Not as I Do

by Juli

February 2006

“I’m very sorry, Agent DiNozzo. I don’t have that information at hand now. if you and I were to meet later, however, perhaps at eight o’clock at my home, I’m sure I would be able to provide it for you then.”

Tony did his best not to shift uncomfortably in his seat. The man sitting across from him was in his 50s and as silver-haired as Gibbs, but that was where the similarities ended. Lawrence Penbrooke was every inch the suave businessman and clearly used to negotiations. The way the man’s foot caressed Tony’s leg underneath the cover of the desk was evidence that Penbrooke was used to all sorts of negotiation tactics too.

“I would appreciate that very much, Mr. Penbrooke,” Tony agreed, rising from his seat. He motioned for McGee to do the same. “I’ll see you at eight o’clock. Thank you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, I assure you,” Penbrooke purred in response.

The businessman also stood and shook Tony’s hand, his fingers lingering just the tiniest bit too long. McGee got only a peremptory nod of the head. It was with a sense of relief that Tony took his leave of the man they’d been informally questioning, acutely aware that Penbrooke’s eyes were on his ass the whole time he walked out of the man’s office.

“Tony, are you insane?” Tim waited until they got outside before he exploded. “Gibbs will never agree to let you go without back-up.”

“I hardly think Lawrence Penbrooke is hardened criminal,” Tony scoffed. By that time they’d reached the car and Tony automatically went to the driver’s side. “It’ll be okay and you know as well as I do that no judge is going to give us a search warrant or subpoena any records with only Gibbs’ gut feeling to go on.”

He got in the sedan and started it, barely waiting for Tim to get in before taking off. Startled, McGee grabbed the dashboard. DiNozzo gave him a glare that dared him to say anything, but Tim had gotten more confidence since working under Gibbs’ tutelage and was able to ignore it.

“Tony, I don’t think it’s his criminal intent you have to worry about,” McGee stated. “Penbrooke made it very clear what you’d have to do to get that information.”

“So what?” Tony challenged as he guided the car onto the road. “Gibbs agreed with Ziva; sex is a valid interrogation technique.”

“Tony, I don’t think you want to do that,” McGee advised.

Tony shrugged, looking away from the road long enough to give Tim an approximation of his carefree grin. “I don’t know. The guy looked pretty clean; I doubt he has any diseases. You know me; I’m always open to new experiences.”

Tim looked unusually solemn, even for him. “I don’t think Gibbs would want you to do that either.”

Tony’s face fell as he thought about his years of pining away for his boss. No matter what he did, Gibbs didn’t seem to care, as long as he didn’t screw up on the job. Tony was used to pursuing women; Gibbs was the first man he’d felt attracted to. Tony was well aware he didn’t know what he was doing when it came to wooing a man, but he had a feeling it didn’t include head slaps and threats to shove a foot up his ass. Gibbs seemed pretty indifferent, except for catching Tony screwing up.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Probie,” DiNozzo answered curtly. “Gibbs won’t care, as long as I get the job done.”

McGee didn’t have an answer for that and the rest of the ride back to the office passed in silence.

Tony used the cologne he didn’t like. It had been a present from a former girlfriend, one who hadn’t known him well enough to know that he didn’t like heavy scents. The strong smell of musk made his nose itch, but Tony figured it was worth it. He had a feeling he’d have some unpleasant memories associated with everything from this night, so he didn’t want to ruin his pleasure of a favorite scent.

He replaced the cologne bottle back in his medicine cabinet and shut the mirrored door. His own reflection stared back at him and Tony winced. He looked like a slut. A bronze-colored silk shirt was tucked into pants that were far too tight. All that was missing was a gold chain and he’d look just like the lothario that everyone in the office thought he was.

“Gibbs said he did this,” Tony spoke to himself firmly. “You can do it too.”

He’d been floored when Gibbs had so casually said that he’d had sex with someone as an interrogation technique. Floored and, he had to admit it, more than a little bit jealous. He didn’t know what made him so determined to take Penbrooke up on his subtle offer to exchange sex for information. Part of it was that he wanted to prove that he could do anything Ziva could do. Tony was honest enough to himself to admit, however, that part of it was a desperate attempt to win Gibbs’ approval. He’d had a lot of experience in the trying to win approval department, starting with his parents. Not that he was ever successful, but it was worth a try.

