Scorch Marks

by Juli

October 2005

“Come on, Vince. You can’t mean that.”

Nick Stokes slowed to a stop outside the lab. He’d heard Greg sound nervous, excited, and even, on one rare occasion, angry; but he’d never heard him desperate before.

“I’ll… I’ll keep my shirt on. Promise. You won’t even know they’re there.”

There could only be one ‘they’ that Greg was referring to, at least, in reference to keeping his shirt on. It had been less than a month since the lab tech had returned to work following an explosion that had destroyed the lab. Greg had been caught in the blast and sustained some bad cuts and burns on his back from hot flying glass. The normally exuberant young man had been somewhat subdued since he’d returned from his medical leave and Nick had been worried about him. Greg was a friend and Nick wasn’t a man who could see a friend hurt and not try to help.

“I’m sorry, Vince. I won’t be able to afford the plastic surgery for… for a while.”

By this time, Nick was peeking in the door and he saw Greg flinch away from the phone, looking at it as though it had betrayed him.

“I guess I won’t be calling you until it’s done,” the young man whispered before carefully putting the handset back into its cradle.

Nick frowned; how could someone hang up on a nice guy like Greg? He didn’t go in, however. From the shattered look on Greg’s face, he figured his friend would probably prefer to be alone for a while. Greg and Nick were on the same shift and were scheduled to be off in another hour anyway. In the meantime, Nick would do what he usually he did when a problem was over his head; he went to talk to Grissom.

Luckily, his lover was alone when Nick got to Gil’s office.

“Gris, you got a minute?”

Gil looked up from studying a dried bug, smiling when he saw who was waiting for him. “Always, Nick. Come on in.”

Nick did and shut the door behind him. Knowing the corridor was empty and they had a brief moment to be unobserved, Nick came up behind the older man and wrapped his arms around him. He kissed Grissom on the top of the head before letting go and perching on the edge of Gil’s desk.

“What’s the matter?” Grissom asked. It wasn’t like Nick to need such physical reassurance while they were at work, not since the early stages of their relationship.

“I think Greg’s boyfriend dumped him because of the scars on his back,” Stokes admitted.

Grissom stroked Nick’s calf, the motion hidden from view by the bulk of the desk.

“Did Greg tell you that?” Grissom asked.

The fact that Greg had a boyfriend didn’t shock him. The lab tech had once walked in on Gil and Nick stealing a quick kiss in the bathroom. Far from being shocked, Sanders had blushingly admitted that he was bisexual. It had been a relief to have someone else in the office that knew their secret and wasn’t repulsed by it. It was that incident, however, that caused Gil to become so careful. Next time, they might not be that lucky.

“Nah, I overhead him on the telephone.” Nick frowned. “The jerk not only dumped him for something so superficial, but he did it over the phone.”

Gil remembered how Greg’s hands had shaken after he’d come back to the lab. The explosion had been a traumatic experience for the young man. Like Nick, Grissom was unhappy at the idea of Greg suffering even more because of it. “How did Greg take it?”

Nick shrugged. “He looked pretty upset.”

Grissom cocked his head to the side. “And you’d like to help him feel better?”

“Greg’s a good kid,” Stokes said. “He’s had a rough time of it since the explosion; hasn’t been himself. I think his back was still hurting when he came back to work and he’s been so quiet. You know how he normally is, usually Sanders is this force of nature and, lately he’s had less personality than Sara. I don’t like to see him like that.”

Another man might have been put off by Nick’s concern, but Grissom wasn’t. It was obvious that his lover cared for Greg Sanders and, far from being jealous, Gil was relieved. He was very aware that Nick Stokes was a good twenty years younger than himself. It would be a comfort to know that Nick had someone closer to his own age that he could turn to in the likely event that Gil died before him.

Besides, Greg was adorable, in an energetic sort of way. Gil hated to think of that energy prematurely banked.

“Greg was already feeling shaky because of that stupid explosion,” Nick concluded. “Now he’s gonna feel like a freak, just because some shallow jackass couldn’t deal with a couple of scars.”

“Well, one way to make someone feel more attractive,” Grissom advised, “is to show them that they’re attractive.”

Nick had been swinging his leg back and forth while they talked. It stilled as he considered his lover’s suggestion. “Are we talking ‘showing’ as in hands-on?”

