by Juli

January 2006


Gibbs smiled smugly at the appreciative tone in his lover’s voice. Being an unabashed hedonist, Tony DiNozzo hadn’t been too enthusiastic when Jethro told him about a friend’s offer to let them use his cabin for the weekend. Tony’s idea of roughing it was more along the lines of staying at a motel instead of a hotel. What Tony hadn’t known was that this particular cabin was far, far nicer than most people’s homes. The two men wouldn’t exactly be roughing it. Far from it, actually.

“Are you sure your friend doesn’t mind us using the place?” Tony asked as they unloaded their bags and supplies and made their way to the cabin. It was more of a small-scale English manor, really, complete with garden that had been cut out of the woods that surrounded it.

“Barney shipped out a couple months ago,” Gibbs explained. “According to the divorce settlement, he and his ex split the use of the cabin and if either of them doesn’t use his or her time, ownership reverts back to the other one.”

Tony grimaced. “Could the judge really enforce that?”

Gibbs shrugged. Barney’s divorce had been a bitter one. With no children or pets to squabble over, the cabin had become the main point of contention. According to what Barney told him, the judge had been so frustrated with their bickering over it that she’d threatened to put it on the sales block and split the proceedings between the warring parties. Maybe the fact that he was shipping out to Iraq would have garnered Barney a compassionate exception, but Gibbs’ old friend hadn’t wanted to take the chance. Having been through a couple of unpleasant divorces himself, Jethro had been glad to help out.

“Dunno,” Gibbs stated. “In any case, it’s ours for the weekend. We just have to remember to leave it the way we found it.”

Tony snorted. “Like you’d ever have anything less than shipshape anyway.”

Jethro grinned, remembering some conversations they’d had about towels and clothing left on the floor. Well, he supposed that, technically, they hadn’t been conversations. Gibbs had talked and Tony pretended to listen. Or maybe he’d been paying more attention than Jethro thought. The towels and clothes had made it off the floor and as far as the bathtub and back of the chair, respectively. They weren’t exactly folded neatly, but Gibbs considered it a minor victory nonetheless.

“Go ahead, explore,” Gibbs offered, seeing that his lover was all but vibrating in his need to satisfy his insatiable curiosity. “I’ll unload the groceries.” Jethro had been there before and knew all the pleasantries the cabin had to offer.

“Thanks, babe,” Tony said, kissing Gibbs briefly before going off to inspect their home for the weekend.

Jethro tracked his lover through the cabin by listening to the younger man’s exclamations of delight. The satellite dish/plasma television combo was greeted with a loud “awesome,” the pool table provoked a challenge to a game and the large hot tub prompted a call to Gibbs that Tony was glad they hadn’t brought their swimsuits because a hot tub was best experienced in the nude.

Tony was obviously enthusiastic about what he was discovering in the cabin, but as the younger man reached the room that Jethro had assumed would generate the most response from his lover, Tony was instead oddly silent. Having put the cold and frozen items safely away, Gibbs gave up on his chore and went to check up on his companion.

He found Tony standing in the doorway to the bedroom, a look on his face like he’d just reached Nirvana.

“A waterbed,” Tony whispered reverently. “I always wanted one of these.”

“Your parents wouldn’t get you one?” Gibbs asked. He’d gotten the impression that the DiNozzos had substituted buying their son things instead of showing him love and affection.

“My cousin, Pete, had one,” Tony explained. “But my dad said they were tacky and vulgar and he wouldn’t have one in the house.”

“Why don’t you try it out?” Gibbs suggested.

He’d learned not to react too much to these tidbits Tony dropped about his childhood, mostly because it upset Tony. Gibbs did, however, renew his resolve to give Tony all the love he’d missed growing up. He wasn’t convinced he was the right man for the job, but despite there being plenty of sensitive men out there who would be happy to be the lover of one Anthony DiNozzo, Tony had never wavered in his attachment to Gibbs. One of Jethro’s goals in life was to make sure that Tony never regretted that choice.

