by Juli

August 2005

Once a Marine, always a Marine. It didn’t matter that, technically, Leroy Jethro Gibbs had been out of the service for years. He still considered himself a soldier and retained all of his extensive training regarding sneaking up on his prey. He was just as well versed on being snuck up on too, so he was damn well aware of the arm stealthily snaking its way across his shoulders.

Because it was Tony, though, the encroachment was okay. Welcome, even. That didn’t mean, however, that Jethro would let it go without commenting on it.

“I thought you wanted to watch the game, DiNozzo?” The question was asked in a gruff tone, but Gibbs’ body language was completely relaxed.

“I am watching,” Tony was quick to defend himself, eyes wide with innocence. “Just trying to get comfortable is all.”

The two men were sharing Gibbs’ somewhat small loveseat. The couch would have been more comfortable, but when they’d started watching the football game, Jethro had just come upstairs from working on the boat. Sometimes the sawdust made Tony sneeze, so Gibbs had taken the loveseat and left the couch for the taller DiNozzo. Tony, however, had plopped down right next to Gibbs. That had been Jethro’s first clue that perhaps the football being played on the television wasn’t the game currently on Tony’s mind.

Jethro relaxed into his lover’s arm. When it came to Tony, Gibbs didn’t mind playing along.

When nothing else happened, Gibbs returned his attention to the television screen. There was no ignoring the warmth of Tony’s body sitting close to his own, so Jethro wasn’t unduly startled when long fingers began stroking through the short hairs on the back of his head. Jethro felt his body automatically relax even further. Gibbs’ reputation as a tough-guy would be shot to hell if his secret got out; that he turned to a pile of mush whenever Tony petted his hair.

Gibbs leaned slightly into the caress, but didn’t look at his lover. It was far too early in the game for that.

The petting went on until the next first down in the football game. Then DiNozzo upped the ante. With a final twirl through Gibbs’ hair, Tony’s fingers moved on to an even bigger hotspot, Jethro’s ear. For a tall man with big hands, Tony had an exceptionally gentle touch and he traced the outer shell of Gibbs’ ear with delicacy.

Gibbs shifted slightly in his seat; the soft fingering had gone straight from his ear to his cock and he knew his lover was perfectly aware of the effect it had on him. He glanced over at Tony, but DiNozzo’s eyes were locked on the television screen. If even the slightest of smiles had twitched on Tony’s lips, Jethro would have pounced on him, but DiNozzo’s expression remained neutral.

Although he couldn’t care less about the football game, Jethro did his best to at least pretend to pay attention. The fingers caressing Gibbs’ ear became more persistent, tickling the outer shell and irreverently flicking his lobe. Jethro squirmed in his seat and he could have sworn he heard a throaty chuckle come from his partner’s direction. Another suspicious glance at DiNozzo, however, showed that the younger man was still engrossed in the game. Jethro was pleased to see his lover’s face was flushed, though, and it was a fair bet that it had nothing to do with what was happening on the TV.

He didn’t have much time to gloat. Tony’s hand left off teasing Jethro’s ear and went to his neck. This time, instead of playing with Gibbs’ hair, his talented fingers traced a pattern along the nape of Jethro’s neck. Gibbs felt a shiver travel down the length of his spine. His neck was an even bigger hotspot than his hair or his ear, perhaps because it had been exposed for so many years due to a military haircut. In any case, he lost the firmness of mush and turned into a puddle of goo.

When he recovered enough muscle tone to turn his head, Gibbs shot a look at Tony. There was still no smile, but a quirk of his eyebrows gave DiNozzo away. Oh yeah, Tony was perfectly aware of the affect he was having on Jethro and, more to the point, was feeling pretty smug about it.

Gibbs grinned fiercely. He knew Tony was watching him out of the corner of his eye, but the ex-Marine moved before DiNozzo could react.

Pushing himself off the loveseat, Jethro twisted and landed on Tony’s lap. Gibbs was conveniently facing Tony and, when the younger man opened his mouth to say something, Jethro swooped down and took possession of it. His hands came up and wrapped around the back of Tony’s neck. After the teasing, Gibbs wanted to make sure he had a good grip on DiNozzo so that he could plunder the other man’s mouth at will.