Gil smiled. “Absolutely. All four of them.”

He couldn’t believe what Grissom was proposing. “You want me and you to… with Greg?”

“Love is the only thing you can give away and end up with more than you had,” Grissom explained. “I love you and I know you love me. Sharing an experience with Greg isn’t going to diminish that. I’m secure enough in our relationship to extend some… reassurance… to young Mr. Sanders. If you are, that is.”

Stokes thought about it. Gil was right, they loved each other and nothing was going to change that. Then he thought about Greg, about how funny he normally was and how outgoing. About that defeated tone in Sanders’ voice when his boyfriend had dumped him for blemishes on his body.

“Yeah, Gil,” Nick replied, smiling slowly in anticipation. “I think I’m secure enough.”

“Did you get enough to eat, Greg?”

Greg didn’t answer at first. He was trying to remember if the bus stopped on this block or the next one over.

“Earth to Greg.”

The hand waving in front of his face got Greg’s attention. “Huh?” Mentally backtracking, he figured out what Nick had asked him. “Oh, yeah. One more bite and I would have popped. And you know what kind of nightmare crime scene that would have been.”

“Yeah, right,” Nick retorted with light sarcasm. “You hardly touched your pancakes.”

“Wasn’t that hungry, I guess.”

Greg knew the excuse was lame, but it was the best that he had. The last thing he’d wanted to do after Vince dumped him was go out, but Nick didn’t ask him to go out after their shift often. Greg didn’t want to waste the opportunity. He could go home and mope about Vince later. Much later, given he was reduced to using the bus and it took forever to get anywhere.

“Where’s your car?” Nick asked. The diner was within walking distance of the office and the two men were ambling back towards the building.

“I’m without wheels at the moment,” Greg explained vaguely.

“How have you been getting to work?” Nick asked. Seeing the chagrin flood Greg’s face, he laughed softly. “Oh, man. Please tell me you’re not taking the bus.”

“There’s nothing wrong with making use of the fine public transportation system that our city has to offer” Greg responded defensively. “Especially with the cost of gas nowadays.”

“Well, not today, buddy.” Stokes responded, ignoring Greg’s look of dismay. “Get in my truck, I’ll take you home.”

“No, it’s cool, Nick. Really.”

Nick glared at the younger man. “In the truck, Greg.”

Stokes sighed as he made his way around to the driver’s side of his truck. Gil had had a meeting he had to stay for and couldn’t leave at the same time as Nick’s and Greg’s shift ended. That’s why Nick had asked Greg out for breakfast; a classic delaying tactic. He was almost ashamed that it had taken the current duplicity to cause him to do it. By this time, however, Gris should be home and it would be time to begin Part Two of the plan.

There was silence in the cab of the truck as Nick directed the vehicle out of the parking lot. Nick couldn’t help but notice that Greg was squirming in his seat. At first, Nick thought the younger man was just embarrassed at bumming a ride, but when he saw Greg wince, he realized there was a physical reason behind it.

“Your back bothering you?” He asked the younger man.

Greg shrugged. “It’s nothing.”

“Turn to your side a little, that might help,” Nick suggested.

Greg must have been hurting, because he tried out the advice. Soon he was curled up on his side in the seat, facing Nick.

“That better?” Nick asked when the squirming stopped.

“Actually, it is,” Greg said, sounding surprised. “Thanks.”

“Your back bother you much?”

Greg sighed. There was far too much attention being given to his back, as far as he was concerned. “Not really.”

“That’s good,” Nick replied, not believing Greg for a minute, but not ready to challenge him yet. “What about your car? Did you get into an accident again?”

“Nah.” Greg kept his reply as noncommittal as he could, hoping Nick would drop the subject.

“Is it in the shop again?” Nick persisted. “Maybe it’s time for you to get a real car.”

“Right now, I’d take any car,” Greg muttered. “Even a pretend one.”

He forgot how good Nick’s hearing was.

“What happened to your car, Greg?” Nick asked. “You still have it, don’t you?”

Greg realized he was going to have to tell his friend the truth. Nicky didn’t used to be so persistent; dating Grissom must have rubbed off on him.

“Have you ever been on disability pay?” Greg asked Nick. When Nick shook his head, he continued. “It’s like only 60% of normal pay and it doesn’t even kick in until after 20 working days. I mean, who’s got 20 personal days saved up? Except for Grissom and Sara, that is. Anyway, it came down to a choice between my car and my apartment.”

