Kitchen Table

by  Juli

September 2005

“DiNozzo, get your ass off my table.”

Tony rolled his eyes. Gibbs’ growl wasn’t nearly as effective outside of the office. “Come on, Boss. I’ve got my pants on.”

“Doesn’t mean I want your cheeks polishing my table. Off.”

The two men were in Gibbs’ kitchen on a lazy Sunday morning. It wasn’t often that they got to indulge in a long, relaxed brunch, so they were drawing out the experience as much as possible. Jethro was washing up the dishes dirtied during their meal and Tony was drying. True to form, DiNozzo had become bored with the task, even though he was enjoying being close to Gibbs. While he waited for the next dish to be ready to dry, he’d made himself comfortable on the table, reading the crossword puzzle out loud to his lover.

After Jethro’s second directive to get off the table, Tony slid off its smooth wooden surface. He put the crossword puzzle down and picked up the dishtowel. As he did, DiNozzo couldn’t help but notice that the fabric was quite damp. Being an ace towel popper, Tony knew the water would give the towel the extra weight it needed to for a truly impressive pop.

Grinning, Tony started winding the towel up.

“Don’t even think about it, DiNozzo.”

Tony’s smile faded momentarily. He’d been watching Gibbs; he knew his lover hadn’t turned around. How had Gibbs known?

“Reflection in the window,” Jethro said, answering his question before Tony could even utter it.

DiNozzo frowned. There’d been a definite tone of smugness in Jethro’s voice and that wouldn’t do, not on a Sunday morning. Dropping his hand down so that it was hopefully out of sight, Tony started winding the towel up again. Moving with a speed born of all his years as an athlete, he brought it up and, with a snap of his wrist, popped Gibbs on the ass with it.


The sound was satisfyingly loud and Gibbs’ reaction was equally gratifying. The older man jumped and actually dropped the dish he was holding into the water. Luckily it was a plastic bowl and nothing was broken, but water splashed up into Gibbs’ face. Jethro calmly reached up and wiped the moisture out of his eyes.

“Was it worth it, DiNozzo?” He asked, not turning around.

Tony thought of all the times Gibbs had snuck up on him; of the times Jethro had whapped him on the back of the head. He loved the man with every fiber of his being, but that didn’t stop revenge from being sweet.

“Oh, yeah,” Tony said with feeling, grinning widely.


DiNozzo knew Gibbs well enough to be prepared. The moment the ex-Marine started to move, Tony was out of reach on the other side of the table. His eyes sparkled with mischief as he admired the large wet spot darkening the front of Jethro’s t-shirt.

“Look on the positive side, Boss,” Tony suggested.

“And what’s that, DiNozzo?” Gibbs asked. He appeared to be doing his best to keep a scowl on his face, but his eyes were dancing.

“My ass isn’t on your table anymore,” Tony responded.

“Thanks for pointing that out,” Gibbs retorted, slowly edging around the table.

DiNozzo inched away at the same speed that Jethro inched forward. “You know me, Boss. I like to be helpful.”

“You’re a regular Boy Scout.”

With no more warning than that, Gibbs lunged. With a loud whoop, Tony moved away and it became a race around the table.

“Can’t catch me, Boss.” Tony taunted.

Gibbs didn’t bother to answer. While Tony was busy goading him, they’d circled so that Jethro was near the sink and he dipped his fingers in the dishwater. The ex-Marine surreptitiously dribbled the soapy stuff on the floor and continued the chase.

“Come on, Gibbs, give up,” Tony teased. “When I was playing basketball, I could run end to end faster than anybody on the team – whoa!”

By this time, DiNozzo had neared the sink and hadn’t noticed the small puddle on the floor. He was in his socks and they didn’t provide much traction. With a yelp, he started to fall. Gibbs was barefooted and didn’t slip at all as he darted forward and caught his lover.

One minute, Tony was teasing his partner; the next he was pinned against the table by a very triumphant Gibbs.

“Oops.” DiNozzo said, smiling tentatively up at Gibbs’ smug face.

“Is it worth it now, Tony?”

“The towel slipped out of my hand, Boss,” Tony claimed. “Honest.”

Gibbs wasn’t buying what Tony was selling. “Nice try, DiNozzo. Now shut up and take what’s coming to you like a man.”

Tony grinned for real, not at all intimidated. “Like a man, huh? I think I can manage that.”

Gibbs rubbed one hand over DiNozzo’s denim-covered groin, smirking when he felt the bulge there. “I thought you could.”