Tony sat on the edge of the waterbed and then flopped back, causing the mattress to ripple and jiggle. Chuckling, DiNozzo slapped his hand against it, causing more waves. Still bouncing, Tony lifted himself up onto his elbows and eyed Gibbs in anticipation.

“Just think, Boss,” he commented slyly, “If it moves like this just from me laying down, what do you think would happen if there was more action?”

“I don’t know; what do you have in mind?” Gibbs drawled, leaning against the doorframe. He knew exactly what Tony wanted, but was in the mood to make his lover spell it out.

“C’mon,” Tony beseeched, holding a hand out to the older man. “I always wanted to do it on a waterbed.”

“You think that’s a good idea?” Jethro asked, even as he moved forward. “As active as we get, I don’t know if the seams on this thing will hold up.”

“Only one way to find out,” Tony suggested, eyebrows waggling. “C’mon, Gibbs, the drive up here made you as horny as it did me.”

Jethro didn’t try to deny it. Any extended period of time alone with Tony in an enclosed space was enough to get his libido going. The truck was a manual transmission and about halfway to the cabin, Gibbs had started playing with the stick. He’d run his fingers up and down its length before letting them drift across the bulbous head of the knob, swirling lazy patterns across it. Gibbs had suppressed a smirk when he noticed Tony squirming in his seat, but in the end, the joke was on him. The stick play had gotten him as hot and bothered as it had Tony.

It didn’t take much coaxing to get him on the waterbed with his lover. Gibbs carefully climbed onto the water-filled mattress and crawled across it in order to straddle Tony. Even though he did his best to minimize his movements, the waterbed still sent both men rocking. Jethro bent down and kissed his lover, the surge of his tongue into Tony’s mouth mimicking the movement of the water beneath them. Tony moaned and reciprocated, his tongue dueling Gibbs’ for dominance.

By the time Gibbs pulled back, the bed had gentled to a subdued bobbing motion. Tony looked up at him with an expression of deep satisfaction.

“You are way too good at that,” the younger man stated quietly.

“You complainin’?” Gibbs responded affably.

“Hell, no,” Tony’s answering grin was cocky. “I know a good thing when I see it.”

“Good answer.”

The love-making began in earnest then. Jethro pulled his shirt over his head, pleased with the obvious desire reflected in his partner’s face. Gibbs had always kept himself in shape, the better to catch the bad guys. With Tony is his life, though, Gibbs had new inspiration for the care of his body. Namely, the lustful glint in Tony’s eyes.

As soon as the bulk of Gibbs’ sweatshirt was gone, Tony’s hands came up and started caressing the ex-Marine’s chest. Gibbs made a low noise in his throat as those talented fingers found his nipples and skillfully manipulated them. He grunted, though, the next moment, as Tony tugged on Gibbs chest hair and used it to pull the older man down on top of him.

“Mmmmm, that’s better,” Tony murmured as Gibbs’ weight settled over him.

“Now that you’ve got me where you want me, what’re you going to do with me?” Gibbs asked, not at all unhappy to have Tony underneath him.

“Make you feel good?” Tony suggested in mock innocence.

Gibbs growled and brought his head down, kissing Tony deeply before breaking off to nip at the other man’s neck. Tony moaned and raked his fingernails across Jethro’s back, legs spreading instinctively as Gibbs laved a particularly sensitive spot. Eager to have access to more of his lover’s skin, Gibbs trailed kisses across Tony’s collarbone to his chest, remembering at the last minute that the shirt DiNozzo was wearing had been a gift from Kate and had sentimental value. What he wanted to do was rip the damn thing open, but instead he took the time to undo each button, kissing and licking as he went.

By the time he got the shirt open and wrestled out from underneath Tony’s body, both of them were hard. Gibbs lay back down on his lover, brushing their groins together. Even encased as they each were by a pair of pants, the contact was electric. Gibbs hooked his legs with Tony’s and rolled. The motion put the younger man on top of him and also sent the bed to rocking again. Jethro stuck his hands in Tony’s back pockets, pressing their groins together. The movement of the waterbed took care of the rest.

