By Juli

May 2003

“You are somethin’, you know it?”

Mal lay facing his lover, the bunk they shared imbued with the satiated silence between sex and sleep. Simon was stretched on his side and the captain trailed a hand down the younger man’s lean hip, smiling as the doctor arched in response.

“Mmmmmm…..” Simon murmured indistinctly, eyes half-lidded as he enjoyed the caress. In a lazy motion, he captured Mal’s roaming hand and, fastidiously, he began to lick off the remnants of their earlier double release. Simon used delicate strokes, the pink of his tongue visible as he lapped daintily at Mal’s fingers.

The sensation went straight to Mal’s cock, but even so, he had to laugh.

Simon stopped what he was doing mid-lick. “What?”

Mal brushed the hair out of Simon’s eyes as he explained. “You’re just one big ol’ pussycat.”

Simon quickly became a lot more awake. “I beg your pardon?”

The other man’s smile turned into a chuckle. “There. That – that’s just what I’m talkin’ about.”

A frown marred Simon’s forehead. “I certainly don’t understand what you mean.” He dropped Mal’s hand and flopped onto his back.

Mal propped his head on one hand, using the other to trace meandering designs on his miffed lover’s chest. “See, there you go again. Gettin’ all haughty and put-out when someone laughs at you. Just like a cat.”

“It hardly makes me feline-esque to object when someone laughs at me, Mal.” Simon turned his body slightly towards his lover, silently encouraging Mal to continue the petting.

Mal obliged, moving his hand lower until it was stroking the younger man’s abdomen. “Well, there are other signs…”

Simon managed to hold off asking for ten whole seconds. “Like what?”

“Well,” Mal drawled as he rubbed Simon’s stomach. “There are those hissy fits you throw at Jayne.”

“Any halfway respectable human being would find that man’s behavior objectionable,” Simon retorted. “I suspect that even members of the animal kingdom would consider him reprehensible.”

“You like being clean….”

“Well, of course,” Simon sputtered.

Mal silenced him with a playful finger tap on the nose. “I’m not talking clean, Simon. I’m talking C-L-E-A-N. Give you a reasonably clear puddle and five minutes, and you’re stripped to the waist, splashing around.”

“I’m a doctor,” Simon objected. “We have levels of cleanliness….”

“You like to stay curled up in the bed, cuddled where it’s nice and warm.” The corners of Mal’s eyes crinkled as he remembered coming back to his bunk on more than one occasion, to find Simon snuggled up already under the covers.

“You keep this boat too gorram cold,” the doctor muttered.

Mal just continued, the strokes to Simon’s stomach becoming long and languid. “You act all aloof and haughty ‘til you get folks figured out. But, once you do, you’re just a pussycat.”

“Hmmm….” Simon sighed, enjoying the extended stroking.

Mal grinned suddenly. If Simon’s eyes had been open, he would have seen the expression that meant that his lover was feeling especially devilish. “You’re particular about where you pee.”

One blue eye cracked open. “I don’t care if I don’t have to sit down to get the job done like the ladies do; there are limits to my ability to overlook issues of sanitation.

The captain’s fingers deepened his caress, causing a prolonged moan from Simon. Mal smiled in satisfaction. “You like gettin’ your belly rubbed.”

Simon lifted his hips from the mattress, pressing his abdomen more firmly onto Mal’s fingers. “Th-that one, I’ll have to concede,” he admitted, biting back another groan.

Mal grinned in victory, bending in to whisper in Simon’s ear. “And you like to rub against the folks you really love.”

Simon arched further into his lover’s touch, then grabbed Mal and suddenly flipped him. Before the captain knew it, he was the one flat on his back, with Simon straddling him and looking at him smugly.

“You forgot that I’m agile, not to forget flexible,” Simon said in satisfaction.

“So I did,” Mal said, not at all unhappy with the turn in events.

“I tell you what, Captain Reynolds,” Simon said as he looked down at his lover. “Let’s see if you can make me purr.”

“Why, Dr. Tam, that sounds like a challenge,” Mal said coquettishly.

Simon shrugged. “If I’m as catty as you claim,” the doctor grinned, the presence of his dimples making it clear that the pun was very much intended, “making me purr shouldn’t be that hard to accomplish. I’m sure you’ll be up to the task.”

“Well, I don’t know,” Mal retorted, clasping his hands behind his head. He was trying to draw the moment out as long as he could – it wasn’t often that he could get the overly serious Simon to play. “What do I get if I do?”

“Me – purring.” Simon looked affronted as he responded; as if in disbelief that Mal would need anything else.

“I get that anyway,” Mal countered, beginning to circle his hips subtly. “Even if you won’t admit it.”

