Many Happy Returns

By Juli

May 2006

It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.

The thought came out of nowhere and, if he weren’t positive that Emma was in New York on a shopping jaunt with Shalimar, Adam would have suspected her of planting it. Adam sat back from his computer and sighed. A quick glance at the clock showed the time; just after midnight. It was officially his birthday.

It had been years since birthdays had any importance to Adam Kane. Like so much else in his life, they’d taken a back seat to the need to protect the mutants he’d inadvertently help create. That, however, was before Jesse and Brennan. If nothing else, taking two younger men as lovers had made Adam acutely aware of his age. A birthday that tacked another year onto that number was hardly a reason to celebrate.

Thinking of his lovers, Adam smiled fondly despite the melancholy turn his thoughts had taken. Neither of the other men shared Adam’s dislike of birthdays and their choices for celebration were as unique as they were.

Jesse had chosen an Indiana Jones movie marathon, no doubt the real inspiration for that quote popping into Adam’s head. Normally movies weren’t something that Adam enjoyed and, given the nature of their everyday lives, even a well-made action movie seemed pretty tame. He’d had to admit, though, that snuggling on the couch with Jesse and Brennan had elevated movie watching to a whole new level. The younger men had kept up a running commentary, sometimes even throwing popcorn at the television screen. And the intermission had provided an excuse for a hands-on cuddling session, an opportunity never to be wasted.

Brennan’s birthday, however, had been a completely different experience. Brennan had wanted dinner and dancing, so Adam had splurged and taken his lovers to the most expensive restaurant within easy flying distance. The dancing had taken place at a very exclusive gentleman’s club and Adam surprised himself by allowing Brennan to coax him out onto the dance floor. Mostly, though, Adam had enjoyed watching the other two dance and knew himself to be a lucky, lucky man.

It seemed natural that his lovers had chosen such disparate celebrations. Jesse missed having family keenly, so it was natural that he had picked something private and cozy. Brennan was more confident as well as flamboyant. He’d clearly wanted to show off, not only his dance moves, but his two lovers too. It still bewildered Adam why Brennan would want to show *him* off, but he wasn’t about to argue with it. Lord knew what either man saw in Adam, but Adam had decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Adam sighed again and rubbed his eyes. None of these musings were helping him get his work done. He returned his attention to his computer, only to find that the machine wouldn’t respond. Someone was overriding his commands remotely and shutting it down. At least his work was being meticulously saved before disappearing, but it was nonetheless closing without his permission. Only one person in Sanctuary had the know-how to accomplish such a thing.

“Jesse,” Adam muttered, his tone full of affectionate exasperation.

“Well, you were the one who encouraged him to become a computer geek,” came an amused voice behind him.

Adam turned and found Brennan leaning up against the doorframe, taking up far more space than even his tall form warranted. The elemental was dressed in a black muscle shirt and matching jeans, the latter so tight they looked painted on. Brennan flicked his fingers in an absent way, the resulting electric spark coming and going with ease.

“To help me in the operation of Sanctuary,” Adam responded. “Not so he can take over what I’m doing.”

“It’s your birthday,” Brennan answered easily, not at all put off by the testy undercurrent in Adam’s voice. “There’s a rule around here about working on your birthday, even if you are single-handedly out to save the world.”

Adam opened his mouth, but snapped it shut before saying anything. It was perfectly reasonable that Brennan and Jesse should receive certain things, like special treatment on their birthdays, but that kind of thing wasn’t necessary for him. Adam had learned not to vocalize such opinions, however, finding that his lovers tended to protest vehemently.

“Since you wouldn’t tell us what you wanted,” Brennan continued, moving into the room with almost feline grace, “Jess and I had to improvise.”

Watching Brennan, Adam realized that his work, as important as it was, could wait a few hours. Even a whole day, maybe.

“I,” Adam stammered. “I don’t know what to say.”

Brennan’s expression became concerned. “Adam, are you okay?”

Adam realized he was shaking. It happened sometimes. To have such caring from Brennan and Jesse, when it was Adam’s scientific blunder that led to their mutations in the first place, was overwhelming. Genomex, the alienation mutants felt from the general population, the way their powers could hurt them or the people around them… all of that rested heavily on Adam’s shoulders.

“Hey, babe,” Brennan’s voice deepened as he wrapped an authoritative hand around the back of Adam’s neck. “Do you need a session?”

