NCIS Drinking Game

by Juli

September 2005

When I originally posted this, I was surprised how many people took it seriously. It's all for fun, folks. No, I'm not really trying to get you drunk.

Gibbs takes a gulp of coffee = one gulp of whatever you’re drinking.


Gibbs smacks Tony = drink one shot.


Abby makes an appearance outside of the lab = down a Red Bull.


McGee stutters = take four small sips.


Kate nags Tony about his eating habits = pour out your drink and get a glass of water instead.


Ducky converses with a body = get a mouthful and say “God Save the Queen” five times before swallowing.


Fornell makes an appearance = drink right out of the bottle.


Paula Cassidy makes an appearance = order a sarsaparilla and ask the most unavailable person in the room to dance.


Kate refers to being Catholic = 1 glass of red wine.


Gibbs works on his boat = break out the bourbon. (Clean glass optional.)


Tony calls McGee “Probie” = 1 can of “light” beer.


Gibbs sneaks up on somebody = one shot, but don’t let anybody see you drink it.


Tony makes a movie reference = Say “Here’s looking at you, kid” and drink a shot.


Gibbs is driving = put down your drink, you don’t want to spill.


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