“God, that feels good,” Tony moaned. He ground himself close one last time and then started to move off Gibbs. “But it’s my turn.”

Before Jethro had a chance to comment, Tony slid down the ex-Marine’s body, kissing as he went. When he reached the waistband of Jethro’s pants, Tony didn’t let the barrier stop him. He undid the snap with his teeth and swiftly worked the zipper down. Gibbs lifted his hips as Tony’s warm hands slithered the jeans off his hips and over his butt. When they were clear of Jethro’s body, Tony tossed them over his shoulder.

“What?” Tony teased, his hand already at the front of Gibbs’ shorts and stroking Jethro’s hard cock through the soft fabric. “No complaints about clothes on the floor?”

Jethro growled again, the sound causing Tony’s to laugh out loud.

“I guess not,” Tony responded, clearly pleased with his lover’s reaction.

His hand snaked inside of Gibbs’ briefs. The older man’s erection was hot and hard and Tony was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. He grasped it firmly with one hand while the other slid the underwear down and off. As soon as his lover’s cock was revealed, Tony sat back and admired it for a minute, stroking it lazily.

Gibbs’ hissed in pleasure. He loved what Tony did to him, but even more, he loved watching his talented lover as he did it.

Moving carefully, Tony leaned forward and cautiously licked the head of Gibbs’ cock. He tilted his head to better nuzzle along its length. Jethro held as still as he could, not wanting to set the waterbed to rocking. It was hard, though, as Tony used his lips to caress his erection. He persevered; there was times when you didn’t want the mattress to move. When your lover had your penis in his mouth was right at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, Tony hadn’t realized that fact. He used a sudden movement as he lifted his head and took the head of Gibbs’ cock into his mouth. The motion started the waterbed mattress to dip and surge, resulting in Tony getting a bit more cock than he’d bargained for. Gagging a little, he pulled off Gibbs’ erection and sat back.

“Sorry about that,” Tony apologized sheepishly as he wiped off his mouth. “I guess I don’t have the knack of this waterbed stuff yet.”

Gibbs took his hand and tugged Tony up. “Then sit back and let a master show you how it’s done.”

With a couple of strategic bounces that set the mattress rocking with waves, Gibbs changed places with Tony. Before Gibbs could get started, though, a hand tapping him on his head got his attention.

“You did that too easily,” Tony stated, eyes narrowed with suspicion. “I thought you said you’d only been here for a couple of poker games?”

Gibbs chuckled. He’d never had a lover be jealous before and he kind of liked it. His ex-wives told him that he had an issue with jealousy, but Gibbs could never figure out why it was a problem. He liked it when Tony got territorial on him; made him feel wanted on a level he never had been before.

“I’m a Marine, Tony,” he explained, unzipping Tony’s fly and palming DiNozzo’s cock. “If I can break down an M-16, clean it and put it back together on a troop transport in rough water, I can handle a waterbed.”

Tony looked at him searchingly and then, apparently liking what he saw, relaxed. “O-okay, then,” he stammered, feeling the effects of Gibbs’ gentle pulling on his cock. “Carry on, then.”

“Yes, sir,” Gibbs replied smugly, moving efficiently to strip the younger man of his pants and underwear, for once letting the discarded garments fall where they would.

Once he reached bare skin, Jethro set up an easy rhythm, nothing fancy, but proven to be effective. He grasped Tony’s cock with one hand and used it to guide his mouth back and forth on his lover’s swollen length. His motions were gentle and lazy, only causing the water-filled mattress to rock softly. He kept it up for several minutes, until Tony’s wiggling generated some larger waves.

Gibbs left off with his mouth and crawled up Tony’s body. There, he took his lover’s mouth in a forceful kiss while using one hand to knead the ripe cheeks of Tony’s ass.

“Wait right here,” Jethro said when he finally relinquished his lover’s mouth. “I’ll go to the other room and get the supplies.”

