by Juli
Note: Relatively little effort made to stay strictly to the true limerick format.

There once was a CSI named Nicky,
Whose lover was notoriously tricky.
To the bed Nick was tied,
and though he pleaded and cried,
Well, I can't tell you the rest, 'cause it's squicky.
There once was a CSI named Nick,
Who had the most amazing dick.
When erect, it was so proud
That it parted the crowd
And into Grissom proceeded to stick.
There once was a CSI named Danny
Who liked getting spanked on the fanny
He looked for a man of a similar mind
Who was strict and disciplined and kind.
Then he met Mac and now they boff all they can-y.
There once was a CSI named Mac		
Whose mind was sharp as a tack
He was in love with Danny
Who had the most edible fanny
And right now Mac's in the mood for a snack
Criminal Minds
There once was a profiler named Spence.
Who, socially, was rather dense.
So Hotch and Gideon took pity on the boy,
Making him their FBI genius geek love toy,
And f*cked him bent over a fence.
There once was a man named Hotch		
Who was troubled by a need in his crotch.
Spencer dropped to his knees
Willing and eager to please.
While Jason sat close enough to watch.
There once was a doctor named House,
Who was a brilliant, drug-addicted louse.
Cruel to all but his best friend,
Because he knew only Wilson could help his heart mend.
And with Jim, House was as mild as a mouse.
There once was an agent named Ziva,
Who was born in Israel and not Geneva.
She became a member of NCIS, 
And joined Gibbs’ team, the best of the best,
Where it soon became clear she was a diva.
Starsky & Hutch
There once was a man named Hutch		
Who loved his partner very much
Not “partner” as in cop
But as bottom to Hutch’s top
Starsky was the man Hutch loved to touch.

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