“Man, that’s rough,” Nick sympathized. “But why were you on disability?”

“Um… lab explosion, remember?” Greg rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, I know, Greg,” Nick retorted. “But you were hurt doing the job. You should have been on workman’s comp, not disability. You should have had a full ride; not a crappy 60%.”

“That’s what I thought, but the woman in the HR department said that Eckley denied the comp claim.”

Nick’s jaw clenched so hard that he actually heard his teeth grind. A glance at Greg made him force himself to calm down. The younger man was looking at him from underneath lowered lashes and his expression was borderline fearful. Stokes put the money issue aside mentally. He’d talk to Gris about it later; Gil would get the whole mess straightened out and, with any luck, Eckley’s butt would end up in a sling.

Later, though. At the moment, he had another task to accomplish. It was time to get the conversation moving to a happier note. Getting Greg upset would not be conducive to what he and Gil had planned for later.

“You just sit back,” Nick instructed Greg. “This ride ought to be a lot more comfortable than the bus.”

“Thanks, Nick.”

Nick was pleased that Greg obeyed, snuggling down into the bucket seat of the truck and closing his eyes. Nick couldn’t have planned it better if he tried. Stokes let the conversation lag and Greg drifted into a light doze. Nick grinned and gently accelerated; this was going to be easier than he thought.

“Wake up, Greg.”

Greg Sanders resisted the voice. He felt warm and safe for the first time in a long time. Since the explosion, in fact. He was loath to leave his warm nest.

“Come on, Greg. We’re home.”

Reluctantly, Greg opened his eyes. He was still in Nick’s truck and the Texan was looking down at him with a gentle expression on his face. Greg was mortified. Here he hoped that Nick asking him to a post-shift breakfast indicated that the CSI was beginning to see him as an equal and Greg had fallen asleep in his truck like a little kid.

“Sorry, Nick.” He said sheepishly.

“Don’t worry about it, buddy,” Nick replied easily. “You’ve had a rough couple of months.”

“Thanks and thanks for the ride.”

Greg turned to get out of the truck, only to stop suddenly as he realized he wasn’t in his own neighborhood. For one thing, he was surrounded by houses instead of apartment buildings and each house had a small patch of green in front of it. For someone who lived in the Midwest, it hardly would have counted as a lawn, but for Vegas, the emerald-colored grass was an indicator of wealth.

It was definitely not his neighborhood.

Sanders turned to look at his friend. Nick just grinned and shrugged. “I said I’d take you home, never said I’d take you to your home.”

Nick opened the door of his truck and Greg grabbed at him before he could get out. “Is this Grissom’s house?” The neighborhood was a little too swank for someone of Nick’s pay level.


Nick hopped out of the truck and Greg had no choice but to follow. “But why did we come here?”

“Gris needs to know about how Eckley screwed you out of your comp pay,” Nick explained. “The sooner he knows, the sooner he can get it fixed.”

“But now?” Greg argued. “He just got off shift. You just got off shift. Aren’t you going to want some, you know, alone time?”

The two men were walking up the driveway as they talked. To be more exact, Nick was walking confidently towards the house and Greg was following helplessly behind him. By the time Nick answered, they were all the way to the front door.

“Greg, you should know by now that Grissom takes care of his people,” he chided the younger man. “And you, my friend, are one of his people.”

“But I work in the lab,” Greg pointed out. “I’m not one of Grissom’s CSIs.”

Nick chuckled as he opened the door and, with a firm hand on the small of Greg’s back, encouraged his friend inside. “You think something like that matters? You’re one of his people, Greg, trust me.”

“I do trust you, but,” Greg protested.

“But what?”

Grissom’s voice was mild, as it usually was. Greg wasn’t fooled, he knew better. Gil Grissom was always a keen observer, no matter how unassuming he could make himself appear. At the moment, the older man looked very unthreatening as he approached them, but Greg knew he was being analyzed with every step.

“Hey, Boss,” Greg greeted him, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot.

“Hello, Greg, Nick.” Grissom walked over and wrapped an arm around Nick’s waist, kissing him briefly.

“Mmmm, hello to you too, babe,” Nick responded, then went on before Sanders could object. “Eckley messed with Greg’s workman’s comp pay, had it changed to short-term disability.”

