by Juli

October 2006

“Man, I was the three point king tonight, did you see?”

Gibbs agreed affably enough as he opened the back door to his house and ushered Tony inside. “You were on your mark all right.”

The lovers went to the gym together, but once there, tended to split up. Gibbs concentrated on weight training, whereas Tony preferred the workout he’d get with a pickup basketball game. Gibbs had seen the closing minutes of the last one and Tony had indeed been on the top of his game.

Tony turned to grin at him. “I was unstoppable. Not even Greg Johnson could lay a hand on me.”

Gibbs frowned as he followed Tony through the kitchen and into the living room. “Seems to me that Johnson had his hands all over you.”

“He was just trying to block me,” Tony shrugged off the comment with that Cheshire cat grin of his. “Trying in vain, I might add.”

“The man had his hands on your ass for at least 45 seconds,” Gibbs retorted. “Last I heard, basketball wasn’t a full contact sport.”

Something in his tone warned Tony and the younger man was a lot more wary when he responded. “He might have done a little bit of holding.”

Gibbs growled and dropped his duffle bag in order to pull Tony close. “Trust me, DiNozzo. That’s my ass you’ve got there and I know when someone’s been touching it.”

Tony grinned cheekily as he settled into the embrace. “You were watching my ass while I played?”

”Somebody has to, Tony,” Gibbs retorted. “You tell Johnson, the next time you play against each other, hands off.”

DiNozzo snorted. “Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen. It’s a pickup basketball game, Gibbs, not a Girl Scout meeting. I can’t give Johnson a declaration like that.” Tony scowled. “He’ll think I’m trying to pull a fast one on him.”

“Fine.” Gibbs agreed.

From the expression on his lover’s face, Tony didn’t quite believe him. “What do you mean, ‘fine’?”

“Fine, I agree that you can’t tell a grown man that he can’t touch you while you’re playing basketball,” Gibbs explained with uncharacteristic patience. He kissed the tip of Tony’s nose and bent to retrieve his bag. When Gibbs stood, he added his bombshell. “I guess that means that I’ll just have to play on your team next time.”

“Oh, no,” Tony stated frantically. “You can’t; you’ve been banned, remember?”

Gibbs shrugged and stepped towards the hallway. “That was a long time ago, I’m sure no one will mind.”

Tony darted in front of him. “The last time you and I played on the same team, you put an opponent in a choke hold and demonstrated how much force it would take to break his neck.”

“He threw an elbow at you, hit you in the throat,” Gibbs retorted, as if it explained everything.

And, for Gibbs, it did. No one hurt Tony, no one. Not a perp. Not a sparring partner and certainly not an asshole throwing a wild elbow during what was supposed to be a friendly basketball game.

“Funny thing is, the other players, they don’t like getting the snot beat out of them during the game by someone demonstrating combat moves,” Tony said, exasperation coloring his voice. “You can’t play if you’re going to react that way every time someone gets a little physical.”

Gibbs maintained eye contact with Tony for a full count to twenty-five. When the younger man didn’t drop his gaze, he knew that Tony was serious.

“Then we’ll need to come up with another way to remind Johnson and the others just who your ass belongs to,” Gibbs stated, giving in gracelessly. “Maybe we’ll stencil ‘Property of Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ on the back of your basketball shorts.”

Tony lifted one eyebrow archly. “Just how big do you think my ass is?”

Gibbs grinned as he crossed his arms across his chest. “I suppose we could we could come up with another method for showing ownership.”

“I’ve always thought that some ink would be nice,” Tony said thoughtfully as he stroked his chin. “Maybe a discreet tat on my right cheek. . . .”

“No way in hell,” Gibbs growled. A tattoo would mean that a stranger would be looking at Tony’s ass, touching it. . . that wasn’t acceptable at all. “I had something else in mind.”


Tony’s voice broke off in surprise as Gibbs took hold of him by the waistband of his exercise shorts and yanked him forward. Tony had to grab at Gibbs’ shoulders to steady himself. By doing so, however, he played right into the ex-Marine’s plans.