Sighing, Tony checked his appearance one last time, grimacing so that he could check his teeth. Once assured there was no unappealing piece of lettuce stuck where it wasn’t wanted, he shut the light off and resolutely headed for the front door. There was no sense in putting this off. It wasn’t that he dreaded it, exactly. Tony had wanted to try having sex with a man; he just was hoping that man would be Gibbs.

With his jacket thrown over his shoulder in classic gigolo style, Tony opened the door to his apartment, ready to leave.

“Where the hell do you think you’re goin’?”

DiNozzo rocked back a step in surprise. Leroy Jethro Gibbs was standing in the doorway to his apartment, with his arms crossed over his chest and fire in his eye.

“Boss,” Tony stammered. “What’re you doing here?”

“Keeping you from making a big mistake,” Gibbs responded shortly. Not waiting for an invitation, he barreled into the apartment. “Now answer the question. What the hell were you thinking, going over to Penbrooke’s… dressed like that? Without back-up?”

Tony closed the door, not wanting his neighbors to hear everything. As he did, he was thinking furiously. The case was a hot one, but not so desperate that Gibbs had kept them in the office around the clock. They hadn’t anything to go on anyway, since there wasn’t enough evidence to get a search warrant or subpoena for Penbrooke. Everyone had gone home at about the same time and, as far as he knew, no one but the Probie knew what Tony had planned.

“McGee,” Tony muttered. He’d made Tim promise not to say anything, but obviously the other agent had ratted him out.

“McGee,” Gibbs confirmed. “Who has a whole lot more sense than you do.” The older agent paced in an agitated manner.

Shock was beginning to give way to anger as the unfairness of the situation occurred to Tony. Gibbs was getting on his case for something he’d recently admitted he’d done himself. That Ziva had done too and Tony was quick to remember that her admission had not caused any sort of recriminations.

“You agreed that sex was a viable interrogation technique,” Tony bit off each word as he reminded his boss of that conversation. “And it’s one you’ve utilized. I’m just following your lead.”

Gibbs’ movements abruptly stopped as he turned to contemplate his subordinate. Tony gulped at the look in the senior agent’s eye.

“It worked for me,” Gibbs admitted, speaking in a voice thick with suppressed tension. “At a particular time, under a particular set of circumstances.” His voice was slowly rising with each phrase. “It will not work for you. Not under these circumstances, not under any circumstances.”

Tony threw caution to the wind. It was bearable, almost, that Ziva had come in and become Gibbs’ new Golden Child, but he could not take having his inadequacy thrown in his face. Not by Gibbs.

“And why not?” Tony challenged the older man. “Don’t you think I’m capable of it? I’m just as good an agent as Zeee-va.”

It was childish, he knew, to exaggerate her name that way, but Tony couldn’t help it. No more than he could help setting his chin and glaring back at Gibbs. Gibbs crossed the length of the room in two strides and was nose to nose with DiNozzo before Tony could blink.

“Why not?” Gibbs growled. “I’ll tell you why not. You’re not peddling your ass to Penbrooke or anybody else.”

Tony swallowed heavily. It was hard to remain defiant when Gibbs was standing close enough that he could feel the heat radiating off the man.

“I’m not?” Tony was embarrassed that his voice squeaked when he questioned his boss. “Why not?”

Gibbs grinned and Tony shivered. The only way to describe that particular smile was predatory.

“Because, DiNozzo,” Gibbs said smoothly. “Your ass belongs to me.”

Tony backed up a step. “It does?” He cleared his throat. “I mean, it does. Of course it does, Boss. You’re the senior agent. If you say no ass peddling, then my ass stays un-peddled.”

Gibbs took a step forward, pinning Tony against the wall. “You’re damn straight, it does.” He reached down and grabbed Tony’s crotch. “This belongs to me too.”