“Thus saving the department some money,” Grissom stated with a frown. “A drop in the bucket compared to the total budget.”

“But a whole lot more than that to Greg,” Nick finished for him. “He lost his car because of it.”

Gil nodded and then turned his gaze on Sanders. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Greg shrugged. “I thought that was the way it was supposed to be.”

“You get hurt on the job, the job takes care of you, Greg,” Grissom stated quietly. “I’ll take care of it. You’ll get back pay. With interest, if I have anything to say about it.”

Something about this whole situation was making Greg nervous. Not that Grissom was taking charge of his financial state, but something else.

“You weren’t surprised to see me,” Greg blurted out. “When you’re surprised, your eyebrow goes up, but that didn’t happen until Nick mentioned what Eckley did.”

“Really?” Gil said, one eyebrow going up right on cue. “That’s quite an observation, Greg. Maybe it’s time to get you out of the lab and into the field. As for why I was expecting you, perhaps you should ask Nick.”

Greg turned to look at the other man. Nick seemed to feel sheepish, if the blush was any indicator.

“I heard you when you were on the phone,” Nick admitted. He rubbed his hand quickly over his hair, although it was cut so short there was no way it could be messed up. “When you were talking to that Vince jerk.”


It was all Greg could think of to say. How pathetic was it that his co-worker had heard him get dumped by his boyfriend?

“Look, Greg,” Nick attempted to explain. “Your personal life isn’t any of my business.” He looked at Grissom. “Our business. But that explosion wasn’t your fault. It sucks that he broke up with you over a couple of measly scars.”

“What Nicky’s trying to say is that we think this Vince has treated you unfairly by ending your relationship due to some superficial marks on your skin,” Grissom explained.

“Thanks, I guess.” Greg shrugged. “But you didn’t have to bring me all the way out here to tell me that.”

Greg watched as a significant glance was exchanged between the other men. He expected Grissom to be the next to speak, but it was Nick who broke the awkward silence.

“That’s just it, Greggo. We weren’t planning on telling you anything. We wanted to show you.”

“Show me?” Greg was embarrassed by the way his voice squeaked. “Show me what?”

“I think a demonstration is in order, Nicky,” Grissom quietly stated.

Greg had been facing Grissom. The older man’s words had barely sunk in before a set of large, warm arms wrapped around him from behind. Nick pulled Greg back against his chest and, with his ass nestled against Nick’s groin, there was no question about Greg not understanding what was being offered.

He let himself settle into those arms for just a short moment and then he started struggling to get free. “No way. I may be pathetic, but I’m no pity fuck.”

“Slow down there, Greggo,” Nick tried to soothe him. “No one said anything about pity.”

“You didn’t need to say the word,” Greg retorted bitterly, still trying to wiggle out of Nick’s grasp. “You never would have suggested this – whatever this is - if you hadn’t felt sorry for me. I’m not that desperate.”

Nick was putting his larger, more muscular body to good use. No matter how he squirmed, Sanders could not get free.


Grissom’s voice cracked with authority and Greg instinctively stilled. He hung limply in Nick’s arms and looked away, mute, as Grissom approached him. The older man stopped directly in front of the duo and put one hand under Greg’s chin, forcing the lab tech to look at him.

“If you’re not careful, you’ll hurt your back again,” Grissom explained, an oddly gentle tone in his voice. “As for pity and desperation, I think you’ve forgotten the first rule every CSI must follow.”

Greg licked his lips. “What’s that?”

Grissom smiled slightly. “Follow the evidence.”

Before Greg could ask Grissom what he meant, Gil bent down and kissed Greg tenderly. His lips moved quickly to his cheek and neck, raining kisses as he went. Nick loosened his grasp, his hold morphing into a light stroking action up and down Greg’s side and part way down his thighs.

Just when Greg thought he would explode, Grissom pulled back.

“What does the evidence say?” Gil asked quietly. “Did that feel like pity to you?”

Since Greg was still pressed flush against Nick, he could feel the ‘evidence’ pretty clearly. From the bulge in Nick’s pants, even he had to admit that pity had nothing to do with what was being offered.

“No,” the young man answered in a daze. “No pity.”

“Good.” Grissom sounded pleased.

“I’m not so sure about desperation, though,” Nicky said. “Seeing the two of you kiss… man, I’m gettin’ kind of desperate.”