Having lived in some pretty dark head spaces himself, Brennan understood the pain Adam carried with him. Adam had found the sweet surrender he needed in relinquishing himself into Brennan’s control. By letting the younger man help him purge, at least temporarily, his demons by dominating his body, Adam found some relief. Given their work with Mutant X, Adam couldn’t let Brennan dominate all the time, but their sessions helped him and, coupled with the three-way relationship that included Jesse, Adam was closer to peace of mind than he had been for a very long time.

Jesse, unfortunately, didn’t understand Adam’s need for control and pain or Brennan’s willingness to provide both. It had upset the youngest member of their trio when he’d found out about it and only Emma’s intervention had convinced the molecular that Adam indeed wanted something like that. Even so, Jesse wasn’t comfortable about it and, in deference to his feelings, the other two had their sessions only when Emma and Shalimar could provide a distraction. Afterwards, Jesse would need extra affection and reassurance to make sure he didn’t feel left out, but that was something that Adam and Brennan were more than willing to provide.

“No,” Adam responded, then he temporized it with a “Not yet,” when Brennan’s eyes narrowed.

Brennan came up behind Adam and stood so close that his breath tickled Adam’s ear. “Soon.”

Adam shivered. “Soon.”

“Hey, you’re not starting without me, are you?” Jesse’s voice preceded the molecular into the room.

Adam grinned, his dark mood lifting in the younger man’s presence.

“We wouldn’t dream of it,” Brennan claimed loftily, turning to greet their lover with a kiss.

The kiss quickly turned into something deeper, the younger men fully aware of how much Adam enjoyed watching them together. In fact, it was Adam who was panting lightly by the time they broke apart.

“Like your present so far?” Jesse asked cheekily as he turned from Brennan to face Adam.

“You know I do,” Adam answered him.

Like Brennan, Jesse was dressed casually. His tank top was a teal color, enhancing the brightness in Jesse’s eyes and setting off his tan skin. Instead of jeans, Jesse was wearing a pair of lightweight knit pants. Although they were loose fitting, the thinness of the material left little to the imagination.

“And we haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet,” Brennan added. He held hand out to Adam. “You ready?”


Adam took the proffered hand gladly, as he did a moment later with Jesse’s. So linked, the three men walked down the corridor towards the quarters they shared. Even though the female members of their team not only knew of their relationship, but also approved of it heartily, Adam wouldn’t have been comfortable with such a display of affection if they’d been around. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of his feelings for his young men, but that the women tended to think that such public displays of affection were “cute.” Adam Kane was many things, but cute wasn’t even remotely one of them.

Adam was somewhat surprised to realize, once they were safely ensconced in their quarters, that he was feeling a strong sense of anticipation. What did his beautiful and creative lovers have planned for him?

“I suppose you’re wondering why we asked you here tonight,” Brennan began in a ponderous voice.

“Don’t be an ass,” Jesse interrupted. “He knows he’s here for his birthday celebration.”

“Ah, but I don’t know what treat you have in mind for me,” Adam spoke up. He frequently acted as a buffer for the two headstrong young men. “Care to explain?”

Brennan and Jesse exchanged amused glances and Adam knew he was in trouble. When these two tag-teamed him, he didn’t stand a chance. On second thought, however, he realized that, individually, each of the younger men had Adam wrapped around his little finger. It didn’t matter if they ganged up on him; Adam was doomed from the start.

But, oh, what a way to go.

“Your birthday treat is to stay in bed all day,” Brennan stated, a twinkle in his eye.

“Only to be allowed off the mattress long enough to take care of necessities,” Jesse added.

“We’re going to feed you,” Brennan continued.

“And pamper you,” Jesse interjected.

“Until you finally relax and let someone else take care of you for a change,” Brennan concluded with an obvious air of satisfaction.

There was silence for a moment before Jesse tentatively asked, “How does that sound?”

Adam allowed himself a rare grin, a real shit-eating one. “That sounds wonderful.”

Brennan rubbed his hands together. “Good. Let’s get started.”

Despite the comment about staying in bed, Adam found himself ushered into the room’s easy chair. A glass of merlot was placed in his hand before the two younger men stepped back and looked at him in satisfaction.

“Comfy?” Jesse asked.

Adam took a delicate sip of his wine. “Very.”

“Good.” Brennan waggled his eyebrows. “Just sit back and enjoy the pre-show.”

