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Co-Authored with Nancy

Tony just wanted to give up some control...too bad he gave it to the wrong man.

Stand Alone

It’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day and not being Irish hasn’t stopped Tony from celebrating.

Tony woke up in a strange bed.

Tony has the stomach flu. 

It's Gibbs' turn to have the flu.

Tony's feeling a little under the weather.

Somebody has to clean up after Gibbs and his team.

Two NCIS couples go out on a double date.  (Inspired by a comment from Angelise.)

Gibbs’ relationship is discussed by some interested parties. 

Gibbs isn't really happy about waking up alone

Jethro isn't the only one protective of his people.

Ducky's a good son. It's lucky for him that Jethro and Tony are good friends.

Tony takes comfort from the usual sources... Gibbs and the television.

In a desperate attempt to please his beloved boss, Tony turns himself inside out trying to be the type of NCIS Special Agent that he thinks Gibbs needs.  

Special note:  This story was originally published by Blackfly Press in the zine Longing to Belong.  The zine is still available and also includes Angelise's novella "Longing," which I highly recommend.  Blackfly's website is at http://www.t1goold.net/Blackfly/  This story has been re-edited since its original publication and any mistakes should not reflect the editorial skills of Blackfly Press.



Like most soldiers, Gibbs is just looking for a good time on shore leave.

“Dinozzo was spread out on his back across Gibbs’ bed, knees bent, toes curled, and hands entangled in the sheets as he fought for control.”

There was just something about the rhythmic motion of rubbing the wood with the sandpaper that Tony found calming. 

Kate notices that Tony is limping.  Technically, is based on the episode "Left for Dead," but can be read without having seen it. Mild kink warning for something that is implied.

Sometimes Tony’s television watching comes in handy.

Sometimes scar tissue can be the basis for a relationship.


Stand Alone - Episode Related

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An alternate ending to the episode "One Shot, One Kill."  Warning:  This is not a happy story!

A missing scene for, appropriately enough, "Missing."

A missing scene for "Twilight"

Stan Burley sizes up the new kid.  A "High Seas" story.

A tag scene for "Head Case."  So Jethro thinks sex for information is a valid interrogation technique? Let's see how he likes it when Tony decides to try it.

Tony had been doting on him ever since Gibbs had slunk back from Mexico. An early Season 4 story.

Tony DiNozzo hated Halloween. 

It was like you didn't belong in your own skin.  A post Hiatus 1 & 2 story.

After the events in "Left for Dead," Gibbs has a talk with Dinozzo.  (A challenge story.)


"Best of Me" Series

An angst-ridden follow-up to the episode “Beta Noire.”

Gibbs and Tony talk. Unfortunately, not to one another. (A post-“The Truth is Out There” story)

Gibbs has his eyes opened.

Gibbs helps Tony recover from his ordeal.


Furniture Series

Someone's in the kitchen with Tony.

Tony wants to play; Gibbs is willing to play along.

Tony's always wanted to do it on a waterbed.

Gibbs is feeling a little possessive.



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