by Juli

September 2007

It wasn’t that John was suspicious by nature. . . . well, maybe it was. He’d been a cop for a long time, after all. Longer than Matt Farrell had been alive and wasn’t that a kick in the ass?

John had seen Matt’s apartment before it blew up, so he’d expected a lot of weird-looking shit when the kid moved in with him. Unfortunately for Matt, not a lot of his stuff had survived the explosion. By the time he’d moved in with McClane, Matt had replaced his computer equipment and his clothes, but not much else. John had been surprised at how that had made him feel. He’d even gone out to some geek store and bought Matt a new doll, but apparently he’d gotten the wrong one. At least it had made Matt laugh, which had led to sex, so John figured he hadn’t screwed up so badly with the doll after all.

What prickled John’s cop instincts wasn’t Matt’s stuff, but what the kid drank. When John saw the tall, skinny cans, he thought it was some sort of imported beer, but one whiff had disabused him of that notion.

“What the hell is this?” John asked when he found a couple of them in his recycling bin. Normally John didn’t go around poking through the recycling container, but he wasn’t used to having one. It had moved in along with Matt.

“Energy drink,” Matt answered with a smirk. “Gives you that extra little kick, to keep you going. If I hadn’t just finished one when you showed up at my apartment that night, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with you.” He handed McClane a can. “Try one.”

John took a healthy swallow and quickly spit it into the sink. “What the hell? Why don’t you just put sugar into some acid water and drink that? It’d be cheaper.”

“Dude, sugar water doesn’t have any of the side benefits,” Matt waggled his eyebrows.

“Oh, yeah?” John’s lips pursed in amusement. He had a feeling he knew what Matt had in mind.” What kind of side effects?”

“Let me show you,” Matt purred.

In far shorter time than John would have expected, he had an arm full of computer hacker. Slightly off-balance as Matt pressed close, McClane let the younger man control the kiss. “Mmmm. . . .”

Matt sucked on John’s lower lip before releasing his mouth. “You like?”

John settled his arms around Matt. “I like.”

“Good,” Matt kissed him again and then nudged him towards the bedroom. “I can show you even more once we get horizontal.”

He wasn’t as smart as Matt, but John could take a hint. He started backing towards the bedroom, allowing them to move and kiss at the same time. It was awkward, but eventually the back of John’s knees hit the mattress and he fell down with a bounce. John didn’t have much time to contemplate his new position, because Matt lost no time pouncing.

“That’s a good look on you,” Matt smirked. “We’ll have to try it more often.”

When they’d first become lovers, John hadn’t been surprised to find out that Matt wasn’t very experienced. The kid was, however, a quick study and there was little left of shyness in his technique. In fact, John found out what it was like to be an ice cream cone as Matt undressed him and licked every inch of exposed skin.

“Matty, come up here,” John growled. He wasn’t as young as Matt, but his endurance had limits and no one had ever accused him of being a patient man.

His order got the usual reaction from Matt. The young man obeyed, but mouthed off about it to let John know that he wasn’t totally in control.

“Do they teach that growly voice in cop school?” Matt asked as he crawled up John’s body.

“It’s called the police academy, not cop school,” John informed him. As soon as Matt got close enough, he pulled the young man in for a deep kiss.

“You’re really, really good at it,” Matt told him. “You must have some natural talent too. I think Lucy inherited it from you.”

“Hey,” John twisted his hips, almost bucking Matt off. “What did I say about mentioning my daughter when we were in bed?”

Matt smirked. “You said not to.” He wiggled on top of John. “You going to punish me for that?”

John growled and flipped them, ending up kneeling over Matt’s prone body. “I ought to, but I think you’d enjoy it too much.”

“You are so vanilla,” Matt protested good naturedly.

“Yeah, right,” John countered. “That’s why I’m sleeping with a man half my age.”

“We need more of the sleeping part and less of the talking,” Matt complained. He arched his back as much as he could, pinned underneath John’s bulk, and pressed against the older man.

“All right,” John rolled off and reached for the light.

“What are you doing?” Matt raised up on one arm to ask.

“You said you wanted to sleep,” John put his best innocent expression on his face. “So let’s sleep.”

“Don’t be an ass,” Matt pounced, ending up on top of John again. “You know exactly what I want.”

Matt evidently knew John well enough not to give him a chance to make another sarcastic comment. He took John’s mouth in kiss after kiss, each one wetter and dirtier than the last. The kissing action was enhanced by the slow writhing of Matt grinding down on John as their lips danced. It was enough of a distraction that it took John a couple of minutes to figure out what his lover was doing.

“Hang on there, Matty,” John pulled his mouth away from the other man’s. He grabbed Matt’s hips in a firm grip, keeping the younger man from impaling himself on McClane’s cock. “We are not doing this dry.”

“John,” Matt’s voice was a whine. “I’m ready now; we don’t need to wait for lube and all that stuff.”

Matt’s words showed how inexperienced he still was. Being fucked dry and unopened hurt like hell and there was no way that John was going to let that happen to Matt, not with him. That was one thing McClane was unwilling to teach his lover.