Having feeling he knew what was coming, Adam took a deep swallow from his glass. Sure enough, his lovers didn’t disappoint. Brennan turned to Jesse and pulled the shorter man into his arms. Jesse leaned into the embrace and turned his face up to Brennan’s, responding enthusiastically as the elemental kissed him deeply. Brennan used his height to dominate the kiss and, for once, Jesse let him. With a small whimper, the blond let his mouth be plundered, hands splayed across Brennan’s chest as he took all the tongue the other man was willing to give him.

Adam moaned.

The sound seemed to be a signal for the other two men. Breaking his mouth off of Jesse’s, Brennan nipped his way down Jesse’s neck. When he encountered cloth, he put one hand on either side of Jesse’s tank top and pulled. The knit material ripped easily and Jesse smirked. In retaliation, he sank his teeth gently into Brennan’s bicep, afterwards laving the mark with his tongue. He didn’t rip Brennan’s shirt off, but Adam noticed that both of his lovers’ hands were shaking as together they stripped it from Brennan’s torso.

Adam lifted his glass and was surprised to find it empty. He didn’t remember taking more than a swallow or two, but obviously distracted by his lovers’ actions, he’d drained it dry. He put it down haphazardly on the table next to the chair, not wanting to miss a moment of the scene in front of him.

The kissing had resumed, a little wilder and sloppier as their tongues sparred. Brennan had his hands down the back of Jesse’s pants and the thin material clearly revealed the tight grip he had on Jesse’s cheeks. In fact, Adam could see Brennan squeeze and release as he rhythmically kneaded the younger man’s ass. Jesse was having a harder time with it. Brennan’s pants were too tight to slip his fingers inside, so instead the molecular was groping the outside of Brennan’s crotch.

That sounded like a wonderful idea. Adam’s hand dropped to his own groin and he wasn’t surprised to find himself hard as a rock. He groaned as he cupped his erection. He didn’t want to do more than that yet, not wanting to spoil his lovers’ plans for the night.

Either the movement or the sound, as soft as it was, got Jesse’s attention. He broke off kissing Brennan to look at Adam, smirking when he saw the state the older man was in. After murmuring something to Brennan, Jesse sank to his knees. He nuzzled Brennan’s jeans-covered groin before mouthing the older man’s cock right through his pants. With Brennan’s encouragement, Jesse unbuttoned the elemental’s fly, sliding the pants past Brennan’s hips with difficulty before essentially peeling them the rest of the way off. Once freed, Brennan’s cock slapped up against his stomach, already fully erect. Jesse licked it delicately a couple of times before Brennan pulled him to his feet.

Adam’s own cock was getting mighty uncomfortable. He unzipped himself and freed it, stroking his penis lazily as he watched the performance in front of him.

Brennan was kissing Jesse again, this time with his hands wrapped around the back of the smaller man’s head, ruthlessly holding him in place. The wet sounds made as Brennan claimed Jesse’s mouth were clearly audible from where Adam sat and he shifted in his chair as hearing them made him even harder.

Once again, Brennan’s hands slipped into Jesse’s pants, but this time, he yanked them down. The soft fabric pooled at Jesse’s feet, but Brennan didn’t even give his lover time to step out of them. Instead, he grasped Jesse’s erection and pumped it, swallowing the resulting pleasured cry with another deep kiss.

Adam had to close his eyes and make himself take his hands off his cock and clutch the arms of the easy chair. Otherwise, he would have come simply from the sight of his two younger lovers teasing each other. While pleasurable, that would ruin the boys’ fun and that he refused to do.

When he opened them again, he found Brennan and Jesse just standing there, staring at him with equal expressions of smug satisfaction.

“I think he sees something he likes,” Brennan stated in a conversational tone.

“I think you’re right,” Jesse replied, equally nonchalantly. “Do you think he’s ready for more?”

Brennan licked his lips. “Oh, I think so.”

Adam could only sit there as the other two stalked him across the room. Brennan loomed over him and kissed him, still standing. Jesse, on the other hand, knelt at Adam’s feet and nuzzled at the erection jutting from his unzipped fly.

The next that Adam knew, he was on his feet. He had no idea how he got there, but he didn’t have time to worry about it. Brennan and Jesse were leading him to the bed, stripping his clothes from him as they moved. Each piece of his skin was lovingly kissed and caressed as it was revealed, causing Adam to feel very cherished indeed. It made for slow and awkward progress towards the bed, but Adam wasn’t going to complain. Not when two gorgeous men were literally worshipping his body.

When the back of his knees hit the mattress, Adam lost his balance and abruptly sat on the bed. His lovers smiled down at him and Adam reached out beseechingly. Those few inches between them were far too many.