Gibbs pulled Tony into his arms and kissed that conveniently open mouth. He felt the younger man’s tongue wiggle against his as Tony instinctively tried to squawk in surprise at the sudden invasion. He didn’t stand a chance; Gibbs’ tongue surged inside Tony’s mouth as though he owned it as thoroughly as he owned Tony’s ass. Tony didn’t so much as surrender as he simply gave in to his body’s needs. With a deep groan, he relaxed into Gibbs’ arms and let the other man have his way with him. Gibbs wasn’t shy about pressing his advantage and plundered Tony’s willing mouth thoroughly.

Gibbs came dangerously close to becoming lost in his lover’s kisses. Doing so wouldn’t have necessarily been a bad thing, but also wasn’t what he had planned. With a final nip to Tony’s bottom lip, Gibbs managed to break their mouths apart. Gibbs ignored Tony’s moan of disappointment and started kissing his way down Tony’s jaw.

“Oh, God,” Tony moaned as Gibbs reached a particularly sensitive juncture.

Gibbs grinned as he licked the area right behind Tony’s ear. The nerves there seemed to be wired directly to DiNozzo’s groin and he enjoyed exploiting that sweet spot every chance he got. Without missing a beat, Gibbs snaked a hand down Tony’s knit shorts and into his underwear. DiNozzo was already more than half hard.

Jethro got to work on getting him completely that way.

“Are you. . . .” Tony’s eyes closed as Gibbs nipped at his Adam’s apple. “Are you trying to kill me?”


Gibbs started a long, languid stroking of his lover’s cock, matching the rhythm of his kisses and licks down Tony’s neck. When he reached the collar of the other man’s shirt, he growled softly. He didn’t want to take his hand off Tony’s cock, so he awkwardly used his free hand to tug at DiNozzo’s shirt. Luckily, Tony got the hint and helped him, stripping the rest of it off and tossing it away. Gibbs immediately started sliding Tony’s shorts off of his lean hips, taking the underwear with them.

Tony hissed a little as the cold air hit his rapidly filling erection, but didn’t protest. He did, however, reach for Gibbs’ sweatshirt, clearly wanting his lover as nude as he was.

“Leave it,” Gibbs ordered.

He watched with satisfaction as his intent made its way through Tony’s lust-muddled brain. As DiNozzo realized that Jethro intended to remain fully clothed while Tony was nude and wanton in his arms, the pupils of his eyes got big. Jethro grinned fiercely. His lover was beginning to understand.

Keeping his hands on Tony’s hips, Jethro leaned forward and kissed Tony deeply. Tony’s response was enthusiastic and it was only with the greatest of self control that Jethro was able to pull back. He ignored Tony’s attempts to recapture his mouth and instead lowered his head to lave and nip at the younger man’s chest. Tony’s gasp was loud when Gibbs’ questing mouth found the first nipple. And that wasn’t his only reaction; Tony’s cock was hot and heavy as it jutted stiffly by Gibbs’ thigh. The engorged penis twitched as Gibbs pulled at the sensitive nipple and Tony started cursing softly in Italian.

Gibbs was satisfied; if Tony had lost his English, then things were progressing nicely. He returned one hand to DiNozzo’s cock, pulling on it lazily in contrast to the increasing intense attention his lover’s nipples were receiving. So in touch was Gibbs to Tony’s reactions that he felt the other man’s testicles tighten. Not wanting Tony to come too soon, Gibbs gripped them tightly and gave a careful squeeze.

“Merda” Tony moaned as he sagged against Gibbs. “You really are trying to kill me.”

Jethro walked them over to the couch, where he leaned Tony against its sturdy back. Moving away a few steps, he admired his handiwork. Tony’s cheeks were flushed, his lips kiss-swollen and he had a truly huge red mark on the side of his neck. There’d be no hiding that hickey the next day, no matter what shirt Tony wore. In addition to those signs of arousal, there was also the sizeable erection the younger man was sporting.

And Gibbs had done all that. Not some hotshot basketball player with wandering hands. He felt his own rock-hard cock twitch in response to that thought.

“You want to move this party to the bedroom?” Tony panted.

Gibbs shook his head. “I like you fine just where you are.” He tilted his head to the side in contemplation. “Well, maybe with one minor adjustment.”

Before Tony could respond, Gibbs moved forward again and pulled the younger man into his embrace. After a swift, almost brutal kiss, he spun Tony in his arms. In a matter of moments, Jethro had positioned him so that Tony’s arms were braced against the back of couch and his ass was canted up in the air.