The touch just about undid Tony. It was forceful, unapologetic and borderline primal. In other words, just like Gibbs. He closed his eyes and bit his lip to keep from moaning. He shouldn’t have bothered; Gibbs had his hands on a very accurate barometer of Tony’s feelings.

Gibbs’ chuckle was warm and low as he felt Tony stiffen in his hand. “Yeah, you know it too. I thought so.”

The confidence in Gibbs’ voice grounded Tony and he opened his eyes. “What took you so long?”

The other man reached up with his free hand and caressed Tony’s cheek, a surprisingly gentle gesture compared to what had just gone on.

“I thought I could let you go,” Gibbs explained. “Maybe watch as you settled down with one of those women you’ve dated. But then McGee told me about Penbrooke and I knew I was too selfish to let that happen.”

Tony opened his mouth to say something, he wasn’t really sure what, but Gibbs had anticipated him. The older man leaned up and covered Tony’s lips with his own, stealing DiNozzo’s words and his breathe in one fell swoop. Tony felt rather than heard the whimper that formed in the back of his throat, but was too busy sucking on Gibbs’ tongue to feel any embarrassment. Gibbs still had one hand on Tony’s crotch and rubbed at his erection through the cloth as they continued to devour one another.

Gibbs’ broke his mouth free to kiss his way down Tony’s jaw and beyond. When he got to DiNozzo’s neck, though, he left off with a growl.

“What?” Tony asked, dazed with lack of oxygen. As much as he liked Jethro Gibbs’ lips on his own, there had been something about Gibbs tasting his skin that had been even more erotic.

“You smell like a cheap hooker.”

Belatedly, Tony remembered the cologne and why it hadn’t been a favorite of his. Before he could explain, however, Gibbs had grabbed him and was manhandling him towards the bathroom. At first the significance of the room was lost on Tony, being that he was far too involved with enjoying the sensations of Gibbs’ hands on his body. Being shoved under a cold stream of water, however, brought him back to reality pretty damn fast.

“Hey!” Tony protested, shaking his head to get the water out of his eyes and mouth. “What the hell did you do that for?”

Gibbs was standing just outside the shower, smirking at him. “You didn’t smell like you; you smelled like a hooker.”

Tony narrowed his eyes and, moving too quickly for even a man with Gibbs’ reflexes to dodge, grabbed the older man by the shirt lapel and yanked. The ex-Marine all but fell inelegantly into the shower and it was Tony’s turn to smirk as he helped him find his balance.

“These shoes are Italian leather,” Tony explained smugly while Gibbs’ sputtered. “You’ll be buying me a new pair.”

“If you’d done what you set out to do tonight, do you really think you would have worn any of these things again?” Gibbs asked pointedly.

Tony started to deny it, but just shook his head. “No, I suppose not.”

“I didn’t think so,” Gibbs murmured softly.

DiNozzo sagged against the shower wall. For all his posturing, he really wasn’t as good of an agent as Ziva. Oh, he’d fooled himself into think he could have exchanged sex for information, but he doubted he would have gone through with it. Or worse yet, he could have, only to find the memory of the act would eat at him for the rest of his life.


The younger man looked at his companion and found Gibbs was gazing at him, the cold water from the shower making the senior agent’s eyes look even bluer than normal.

“You act like not being able to have sex with a virtual stranger for the sake of the job is a bad thing,” Gibbs said. “But it’s not, not in my book.”

Gibbs leaned forward and kissed him again. It started out gentle, but almost immediately deepened. Tony grabbed Gibbs’ shoulders as the older man ground against him. The heat of Gibbs’ mouth was a stark contrast to the coolness of the water cascading down on them. When his lover broke off from their kisses to nibble and nip down his neck, Tony gasped, sputtering a little when he choked on the water.

With one hand, Gibbs reached over and shut off the faucet. Tony shivered at the contrast of his water-cooled skin and the furnace of his lover’s mouth. When Gibbs got to the soggy fabric of Tony’s silk shirt, he made a soft noise of annoyance. One large hand grasped each side of the shirt where it buttoned and pulled. The water had made the silk fabric fragile and it ripped easily. Tony would have protested, just for the principle of the thing, but Gibbs’ mouth found his nipple and an agile tongue lapped around the little nub.