“No way,” John reached over and fumbled for the nightstand drawer, where they kept the supplies. “I’m not hurting you, Matt.”

“But you said being hurt was sexy,” Matt bounced on top of John.

It took John a minute to figure out what the other man was referring to and, when remembered his flippant comment as they were exited the tunnel where he’d killed a helicopter with a car, John could have kicked himself. His smart mouth was continually getting him into trouble.

“It’s a sexy look for me,” John told him. His fingers worked deftly at the lube container. “Not so much for you.”

“Yeah, I know,” Matt pouted. “Your way or the highway.”

“Not all the time,” John countered. “But on this, yeah.”

Before Matt could complain again, John slipped a lubed finger into his ass. Matt’s gasp was rewarding, as was how his body clamped down on the digit. John couldn’t help but smirk as Matt bit his lip and rocked into the contact.

“What was that you were saying?” John teased.

“You bastard,” Matt retorted, but there was no heat in it.

Kidding aside, John made short work of it, for both of their sakes. Matt hissed and squirmed as each finger was added, but John ignored his complaints, knowing they weren’t serious. He’d come to the realization that Matt wasn’t truly happy unless he had something to snark about. For his part, the way Matt wiggled on top of him was almost John’s undoing. The friction combined with the needy expressions on the younger man’s face almost made him come before he even had a chance to be inside his lover.

“All right, you’re good to go,” John ran his thumb along Matt’s hip. His many years as a cop automatically had John cataloging details and he noticed that the younger man’s skin was damp with sweat.

“Finally,” Matt’s breath wasn’t entirely steady when he sighed in relief.

John wasn’t sure what he expected next, but it wasn’t for Matt to lift up enough to impale himself on John’s cock in one fluid motion.

“Jesus, kid,” John groaned. He grabbed Matt’s hips again, keeping the younger man from moving.

“C’mon, McClane,” Matt whined. “You’ve kept me waiting long enough.”

His cock agreed with that statement. Besides, John knew that Matt was well-prepared. He stroked Matt’s hip in apology before letting go. “Knock yourself out.”

Matt’s grin was fierce as he lifted himself up, only to slam back down again. Right from the beginning, he set an almost brutal pace. John found himself grabbing his lover’s hips again, not to control, but out of a simple need to just hold on. Matt might still lack a full range of experiences, but he obviously knew what he wanted and, at least at the moment, wasn’t shy about taking it.

Payback was an absolute bitch. John had made Matt wait while he was prepared to John’s satisfaction, but despite his whines about the slowness of the process, Matt was taking his own sweet time bringing them to orgasm. He rode John hard and fast, but every time John was on the brink of coming, Matt would slow down and just laugh at McClane’s groan of frustration.

“Matty,” John growled, a world of warning contained in that single word.

The young man on top of him had the balls to snicker. “Well, since you ask so nicely.”

Matt added a little wiggle of his hips and actually managed to tighten his inner muscles even more than they already were. The added stimulation and slightly deeper penetration sent John over the edge. He cried out and grabbed Matt by the hips, dragging the young man down as he thrust up; wanting to crawl inside his lover as his body finally was allowed to explode in pleasure. John’s vision started tunneling down and he realized in a vague way that he was browning out. Before he completely went under, he heard and felt Matt reach his own climax, finally losing consciousness as the warm splatter of Matt’s release coated his stomach.

He woke to the sensation of Matt licking his stomach clean.

“Hey, you’re back,” Matt left off when he noticed John eyes were open. With far too much energy, he moved up to kiss John.

“Y’get th’number of the truck that hit me?” John asked, too wiped out to care that his words were slurring. He brought one arm up, which felt like it was made of lead, to pull Matt close.

“See, I told you there were benefits to energy drinks,” Matt reminded him smugly of what had precipitated this particular encounter. He licked John’s chin before the older man could answer. “You want to go again?”

McClane blinked. “You’ve got to be kiddin’ me.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want to make love again, but it was going to take a little time for him to reload.

Matt sighed, blowing his bangs out of his eyes. “No? Maybe next time you won’t mock the Red Bull.” He grinned. “Then again, knowing you, you probably will.”

John would never admit it, but he liked the way Matt normally snuggled after sex. He watched with something akin to disbelief when, instead of curling up in John’s arms where he belonged, Matt kissed him on the nose and scrambled out of bed.

“What are you doing?” McClane raised himself up on his elbows and watched as Matt grabbed a discarded t-shirt and pulled it over his head.

“I gotta run through that security program, might as well do it now,” Matt shrugged and found a pair of boxers to climb into. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right in the next room.” He smirked again and stole another kiss. “I think I can manage to do some computer work without armed goons busting through the door. This time, that is.”

An energetic love-making session on top of a long day left John exhausted, but after Matt left the room, he couldn’t fall asleep. He tried, but something was nagging at him.

“Damn fool kid,” John muttered. He rolled off the mattress and padded over to the door without bothering to cover his nudeness. John had every intention of ordering Matt back to bed, but what he saw disturbed him.