“Don’t even think about moving,” Gibbs leaned over Tony’s back to whisper hoarsely. He grinned as his hot breath on the back of Tony’s neck made the other man shiver. “I’ll be right back.”

Gibbs hurried as quickly as his erection would allow to the guest bathroom that was between the living room and kitchen. As he did, he blessed whatever gremlin that had inspired him to shut the front drapes before they’d left for the gym. While he had every intention of branding Tony as his over the next few minutes, he didn’t necessarily want the whole neighborhood to watch. Although, come to think of it, if the looks Tony received were any indication, more than one of his neighbors would thoroughly enjoy the show.

The supplies he needed were hidden in the bathroom cupboard, a necessity with Abby a frequent and nosey guest. Gibbs loved the young woman like a daughter, which meant he didn’t want her knowing the details about his sex life. Safely stashed away in an otherwise empty box of soap were condoms and lube. After grabbing what he needed, Gibbs headed back to the living room and his waiting lover.

Tony was right where he was supposed to be, leaning against the couch with his ass in the air. As Gibbs watched, Tony’s hips swayed a bit. No doubt the bat-eared young man had heard Gibbs approach and decided to give him a show.

“I didn’t know there was supposed to be a full moon tonight,” Gibbs quipped as he crossed the room.

“And they say that romance is dead,” Tony looked over his shoulder at the older man, his easy grin making apparent that he wasn’t offended.

“Hey, if you want romance, I can leave to go get some flowers and chocolate,” Gibbs teased as he gestured towards the door.

“Don’t even think about it,” Tony warned

“Oh, you know I’d never leave you high and dry like this,” Gibbs assured him. He put balanced the supplies on the back of the couch to free up his hands to run up and down Tony’s back. Responsive as always, Tony quivered under his touch.

“Yeah, I know,” Tony’s voice was thick. “Need you, Gibbs.”

Jethro kissed him tenderly on the mouth and then shifted his kisses to Tony’s back. His hands ran up and down the younger man’s side, reveling in the smooth skin that felt like it was on display solely for Gibbs’ pleasure. Tony sighed and arched into the sensations, silently indicating that he was ready for more.

Now that he had Tony naked and bending over the couch, Gibbs wasn’t in much of a hurry. He stood behind Tony and took his time kissing his way down the other man’s spine. Jethro’s hands, strong from years of woodworking, kneaded Tony’s ass and there was no question in either man’s mind about exactly who it belonged to.

By the time Jethro’s mouth planted a kiss onto each firm cheek, Tony’s breathing was ragged.

“Please,” he begged.

“Shhh. . .” Gibbs soothed.

With one last kiss, right above the puckered opening to Tony’s body, Gibbs straightened from his bent position and reached for the lube. His own hands were shaking a little as he popped the top open; so much for his vaunted Marine discipline.

“Gonna make you feel good,” Jethro assured the other man as he slicked up a finger. “Promise.”

Gibbs rubbed a fingertip against Tony’s anus, slicking it up. With his other hand, he reached around DiNozzo’s body and grasped the other man’s cock. As he slowly stroked the erect length, he slid his finger inside Tony’s body. Tony hissed at the dual sensations and Gibbs was pleased to see that his lover’s knuckles were white as he gripped the back of the couch.

The next several minutes were a delicate dance. As Gibbs slowly prepared Tony for penetration, he had to keep the other man stimulated, but not so stimulated that he came before Jethro wanted him to. By the time he managed to get all three fingers to glide easily in and out of Tony’s body, both men were covered in sweat and trembling.

“Enough,” Tony gasped as he clamped down on Jethro’s fingers. “If my ass belongs to you, then take it already.”

“If?” Jethro’s voice was a low rumble in his chest. “I’ll show you ‘if,’ DiNozzo.”

Gibbs pulled back from Tony long enough to grab a condom packet. Thankfully, he was wearing sweats, so there was no zipper or the like to fumble with; such minor motor control might have been beyond him at the moment. It was all Gibbs could do to slide his sweats far enough down to free his cock and then sheath it in a condom. The next trick was to coat it with lube and that was a little more difficult. Gibbs was thankful that he’d paid the extra money to have a stain release treatment put on the couch upholstery at the factory; looked like Tony’s ass wasn’t the only thing that would be getting a work out.

Within moments, Gibbs was in position behind Tony, rubbing the blunt head of his cock against his lover’s loosened opening.