Tony’s hands scrabbled, eager to touch the older man. Gibbs was wearing a sports jacket and Tony pushed at the heavy, soaked fabric. Still worrying at Tony’s nipples, Gibbs cooperated as much as he could, shrugging so that the garment fell off his shoulders and plopped onto the shower floor. Tony went for Gibbs’ shirt next, attempting to recreate Gibbs’ shirt-ripping act. Unfortunately, the other man was wearing a sturdy cotton polo shirt and it refused to tear. Tony tried not to read too much into that allegory; Gibbs clothes were tough, where his own were flimsy and easily destroyed.

Then Gibbs’ hands slipped under the waistband of his pants and Tony’s ability to think pretty much went by the wayside.

Gibbs chuckled as Tony hissed and thrust his hips forward. “What do you think? Should I just rip your pants off or be slow and careful with them?”

“You bastard,” Tony replied, but there was no heat in the comment. At least, no heat due to anger.

It was Tony’s turn to cooperate as he kicked off his shoes and socks before wiggling his hips in an effort to help Gibbs get the soaked trousers off. The wet fabric made it a struggle, but finally they were off and kicked to the side. Tony was left only his briefs. The water had soaked through the white, knit fabric, making them virtually transparent. Tony felt oddly self-conscious and moved his hands to cover himself.

“None of that,” Gibbs scolded.

He grasped Tony’s wrists and moved them aside. While he kissed Tony deeply, Gibbs ran his hands up and down Tony’s hips before slipping them inside the saturated fabric. Tony shivered and moaned into Gibbs’ lips as the older man ever so slowly slipped the material off Tony’s shivering form. The older agent’s hands wandered to Tony’s groin and cupped the heaviness they found there.

“Do as I say, not as I do,” Gibbs’s voice was a rumble deep in his chest.

“Wh-what?” Tony stammered, distracted by the grip on his cock.

“You’ll never even so much as think about peddling your ass again,” Gibbs instructed, slightly squeezing the flesh in his hands to emphasize his point. “Because your ass belongs to me. Got it?”

“Got it, Boss,” Tony answered, but then a little devil in his head made him add, “But if my ass is yours, don’t you think it’s time for you to do something with it?”

Since they were practically nose to nose, Tony clearly saw Gibbs’ pupils dilate with lust, so he was somewhat prepared when the other man abruptly turned and yanked the shower curtain to the side. Without thought to the fact that both of them were dripping wet, Gibbs propelled Tony out of the shower, through the bathroom and down the hall. DiNozzo, however, wasn’t content to be passive. He latched his mouth onto Gibbs’ and kissed him as they walked, not caring that they were so close that their legs threatened to tangle and bring them both down. Tony managed to claw at Gibbs’ clothing and, with the incentive of Tony’s kisses goading him on, Jethro helped. Their path from shower to bed was littered with hastily discarded clothing items, until Gibbs was as nude as Tony was.

Tony barely had time to appreciate his lover’s solid, athletic form before he found himself pushed onto the mattress. Tony landed on his back and smiled uncertainly as Gibbs looked down at him.

“You going to join me?” He asked, holding a hand up to the older man.

Gibbs gave him one of those lazy smiles and crawled onto the bed, positioning himself above Tony’s prone body. “I thought you’d never ask.”

The kissing started again, only this time with Gibbs’ powerful body on top of his. Tony loved it every bit as much as he’d always thought he had. From the feeling of the hot length poking his hip, Gibbs was enjoying it too.

As before, the kisses broke off and Gibbs’ hungry mouth traveled over Tony’s skin. This time his partner’s lips didn’t linger over Tony’s chest and instead went further south. Normally a very giving lover, Tony seemed powerless to do anything but lay there and feel. Gibbs didn’t seem to mind, being busy cataloging every inch of DiNozzo’s body. Tony promised himself that next time would be different and gave himself over to sensation.

Even though Gibbs’ kisses and licks kept going lower, Tony was still unprepared when he felt the man’s mouth on his cock. The warm, wet heat swallowed him down whole and Tony cried out, hips lifting from the bed without his conscious control. Gibbs just chuckled and held him down.

