by Juli

February 2005

Six months ago, if someone would have told Tony DiNozzo that the simple act of sanding wooden boards would make him happy, he would have responded that they were nuts.

He would have been wrong.

There was just something about the rhythmic motion of rubbing the wood with the sandpaper that Tony found calming. Whether it was the repetitive movement, the aroma of fresh wood, or a combination of both, sanding soothed Tony. He’d never realized before how badly he needed to simply turn his brain off once in a while. It was only when he sunk himself into the quiet of boat building that Tony realized how noisy his thoughts were, tumbling around his brain like a set of ricocheting bullets.

Tony glanced briefly at his companion. The joys of boat building had been only one of many revelations that he’d had since entering into a relationship with Leroy Jethro Gibbs. In a way, the invitation to join Gibbs’ boat building in the basement had meant more to Tony than the invite into Gibbs’ bed. Sex could always just mean a tumble between the sheets… but working on the boat… that meant a whole lot more. Jethro trusting him into his inner sanctum spoke of trust and commitment. Tony had a feeling it meant more than a wedding ring and that was fine by him.

Just like he hadn’t realized that he needed the occasional chance to shut his brain off, Tony also hadn’t realized how he also craved commitment. All that acting like a playboy and lothario had disguised the fact that he was looking for something. Or, rather, someone. One kiss from Gibbs had proven that and DiNozzo had happily put his lothario days behind him. He wasn’t going to risk his relationship with Gibbs for anything. In respect of that, he’d even stopped referring to the basement as the “Bat Cave,” and not just because of what Gibbs had pointed out. Namely, that if his basement was the Bat Cave, then Gibbs himself would be Batman… and that left DiNozzo to be Robin.

“And I’m so not Robin material,” Tony muttered under his breath. His strokes with the sandpaper got heavier. “Now the Flash, maybe, but not – ouch!”

Tony dropped the sanding block and shook his hand, trying to shake the sting out his suddenly sore finger. When that didn’t work, he sucked on it.

Gibbs was next to him in a heartbeat. “What’s the matter?”

Tony had to take his finger out of his mouth in order to answer. “Damn thing bit me.” He glared at the board he’d been working on.

The older man’s stance relaxed and Tony realized that Jethro really had been worried. “It’s just a splinter,” he explained, holding up the wounded digit.

“If you would pay attention to what you were doing, you wouldn’t have hurt yourself,” Gibbs’ voice had an exasperated tone, but his touch as he examined Tony’s finger was gentle.

“Yeah, well, there was this sexy guy that distracted me,” Tony claimed. Gibbs’ had his hand sandwiched between both of his own.

Gibbs snorted at DiNozzo’s blatant flattery, but a faint tinge of pink colored the back of his neck. Tony barely restrained himself from crowing. It wasn’t often that he could make his gruff lover blush and every time he managed to bring color to Jethro’s face, it felt like a victory.

“Will I live?” Tony quipped. He couldn’t help but be a smartass, even though the way Jethro was cradling his hand was sending licks of warmth rippling through his belly.

“Oh, I think so.”

Gibbs’ answer was a bit distracted and in the next moment, Tony found out why. The older man had been studying DiNozzo’s finger and the placement of the splinter. Without further explanation, Gibbs popped Tony’s finger in his mouth. Tony felt a bit of expertly applied suction and a faint scraping of teeth. Before he could react, Gibbs took Tony’s finger out his mouth, turned his head to the side and spit.

The splinter was gone.

“There you go,” Gibbs said with satisfaction as he released DiNozzo’s hand. “It didn’t even bleed.”

Tony looked at his finger and then back at his lover. “Oh, now that was sexy.”

Gibbs frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Every gay man and straight woman in America wants a boyfriend who can dig out splinters with his teeth,” Tony explained. Then, being DiNozzo, he went a little farther. “Come to think of it, I’ve got this hangnail on my big toe that’s been bothering me….”

Gibbs scowled and stepped close, the look in his face prompting Tony to retreat. He couldn’t go far, though, because the boat was in the way. Before he knew it, Gibbs had Tony pinned against its wooden frame and was pressing his body close.

Keeping his eyes locked with Tony’s, Gibbs forcefully grabbed DiNozzo’s uninjured hand and took a finger into his mouth. The ex-Marine sucked on the lucky digit so hard that his cheeks hollowed. Tony moaned at the sight, shifting uncomfortably as his groin started to stir. That slight movement was something of a mistake. A knee was rudely thrust between his legs as Jethro changed oral tactics. Instead of sucking, his teeth scraped up and down the length of his finger, an in and out motion that their bodies knew well.

Tony felt like he was drowning in blue. Jethro never took his eyes from Tony’s, the heat of his gaze creating an intimacy that was even more intense than the vibe going on between their two bodies. It was almost too much and Tony closed his eyes.

The moist heat around his finger withdrew. Still with his eyes closed, Tony opened his mouth to protest, only to find it filled with Gibbs. The older man wrapped one big hand around the back of Tony’s head to hold him still and then proceeded to suck DiNozzo’s tonsils out. The other hand was firmly planted possessively on Tony’s hip. Between that and the knee still firmly wedged in between his legs, Tony wasn’t going anywhere.

Not that he wanted to.

Gibbs kissed Tony lots of different ways. There was the good morning kiss that was almost chaste. There was the goodbye kiss that said Tony had damn well better take care of himself, because if he didn’t, there would be hell to pay. There was the panting-for-breath kiss during sex that said that Tony was the most beautiful thing that Jethro had ever seen. And then there was DiNozzo’s personal favorite, the tender post-coital sex kiss that said “I love you” so loudly that it was surprising that the neighbors weren’t pounding on the walls, telling them to be quiet.

This kiss was new, a combination of coiled power barely held in check and a belly-warming heat. Confused, Tony opened his eyes, to find that Gibbs was still looking at him intently. See his lover’s expression. DiNozzo realized what this kiss was saying – it was both a declaration and a promise. Satisfied with the knowledge, Tony closed his eyes again and relaxed into Gibbs’ arms, content to let the other man plunder his mouth at will.

Finally, Jethro withdrew. Tony licked his lips experimentally, smiling when he found he could still taste Gibbs there. He opened his eyes and saw that the older man was looking at him smugly.

“That sexy enough for you?” Gibbs asked.

Tony ran his tongue slowly over his bottom lip before answering. “Oh, yeah. Any sexier and you would have set the boat on fire.”

“Good,” Jethro responded. He moved his body off DiNozzo’s and slapped Tony lightly on the hip. “Now get back to work.”

Tony watched Gibbs saunter back to his own station, knowing that Jethro meant it. Not that the older man was a tease, but there were times when Jethro liked to put off pleasure. Tony could live with that. Since being with Gibbs, he’d learned that delayed gratification had its own rewards.

Whistling tunelessly, DiNozzo picked up his sandpaper and returned to work. His finger wasn’t hurting anymore. In fact, it tingled quite pleasantly. Of course, it helped that the rest of Tony’s body was virtually singing. It had a tendency to do that when Gibbs was around.

If asked, most of Tony’s friends and co-workers could have claimed that he was incapable of a permanent relationship or even of delaying pleasure for the sake of a mindless task like sanding wood. Six months ago, they might have been right.

But now… now they would be wrong. Completely, gloriously wrong.

~the end~


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