After Hours

by Juli

November 2004

"C'mon, DiNozzo, quit your lollygagging."

Tony jumped with a guilty start. He couldn't help it, the gym looked spooky after hours. The big space had been full of life and activity when they'd gone for a training session a couple days before, but Gibbs had called this session at night. Now the gym seemed dark and almost carnivorous with... only the two of them?

"Hey, Boss, where are Kate and McGee?" Tony asked as he jogged to keep catch up to the older man.

"They're not coming," Gibbs answered shortly.

DiNozzo frowned. It was hard to believe that the other two agents would disobey a direct order from Gibbs.

Especially from Gibbs.

"Ooo-kay," Tony said doubtfully. He was a little confused, but not so much that he was willing to risk bringing negative attention down on his co-workers.

"I didn't ask them," the senior agent explained. "Now, get into the ring. There's something I want to show you."

Tony groaned. Under normal circumstances, he would love one-on-one attention from this man. Craved it, even. But after Gibbs had caught him fibbing to the others about how he'd "let" him win their earlier match... no, it did not bode well for his immediate future.

"C'mon, Tony." Gibbs grinned suddenly. "This won't hurt a bit."

"That’s easy for you to say,” Tony muttered under his breath, even as he dutifully grabbed his gloves and moved into the ring.

“What was that?” Gibbs asked.

“This makes my day,” DiNozzo repeated facetiously, giving a broad, false smile to his boss that rivaled that of the Cheshire cat.

Gibbs grunted in obvious suspicion, but didn’t question the younger man. Instead, he got straight to business.

“Okay, this is how you counter that move I used on you the other day,” he explained, showing Tony some quick moves. “Got it?”

DiNozzo nodded. “I think so.”

“Good,” Gibbs said and then, without any warning, attacked. In seconds flat, Tony ended up on his back.

“Oops.” He said sheepishly. “I guess I wasn’t ready, Boss.”

“I guess not,” Gibbs replied, an unusually affable tone to his voice.

Instead of having his foot on Tony’s throat, however, the older man had ended up completely on top of Tony, pinning him down to the rough canvas of the ring’s floor. DiNozzo shifted uncomfortably, brushing up against a surprising hardness between Gibbs’ legs. Just when he was becoming too uncomfortable, though, Gibbs got up, releasing him to do the same.

“Sorry, Boss,” Tony started to say, but was cut off by another flurry of blows from his practice opponent. This time, he was halfway expecting it and managed to fend off Gibbs’ attack. “Better, huh?”

“Acceptable,” his supervisor conceded, then attacked again.

Gibbs had struck out in a whole new way and, soon enough, Tony was once more on his back. Gibbs was again on top of him, pressing down fully onto DiNozzo’s body.

Tony frowned, getting frustrated. Still, he had beat off Gibbs once, which was an improvement. “Okay, what’d I do wrong this time?”

Gibbs pushed off and got up, the movement making DiNozzo gasp. It had felt as though his boss was rubbing up against him before he’d stood, making that hardness he’d detected earlier even more prominent. He didn’t have long to think about it, though, because as soon as he got up too, Gibbs was teaching him the proper countermovement. The older man was a surprisingly good teacher, being patient enough to go through the set several times until DiNozzo was able to successfully fight him off.

Tony grinned, a real smile this time, as he awkwardly used his gloved hand to wipe the sweat out of his eyes. “Not bad, huh, Boss?”

“Better,” Gibbs agreed.

Getting his confidence back, Tony started to bounce, combining the moves he’d just learned with the fancy footwork he’d displayed the first time in the ring with Gibbs. “Admit it, Boss, you were a little bit worried about meeting me in the ring again.”

“That so?” Was the cool answer.

“Sure you were,” DiNozzo said blithely, thinking of the hardness between Gibbs' legs that had given his boss away. “Otherwise, you wouldn’t be wearing a cup.”

Gibbs grinned then and it had a feral quality to it that made Tony's heart do flip-flops. “But, DiNozzo, I’m not wearing a cup.”

Tony came to a stone-still stop. Just as he was thinking through the implications of that statement, Gibbs pounced him and DiNozzo once again found himself flat on his back on the ring floor, the older man’s body pressed tight against his.

“That feel like a cup to you?” Gibbs asked. He was close enough for Tony to clearly see the twinkle of mischief in Gibbs’ eyes.

And when Gibbs shifted on top of him, Tony was able to tell that the hardness he felt was far too organically shaped to be a cup after all.

“No, Boss, it doesn’t,” he replied with a gulp.

The clear blue eyes staring down at him lost their twinkle and became serious. “You got a problem with that?”

Tony thought about it a minute because he knew the other man would be suspicious that a quick answer would be a glib answer. “No problem at all.” He arched up slightly, pleased to see those blue eyes dilate in response. "You know, I've got some moves I could show you."

"Yeah?" Gibbs murmured.

"Oh, yeah," Tony promised, squirming now. "But not here. This'd be more like a *private* lesson."

Gibbs smiled. "We're the only ones here, DiNozzo."

"Trust me, Boss," DiNozzo said emphatically, "for these moves, you want something a lot softer than a canvas floor."

"All right," Gibbs agreed, moving to get up. "I'll defer to the expert."

In a daze, DiNozzo took off his gloves and followed Gibbs out of the ring. The concept of 'sparring' just took on a whole new meaning. Looking at Gibbs' ass as the older man walked towards the door, Tony had a feeling that the lessons would be a mutual thing.

"Tony, you comin'?" Gibbs asked as he waited for DiNozzo to catch up.

"Not yet, but I hope to," Tony quipped.

Gibbs' soft laugh raised goosebumps on Tony's skin. "Oh, I think you can count on that, DiNozzo."

Tony thought of all the times he'd already ended up on his back that evening, with Gibbs poised above him. With an eagerness in his step, he caught up to the other man.

Enough practice; it was time to let the real grappling begin.

~ the end ~


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