Tony’d had a girlfriend once who liked to call him “sex on a stick,” but Tony had never felt so much like a lollypop.

While he had Tony in his mouth, Gibbs gently rolled Tony’s balls in his hands. Tony hissed and spread his legs a little further, doing anything he could to encourage more of his lover’s touch. By the time Gibbs pulled off Tony’s cock and crawled back up DiNozzo’s body, Tony was practically hyperventilating. Gibbs captured Tony’s mouth in a bruising kiss and Tony gladly opened his mouth to take the other man in.

Having received fellatio from a number of women over the years, Tony had tasted himself on another person’s mouth before. This was different. This was his essence mixed with Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Eager for more, Tony surged up, gripping Gibbs’ shoulder with his hand to balance himself.

“Hang on there, babe,” Gibbs murmured after pulling his mouth off Tony’s. He rubbed his finger across Tony’s lips before gently inserting it. Tony sucked on it, tasting himself faintly on the other man’s skin. “Good boy.”

After removing the finger, Gibbs’ lips descended on Tony’s again and Tony eagerly let himself be devoured. He felt Gibbs shift on top of him and opened his legs to give the other man greater access. He was hoping to feel those calloused hands on his cock again, but Gibbs fooled him. Tony felt the ex-Marine’s blunt finger push between his cheeks and at his opening. Surprise made his body stiffen.

“May I?” Gibbs stopped kissing him long enough to ask.

Tony could only nod and be grateful that he was capable of being even that articulate.

The kissing resumed, but Tony was distracted. Even as he sucked on Gibbs’ lower lip, he was using touch to track the older man’s hand. Gibbs had wasted no time in getting it back to the entrance to Tony’s body. The finger that Tony had sucked wet traced a circle around the puckered opening before wriggling its way inside.

If Tony thought the mixture of his taste and Gibbs was intoxicating, it was nothing compared to having the man inside him. Even if it was only a finger. As it wiggled and stretched him, Tony couldn’t believe the intimacy – and that he’d ever considered sharing something like this with Penbrooke, a virtual stranger.

He broke off his kiss with Gibbs and bumped foreheads with the other man. “Thank you.”

Gibbs, being Gibbs, didn’t need to ask why. “Believe me, it’s my pleasure.” He kissed Tony on the forehead, nose and chin before moving as though to get off the bed. “Wait a minute. Spit’s enough for one finger, but I’m going to need something more before we continue. I’ve got to get something out of my pants in the other room…”

Tony grabbed him. “Night stand. Top drawer.”

It didn’t take Gibbs long to find the stash of condoms and tube of lubrication. The latter has a faintly peppermint scent and Tony flushed when Gibbs popped the cap and took an oddly delicate sniff. The ex-Marine smiled as he got a whiff and Tony relaxed at the obvious approval.

The kisses and the fingering continued, until Tony was a lump of Italian-flavored nerve endings writhing on the bed. Apparently that’s just the way Gibbs wanted him, because the man eventually stopped his ministrations and patted Tony on the hip.

“On your belly, DiNozzo,” Gibbs instructed him.

The rawness of the other man’s voice made Tony gulp even as he obeyed. As he settled on his stomach, he heard the telltale sound of a condom wrapper being opened. He’d heard that sound many times before, but never with quite the connotation that it had now. Suddenly nervous, Tony started panting. He settled, however, with Gibbs’ laid down on top of him. The weight of ex-Marine’s sturdy body pushed Tony into the mattress, causing friction of the bedspread against his needy cock. Not only that, but Gibbs murmured endearments as he began to kiss his way down Tony’s spine. By the time he got to the small of Tony’s back, the younger man was pushing up against him.

Gibbs’ large hands kneaded Tony’s ass, causing him to squirm.

“Please don’t make me wait,” Tony begged, knowing he was begging and not the least bit ashamed of it.

“I don’t know, a little waiting might be good for you,” Gibbs teased. “Build a little character.”