Before Tony could come up with another smart ass remark, Jethro was pressing close. As the older man claimed DiNozzo’s mouth, his hands, still warm and soapy from the dishwater, slipped under Tony’s shirt. Tony’s nipples were tweaked even as his mouth was plundered. DiNozzo’s hands came up and stroked Jethro’s arms, enjoying the strength contained in Gibbs’ sturdy body.

Jethro pulled away from Tony’s lips and nibbled his jaw. “Come on, sit up here.”

DiNozzo obligingly let himself be situated on the table. He was so addled by his lover’s kisses that it took him a minute to realize what was wrong with that.

“Hey,” Tony asked, pulling away a bit from Gibbs. “I thought you didn’t want me on the table.”

Jethro growled and pulled him back. “I changed my mind.”

“Leroy Jethro Gibbs changed his mind?” Tony scoffed. “Somebody alert the media.”

Gibbs leaned forward and nuzzled at DiNozzo’s ear. “I changed my mind about Rule #12.” His breath was warm on Tony’s skin, making him shiver. “You gonna give me a hard time about that too?”

“Noooo,” Tony tilted his head, giving Gibbs better access.

“Good answer,” Jethro growled.

Gibbs grabbed the bottom of Tony’s shirt and yanked it over DiNozzo’s head. He tossed it carelessly over his shoulder and bent to lap at Tony’s nipples. DiNozzo groaned softly and started pulling at the fabric of Jethro’s t-shirt, eager to get to his lover’s bare skin. His actions interfered with what Gibbs was doing, which didn’t make his partner happy. Jethro growled and leaned back, wrenching his own shirt off and throwing it on the floor to join Tony’s. That chore accomplished, he threw himself back into what he’d been doing.

Tony sighed happily as Gibbs pressed close again. The table, however, didn’t seem to welcome Jethro’s weight as much as Tony did. It creaked a little as the ex-Marine pressed DiNozzo down.

“Hey, Boss,” Tony asked. “You think we should move this elsewhere? Not sure the table’s gonna hold us.”

“It’ll hold,” Jethro answered him, sounding distracted as he lapped his way down to Tony’s shoulder.

“You sound pretty sure.” Tony normally wouldn’t have pressed, but he felt oddly vulnerable. He was sitting on a table, half-naked, and the phrase ‘devoured alive’ kept coming to mind.

“I should be sure,” Jethro answered. “I made it.”

Tony straightened. The table he was sitting on had been crafted by Jethro? The hands roaming so tenderly over his body had once shaped the wood. He reached out and stroked the surface with almost a feeling of wonder. He looked up to find Gibbs smiling at him.

“You gotta work your way up to building a boat,” Jethro explained. “The table was mostly practice.” He kissed Tony in reassurance. “It’s not gonna break, DiNozzo, trust me.”

“Oh, I do, Boss. Trust me, I do.”

Tony sat on the table with his legs open so that Gibbs could stand between them. Their hands roamed over each other’s bare skin as they kissed, but soon it wasn’t enough. Gibbs slid his fingers underneath the waistband of Tony’s jeans, but he could only get so far due to DiNozzo’s seated position.

“Come on, Tony,” Jethro encouraged his lover. “Let’s get you on your back.”

DiNozzo didn’t need much encouraging. With Gibbs’ hands urging him on, he laid back on the table, thankful that they’d cleaned the dishes off already. The smooth surface felt cool against his bare back, but the wood soon warmed up to his skin.

Jethro made short work of the button of Tony’s jeans and DiNozzo groaned as his lover slowly slid his zipper down. He hadn’t bothered to put underwear on that morning and the air hitting his overheated cock was on the verge of torture.

“Lift your butt up.”

Tony obliged and Gibbs slid the jeans down and off. Almost in the same motion, Jethro engulfed DiNozzo’s erection with his mouth, swallowing hungrily as if the couple hadn’t just had a huge brunch.

“Oh, God,” Tony moaned.

He instinctively reached for Gibbs’ head, but the older man captured his wrists and prevented Tony from grabbing him. Tony tried hard not to thrust into Jethro’s throat, but he couldn’t help wiggling a little. Gibbs chuckled, the sound causing his throat to vibrate slightly.

Just when Tony was about to burst, Gibbs took his penis out of his mouth.

“Boss….” Tony was whining and he knew it. He couldn’t help it, though. He needed relief and he needed it badly.

“Hang on a minute, DiNozzo,” Gibbs said tightly.

Jethro was struggling with his own pants and getting them off over his own engorged cock. Once that was accomplished, he fisted his erection a couple of times as he looked at Tony spread out on his table like some sort of human buffet.

“Ah, hell,” Gibbs muttered. “Need lube.”

“Use soap,” Tony directed. “Just slick something up and get over here. Now.”