Tony grabbed Gibbs by the shoulder before the older man could leave the bed. “Jeans. Back pocket.” At Jethro’s surprised grunt, Tony grinned widely. “See, there’s something to be said for leaving your clothes on the floor.”

Gibbs just kissed him again before scooting off the bed to hunt for DiNozzo’s jeans. It probably didn’t take nearly as long as he thought it did. With Tony wanton and waiting for him on the bed, even one second was too long.

Victorious, Jethro returned to the waterbed and kissed Tony again before growling, “Would have been quicker if they’d been folded neatly.”

“I’m not the one who put them there,” Tony reminded him, leaning up for a kiss of his own.

Deciding they could argue about it later, Gibbs patted Tony on the hip. “Come on, babe, turn over for me.”

The smug grin on DiNozzo’s face told Jethro that he’d probably lost points on the whole clothes-on-the-floor debate, but at the moment he couldn’t care less. Tony DiNozzo was spread out before him, ass in the air, the movement of the waterbed lifting and lowering him like he was already being fucked.

“Holy shit,” Gibbs murmured as he fumbled with the lube he’d retrieved from Tony’s pocked. “Gonna have to send Barney a whole case of bourbon when he gets back as a thank you gift.”

“What’s that?” Tony asked, turning his head to look at the older man. His eyes were wide and dazed with desire.

“Nothing,” Jethro replied. “Watch out, this is going to be a little cold.”

Preparing Tony was almost as good as being inside him. When his ass was first breached with a slick finger, Tony hissed and arched, causing a ripple effect from the mattress. Gibbs almost didn’t have to move his finger, the bed was doing that for him. In short order, a second and third digit were added, Tony taking them easily. DiNozzo writhed on Gibbs’ hand, crying out for more.

“Please, Boss,” Tony panted. “Need it.”

“Don’t worry, you’re going to get it,” Gibbs reassured him.

In short order, he’d donned a condom and slicked it with lube. Slapping Tony lightly on the ass, Gibbs encouraged the younger man to his knees. Since that sent the waterbed to shaking again, Jethro steadied himself with a hand on Tony’s hip. Synching his movement with that of the small waves rippling through the mattress, Gibbs lined his cock up with Tony’s opening and pushed in, not stopping until he was all the way sheathed.

“Oh, God,” Tony groaned.

Gibbs could feel his lover’s body clamp down on his intruding cock and became concerned that maybe he’s rushed the preparations.

“Tony, you okay?” He asked, running a soothing hand up Tony’s spine.

DiNozzo shook his head. “Feels good, but don’t… don’t move for a minute, okay?”

“Okay,” Gibbs agreed readily. He lay across Tony’s back, knowing that his athletic companion could take his weight easily. Reaching down, he found Tony’s hands were they were fisted in the sheets and covered them with his own.

“Love being inside you,” Jethro murmured, nuzzling at DiNozzo’s neck. He let go of one of Tony’s hands and reached around to grab his lover’s erection, stroking it slowly to the soft rocking of the waterbed. “Could stay buried in you all day.”

Gibbs kept up the soothing patter of words and the stroking. It didn’t take long until Tony’s body relaxed and the younger man was writhing underneath him.

“More,” Tony pleaded. “Oh, God, Gibbs, move!”

“Yes, sir,” Jethro responded, nipping at the back of Tony’s neck before straightening up and grabbing Tony by the hips.

Gibbs slid his groin back, groaning at the friction on his cock as Tony’s ass automatically gripped it. Gibbs only took it out a few inches before sliding back in, a slow thrust that generated an equally slow wave from the waterbed. Once fully sheathed again, Gibbs let the water shift their bodies, waiting until the waves were almost stilled before thrusting again. He wasn’t the only moving, though. Tony moaned in a combination of pleasure and need, thrusting back to meet his lover’s cock.