In contrast to his words, Tony felt Gibbs’ hands stretch his ass wide and then there was something nudging at his entrance. Before Tony could tense in anticipation, Gibbs pushed forward. It was fire and pressure and Tony knew then what it felt like to be branded. That’s what Gibbs was doing, branding one Anthony DiNozzo as his. Tony, who up until joining NCIS had changed jobs more frequently than some people changed cars, found his fear of commitment melting away under the onslaught.

“Tony? You all right?” Gibbs asked, once he’d breached Tony’s ass.

“Yeah,” Tony responded. “Just go slow, okay?”

“You got it,” Gibbs said warmly, hands stroking up and down Tony’s back.

Leroy Jethro Gibbs could be bullheaded, blunt and impatient, but during the next few minutes, Tony was shown was shown the ex-Marine’s gentler side. Gibbs eased himself inside Tony with a slow, tender motion that was accompanied by soft strokes and murmurs of encouragement. His body accepted Gibbs’ penetration, charmed into it as much as anything else. Each inch felt like a foot, but Tony reveled in it.

At last fully sheathed, Gibbs stopped.

“You okay, Tony?” He asked. Tony was pleased to hear the breathless quality in his lover’s voice; glad to know he wasn’t the only one deeply affected by their joining.

“I’m good, Boss,” Tony assured him. He felt his body ripple around the intruder impaling him and closed his eyes to better savor the feeling.

“Oh, you’re more than good, DiNozzo,” Gibbs growled. Rising to his knees, he gripped Tony’s hips firmly. “And you’re gonna get better.”

Gibbs kept his pace slow at first, moving in and out of Tony gently. As DiNozzo loosened up around him, however, he picked up the pace and was soon thrusting steadily. Tony absorbed the impacts, moaning as he was lovingly fucked. It was as though every slap of Gibbs’ balls against his ass was proclaiming the older man’s ownership and it was a claim that Tony was not about to dispute.

“Your ass is mine,” Gibbs growled, proving once again that he could read Tony’s mind. “Mine.”

“Oh, God,” Tony moaned, the words touching something deep within him.

A sharp slap to his ass made him pop his eyes open.

“Say it,” Gibbs ordered, slapping the other cheek. “Say your ass is mine.”

“Yours.” Tony didn’t even hesitate. “My ass is yours.”

“Mine,” Gibbs agreed, apparently appeased by Tony’s swift capitulation. “Now touch yourself for me, Tony. Show me who you belong to.”

Tony had been concentrating so much on the feeling of Gibbs’ cock sliding in and out of him that it honestly hadn’t occurred to him to touch himself. At his lover’s order, though, he found he could do nothing else. Tony balanced himself on one hand and slid the other down to grasp his penis. He stroked his erection in time with Gibbs’ thrusts and felt his passage tighten in response. Both of them moaned at that sensation.

A moment later, Tony felt Gibbs’ hands on his waist, drawing him up. Not sure what was going on, but willing to follow whatever direction Gibbs wanted, Tony let himself be drawn up so that he was practically sitting in the older man’s lap, Gibbs’ cock nestled deep within his body. Boneless, he let himself drape across Gibbs’ chest, panting and moaning as Gibbs’ hands swept over his torso.

“You are so beautiful,” Gibbs murmured, teeth worrying at Tony’s neck. “I wish I had a picture of you like this.”

“Yours,” was all Tony was able to utter. “All yours.”

Gibbs chuckled and dropped his hand to Tony’s cock. He stroked it gently as he began to shift under Tony. His strokes weren’t as long as what he’d been using earlier, but were deeper thanks to Tony’s position. The blunt head of his cock hit Tony’s prostate and caused liquid fire to shoot through the younger man’s body. Tony cried out and writhed in Gibbs’ embrace, causing another chuckle.

“Come on, Tony,” Gibbs encouraged. “Come for me. Just like this.”

Impaled on Gibbs’ cock, the man’s arms around him and his hands on him, Tony obeyed. He shouted Gibbs’ name as he came to orgasm, feeling his cock unload as his ass clamped down on the penis lodged within it. Gibbs held him tenderly as Tony’s world rocked, murmuring endearments even as his expert hand milked the most out of Tony’s erection.