“Don’t tease, Gibbs,” Tony begged, back arching as he tried to press against the older man. “Want you all the way inside me.”

Gibbs might growl and fuss, but the truth of the matter was that what Tony wanted, he generally got. The current situation was no different. After lining himself up, Gibbs pushed forward, breaching his lover’s body and continuing in until he was fully buried inside the younger man.

With his groin pressed flush against Tony’s ass, Gibbs lay across DiNozzo’s back, bracing his hands next to where DiNozzo’s clutched the back of the couch.

“Mine,” Gibbs said hoarsely into Tony’s ear, first nipping and then licking the back of Tony’s neck.

“Y-yours,” Tony agreed. He bit his lower lip as his body adjusted the sizeable object that had just invaded.

Gibbs stayed still until he felt Tony relax a little to the sudden penetration. Thanks to the lingering endorphins from the earlier exercise and Gibbs’ careful preparation, that didn’t take long. Soon, Tony was pressing back against Jethro, silently asking for more.

Taking it slow at first, Gibbs started thrusting in and out, closing his eyes initially to better concentrate on the ripple and heat of the body he was connected to. Tony’s gasps and sighs showed how good the movement was for him and, as they continued, DiNozzo started thrusting back to meet Gibbs. The added friction felt delicious and Gibbs shifted his grip so that he was holding Tony’s hips firmly, giving him better leverage to thrust harder. Soon he was pounding away, the slap of his balls against Tony’s ass a counterpoint to the cries of pleasure that the younger man was making.

Thankfully, the couch was a sturdy one. Gibbs didn’t spend a lot of effort on decorating, but what he did buy tended to be quality stuff. The couch creaked a little and shifted on the carpeted floor, but otherwise held up to the activity currently taking place.

“Gibbs, I’m gonna-. . .” Tony broke off what he was going to say and moaned long and low.

“Go. Ahead.” Gibbs grunted out between thrusts. “Come.”

Almost immediately, Tony’s hips jerked as he reached orgasm at Gibbs’ command. “Il vostro, il vostro.”

Gibbs managed to stay in control as Tony’s orgasm-wracked body clamped down on his. He thrust in deeply and held still until DiNozzo’s passage loosened again. Tony sagged against the back of the couch and Jethro had just enough presence of mind to snatch a pillow and stuff it underneath the younger man’s stomach. He didn’t thrust so much as grind against Tony’s body, using enough force that they were both lifted to their toes.

“Mine,” Gibbs claimed. One hand gripped the back of Tony’s neck while the other clenched on his lover’s hip hard enough to bruise.

“Yours,” Tony gasped as he willingly took the onslaught. “Always.”

Tony’s reassurance was what Gibbs needed to reach his own crescendo. He thrust his cock in as far as he could and held it there, feeling his orgasm rip through him. He spilled inside Tony’s body, regretting the necessity of the condom that trapped it all.

When the jangle of sensations passed, Gibbs found himself plastered across Tony’s back, toes still curled in the aftermath.

“You okay?” He asked as he lifted up enough to kiss Tony’s sweaty neck.

“Any better and I’d be a melted puddle of goo,” the other man assured him. He flexed underneath the blanket of Jethro’s body. “I think my ass did get tattooed after all.”

Gibbs grinned. Sometimes, particularly when he was feeling possessive, he got so wrapped up in his feelings that he was afraid that he’d hurt Tony in his zeal. If Tony had energy enough to make a joke, however, then Jethro hadn’t been too rough.

“Tell you what, since we’ve now established that your ass is mine, let’s take both of my asses to the bathroom and wash them down in the shower.” Gibbs carefully moved off Tony and winced when he heard the small gasp Tony made when his cock pulled out. He quickly checked the condom as he removed it and was relieved to find no blood there. “Or maybe that should be a soak in the tub?”

“Nah, a shower’s good,” Tony replied. He stood up and kissed Gibbs on the cheek. “Come on, I hear some warm water calling my name.”

Gibbs let Tony get a couple of steps ahead of him. His lover’s ass was rosy and Gibbs couldn’t help the cocky grin that spread across his face. He’d put the color in those cheeks. That knowledge was sweet. In fact, there was only one way Jethro could think to make it sweeter.

“Hey, DiNozzo,” Gibbs called out as he hurried to catch his lover. “You got any of that honey dust left?”

~the end~


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