As the couple kissed, Jethro ground his groin against Tony’s, happy to swallow his lover’s groans of pleasure. If Gibbs’ hair, ear and neck were particular pleasure buttons for him, then being held immobile while Jethro had his way with him was a major pleasure button for Tony.

It was a pleasure button that Jethro was happy to push again and again.

When he felt Tony wiggling underneath him, Gibbs relented and pulled back, leaving off his last kiss with a final nip to DiNozzo’s lower lip. He sat back a bit, a knee to either side of DiNozzo’s legs, so that he was really straddling the younger man instead of sitting on him. Tony stayed sprawled where he was, gazing up at Gibbs with a happy expression.

“You held out twenty seconds longer than I thought you would,” DiNozzo stated.

“You had that look on your face,” Gibbs explained as he shrugged. “The one that says that you think you’ve gotten away with something. I can’t resist that.”

“And would you really want to?” Tony asked with a smile. “Resist, that is?”

Gibbs answered that the only way he could, with a kiss. This time, the meeting of lips was gentle and when he felt his kiss had said all it needed to, Jethro broke it off and started to stand.

“Come on, let’s go to bed”

“Nah-uh,” DiNozzo shook his head. “If I wanted to make love to you on a mattress, I would have seduced you in the bedroom.”

Jethro settled back down on the loveseat, next to Tony instead of on him. “And that’s what this is? A seduction?”

“Yeah,” Tony replied. “Is it working?”

Gibbs growled and demanded another kiss. DiNozzo happily surrendered, letting the older man surge over his body.

Lips weren’t enough. Jethro soon left off marauding Tony’s mouth to start biting his way down Tony’s neck. DiNozzo moaned and shifted his head, giving his lover better access.

“Shirt. Off.” Jethro ordered, frustrated when he got a mouth full of cotton as the offending garment got in the way.

“Gee, Gibbs, didn’t know sex made you so eloquent,” Tony quipped.

But he did take his shirt off.

Jethro barely gave DiNozzo enough space to pull it over his head. Once he had a greater expanse of bare skin to work with, he changed his nips to licks, delicately stroking over each exposed nipple. Tony responded by grabbing at Jethro’s shoulders, his sharp intake of breath clearly audible. Gibbs gently took one nub in his teeth and carefully pulled on it, glad that the weight of his body kept Tony pressed firmly to the cushions of the loveseat instead of completely arching off it.

By this time, DiNozzo was clawing at Gibbs’ shirt and Jethro impatiently half sat up to pull it off. Once he’d flung it behind him, he descended again, kissing Tony like there was no tomorrow.

Tony’s hands roamed across Jethro’s bare back, digging in deep when Gibbs’ tongue found a particularly sensitive spot. Eventually, though, his touches went lower and Jethro blessed whatever impulse had caused him to put on sweats instead of jeans. His lover’s talented hands slipped underneath the elastic waistband and headed unerringly for Gibbs’ ass. Tony took one cheek in each hand and pulled Jethro even closer, kneading the ex-Marine’s buttocks as he did so.

“Son of a bitch,” Gibbs moaned, leaving off his kissing and licking to bury his face in the crook of DiNozzo’s sweaty neck. Instinctively, he started rutting into Tony’s body, an undulation that pressed their cloth-covered groins firmly together. “God, that’s good.”

“Could make out with you for hours,” Tony whispered hoarsely, kissing Jethro’s shoulder gently.

He shifted underneath the ex-Marine, making Gibbs more aware of their surroundings. He was full on top of DiNozzo, but Tony couldn’t quite stretch out on the loveseat. Tony’s head was pillowed on one upholstered arm, while his legs were spread and hung over the other. It didn’t look very comfortable.

“Let’s at least move to the couch,” Gibbs suggested, breathing hard.

Tony shook his head. “Come on, Boss,” he teased. “They call it a loveseat for a reason.”

“DiNozzo….” Jethro warned in his best alpha male growl.

