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When Greg's feeling down, Gil and Nick decide to cheer him up.


Criminal Minds

After Elle's betrayal, Gideon helps Aaron cheer up.

Aaron Hotchner is accustomed to investigating crimes, not being the victim of one.  
(Warning: This story is a WiP and will contain issues of non-consent)


Die Hard 4

Johnís not sure he approves of what Mattís drinking.


Due South

Ray K wants to arrange a special surprise for Fraser's birthday, but it doesn't turn out quite as he'd planned.  (Fraser/Ray K



Eliotís not used to being part of a team.



Following the episode "Hearts and Minds," what happened after Boone obeyed Locke's order to "follow me."  (Locke/Charlie/Boone)  Mild Kink Warning due to use of ropes.

Locke has another lesson for Boone, but what is he trying to teach the young man this time?


Medical Investigation

It's been a rough day at the office.

In a world where the Roman Empire never fell, Stephen finds a young slave named Miles amidst the carnage of an epidemic.


It seems there's a twelve step program for everything.  (Fandoms included or mentioned: NCIS, SG-1, Sentinel, Fastlane, Medical Investigations, X-Files, and Hercules)

                *  First Steps for Bottoms 

                *  First Steps for Tops 

                *  Emotionally Repressed  New

                *  Highly Intelligent, Socially Inept  New

Oprah has her book club. Rosie has the Chub Club. The Sidekicks have Bs Ass.  (Fandoms included or mentioned: Hercules, Diagnosis Murder, Andromeda, Stargate SG1, and Highlander. Other fandoms briefly mentioned include Jurassic Park III, Sentinel, Beastmaster, and Man from UNCLE.)


Mutant X

Jesse Kilmartin gets a late night visitor. (Jesse/male)

It's Adam's birthday.  What do his lovers have cooked up?

After the events in "No Exit," Jesse seeks medical help.  (Jesse/Brennan)


Stargate: Atlantis

Carson's never appreciated how strong Ronon is.


Star Trek 2009

When Spock Prime enters Pon Farr, Jim Kirk is the only one who can help him survive it.


Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

As Obi-Wan reaches his majority, both he and his Master look forward to completing their as-yet undiscussed soul bond.  (Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan/male)

                   Part 1

                Part 2

Warning #1 : Contains issues of non-consent.

Warning #2:  This story is unfinished.


Without a Trace

Combining families is hard.



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