movement.

“Oh God,” the recipient of his engorged penis cried out.

Gibbs stopped but was reassured when his partner hissed.


Unfortunately for “beautiful,” Gibbs wasn’t quite ready to oblige him. Instead, he slipped his hands underneath the t-shirt that the younger man still wore, reaching up to tweak the taunt nipples.

“God, please,” the stranger whimpered. “More.” He tried to move to give himself some much-needed friction but was expertly blocked by the marine’s body.

“My money,” Gibbs whispered into his ear. “I’ll decide when you get more.”

He raked his fingernails down the other man’s stomach, which was slick with sweat, ignoring the moans and curses the action prompted from the other man. He took his time teasing the delicate skin between leg and groin, but feeling the ass around him contract with pleasure, he decided he’d done enough torturing.

Pulling his hands back until they were again firmly gripping his partner’s hips, Gibbs kicked the other man’s legs wider apart. Then, just as quickly as he’d penetrated, Gibbs pulled almost all the way out, reversing direction only at the very last moment before plunging in again. His heavy balls smacked audibly against his lover’s ass.

“God, yes,” the man beneath him whimpered.

The sound tore away the last of Gibbs self-restraint. With a growl, he repeated the motion, riding the man beneath him hard. As for “beautiful,” all he could do was brace himself against the brick wall, absorbing the welcome impact from each thrust.

“You are so incredible,” Gibbs said, each word punctuated with a thrust. “I could pay every dime I had and it wouldn’t be enough.”

By this time, the stranger had figured out a way to thrust back. “Please….”

Gibbs heard the need in the other man’s voice. He gave up his grip on his lover’s hips and, pressing himself against his partner’s strong back, reached around for his the straining man’s cock. It was slick with pre-cum and, as he made the small thrusts that were all he could manage while their bodies were so tightly locked together, he pumped it firmly.

“Yes! Oh, God, yes!!” His lover cried out.

Gibbs could feel the ass around him clench just an instant before the penis in his hand erupted. He milked it for all he was worth, still working his own cock in and out of the tight body beneath him as he reached his own climax. His cock had never felt so big or so hot as it spurted his release and hit bit down at the back of his lover’s neck, instinctively wanting to mark his mate.

When he felt “beautiful”’s legs buckle and his lover begin to fall, however, Gibbs’ mind returned from that animal-in-rut mind set and he managed to catch his partner, cushioning his impact against the ground with his own body. Gently, he disengaged himself from him, discarded the used condom, and turned the younger man in his arms.

“Tony, you okay?” He asked, gently brushing the hair out of his lover’s face.

Dinozzo smiled lazily before opening his eyes to look at his concerned partner. “I think you fucked me so hard, I entered into another plane of existence.”

Gibbs smiled in relief. “You said that was what you wanted.”

Tony leaned up to kiss him. “Yeah, I did and you delivered. Thanks, big guy.”

One eyebrow arched at him. “Big guy, huh? Does that mean I get to call you beautiful?”

Dinozzo considered and then nodded, grinning. “Only when we’re in private. Wouldn’t want Kate to get jealous, knowing she lost her chance with me.”

“Well, since this is hardly private,” Gibbs suggested, gesturing to the back alley they were in, “maybe we should go home? You’ve got to be a little bit sore.”

“A little bit,” Tony admitted but, seeing the look on Gibbs’ face, hastened to add, “but it’s a good sore.”

“Yeah, right,” his older lover muttered, not at all convinced.

“It was what I wanted,” Tony reminded him, letting Gibbs help him to his feet. He almost tripped on his jeans, which were still down around his ankles.

Gibbs just shook his head as he helped pull Tony’s pants up. Kissing Dinozzo fondly, he let Tony button up his own fly and, by the time he’d fixed his own trousers, Tony was finished. The younger man was looking at the bills he’d retrieved out of his back pocket, the ones Gibbs had given him to “pay” for their encounter.

“What?” Gibbs asked. They’d used play money, just in case they weren’t careful enough and any police officers took notice of their little game. That way, Tony wouldn’t be arrested for soliciting.

“You surprised me, that’s all,” Tony answered. He lifted shining eyes to Gibbs and held up one of the bills. “This wasn’t part of the game.”

In bold, black ink, Gibbs had written ‘I love you” on the play $100 dollar bill.

Gibbs smiled tenderly before kissing Tony again. “I don’t begrudge you your fantasy, but that,” he nodded at the bill, “is the only ‘currency’ I need.”

“You big romantic softy,” Tony teased, leaning in to the arm Gibbs wrapped around him and letting himself be led to their car. Thanks to Gibbs penchant for planning, it had been hidden in the back of the alley earlier.

“And if you tell anybody, I’ll deny it,” Gibbs acknowledged. “Then I’ll have you analyzing rat droppings for the rest of your NCIS career.”

“Sure you will,” Tony said blandly. “But I won’t tell anybody, anyway. It’s our secret.”

By this time, they were at the car and Tony let Gibbs help him inside. Not that he needed the older man’s help, they hadn’t fucked *that* hard, but he knew that sometimes Gibbs needed to be a caregiver. That was what had made this particular encounter so special – it wasn’t often that Gibbs let himself go to that extent during sex. This fantasy experience had been for Jethro’s benefit as much as it had been for his, even if Gibbs didn’t know it.

Gibbs kissed Tony again and went around to his side of the car. Once inside, he found his arms full of Tony Dinozzo, who had taken off his seat belt in order to kiss Gibbs thoroughly.

“Have I said thank you yet?” Tony asked when he finally let Gibbs go. “For tonight – and all the other nights.”

The older man ran one finger across his swollen lower lip. “I think you just did.”

“Well, thanks,” Dinozzo repeated, settling again on his side of the seat. “So, do you have any fantasies you want to act out?” Seeing Gibbs raised eyebrow, he pressed the point. “C’mon, big guy, it’s your turn. Got any hidden wants you’d like to experience?”

Knowing that Tony would be after him until he admitted something, Gibbs pretended to consider. “Well, there is that *one* thing, but I’m not sure you’re up to it.”

Tony all but bounced in eagerness. “What? Tell me – I’m up for anything.”

“I dunno….” Gibbs drawled, biting the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling.

“C’mon, I’m game,” Tony entreated. “I bet I can handle it.”

Gibbs finally relented. “Okay, but, tell me, do you own any chiffon dresses? Your size must be hard to come by.”

Tony’s jaw dropped.

“We could always get one specially made,” Gibbs mused, turning the car on and putting into gear.

“You’re kidding,” Tony stammered.

““I’m thinking maybe something in a nice chartreuse, to go with your eyes,” Gibbs continued.

Tony’s eyes narrowed. “You *are* kidding. Chartreuse is not part of Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ vocabulary.”

Gibbs relented, chuckling as he carefully steered the car down the alley. “All right, I am kidding.” He spared a glance at Tony. “You are more than I ever fantasized about, Dinozzo.

Tony blinked. “You *are* a romantic.” A wide smile slowly blossomed on his face.

“Yup, I guess I am,” Gibbs admitted.

Tony’s eyes narrowed. “You’re *my* romantic.”

“That too,” Gibbs agreed affably. Seeing his lover’s eyes at half mast, he smiled and stopped speaking. Sure enough, they were barely on the street before Tony gave a little sigh and feel asleep.

Deftly guiding the car around a pothole, Gibbs looked in the rearview mirror. The alley, which he would forever remember as *their* alley, was receding from view. Luckily, it was close to his favorite coffee shop – he’d go by it every morning.

Something told him that the memories the sight of it would invoke would do more to wake him up than any caffeinated beverage ever could.

~ the end ~

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