Gibbs moved the few steps to the sink and grabbed the bottle of liquid hand soap. Once back at Tony’s side, he pumped a generous dollop onto his fingers. DiNozzo spread his legs and Jethro slid his hand underneath. Finding Tony’s opening, he penetrated with one finger. Tony hissed at the cool sensation, but it didn’t take long for the slick soap to warm up.

The two men had made love the night before, so Tony was still quite loose. Gibbs progressed to two fingers and finally, three, much more quickly than normal. Even so, both men were panting with need by the time Jethro finally deemed Tony ready.

“Wiggle down a bit,” Gibbs instructed.

Tony inched down some, so that a little of his ass was hanging off the table. Gibbs took DiNozzo’s legs and slung them over his shoulders, never once breaking eye contact with the younger man. It was an extremely open, not to mention vulnerable, position and only Tony’s trust in his lover made him comfortable doing it.

Gibbs reached forward and kissed Tony deeply. Then he positioned his cock at DiNozzo’s ass and slowly slid in. It didn’t take much pressure to breach the prepared opening and, with a few smooth strokes, Jethro fully penetrated.

“You okay?” Gibbs asked his partner.

Tony had his eyes closed, but opened them at Jethro’s question. “Ooooh, yeah,” his big grin proving that he wasn’t lying.

“Hang on,” Jethro warned him.

DiNozzo spread his arms out and grabbed each side of the table. He loved knowing that Gibbs had shaped the wood underneath him. It was like having Jethro all around him, as well as inside him.

Gibbs slid his hips back, sliding his cock almost all the way out of Tony’s ass. Just when the head was about to pop out, he changed direction and slid back in at a slightly faster pace. Both men grunted as Gibbs’ body slapped down on Tony’s. The next thrust was just a little faster and harder, the resulting slap only that much louder.

“Oh, God,” Tony moaned. “More Gibbs, please.”

“Uh-huh,” Jethro shook his head. “You’ll take what’s coming to you, remember? Think you’re good with a towel? It’s my turn to pop your ass and I’m going to pop it but good.”

As usual, Gibbs was as good as his word. His thrusts increased very gradually in strength and tempo. As his movements slowly became more forceful, Jethro planted his hands flat on the table, one on either side of Tony. DiNozzo maintained his grip on the table, feeling increasingly like he was going to fly off. As Jethro’s plunges into Tony’s body became more vigorous, the table began to lift up with each thrust in and thump down with each pull out. The muffled sound matched the rhythm of the men’s coupling, almost as though it was a part of the mating.

Tony’s ass was still off the table, but now he was bent at an awkward angle as Gibbs exerted above him. Although it wasn’t the most comfortable of positions, it did trap DiNozzo’s penis between their bodies, providing a delicious friction. Despite the slowly accelerating pace, or maybe because of it, Tony could feel his body reaching its peak.

“Gonna come, Gibbs,” he panted out a warning.

“Then come, DiNozzo,” Jethro responded, breathing hard too.

The thumping of the table and the pounding into Tony’s body had reached a crescendo. DiNozzo let go. With a long, drawn-out moan, he came, eyes fluttering with the strength of his orgasm. Tony was aware of several more bangs of the table and then he could feel his lover’s spike within his body, the heat washing through him from the inside an indication that Gibbs, too, had come.

He was barely able to catch Jethro as the older man collapsed on top of him.

Tony couldn’t move at first, except to let his legs finally fall down. When he caught his breath, he started running his hands through Gibbs’ sweaty hair. Jethro, however, was the first one to speak.

“Told you the table could take it.”

DiNozzo laughed. “Yes, Mr. Modesty, it did. One of these days, though, we’re not going to be so lucky. At the rate we’re going, we’ll break something eventually.”

Jethro lifted his head and looked at him seriously. “When a Gibbs builds something, it lasts forever.”

Tony had a feeling they weren’t talking about the table anymore. “Yeah,” he said softly, reverently. “I can tell.”

Gibbs smiled as if sensing what Tony was thinking. Kissing the younger man swiftly on the mouth, he got up, groaning, and then offered DiNozzo a hand. “Come on, let’s go back to bed.”

Tony allowed himself to be helped from the table and led towards the hallway. He looked back, however, at the sink. “What about the dishes? We didn’t finish.”

“They can wait. We’ve got a mattress calling our name.”

DiNozzo smiled as he followed Gibbs out of the room. Leaving dirty dishes was not his lover’s style and it was something of a compliment that Jethro thought snuggling with Tony in bed was more important.

As they left, however, Tony cast one glance back at the table. He fervently hoped that they weren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year. There was no way he could sit across the table from Ducky, knowing what carnal activity had taken place on its wooden surface.

Or, worse yet, Ducky’s mum.

~ the end ~


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