Greg grinned and blushed, but didn’t know what to say. Luckily, no words seemed to be needed. Gil took Greg by the hand and led him down the hallway. Greg grabbed Nicky with his other hand, the three men forming a chain as they entered the bedroom.

The inside of Gil Grissom’s bedroom was a place that Greg never thought he’d be, especially not with Grissom and Nick Stokes. He wasn’t really surprised to find that the room was decorated in neutral colors of beige and blue; neither Nick nor Grissom were the flashy types. There were a couple of pen and ink sketches of rollercoasters that adorned the walls, but thankfully none of bugs. Greg admired Grissom’s insect knowledge, but bugs in the bedroom would have been a bit creepy.

“Come on, you can be nosy later,” Nick admonished him. “We’ve got some more demonstrating to do.” Nick slowly pulled Greg into his arms. “I didn’t get to taste you before.”

He proceeded to rectify that situation, kissing Greg thoroughly as they stood in the middle of the room. Greg moaned as Nick’s tongue invaded his mouth, opening to let the intruder in. By the time Nick broke off the kiss, Greg had no doubt that the CSI could have identified his teeth without the use of an x-ray.

“You’re right, Nicky. Watching the two of you kiss is stimulating.” Gil was sitting on the edge of the king-sized bed, watching the two younger men.

Seeing the frank appreciation in Grissom’s eyes made Greg blush again and Nick laughed.

“I wouldn’t have taken you for the shy type, Greggo.”

“I’m not, normally,” Greg said in a shaky voice. “But this isn’t exactly a normal situation.”

“It isn’t for us, either,” Grissom reassured him, getting up to stand by the other two men. “Don’t let Nicky fool you, this is new territory all around.”

“Why?” Greg couldn’t help but ask. Grissom and Nick were clearly crazy about one another. He had no clue why they would add a geeky lab tech to the mix, even for one encounter.

“Nick and I love one another,” Gil explained, taking Greg by the hand and drawing him over to the bed. “That’s not going to change, no matter what. We can help you without risking our relationship. Besides,” he smiled again, “it’s hardly a chore.”

While his lover had been talking, Nicky lowered himself to the bed. When Greg got close enough, Nick reached out and pulled him down. Gil settled on his other side and, within moments, Greg experienced the sensation of having two men kiss and fondle him at the same time. It was almost overwhelming.

While Grissom explored Greg’s mouth, Nick worked at unbuttoning Greg’s shirt. Greg would have gasped when the air-conditioned air hit his bare chest, but Gil swallowed the sound, even as he did his best to swallow Greg’s tongue. Stokes chuckled and ran his hands up Greg’s stomach and beyond, using his palms to rub circles over Sanders’ exposed nipples.

Greg pulled his mouth away from Gil. “Oh, God.”

“What’s the matter, Greggo?” Nick asked. “Too much for you?”

“Maybe a little,” Nick admitted. It was a little disconcerting to be the focus of such intense attentions. “Could I see the two of you kiss?”

“I think that could be arranged,” Gil responded, a slight smile playing around his lips.

With the ease of lovers accustomed to one another, both of the other men lifted themselves up enough to reach across Greg’s body. Greg watched with bated breath as Gil cupped Nick’s head in his hands and bestowed a kiss on him. The older CSI’s control of the kiss didn’t last long, though. Nick was giving as good as he got, judging by the way Nick’s jaw muscles were working.

As one, the two older men broke off the kiss and turned to look at Greg, who gulped at having two sets of eyes, one light and one dark, keenly focused on him.

“I think he’s wearing entirely too many pieces of clothing,” Gil observed conversationally.

“I only got to get his shirt unbuttoned,” Nick responded, in an equally casual tone of voice.

Gil and Nick sank back down to the bed. Nick wrapped his arms around Greg’s waist and half lifted him up while Grissom started pulling Sanders’ shirt off his shoulders.

“Ummm, guys?” Greg interrupted hesitantly. “Could we leave the shirt on?”

Immediately, Gil’s hands stopped what they were doing. “Are you in discomfort, Greg?”

Greg, still lightly held by Nick, turned awkwardly to look at older man. “It doesn’t hurt; it’s just not pretty to look at.”