Tony wasn’t given much time to recover. Gibbs encouraged him back on his hands and knees and the older man started thrusting again, this time even harder. Completely pliant, Tony hummed his appreciation.

“Mine,” Gibbs panted out with each almost brutal thrust in. “Your ass is mine.”

When he felt Gibbs’ body stiffen on top of his, Tony knew his lover was coming. He almost cried out in triumph himself, but stayed silent so he could savor the sound of Gibbs’ deep moan. When it was over, Gibbs collapsed down on top of him and Tony felt himself begin to black out, overwhelmed by the whole experience.

When Tony was next aware, an undeterminable amount of time had passed. He found himself warm and dry and under the covers, his head pillowed on Gibbs’ chest. His ass was sore, but his heart was full and Tony considered that a pretty damn good trade-off.

Tony was grinning when he opened his eyes. “Hello there,” he said to Gibbs, who was watching him.

“Hello yourself,” Gibbs responded, kissing him chastely. He had a hand on the curve of Tony’s ass, cupping a cheek possessively. “Why didn’t you tell me that you were a virgin?”

Sighing in contentment, Tony wiggled until he was pressed even closer to Gibbs than he was before. “I wasn’t completely a virgin. Not all my girlfriends were pretenses, Boss.

The hand gripping his ass squeezed and Tony gasped in pleasure.

“You know what I meant, DiNozzo.”

Tony did indeed. “I was afraid that you’d stop.”

“Stop?” Gibbs grinned wolfishly at him. “No way in hell.” His expression softened. “I might have been a little gentler, though.”

“It was perfect,” Tony argued. He laid his head down on Gibbs’ chest. “We can do gentle next time.” Suddenly afraid he’d misunderstood something, he looked at Gibbs in concern. “There will be a next time, right?”

His ass was squeezed again. “I told you, this belongs to me. We’ve got nothing but next times ahead of us.”

Tony let out his breath, not aware he’d been holding it. “Good.”

There was silence for several minutes and then Gibbs quietly said, “It was in Spain. My partner and I were undercover.”

Tony knew what Gibbs was telling him, the particular time and particular set of circumstances that had led to him exchanging sex for information.

“The bad guys made Matt, grabbed him,” Gibbs continued. “There was only one way to get to him in time and that was if I offered it up to this local informant.” He sighed. “I’d known Matt in the Marines. He had a wife and three little kids; I couldn’t let anything happen to him.”

“Of course you couldn’t,” Tony reassured the other man.

“That didn’t make doing it easy,” Gibbs stated bluntly. “Still doesn’t make it an easy thing to live with.”

Tony thought long and hard about the choice his lover had been faced with, what he so foolishly thought he could go through with himself. The difference was, Gibbs had made that choice to save a life; Tony had considered it merely to prove a point. He was very glad that Gibbs had stopped him, but couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if he ever found himself faced with the same situation that Gibbs had been in.

“I think I could do it if it were your life at stake,” Tony said slowly. “Or Abby’s.”

Gibbs’ hands tightened reflexively on his ass again. “But you won’t have to. Ever. This belongs to me.”

“Only to you,” Tony murmured, stretching up to kiss the underside of Gibbs’ chin.

“Good answer,” Gibbs praised him, lowering his head to kiss Tony tenderly. DiNozzo shivered, still able to faintly taste himself on the other man’s mouth. “Now go to sleep. When you’re rested, we’ve got some ‘next times’ to try out.”

“Whatever you say, Boss,” Tony grinned, settling against the older man’s body.

As he drifted off to sleep, Gibbs’ large and calloused hand combing through his hair, Tony thought again about Penbrooke and the colossal mistake he’d almost made. He also couldn’t help but wonder about Ziva and what circumstances she’d been in to prostitute herself for the job. Lastly, he thought about McGee and how the probie had, by alerting Gibbs to Tony’s intention, inadvertently led to Gibbs finally make a move.

If Gibbs ever let him out of bed, Tony thought, he’d have to buy McGee a thank you present. Maybe some cologne….

~the end~


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