Distracted by his lover’s movement, it took a moment for Simon to respond. “Well,” he gasped as his body reacted to the sly undulation of Mal’s pelvis, “I suppose we could make a little wager.”

Mal grinned and moved his hands so they were gripping Simon’s hips. “If I win, you’re on my team for the next basketball game.”

The captain had been trying to get Simon to participate for weeks but the doctor always refused. Before they were lovers, Mal had assumed that Simon’s reluctance had been due to snobbishness. Now that he knew him better, though, he had a feeling that it was because the other man didn’t know how to play.

Simon still hesitated. “I don’t know, Mal,” he said, looking away. “The others, they wouldn’t thank you, if I joined in.” He sighed. “I’ve never been good at sports.”

Mal began twisting his hips more firmly, adding a little thrust at the end of each swivel. “We can practice,” he cajoled, “me and you, wearin’ shorts and gettin’ all sweaty….”

Simon threw his head back and gasped, cock beginning harden from riding his lover. He groaned and then bent forward until his hands were braced on either side of Mal’s head. “You are an evil, evil man, Malcolm Reynolds,” he whispered hoarsely before capturing the older man’s mouth and plundering it soundly.

Mal was forced to remove his hands from Simon’s hips and use them to cup the back of the young man’s head. It was either that or completely inhale him. Even so, by the time Simon pulled back, Mal was breathing hard and certain the flavor of his lover would be lingering on his lips for months to come.

Not that he was complaining.

“What’s the matter, Mal?” Simon asked, eyes dancing with mischief. “Cat got your tongue?”

Mal used his hands to stroke his lover’s thighs. “Think you’re funny, do you?”

“Hmmm…” Simon said noncommittally. “Don’t you want to hear what I get if *I* win?”


Simon wiggled on top of the older man. “Pretty cocky, aren’t you?”

“That’s the idea,” Mal said smoothly.

His casual tone of voice didn’t prepared Simon from the flurry of activity that followed. With a twist that left the doctor breathlessly wondering just which one of them was supposed to be cat-like, Simon ended up being the one flat on his back with his lover balanced over him.

Mal gave him a particularly wicked grin. “Here kitty, kitty…”

Before Simon could react to the taunt, Mal had gone to work, kissing his way down from Simon’s collarbone to his stomach. The doctor would have liked to encourage Mal to linger over his nipples, but Mal was holding Simon’s wrists to his side and Simon was too involved with what his lover’s mouth was doing to complain.

Mal stopped briefly at Simon’s bellybutton but only long enough for a brief lick. He knew his lover was overly sensitized from their previous session; if he wanted to win his bet, he was going to have to be selective in his actions. Even so, that brief lick caused Simon to thrust his hips off the mattress and gasp loudly. Mal used the movement to his advantage, working lower as he blazed a moist trail of kisses and licks. To Simon’s disappointment, he skipped the cock that was hard and jutting out in need. Instead, Mal dipped into the crease between Simon’s leg and groin, nipping sharply at the sensitive skin.

Simon mewled in reaction but it wasn’t the sound that Mal was looking for, so he ignored it.

Letting go of Simon’s hands, Mal burrowed partially underneath his mate. He found his partner’s ball sack and began to bath it, ignoring the impatient fingers buried in his hair. Only when he’d thoroughly explored the furry orbs did he deign to move. Taking a firm grasp of his lover’s ass, he lifted his head, letting his cheek slide against the hot, leaking skin of his lover’s cock. When he reached the tip, he looked up at Simon’s face. The younger man’s cheeks were flushed, his lips red and open, and his eyes were dilated and dazed.

Mal grinned wickedly. Waiting until Simon’s eyes were focused enough to see him, the captain slid his lips over the tip of Simon’s cock and then proceeded to engulf it in one long slurp, only stopping when his nose was nestled in the curls at the base of his lover’s sex.

Simon cried out and beat his hands against the bed, hips lifting and legs widening. His reaction caused Mal to chuckle, the rippling of the older man’s throat tickling Simon’s cock in the most electrifying manner. Given that the two men had just completed an energetic love-making session less than a half-hour earlier, that was all the stimulation Simon needed. He cried out again and thrust blindly, Mal’s firm grip on his hips all that kept him from choking his partner. As his completion surged and pulsed, the captain swallowed greedily. As much as he loved feeling Simon orgasm around him as Mal’s cock was buried in his body, he also loved the taste of his lover as Simon exploded into his throat.

Simply put, Mal loved feeling, seeing or tasting Simon Tam’s sexual climax, no matter what form it took.