“That depends on your point of view, Greg,” Gil corrected him gently. “Nick and I don’t see them as blemishes on your body, but as evidence of your strength.”

Nick’s embrace tightened, until he was hugging Greg and not just holding him. “Besides,” he whispered into Greg’s ear. “We see worse on the job, every single day of the year.”

After that, there was nothing Greg could say in protest as Gil finished drawing his shirt off. Greg shivered after it was completely removed. Even safe in Nick’s arms, he couldn’t help but think that his lovers would be repulsed by the raw, red ridges of scar marring his back.

He shivered again when he felt Grissom’s tongue lapping at each mark.

Nick noticed the reaction and bent to whisper in Greg’s ear. “He told you. I told you. The scars don’t disgust either one of us.”

“Well, they disgust me,” Greg retorted.

“Maybe we can change your point of view,” Nick smiled and kissed Greg before letting him go.

Greg was passed from Nick’s arms to Gil’s and soon it was Grissom holding him while Nick tenderly kissed each of his scars.

“You guys really don’t care about them, do you?” Greg asked, looking up into Gil’s eyes.

“No, not the way you think,” Gil reassured him. “We care that you suffered, but there’s nothing about the marks themselves that is revolting or disgusting.”

Greg closed his eyes to better concentrate on the sensation of Nick’s lips brushing against each scar. “I’m beginning to believe you.”

“Good,” Nick responded. He’d made his way up Greg’s back and kissed the younger man’s shoulder.

“Just one more thing I want to know,” Greg said plaintively. “Am I gonna be the only one with my shirt off?”

The older men chuckled and Greg got his wish. Clothes flew in an undignified manner, something Greg never would have expected Gil to be capable of. Then again, Greg never thought he would be referring to the CSI by his first name, even in his thoughts.

Soon they were such a tangle on the bed that Greg was hard-pressed to tell where he ended and his lovers began. He had no such difficulty, however, distinguishing Nick from Gil. Nick was all hard curves and planes of sculpted muscle. Gil was a little softer, but Greg could still easily detect the power in his sturdy body. Greg himself would have felt like a 90 pound weakling in comparison, except for the care the other men lavished on him. Under their ministrations, there was no way he could feel anything but cherished.

After an interminable time of stroking, kissing and sucking, Greg found himself on his stomach, spread out full-length against Gil’s body. The older man was kissing him lazy and deep as Nick prepared Greg’s ass.

“Oh, God,” Greg broke away from Gil’s mouth to groan as Nick penetrated him with three fingers.

“Too much, Greggo?” Nick asked, voice full of concern as he stroked his other hand along Sanders’ back.

Greg wiggled on Nick’s fingers, an action which caused the delightful sensation of fingers moving in his ass and also drove his cock against Gil’s.

“Not too much,” he panted in response to Nick’s question. “Not enough.”

Gil laughed. “I think our Greg has lost his shyness, Nick. That ought to be rewarded.”

“Absolutely, Gris,” Nick agreed.

Greg felt Nick’s large hands spread him and he moaned even as he lifted his ass. Gil’s arms came around him and the older man kissed his jaw.

“Calm down, Greg,” the senior CSI said. “Nick’s going to take good care of you.”

Greg opened his mouth to say the he knew that, but Nick’s hands at his ass were replaced with something harder, slicker and much more demanding. Greg became completely still as Nick pushed inside.

“Breathe, Greg,” Gil instructed.

Greg took a deep breath obediently and relaxed automatically.

“Ooooh, yeah,” Nick moaned, sliding in another inch. “Gil, you won’t believe how tight he is.”

“Gently, Nick,” Gil coached. He could see the expression on Greg’s face, a combination of ecstasy and pain.

“No, feels good,” Greg protested

“Gonna get even better, Greggo,” Nick assured him, sliding all the way in.

“Any better and I’m going to go into orbit,” Greg panted.

“Don’t worry,” Gil promised, holding on to Greg firmly. “I’ll keep you grounded.”

Grissom was as good as his word. As Nick rhythmically drove his hips forward and back, Gil held on to Greg, stroking him constantly and kissing him in-between murmured endearments.

“You feel so good, Greggo. So hot and tight,” Nick paired each short phrase with a thrust. “Gris, do I feel this good?”

“I don’t have comparative data, Nicky,” Grissom laughed. He leaned forward and awkwardly claimed Nick in a kiss. “But I’d be more than happy, my own, to prove to you just how good you feel. Anytime you want.”