“Please,” he whispered in a voice hoarse with emotion.

“Hey, Adam, it’s your birthday, you get whatever you want,” Brennan assured him.

“Your wish is our command,” Jesse added. “Just tell us what you want.”

Answering that didn’t require much thought at all, which was lucky because Adam was pretty much beyond that point anyway.

“You,” Adam whispered again. “Both of you.”

Brennan kissed him, giving way only when Jesse clambered for a turn.

“You got us, babe,” Brennan told him as Jesse claimed Adam’s mouth. “We’re not going anywhere.”

The two younger men took turns with Adam’s mouth, plundering it over and over again until Adam was breathless. Even dizzy, though, Adam found the energy to protest when their lips left his.

Like mirrored twins, one dark and one light, Brennan and Jesse kissed their way down Adam’s neck to his chest. His nipples were lovingly laved, a delight which caused him to arch his hips off the bed. Jesse used delicate lapping motions, like a cat working on a bowl of cream. Brennan, on the other hand, brought his teeth into play, nipping carefully enough that there was no pain, only adding intensity to the pleasure.

Moving again with a coordination that made Adam suspect they’d practiced, Brennan and Jesse left off teasing Adam’s chest and their heads moved lower. Adam’s straining erection finally got the attention it needed, as Adam’s lovers took turns licking the engorged shaft.

“Sure beats blowing a birthday candle, huh?” Jesse pulled back long enough to quip.

Adam groaned, although he couldn’t say if it was from the bad pun or the sensation of two very talented mouths on his cock.

“Less joking, more suction,” Brennan instructed their youngest lover.

Jesse bent with renewed enthusiasm and Adams’s eyes rolled up in the back of his head. He could have come from that stimulation alone, but his young men had a different plan. With final loving licks, they left off their oral ministrations. Unlike their earlier synchronized movements, they separated. Brennan moved to Adam’s front and pulled the older man into his arms, kissing him breathless again. Adam had just enough brain cells to wonder where Jesse had gone, but found out soon enough as the first of Jesse’s long, talented fingers breached his opening.

Adam gasped, making it even easier for Brennan to plunder his mouth. His body didn’t quite know what to do. Should he push into the finger breaching his body or lean into the warm body pressed against his front? Adam wasn’t able to decide and so just lay still, soft cries of pleasure spilling from his throat.

Brennan’s hands roamed over Adam’s body and Jesse trailed kisses along his shoulders. It was almost more than one man could take. Adam wasn’t so lost in sensation, though, that he wasn’t aware when another finger was added to the first and that the second finger belonged to Brennan.

The idea of both of his young men being inside him at the same time almost brought Adam to the edge.

“Easy, babe,” Brennan murmured. “We got you.”

“I think we’re ready, Bren,” Jesse told the elemental. He stretched over Adam’s shoulder to give Brennan a quick kiss.

Brennan deepened the kiss briefly and then kissed Adam again. Together, the younger men turned Adam so that he was facing Jesse. It was Jesse’s turn to kiss Adam, which he did with a sweetness that tugged at Adam’s heart.

With one last nip at Adam’s chin, Jesse turned away from Adam. “Please.”

Adam ran his hands down Jesse’s nude body, stopping only when he encountered the butt plug.

“Oh, you are too good to me,” Adam whispered.

“Come on, babe,” Brennan encouraged him, his hands stroking Adam’s flanks. “Let us make you feel good.”

Adam could have told him that they always made him feel good. More than good, actually. His two lovers made him feel extraordinary. He thought it would be better, though, to show them how they made him feel and not tell them. With fingers shaking from need, he removed Jesse’s butt plug and tossed it away. Gripping the young man’s hips firmly, he lined himself up and pushed in with one long, slow thrust. Jesse groaned and Adam leaned forward to press his forehead to Jesse’s quivering back.

Before Adam could do any more, he felt a hardness brushing against his hole and the next moment, Brennan was copying his penetration with Jesse. Slow and gentle, but unrelenting until he was fully sheathed.

Buried in a hot, tight body in the front and penetrated by a hot length from behind, Adam was both impaler and impaled. He’d been in the middle of their threesome before; they all had, at one time or another. This time was different. Not only were his lovers not letting him do any of the work, but they were also treating him like something to be treasured. Much to his surprise, Adam found he liked it. He was mutant-kind’s self-appointed guardian and being taken care was a welcome change.