When he felt the younger man begin to soften, Mal reluctantly pulled back. His lover’s spent penis slipped from his mouth almost regretfully. Mal gave it one last kiss, which made the organ twitch. He was looking at it hopefully when he heard quiet chuckle. Looking up, he saw Simon watching him.

“Isn’t it cats that are supposed to love cream?” Simon said, still panting hard from his orgasm. When Mal looked at him blankly, one of the doctor’s hands flopped up, boneless with exhaustion. He made a swipe at the side of his mouth and looked at Mal pointedly.

Mal brought his fingers up and realized that a few drops of Simon’s fluid had trickled from his mouth. He was able to rescue the rest of it with his tongue, nodding his thanks to his partner. “Cats are famous for it, but they’re not the only connoisseur.”

“I didn’t purr,” Simon pointed out.

“Not done yet.”

The captain crawled up his lovers body, using his legs to spread Simon wide. He knew the other man wouldn’t be up for another orgasm, not with having two already. He also knew, though, that Simon loved the sensation of being filled – almost as much as Mal loved being the one doing the filling. Mal reached down and tested the entrance to Simon’s body. Sure enough, it was still ready from their earlier joining. Keeping his eyes fixated on his lover’s, Mal pulled Simon’s ass over his lap, slowly pushing into Simon’s heat.

Simon’s eyes closed briefly as he felt himself breached. “Lao tien foo,” he murmured as his legs spread wider to encourage his lover deeper.

“Open your eyes, Simon,” Mal ordered, refusing to move until his lover did as he asked.

With a small whimper, Simon complied.

“I love doing this with you,” Mal said, beginning a slow rhythm of in and out. “Feeling you around me, feeling connected to you.” The captain sped up the pace. He saw his lover’s flaccid cock twitch again, but knew it was unlikely to harden, not with having had two intense orgasms already that night. No, any further pleasure Simon would receive would come from other stimulation.

“Want to make you purr,” Mal ground out past his lust, his hips moving faster and harder. “Wanna hear you scream my name out while we’re tangled together.” Simon slid his hands down to clutch at Mal’s wrists. “Wanna hear you whisper my name in your sleep.” Simon’s legs came up to wrap around Mal’s waist. “Wanna lose track of where I end and you begin….”

Simon pulled Mal close to him using his legs, conveying his agreement with his lover’s words by urging him on. “Oh, Mal,” he murmured. He loved the feeling of being taken, of knowing that it was him that caused the captain to lose his infamous control.

The combination of Simon’s whisper and the pressure of being buried inside the doctor’s tight body brought Mal over the edge. With a strangled yell, he thrust in as far as he could and stayed there, feeling his release spurt deep within the younger man. It seemed to go on forever, but when it was done, he collapsed against Simon, both of them breathing harshly.

Mal ran his hands up and down Simon’s sweat-bathed body, murmuring nonsense words to help them both calm down. Simon responded by pressing soft kisses against Mal’s face, finally nuzzling into Mal’s neck. When the captain felt that, he half rolled off his lover’s body, settling down with Simon draped over his chest. He buried his fingers in Simon’s hair at the nape of the younger man’s neck, stroking through the damp silkiness as he felt Simon relax against him.

Mal smiled and pressed a kiss to the top of Simon’s dark head. It wouldn’t be long now.

He was right. Simon snuggled closer and, as he did, he exhaled deeply in a sound that was part sigh, part wordless exclamation of contentment, and part trill. A purr – one totally unique to Simon Tam and, coincidently, the sexiest sound Mal Reynolds had ever heard.

Unfortunately, from the looks of things, it seemed Mal was the only one of the two who had noticed it. Simon’s eyes were closed and his breathing evening out, the younger man finally succumbing to sleep. Mal resigned himself to spending the next day trying to convince his partner he’d truly won the bet. Not that getting Simon to purr had been a chore – quite the contrary. Still, he couldn’t spoil Simon either.

And, besides, he *really* wanted to see Simon in those shorts, gorram it all.

“If you make me play on the same team as Jayne,” Simon murmured, patting Mal’s chest without opening his eyes. “I won’t ever speak to you again.”

“No Jayne as a teammate,” Mal responded, kissing Simon again. “I’ll make a note of it.”

“See that you do,” the doctor answered, managing to sound haughty even though he was most of the way asleep.

Mal smiled again and settled down into the covers with his satiated mate. Simon wasn’t the only tired one in this bed and he couldn’t summon the energy to get up and fetch something to clean them off with. Judging by the deep breathing Simon was doing, being sticky wasn’t bothering him none. Mal yawned. Come to think of it, being sticky wasn’t going to interfere with him sleeping either.

As he drifted off into dreams, Mal had no illusions about being the first man to make Simon Tam purr… but with any luck, he’d be the last.

~the end~

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