“But Gibbs,” Tony pouted as he surveyed the three feet that spanned the distance to the other piece of furniture. “It’s too far away.”

Jethro wasn’t in the mood to argue. If Tony wanted the loveseat, then the loveseat it was. Besides, he was a little too involved in their current activity to really want to move anyway.

Gibbs resumed kissing the younger man, shifting so that his hands were on DiNozzo’s hips. Tony’s grip had never left Jethro’s ass and now he was busy sliding the ex-Marine’s sweats off. Gibbs moved just enough to cooperate, although he was able to keep his lips locked with Tony’s.

Stripping DiNozzo of his pants was a bit more difficult. Tony was wearing jeans instead of sweats and tight jeans at that. Luckily, Tony was also quite limber. It was like playing a game of Twister on the small surface of the loveseat, but eventually Tony was divested of his pants too. Gibbs groaned as settled back on top of his lover. He was convinced that something about Tony’s skin was addictive. Having DiNozzo’s naked body pressed along the length of his own was one of Gibbs’ all time favorite places to be, no matter which piece of furniture it took place on.

Reluctantly, Jethro pushed himself off Tony.

“Hey, where are you going?” Tony asked, reaching for Gibbs’ hand and stopping him before he could move away from the loveseat.


Tony grinned and fished underneath the seat cushion. He pulled out a tube of lube and a condom package. “There was a reason I didn’t want to move to the couch.”

“You had this planned,” Jethro stated in admiration.

“I was a Cub Scout,” DiNozzo reminded him.

Gibbs smirked and nodded at the lube. “They got a badge for that, DiNozzo?”

“Sure,” Tony retorted. “Come back over here and I’ll show it to you.”

Jethro took the lube and condoms from Tony and urged the younger man to sit up. When DiNozzo complied, Gibbs took his place on the loveseat and encouraged Tony to straddle his lap. As Tony nuzzled Jethro’s neck and lapped a wet trail down his shoulder, Gibbs prepared his lover. He coated his fingers with lube and gradually dug them deep into Tony’s body. As impatient as he was, Jethro was careful to thoroughly stretch DiNozzo. He had a feeling that both of them wanted a rough ride and Gibbs wanted to make sure that Tony didn’t injure himself.

From the way DiNozzo gasped and squirmed as Jethro’s fingers made their way inside of him, Gibbs knew that his lover was ready.

“Your turn,” Jethro said as he lightly slapped Tony on the hip.

Tony grinned and grabbed the condom package. Without further ado, he ripped it open and wiggled back far enough in Jethro’s lap to gain access to Gibbs’ cock. DiNozzo caressed its rigid length a couple of times before rolling the sheath over it. After the condom was on, he took the lube and squeezed a generous dollop out. DiNozzo took his time spreading it over Jethro’s erection, stroking and squeezing as he applied the slippery gel.

“You keep that up and we won’t be putting the lube to its intended use,” Gibbs warned.

“That would be a tragedy,” Tony replied with feigned dismay.

“UmmmHmmm,” Jethro agreed. “Quit goofing off and come here.”

DiNozzo grinned and squirmed the few inches necessary to align himself with Jethro. He lifted up enough to kiss the ex-Marine and when he eased back down, Gibbs helped him guide himself onto Jethro’s erection.

“Yeah,” Tony moaned as he felt the tip of his lover’s erection penetrate him. “That’s what I need.”

Gibbs put his hands on DiNozzo’s waist and urged him down a few more inches. “Plenty more where that came from.”

Tony just grinned and slowly lowered himself until Gibbs was fully buried inside. “God, that feels so good.”

Jethro closed his eyes at the sensation of being sheathed inside Tony, opening them only when he felt he had control. “Yeah.”

No further words were needed. The men started rocking together, the movement thrusting Jethro’s cock gently in and out Tony’s ass. At the same time as DiNozzo’s erection was caught between their shifting bodies, the friction sending frissons of pleasure through the younger man.

The springs of the loveseat creaked in protest, but neither man paid much attention. The sound was a new accompaniment to their lovemaking, but they were too wrapped up in one another to really pay attention to it.