Brennan’s hand snuck up under one of Adam’s legs and lifted it a little. That gave the elemental the leverage he needed and he made full use of it. Brennan rocked forward and back. The careful thrust caused Adam’s body to move enough that he in effect thrust into Jesse. The molecular sighed in contentment and pushed back, causing Adam to settle on the cock that was inside him.

It didn’t take long for Adam’s two lovers to coordinate their moves. Brennan would thrust forward, driving himself deep into Adam and in turn sending Adam deeper into Jesse. Not to be outdone, Jesse would plunge onto Adam’s cock, reversing the older man’s movement and starting the chain reaction all over again. Adam thought he’d never felt anything so good, until Brennan added that sinful little wiggle to his hips as he thrust, nailing Adam’s prostate soundly.

There was one positive thing about being older than other of his lovers. Staying power. Adam was at an age where orgasm didn’t come quickly. As a result, even though Brennan and Jesse had been teasing him shamelessly ever since prying him away from his computer, he didn’t break first. Later, when he recovered his breath, he’d be proud of that fact.

“Please,” Jesse moaned. “Gotta come.”

“Finish him off,” Brennan sounded as though he were forcing the words out past clenched teeth. “Come on, Adam, send us all over the edge.”

Adam hardly needed much encouragement. He twisted his head around enough to give Brennan an awkward, but greedy kiss. Not wanting to leave Jesse out, he turned back and ran loving hands up and down the molecular’s sweaty flanks.

“You are both so beautiful,” he murmured. Jesse just sighed and pressed his head against Adam’s chest.

Adam reached around Jesse’s straining body and lovingly grasped the young man’s erect cock. It was slick and superheated; he had a feeling that it wouldn’t take much to bring Jesse to climax. He was more right than even he knew. Adam had barely wrapped his hand around his lover’s erection before Jesse came. Adam didn’t have time to savor the warm liquid streaming over his hand or how the young man’s body clenched around him. He was too busy caught up in his own orgasm.

Vaguely, Adam was aware of Brennan behind him, crying out in pleasure. Mostly, though, he was caught up in the waves of intense sensation coursing through his body as he pumped his release into Jesse.

An indeterminate time later, Adam pried his eyes open. He was pillowed on a familiar surface and he looked up. Brennan. A warm weight on his own chest was also familiar and a quick glance down confirmed it. Jesse. They’d kept him in the middle, even afterwards.

His stirrings alerted the other two men to the fact he was awake.

“Hey,” Jesse grinned at him. “You’re back.”

Brennan’s arms tightened around him and warm lips brushed against the back of Adam’s neck. “Happy birthday, babe. Did you enjoy your present?”

Adam was sore. Even though his lovers had done most of the work, Adam’s muscles still ached and his ass would be remembering this love making for several days to come.

It was still the best birthday present he’d ever had.

“Mmmmm… yes,” Adam purred. “Very much.”

Jesse chuckled. “I guess he did. I’ve never heard him sound like that before.”

Hands stroked through Adam’s hair. “And don’t forget, it’s not over yet. We’ve got all day tomorrow.”

“Brennan will read you poetry,” Jesse explained. “And I’ll give you a massage.”

Adam shivered. He loved listening to Brennan read out loud, the velvety sound as the elemental interpreted the words making the poetry come alive. As for a massage, well, having one from a molecular who was adept at modifying his body’s mass was an experience that Adam thought everyone should have at least once in live. With a different molecular, that was. Jesse was his and Brennan’s exclusively.

“I really should get back to my research,” Adam stated reluctantly.

“Nah-huh,” Jesse protested. “You’re all ours for the next,” he broke off as he lifted his head to look at the clock, “twenty-three hours.”

“You can go back to saving the world the day after your birthday,” Brennan coaxed, kissing the back of Adam’s neck again and then blowing softly over the damp spot he’d left on Adam’s skin. “We’ll even help. Promise.”

Adam gave in. “Well, if you insist.”

“We do,” Brennan told him.

Jesse opened his mouth to agree, but instead yawned hugely. “Yeah, what he said,” he commented when the yawn finished.

Adam smiled gently. Their gift had worn out his young men too. Knowing that they wouldn’t rest until he did, Adam settled back down on Brennan’s chest. He listened to the elemental’s heartbeat slow as Brennan drifted off into sleep. He felt Jesse relax on top of him and knew that the youngest of the trio slept too. Only then did Adam let himself drift towards dreams, literally surrounded by love.

Maybe, just maybe, birthdays weren’t so bad after all.

~the end~


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