“Ummm, guys?” Greg asked. He was on the edge of coming; not the best of times for his lovers to be holding a conversation.

“Sorry, Greggo,” Nicky apologized, picking up the pace of his thrusts.

Gil encouraged Greg to his knees, which gave him greater access to the younger man’s body. As Nick grabbed Greg by the hips and really began bearing down on him, Gil reached over and started stroking Greg’s penis.

Being filled from behind as he thrust forward into Gil’s warm hand was unlike anything Greg had ever experienced. Already on the edge from all the kissing and stroking they’d done earlier, it didn’t take long for Greg to reach climax. Gil kept his promise and held on to him as sensations took him, keeping Greg from feeling like he would float away.

Behind him, Nick kept moving and Greg heard Gil murmur words of encouragement to the other man. It was only a few more thrusts until Greg heard Stokes groan and felt himself flooded with warmth. Nick collapsed against Greg’s back and instinctively reached his face towards Grissom’s, seeking and receiving a kiss. Greg felt like the filling in a sandwich cookie and found he didn’t mind a bit.

“Wow,” Greg said, kissing Nick and Gil in turn when the other men broke apart. “That was fantastic.”

He shifted and something hot and hard slid against his leg. Eyes wide, Greg realized that Grissom hadn’t come yet.

“You want to return the favor?” Gil asked him, grinning wolfishly. “You want to hold Nick while I take him? Keep him grounded?”

Mouth suddenly dry, Greg nodded. Gil kissed him quickly while Nick crowed, “All right, Greggo!”

In short order, Greg was on his back, with Nick’s head pillowed in his lap. Greg encouraged Nick as the CSI spread his legs so that Gil could settle between Nick’s knees. Gil and Nick kissed sloppily while Grissom’s hands were busy with preparing his lover.

“Ready, Nicky?” Gil asked, far sooner than Greg would have thought.

“Always, Gris,” Stokes responded eagerly.

“Remember, Greg,” Gil reminded the young man. “Keep him grounded.”

Greg wrapped his arms around Nick’s chest, plucking at the Texan’s nipples. “Don’t worry, I will.”

Greg saw Gil’s hips surge forward and Nick cried out, letting his head drop back and rest on Greg’s legs. Greg put his hands on Nick’s shoulders, helping Nick absorb Grissom’s powerful thrusts. Greg remembered how it had felt to have Nick pounding inside him and his cock twitched. Unfortunately, it was far too soon for him to do anything more than egg on the others.

Nick also wasn’t getting erect again, but was obviously enjoying having his lover inside him. “God, that’s so good, babe.”

“Told you, Nicky,” Gil panted, breathing hard from his exertions. “You feel wonderful.”

Greg wasn’t surprised to see the way the other two men looked at each other; the love between them was almost a palpable thing. He was surprised, however, when Gil’s glance shifted to him. There was caring in that look. Maybe not the depth of love that Gil exhibited for Nick, but a definite emotional connection.

Gil Grissom? Cared about him, Greg Sanders? Nick, yeah, he was a good guy; a friend. Nick cared about everybody, but Greg never would have thought Gil could look at him like that. Sex was one thing, but that look…. that was something else.

Greatly daring, Greg reached past Nick and cupped Gil’s face. The older man didn’t break his movement as he turned his head and pressed a kiss into Greg’s palm. While Gil’s cheek was still nestled against Greg’s hand, the older man’s hips stilled and he cried out. Greg watched Gil carefully as waves of pleasure rippled across his expression, awed at his the way his stoic boss was being so open about what he was feeling.

Suddenly embarrassed at the intimacy, Greg dropped his hand and glanced away. In doing so, his gaze came to rest on Nick. The Texan’s face was shining as he wrapped his strong legs around Grissom’s waist and undulated in an effort to prolong Gil’s experience.

“You feel so good,” Nick said to Gil.

Gil gave one last groan and fell forward into Nick’s waiting arms. Greg, still underneath Nick, grunted a little at the added weight, but he didn’t mind. From his position, he got an up close and personal view of the other two men kissing. He could even hear the moist sound of tongues sliding against each other. Much to his surprise, when Gil let go of Nick’s mouth, he turned to Greg, pressing his lips against Greg’s and demanding entrance. Greg gladly complied and, after a swift but thorough kiss, Gil relinquished his mouth. The young man barely had a chance to take a breath, however, before Nick twisted and kissed him awkwardly.