Matt had three computers going. On the desktop, a series of numbers flashed past the screen, something which John had learned to identify as one of Matt’s security programs. He didn’t even start to understand what it was doing, let alone how, but conceded that it proved that Matt was far smarter than John was. One of the laptops showed a chatroom session and John found himself scowling. No doubt Matt was talking to Freddie again. John suppressed a growl, telling himself that someone self-named ‘Warlock’ wasn’t any sort of true competition. The third computer, another laptop, had a virtual chess game running. The kid belong to an online chess club and was probably playing a game with someone who was located in Japan or Iceland or Saturn or something.

John watched while Matt moved from computer to computer, muttering underneath his breath. From the circles under his eyes, the young man was obviously tired, but his motions had a spastic, almost frantic quality to them that John did not like at all. As he watched, Matt grabbed one of those tall, thin cans and tipped it up, obviously emptying it.

Eyes narrowed, John observed for a couple of more minutes. “Maybe armed goons aren’t the real problem,” he muttered, remembering Matt’s quip from a few minutes before. “Damn fool kid.”

After a last concerned look at Matt, John returned to the bedroom. His pants had ended up on the floor and he picked them up so he could dig his cell phone out of his pocket. Matt had programmed it for him, with all the numbers John needed, so it didn’t take long to reach his friend who worked in the narcotics department.


“Wilkens,” John barked into the phone. “What can you tell me about energy drinks, Red Bull specifically.”

Roger Wilkens did not sound happy to hear from him. “McClane, do you have any idea what time it is?”

“Yeah, it’s the ass end of the night,” John admitted. “Just tell me what you know and you can go back to sleep.”

There was a big sigh on the other end. “You’re not going to leave me alone until I do, are you?”

John smirked. He and Roger had been friends a long time and the other man knew him well. “Not really, no.”

“All right,” Roger sighed again. “I hate to tell you this, McClane, but energy drinks are totally legal and can be purchased at your local grocery store.”

Thinking about how agitated Matt had been, John shook his head, even though his friend couldn’t see him. “I don’t see how that can be right.”

“Didn’t say it was right, I said it was legal,” Roger chuckled. “What’s the matter, has Lucy discovered the stuff?”

“Something like that,” John pursed his lips in amusement. Roger was an old friend, but he wasn’t quite ready to come out to him.

“Well, just watch how much she drinks,” Roger cautioned. “They put warnings on the cans, but these college kids don’t pay attention. Energy drinks are loaded with caffeine, carbs and sugar. It’s fine while the high lasts, but when the crash happens, it hits hard.”

John frowned. “What kind of crash?”

“You’ve probably used No-Doze on a stake-out, right?” Roger asked. “Just think of what happens when the pills wear off, then multiply it by ten or so.”

“Ouch,” John winced. “Thanks, Rog.”

“Don’t mention it,” the narcotics officer told him. “And, more important, don’t call this late again.”

After turning his phone off, John took another peek out into the living room. Matt was still muttering and flitting from one computer to another.

It was going to be a long night.

John set his watch alarm for two hours and climbed back into bed. As a cop, he was used to shift work and the necessity of snatching sleep while he could. He managed to sleep most of the time until the alarm went off. The soft beeping woke him and he went to check on Matt.

The younger man was still up and working, although his movements seemed a little slower. John sighed and set his watch alarm for an hour. It felt like only a few minutes before it woke him, but a quick glance at the clock on the nightstand confirmed the time. Rubbing his eyes, John walked to the living room doorway.

He knew right away that Matt had crashed. There was no movement in the other room, except for the blinking of screensavers on all three computers. Matt was sitting in front of the desktop, his head down on the desk itself.

“Matt?” John walked over. Matt didn’t even twitch when John put a hand on his shoulder. “Matty?”

McClane didn’t have a clue on how to shut down Matt’s computers and had been given strict instructions about even touching them. He wasn’t particularly concerned; if one of his precious computers was damaged from being on all night, well, maybe Matt would reconsider the repercussions of drinking too much of his Red Cow stuff the next time.

“Come on, Matty,” John told his lover. “Time for bed.”

Matt murmured softly as John put one arm under his legs and the other behind his back, hefting the younger man into his arms. It was a good thing that John’s gunshot wound was fully healed, because Matt was hardly a featherweight. Thankfully, John had left the covers pushed back when he’d gotten out of bed, so he was able to settle Matt in with a minimum fuss.

“Did we get the bad guy?” Matt muttered as John climbed in beside him. He automatically turned into McClane’s warmth as John pulled him into his arms.

Knowing Matt wasn’t truly awake, John just kissed him on the top of the head. “Yeah, we got him, Matty. We got him good.”

Matt sighed and settled into a deeper sleep. John curled around the younger man, knowing that this time when he slept, it would be a much better rest. Not only would there be no watch alarm to wake him, but Matt’s presence in the bed just made it feel more right than it had before.

But the next day, they’d be having a talk about Matt’s drinking habits.

“Damn fool kid,” John muttered as he started to drift off, but there was more fondness in his tone than exasperation. Because only a damn fool kid would fall in love with a battered cop like John McClane.

~the end~


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