With Tony undulating beneath him and the waterbed’s movement further inflaming his growing need, Jethro could keep to that slow pace for only so long. He increased the speed of his thrusts. The volume of Tony’s cries of pleasure increased, encouraging him further. With the waterbed adding a counterthrust to the force of his plunging hips, Gibbs’ thrusting became more powerful. Sweat ran down his body as his balls slapped loudly against Tony’s ass. The water sloshed enthusiastically within the mattress and a tiny part of Gibbs’ mind began to wonder if his earlier teasing about the strength of the bed’s seams had any truth to it.

“Gonna come,” Tony warned. “Can feel you, Gibbs. Never been so deep.”

“Let go,” Jethro encouraged him. “Trust me, not gonna be far behind.”

With their coupling being so wild, Tony’d kept both hands on the mattress. At Gibbs’ command, however, he brought one to his groin and stroked his cock. Gibbs counted a dozen strokes of his hips before Tony came, a loud cry heralding the event a split second before Tony’s ass clamped down on him in orgasm. Jethro was barely aware of Tony’s upper body collapsing on the bed, only Gibbs’ grip on his hips keeping him from completely slumping to the mattress. Jethro watched a lone tendril of sweat trickle down Tony’s side, its course irregular from the pounding DiNozzo’s body was still taking.. As it disappeared from view, Gibbs’ control vanished as well.

“Ahhhhh….” Jethro’s groan was long and drawn out as his orgasm seemed to explode out of him in stream after stream of pleasure.

Jethro let himself carefully fall on top of Tony as his body finally appeased itself, the waterbed still rocking them both with waves that were the remnants of the couple’s passion. Running hands down Tony’s sides, Jethro waited until their breathing calmed and the bed stilled before he pulled out. Ever the gentleman, Gibbs took care of cleaning up, discarding the condom and getting a wet washcloth from the bathroom. He didn’t mind, especially not when he wanted to check and make sure Tony had taken no damage. Once he determined that his lover was fine, Gibbs slipped under the covers and pulled a sleepy Tony with him.

“Was it all you thought it would be?” Jethro asked, kissing Tony gently. “Making love on a waterbed?”

“Mmmmm… no,” Tony murmured, eyes already closed.

Gibbs felt himself stiffen in surprise. “It wasn’t?”

Tony smiled sweetly before opening his eyes. “It was better than I ever imagined; it was with you.”

Jethro rewarded him with another kiss, heart too full to make any other response. Words so often failed him, but Tony always seemed to know what he was feeling anyway. “Better get some sleep now.”

“Yeah,” Tony replied already half asleep. “Gonna need that hot tub later, I think.”

“Are you sore?” Gibbs asked, raising himself up on one elbow. He remembered how hard he’d been thrusting there at the end. He reminded himself that there’d been no sign of blood when he’d wiped DiNozzo down.

“A little,” Tony admitted. The younger man was beginning to look a little green around the edges. “But it’s a good sore.”

“You sure?” Gibbs persisted. “You don’t look so good.”

“Don’t laugh,” Tony groaned. “But it’s the bed. I think I’m a little seasick.”

Seasick? From a waterbed? Sometimes Jethro forgot what a landlubber his lover was.

Despite Tony’s warning, Gibbs wasn’t even tempted to laugh. As much as Tony loved to play the clown, he had a pretty big streak of insecurity and Jethro wasn’t about to add to it.

“Think of it as a hammock,” Gibbs suggested. He brought one hand up to rub Tony’s belly in a soothing circular movement.

“You must think I’m a wuss,” Tony stated glumly. “Getting nauseated from a damn waterbed.”

“I’ve seen you in too many dangerous situations to ever believe you’re a wuss, Tony,” Gibbs reassured him, keeping up the tummy circles. “Have you ever been on a hammock on a sunny summer day? Just drifting on the breeze, the drone of bees and the whistle of birds in the background, nothing to do but to nap and enjoy being lazy….”

Gibbs kept up the soft words until he felt Tony relax into slumber. He pulled his dozing lover closer, Tony only murmuring in his sleep and nuzzling closer. Later, Jethro would tell him how, the first time he was at sea, he’d tossed his cookies right on the feet of his CO.

For now, though, Jethro would think of hammocks and Tony and having nothing better to do than to hold him.

~the end~


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