Seeing Red

by Juli

April 2004

Hellboy’s quarters were perpetually dim, shadows collecting in the corners like dust bunnies under a bed. The sound of cat was nearly nonstop, their mewing and purring almost subliminal in the way it ran as a constant undercurrent to the room’s other activities. This night, however, cat and shadows weren’t the only occupants of Hellboy’s space. On his bed, two lovers grappled to become one, their moans and gasps weaving a counter melody to the feline song.

The coupling men were in what had become Hellboy’s favorite position. The demon lay flat on his back on the mattress, long legs bent at the knee and splayed wide. His arms were at his sides, the way each fist clenched a pillow evidence of his effort to contain his passion. Straddling him was John Myers, the young man’s head thrown back in ecstasy as he rode his lover. Hellboy’s tail was wrapped around Myers’ waist, aiding the human as he undulated on the cock that pierced him.

Hellboy moaned. “Love to watch you like this, John.”

And he did. John was always a source of beauty for Hellboy. Professor Broom had seen correctly - John’s was a pure spirit and his presence helped HB balance the evil that he fought on behalf of the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Development. Though young, John was the epitome of earnest FBI professionalism. Here, however, in Hellboy’s bed, sans his tie and FBI suit, John let himself go and Hellboy dared, hardly, to even blink, lest he miss a moment. It was a constant source of wonder that this beauty was reserved for him.

John, in contrast, had his eyes tightly shut. His dark hair was mussed and in disarray, almost covering the way his forehead frowned in concentration. With his eyes closed, John could focus on every sensation of having Hellboy buried within him. He bit off a groan as he lifted himself off his lover’s massive cock, gasping aloud as he shifted back down. Even after spending what John considered far too much time preparing him to receive the demon’s cock, it was a tight fit. Myers swore he could feel every vein as it plunged in and out - and he loved every minute of it.

Myers shifted his hips each time he bore down on his lover, a delightful little wiggle that pleasured both of them. He’d given up bracing himself with his hands against Hellboy’s torso; HB was just too big. Instead, he had a tight grip on the tail that circled his waist. In the throws of passion, it coiled a bit too tightly but that was a minor inconvenience to the way it helped him make more powerful thrusts.

Even in a haze of lust, Hellboy frowned. John *was* banging down hard – too hard. HB never forgot – especially while making love– that his partner was a human and therefore, fragile by Hellboy’s reckoning. Using his tail, which was still wrapped around Myers’ waist, he forced the young man to slow down.

“Red… please,” John panted a protest. His eyes still didn’t open, even as he bit his lip. “Gotta come.”

“Hang on, babe.” HB encouraged him. “I got ya covered.”

John’s erection jutted out, needy and hard, from his sweat-slick body, the skin of it flushed nearly as red as Hellboy himself. Needing his hands to hang on to his lover’s tail, John had been neglecting it but the demon soon corrected that. As Myers once again plunged down on the cock impaling him, HB used his tail to hold him there. Lifting his hips to penetrate his lover just that tiny bit more, the tip of Hellboy’s tail tickled the tip of Myers’ penis.

That was the extra stimulation John needed to finally reach his orgasm. With a sob of relief, his eyes popped open as he ejaculated, the white stream of his release vivid against the scarlet backdrop of Hellboy’s skin.

As usual, the look of trust and affirmation in John’s eyes was enough to trigger Hellboy’s climax. Groaning loud and long, he arched his back as he came, feeling his release spill into his lover’s body. His hands flexed and spasmed in orgasm, shredding the pillows he clutched and sending a shower of feathers through the air.

The next that Hellboy knew, John was sprawled across his body, breathing hard as he recovered from ecstasy. HB could still feel himself sheathed inside the young man and gently brought his flesh hand up to cup Myers’ ass. He loved these moments of sated connection and they were far too fleeting. Whether he was ready or not, nature would shortly take its course and force him from his lover’s body.

“Why are you frowning?”

HB looked down lovingly at John. “Just thinking. It’d be nice if we could stay this way forever.”

John chuckled and absently kissed Hellboy’s chest. “Yeah, but it’d be kind of hard to do our jobs this way.”

“I suppose.” The demon remembered how carried away his lover had gotten. “You okay?”

“Oh, yeah,” John grinned, flexing his inner muscles and causing both of them to shiver. “You sure your arm’s the only thing that’s stone, Red? ‘Cause I swear, there are other parts of you that seem rock hard too.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining,” Hellboy retorted, patting Myers fondly on the ass. His stone hand came up and plucked a stray feather from Myers’ cheek. Grinning, he tickled the young man on the nose with it.

“Mmmmm…” Myers protested sleepily, nuzzling his face into HB’s neck to get away from it. “We go through more pillows that way. Manning is not going to be happy.”

“Ain’t that a shame,” Hellboy said, a decided lack of remorse in his tone.

“You’re not the one who gets the complaints about filling out the requisition forms,” John protested.