“Tony, I need more,” Gibbs admitted. DiNozzo was on top of him and, literally, around him, but Jethro needed something more. Something deeper.

“Whatever you need, Boss,” Tony gasped.

Jethro kissed him, trying to show the appreciation he felt at the younger man’s willingness to please. After one last thrust, he maneuvered DiNozzo off his cock and onto his back on the loveseat. Gibbs carefully knelt in front of Tony, spreading DiNozzo’s legs in preparation for entering him.

Unfortunately, Jethro didn’t move quite carefully enough. On the awkwardly small loveseat, there wasn’t a lot of room for error and lust made both men clumsy. With a startled yelp, Tony ended up on the floor.

“You okay?” Jethro asked, looking down at him.

Tony pushed himself to all fours. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

Gibbs looked at Tony’s ass as DiNozzo prepared to get up, the younger man’s cheeks slightly flushed from the action of their bodies slapping together. The sight inspired Jethro.

“Don’t move,” he instructed DiNozzo.

Jethro sat back down on the loveseat and reached for Tony’s legs. With a grunt of effort he pulled them up until Tony had one knee to either side of Gibbs’ lap. Tony yelped again, but didn’t protest having to support his weight with his arms.

With a smooth thrust, Jethro slid his cock all the way back into Tony. In the new position, he could penetrate even deeper and twin moans sounded.

“You okay?” Gibbs asked again, this time to see if his lover was okay with how deeply his body had been breached.

“Oh, God, yeah,” Tony answered. He twisted his ass, causing the cock inside him to move. “More.”

“My pleasure.”

Gibbs got a firm grip on DiNozzo’s hips and started thrusting. It wasn’t that he could thrust harder from the new position, but with Tony’s upper body on the floor, it caused an unusual angle that was driving Jethro crazy. From the constant stream of moans coming from his lover, it was clear that Tony felt the same.

The squeaking sound the loveseat had been making before was nothing to the squeaking it was doing now. It was still ignored for the most part, although the tiny part of Jethro’s brain that wasn’t drowning in sensation was vaguely worried that they were about to break the damn thing.

The only bad thing about the new position was that Gibbs couldn’t reach Tony to offer him any additional stimulation. As it turned out, however, it wasn’t necessary. Just as Jethro was convinced the loveseat was about to self-destruct, Tony cried out and came.

DiNozzo fell forward as his ass clamped down on Jethro. Gibbs thrust into the pliant body a few more times before he came too. He cried out his lover’s name as he rode his orgasm; lost in a haze of Tony-induced pleasure.

It took Gibbs a few minutes to recover. When he’d caught his breath, he gently rubbed DiNozzo’s ass. “You okay?” Tony’s entire body had slid to the floor and the younger man was lying there with his eyes closed.

“Don’t mind me,” Tony said with a feeble wave of his hand. “Somebody just fucked the bones right out of me.”

Gibbs chuckled. If DiNozzo was up to joking, then he was fine. “Stay there, I’ll be right back.”

“Trust me, I’m not goin’ anywhere.”

Moving as quickly as his satiated state would allow, Jethro got up and discarded the condom mess. He next wet a towel and wiped himself off. Discarding it, he grabbed another towel and wet it too. Going back to the living room, he knelt by Tony and cleaned him off. DiNozzo rolled over onto his back, like a big cat asking to get his belly rubbed. Jethro obliged and also took the opportunity to check his lover over for injury. Except for a slight rug burn on the palms of his hands, however, Tony seemed to be in good shape.

“I think I’ll take that bed now,” DiNozzo said lazily, post-coital sleepiness leaving his eyes at half-mast.

Gibbs smiled gently and stood, offering Tony a hand up off the floor. The two men headed towards the bedroom, but just short of entering it, Jethro stopped his lover.

“You were right,” he said, thanking DiNozzo with a kiss.

“I was?” Tony’s face lit up with delight. Even though they were lovers, compliments from Gibbs were rare. “What was I right about?”

Jethro smirked. “There is a reason they call them loveseats.”

~ the end ~

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