“Wow.” Greg said when Nick withdrew.

“Wow, indeed,” Grissom echoed.

“You can say that again,” Nick stated, his big grin interrupted by an ever bigger yawn.

The kisses had drained the men of whatever post-coital energy they had left. They ended up in a tangled pile on the bed, Greg once again in the middle. Curled up against Nick, with Gil behind him, a possessive hand on his hip, the lab tech soon found himself drifting off to an exhausted slumber.

Just before he completely nodded off, Greg realized that he hadn’t once thought about the scars on his back since they’d coaxed his shirt off. He still wasn’t thrilled that the scars were there, but they no longer horrified him. Greg supposed he had Vince to thank for that. If the jerk hadn’t dumped him, then this incredible encounter never would have happened.

Greg didn’t know what would happen when he woke up. It would be too much to hope that Nick and Gil would want to continue any sort of relationship and he sure as hell knew he wasn’t going to be calling Vince again. Those worries could wait until morning; he wasn’t going to waste another minute of this experience.

With a happy sigh, Greg gave himself to pleasant dreams.

Long after the younger men were asleep, Gil Grissom remained awake. Propped up on one arm, he looked carefully at his bedmates. Greg was closest and Gil smiled fondly at him. The younger man’s hair was even more wild than normal, but it was a good look for Greg. As was the smile on Greg’s face as he slept. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed Greg’s normal exuberance.

And then there was Nick.

Nick had a heart as big as Texas and Gil loved him for it. Even though their demonstration for Greg had been Grissom’s idea, it was Nick who’d noticed that something was wrong. It was totally in character for his lover to notice a friend’s pain and want to fix it.

The demonstration itself hadn’t gone exactly as Gil had expected. It had worked; by the time they’d finished, Greg had clearly forgotten about any scars. That wasn’t the surprising part. What Grissom hadn’t foreseen was how sweet it had been. He’d always liked Greg, but hadn’t realized until the young man was in his bed how much deeper his feelings went than simple liking.

Just like he’d explained to Nick when he suggested the demonstration, Gil discovered that this new-found fondness for Greg didn’t in any way diminish his feelings for Nick. If anything, it intensified them. Watching the two younger men together had been one of the most stimulating sights Gil had ever seen, especially when Nick had topped Greg. It was a side of Nick that Gil hadn’t seen before and that made Grissom wonder…

“You’re thinking too hard.”

Startled, Gil looked over to see Nick staring at him groggily. “I thought you were asleep,” he said, half sheepish and half chiding.

Nick’s smile was fuzzy, but sincere. “I couldn’t sleep with you laying there, thinking so loud. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Gil assured him. “I was just thinking that this demonstration of ours, I think I learned as much from it as Greg did.”

Nick looked down at the young man sleeping between. From the snores, it was evident that Greg, at least, was having no trouble sleeping.

“I liked it, Gris. I liked it a lot,” Nick admitted. “Greg just kind of fits.”

“And you’re all right with that?” Gil asked.

Nick ran a hand along Greg’s bare flank, chuckling when Greg murmured and turned into the caress, all without waking. “Yeah, I am.” Nick looked at Gil. “It’s like you said, love’s the only thing you can give away and end up with more than you had.”

“And I do love you,” Grissom stated. “More than ever.”

“Me too.” Nick reached out and caressed Grissom’s cheek, much like Greg had done earlier. “Now get some rest. Something tells me that with Greg, we’re going to need it.”

Gil shook his head. “No, I’m going to stay awake for a while.” He leaned across Greg and kissed Nick tenderly. “You go ahead.”

Already halfway there, Nick just nodded and closed his eyes. Gil watched the two younger men snuggle for a few minutes and then, despite what he told Nick, his eyes started to close. Snuggling even closer to his lovers, Gil listed off in his mind the tasks that were at hand. First, he had to set Eckley straight about Greg’s workman’s comp situation and then get the lab tech’s car back. Perhaps Catherine could assist with that; it was her careless mistake that had caused Greg’s injury in the first place.

Yes, Nick was right. Adding Greg into their lives *was* going to keep them busy, but Gil didn’t mind a bit.

~the end~


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