“If Manning comes bitching to you again, you tell him to come see me,” Hellboy growled. He wasn’t overly fond of the man heading up the BPRD and the feeling was mutual.

The mention of Manning led Hellboy’s thoughts in another direction. Gently untwining his tail from around Myers’ waist, he used it to massage circles on John’s back in the way that the human particularly enjoyed. With a wordless murmur, Myers relaxed even further, sprawling in a boneless puddle on top of the demon.

“So, speaking of Manning,” Hellboy said when he felt John was sufficiently distracted by pleasurable sensations. “Am I forgiven?”

“I dunno,” his lover responded, a smile playing around his lips. “Do I get one of these sessions every time Manning calls me ‘Boyscout’?”

Since the FBI was so concerned about the public discovering Hellboy and Abe, the two had been given code names for use on missions. It wouldn’t do at all for an official government agent to be heard saying ‘Hellboy’ on the radio when the party line was that Hellboy officially didn’t exist. So, Hellboy had become ‘Red’ during missions and Abe, ‘Blue.’ Even Liz had been given a moniker, ‘Sparky,’ by John himself. Ordinary humans, such as FBI agents, weren’t usually assigned a code name but the others had picked up on HB calling Myers ‘Boyscout” and the name had stuck. John hadn’t minded… until Manning had used it. Hellboy had sworn to make it up to him and that promise had led to the assignation they’d just finished.

Relieved he was getting off the hook so easily, HB grinned. “Could have been worse. Could’ve been ‘Squirt.’”

Myers lifted his head and the look he gave Hellboy was deadly. Seeing the demon’s lips twitch, though, made John realize the humor in the situation. Slapping HB lightly on the arm, he admitted, “Yeah, that would have been worse.”

“Am I forgiven?” Hellboy repeated, using his tail to trace John’s spine all the way up his back.

The human relented. “Yes, you’re forgiven – if you promise me another session like this *every* time Manning calls me ‘Boyscout.’”

“You got it, babe.” HB promised, sealing the vow with a kiss.

Suddenly, it was all too much for Hellboy. The easy banter, the seamless way John slid into his life - the fact that this human loved him and shared his body with what the rest of humanity would consider a monster or a freak. Just at that moment, Hellboy’s cock slid out of his lover, breaking their intimate connection and leaving HB feeling bereft.

Hellboy wrapped John in his arms and carefully tightened his hold. “Thank you.”

Myers became concerned at the sudden shift in moods. “Hey, you knew I wasn’t really mad about the ‘Boyscout” thing, didn’t you?”

“It’s not that,” HB tried to explain. “It’s all this.” He used his flesh hand to gesture at the room, at their bed. “Thank you for seeing Red, not Hellboy, not a demon or a tool to fight monsters. Thank you for seeing *me.*”

John’s expression softened. “I always see you, Red.”

“I know,” Hellboy assured him. “That’s what makes you so special.”

“There’s nothing special about me,” Myers refuted. “I’m as mundane as they get. When I look at you, I see a man. Maybe you were demon born but that doesn’t make you any less a man.”

“That’s not what my mirror says,” HB said quietly.

John sighed. “It’s not what’s outside that makes you a man, Red. Struggling to do the right thing, making choices that define who you are – that’s what makes you a man. You proved yourself in Russia, when you refused to be a key for Rasputin’s plans. You prove it every day when you choose to fight evil, even though the people you fight for don’t even know you exist and, if they did, most of them would be afraid of you. A good man - that’s what I see when I look at you.”

Hellboy considered. “That’s a whole lot to see.” He couldn’t bring himself to comment on anything else his lover had said – it was too much.

“Then it’s a good thing I get to see more of you than most do,” John agreed. Trying to lighten the mood, he added, “And if there was any doubt about your manhood, my ass could certainly bear witness.”

HB snorted. “That’s what I like about you, Boyscout. Always talkin’ out of your ass.”

Myers started to protest but his words were swallowed by a huge yawn. Hellboy chuckled and cupped the young man’s head, encouraging him to pillow it on his chest. “I think I wore you out, Squirt. Go to sleep.”

“This conversation’s not over,” John protested, even as heavy-lidded eyes drooped shut. “Not by a long shot.”

“If you say so,” the demon said. Then, grinning, added, “Goodnight, John-boy.”

John had enough energy to slap Hellboy on the arm again and then gave himself over into sleep.

HB watched his lover’s features slacken while he slept, carefully using a flesh finger to delicately brush over Myers closed eyelids. No matter how hard John protested that he was purely mundane and ordinary, Hellboy knew differently. Other than the man he had considered to be his father, Professor Broom, John Myers was the only human to truly see Hellboy as something other than a freak. In a way, since his father had been the one to hand-pick Myers to become his babysitter and friend, it was as if Professor Broom had known that John would become his mate – and approved of it. Another man might find that thought disturbing; to Hellboy, it was only fitting and right.

For once content with his lot in life, Hellboy clasped his lover to him and drifted off to sleep.

~the end~


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